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March 24, 2014



Tall(est) Models

Here's some important advice to women who are interesting in becoming a model: A 6'3" friend of mine who is actually a catwalk model has compiled her thoughts and sent me her "notes on modelling". Plus: "What if someone wants me to model for them?".

Are you looking for women 5'10" or over to present your product, appear on Television or in a movie? Our tallest models are 6'9" and 6'7" respectively and really outstanding. Feel free to browse all models...

Not all of these ladies are, of course, the typical model type (like Twiggy, Moss, Schiffer etc.). In fact they come in different shapes and sizes. That is why we also have a "Physique" column in the list below.

Michelle, 6'1 1/4"
Michelle - 6'1 1/4"


Angie, 6'6"
Angie - 6'6"


Aly, 6'7"
Aly - 6'7"


Isis, 6'9"
Isis - 6'9"








  Canada Aly 6'7" athletic Webpage - tallest model in Canada
   USA Electra 6'7" slender  

  USA Stephanie 6'6" athletic  
  Canada Angie 6'6" athletic
Josephine 6'6" slender Website

  USA Alyssa 6'4" slender

USA Kadi 6'3" athletic  
Germany Cody 6'3" slender  
  USA AJ 6'3" slender  
  USA Monia 6'3" slender Measurements 36c-28-46
  USA Evelina 6'3" athletic Evelina is originally from Lithuania
  USA Cassie 6'3" slender  
  Lithuania Irisha 6'3" athletic Has quality modeling experience (Helmut Newton, German Vogue)
  USA Dana 6'3" slender

  USA Bella 6'2" full-figured  
  USA Chelsea 6'2" athletic  
  USA Angilia 6'2" full-figured  
  USA Noelle 6'2" athletic  
  USA Nikki 6'2" slender  
  USA Steph 6'2" athletic
  USA Danielle 6'2" full-figured Website
  UK Lisa 6'2" slender
  USA Olga 6'2" athletic
  USA Katharina   6'2" athletic

USA Rhonda 6'1 1/2" full-figured  
  USA Dominique 6'1 1/2" athletic  
  USA Michelle 6'1 1/4" full-figured  
  Canada Angela 6'1" athletic Website
  USA Traci 6'1" slender Website
  USA Alana 6'1" slender Professional model
  USA Emily 6'1" full-figured
  USA Sabrina 6'1" athletic Webpage

  USA Caile 6'0 1/2" slender  
USA Cathryn 6'0" slender  
  USA Heather 6'0" athletic Heather's one of my favourite ladies - that says a lot...
  USA RanDee 6'0" athletic Basketball-Player
  USA Jaime 6'0" athletic Website
  USA Diane 6'0" slender  
  UK Julie 6'0" athletic





Bodybuilder - Website

If you would like to contact these ladies please send me an Email... Please note that our moral standards are extremely high!

We would be very happy to hear from you and if we find your offer acceptable (the lady decides!) we will give you further information (pictures etc.)

Please note again:
The ladies listed here are non-professional models who are available for modelling of clothes, TV- or  movie appearances. This is not a dating-agency and contact-addresses of the women listed here will not be made available! I also don't have the time to reply to emails regarding non-professional contact with these women.


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