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America's Got Talent Quarter Finalist and Oktoberfest Yodel Queen Manuela Horn is 6'2"

Note: Manuela has kindly helped me put a dedicated page together. Read her blurbs below... Thanks a lot for the input and the assistance, Manuela.

As matter of fact she is not just an America's Got Talent contestant but also an Actress, Comedienne, Presenter and Model... And, as you can imagine, she's also a welcome addition to this website. Stunning is probably the best way to describe her.

Manuela is in the total Oktoberfest spirit!!! She wants more party and beer!!! Does anyone know anyone who needs a fun Yodeler on their Beer fest?! Contact her here...

Manuela Horn, 6'2"

Manuela's thoughts

I have always been the tallest girl in school and the tallest woman in my jobs...

I studied acting and I did not get any jobs afterwards, because of my height! They said "Where would we find a Romeo for you?!" One day I woke up and realized that my height is my uniqueness and I just have to play my cards right...

Manuela Horn, 6'2"

This was the moment when I decided to buy my first pair of high heels!!! Since that moment everything took off by itself. I got hired as Barbie, I hosted events, got my "Kids Comedy Show" and performed at many Dinner Theaters... ALWAYS in my high heels and people loved it!

If people point out my high heels and how tall I am, I just tell them that I enjoy staying on top of my and other people's lives from up here!!! (This is not enough, but a start...)

Happy day!

You can follow Manuela on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, watch her on YouTube - and don't forget to check out her website at www.manuelahorn.com

Manuela Horn, 6'2"


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