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Beautiful actress Caitlyn Larimore is 6'0" and has a lot to say

Caitlyn did an interview with TallGirl2TallGirl which is a must read. I have decided to publish part of the interview here because Caitlyn specifically addresses tall girls:

And specifically to my young tallies:

  1. Being tall IS AWESOME. No. Really, it's amazing. (Except pants shopping, we all know this.)
  2. Stand tall, and don't stoop to accommodate those shorter than you.
  3. Some types of guys, especially young ones, may try to convince you to be embarrassed about being tall. F**K THAT. If you meet a guy (or girl) like this, know that it is 100% about how your confident stature is drawing out insecurities they already have. They have bought into society telling them men are always tall, dark, drive Ford trucks, drink beer, kill bears with their fists and women should be shorter than them always, and if they're not they should be in the WNBA where he can tell them it's not a real sport.
  4. Have good posture. Take pride in your good posture. Encourage others to have good posture.
  5. Don't brag about how tall you are, it makes you look like an insecure jerk wagon.
  6. Know that people will always, always ask you about your height. Learn to love it. And when you don't you can always throw bread.


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