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March 24, 2014



Famous Tall Ladies (5'10" or taller)

Kristen Johnson (is she really 6'0" ?), Ben Stiller (5'8") and Brooke Shields (6'0)

This is a much viewed section of tallwomen.org. Does it help to be a tall woman if you want to become famous? Well, judging from the list below it certainly won't do you any harm. 

As I keep saying: "The sky's the limit. Virtually!"

For more on "celebrity heights" visit www.talltask.com, www.celebrityheights.net or www.celebheights.com

50ft and over

Over 7'0" (Back top)

Sandy Allen: June 18th 1955 - August 23rd 2008

6'8" and over (Back top)

Lindsay Kay Hayward is 6'8 1/4"

6'7" and over (Back top)

KaraKares... a lot: Help her support the Michael Lisnow Respite Center

  • Kara Wolters is 6'7", beautiful and is married to a guy who is 6'2". She also runs the Kara Kares Foundation - "The Kara Kares Foundation has recently dedicated its efforts to raise money for a cause very dear to the Wolters family. Kara's mother passed away over a year ago after battling lung cancer for 2 1/2 years."
  • The Recht Sisters Ann and Claire (both 6'7") were contesting the "tallest living female twins" tag. They have been recognised by Guinness as the tallest recorded female twins. Another Recht link.

6'6" and over (Back top)

6'5" and over (Back top)

Kim Blacklock at Caroline's on Broadway

6'4" and over (Back top)

L'Wren Scott (6'3") and Mick Jagger (5'8")

6'3" and over (Back top)

  • Gorgeous Model Michelle Norkett is 6'3" and "working on Epilepsy awareness and fundraising ideas to benefit the research and to find a cure for this disease." A great cause if you ask me. Michelle tweets here.

Katrina Hancock, 6'3"

6'2" and over (Back top)

Volleyball Goddess Kimberly Glass is 6'2 1/2"

Manuela Horn

I'm Tall - You're Not - by Kat Smith

Melissa Garrett, 6'2" Powerlifter - one of the strongest women in the World

Cleopatra Jones Poster - R.I.P. Tamara Dobson

Frederick's of Hollywood, Inc.

6'1" and over (Back top)

Suzie Plakson

  • Tennis-Goddess and five-time Wimbledon Champion Venus Williams is 6'1 1/2"

Robin Coleman - Strong, Sexy, Amazon

Brigitte Nielsen who is 6'1" starred in the movie "She's too tall"

6'0" and over (Back top)

5'11" and over (Back top)

  • Former British discus-thrower Dr. Shelley Parr (formerly Newman) is 5'11 3/4" and very attractive

Olga Korobka, 5'11 1/4"

Lena Olin is 5'11"

5'10" and over (Back top)

Michelle Obama with 7'8"
Michelle Obama with 7'8" Igor Vovkovinskiy

Padma Lakshmi (5'10") and her husband Salman Rushdie



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