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Quotes from Tall Women (2009b)

Note: Please allow this page a few seconds to load. We've got a lot of quotes that have come in in 2009 that's why I split them into two sections (January - June and July - December). I hope you find most of them positive and helpful.

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6'3" Nkonye wrote (December 31st 2009)

Hello, I'm a tall curvy woman who is constantly described as an amazon. Believe it or not, most men ARE attracted to tall women. Those who reject you usually feel they are not 'up to your standard', if you excuse the pun. Height makes no difference when it comes to love, a REAL man does not care. My husband is 5ft 11 and we've been married 15 years. Here's a photo of us:

6'3" Nkonye and her hubby

5'11" Pamela wrote (December 31st 2009)

I am 40 yrs old, and too have struggled for a long time with being tall, and know have a 11 yr old daughter who 5'8" and she is catching the blues in school. Young ladies let me tell you something. I was in a really bad car accident and had to learn how to walk again. I started to notice all the people around me in wheel chairs with amputee legs, and started to feel different about walking on these tall legs. Well, I said to myself I can still walk and stand tall. I learned to be thankful to God for what he gave me. Life could always be worse.

When someone says that you are tall think like this: God made me like that statue of Liberty... unique and beautiful...he created no one else like me, because i am special. Love yourself know matter what others think of you!

P.S.: Love does sometimes come in small packages.

5'11 1/2" Shannon wrote (December 31st 2009)

Wow, does it ever make me feel good to come across this website! And to think of some of the people on here I would be considered short! I am seventeen years old, and have been 5'11" since middle school, which I think means I am done growing. I am in my last year of highschool, and I went through every year of school single. I thought having a boyfriend was the most important thing, but I never came close to getting one. I always blamed it on my height, and wished I was a few inches shorter. In the past year I have become more comfortable with my height, and have been getting interest from guys. I have learned that it was not my height at all that was the issue, it was my confidence level. Now that I am gaining confidence, guys are taking notice. Wearing heels has also been a huge no for me, until recently. I have ALWAYS loved heels, and I finally bought a really hot pair I had been eyeing. Why not?! I am tall, I am beautiful, and I will walk in those shoes with all the confidence in the world. :)

6'1 1/2" MaKayla wrote (December 29th 2009)

Hi, my name is MaKayla. I'm so happy I found this website. It makes me happy to know that there are other girls like me... I'm 16 and am over 6'1. I hate it so much but then I realize that people are always going to talk about my height. They're jealous! Who doesn't want to be tall? DOES ANYONE want to be short? Tall girls are ALL beautiful. I guess that I need to learn that myself. I think that no one should be ashamed of how tall they are. I just hate it because everyone is constantly telling me that I should play basketball. Ugh! I am proudly beautiful and I'm working on being proud of my height.

5'10" Emily wrote (December 28th 2009)

I hate being tall. It's hard to find a boy. I'm 15 but my doctor says I should be done growing. Thank God... but I feel so weird when I'm next to people and I'm taller then everyone.

Joerg says: What's happening lately? Why does everyone who's 5'10" or 5'11" suddenly believe they're (too) tall? What about the women out there who are, say, 6'6"? I'm lost!

5'11" Courtney wrote (December 28th 2009)

I'm only 13 and I'm 5'11. I feel so bad about my height sometimes at skool. I don't really get teased but sometimes I do. I get called names like "giraffe" or "the twin towers". Some boys are taller than me but I'm the tallest girl in skool. But that makes me different from everybody else. My best friends are all short and they love mee. God loves me and I love myself sooo just because you're tall doesn't mean you're weird. It's a gift from God. Use it. Love yourself. You're exceptional the way you are. You don't need to change for anybody. You're incredible. When will you believe that? Anyone can see that you are nothing but exceptional.

When I go to the mall I hear comments like "Oh, look at her. She's soo tall and lanky." Sometimes I feel bad about it but then I get over it because everyone is different in their own way. You have to love yourself. Wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and promise yourself that you will love your long legs. It was very hard for me to get over my long legs. Still kinda is but I'm over it now. You have to love yourself. I'm tall and proud and you should be too.

5'10" Audrey wrote (December 27th 2009)

Ok, so I have to admit that the whole height thing was hard for me growing up and it is still hard. I think the problem isn't me so much it is others who always prod with questions and say hurtful comments. Instead of listening to them I have just started to be really rude in some cases because their comments are rude so who says I can't be rude back??

I'm 5'10" I have measured myself, I have been measured at the doctors office, I have had others measure me yeah I'm 5'10"! I hate it when people especially guys say I'm 6'0 or 6'1" not because it is taller but because they make it out like I'm insecure and lying when it is actually the other way around! I swear I'm going to start carrying a measuring tape in my purse and ask people if they really want to see! :p

I have come to the conclusion that most people have no clue how tall they are and just make up whatever sounds good. If a guy is shorter than me and is insecure he will insist he is 6' because that is what most males wish to be and what is most sought after. Therefore I am taller I must be 6'1 blahblah it is useless.

This may sound mean but some people just want to be right about something or argue with you. I have found this especially true with girls who are shorter than me and argue with me I am shorter/taller than I am.. I think I would know better than them!

As for extremely tall men seeking shorter girls - it does make me mad sometimes but I think it is because:

  1. They are used to being tall and getting attention and if they are with a tall woman the attention gravitates towards her as it is more unusual for a woman to be tall than for a man.
  2. They are insecure about their height and they think if they are with a shorter girl they will appear shorter (which is totally the opposite they look freakish if its a large difference)
  3. They are intimidated by a tall woman and thus have deeper issues.
  4. They really desire to have a bad back when they grow older.

Tall is beautiful do you ever see petite girls modeling or in music videos? Maybe rarely.

I think things are always easier if you have other tall friends to talk to and relate to. It is also nice to have friends who are tall to go out with you feel less gawky but tall friends can be hard to come by.

Dating is hard I have been rejected a lot more than any girl of normal height. But I just decided I had to look my best and do my best. I am successful and if I don't meet a man its not the end of the world I can always adopt and still have a family. If I meet a man that would be great too.

5'10" Charlotte wrote (December 21st 2009)

I'm 15, and hate my height. Even though I get alot of good comments from older people boys my age don't seem to show any interest. I have long legs and sometimes do enjoy my height. But I am incredibly paranoid and constantly monitor it. I would love to just fit in at 5'5" and get boyfriends. Being tall is not easy. I get called a man, beast, shrek all the time. :( It's horrible.

5'10" Stacie wrote (December 21st 2009)

I'm tall and used to hate it. I accept it now. I have big feet - I guess that comes with being tall. I wear a mens size 12!. It's a horrible job finding shoes!

5'10 1/2" Catriona wrote (December 20th 2009)

Hey, I'm 19 and I have always been paranoid about my height but this site has helped soo much! I have an absolute passion for high heels and cant stop myself browsing for them when im shopping... only thing is I've always stopped myself buying those really high ones that would make you feel a million dollars - but not now! :) I was once out with friends one night and a girl asked me "why are you not wearing heels?" and I replied to her "because I'm too tall" and she replied to me "but you're beautiful, you don't need to worry about your height" and I thought that was so nice. She hadn't even looked at my height and was more aware of the fact I wasn't wearing heels! Heels can make a girl feel powerful and if a guy says you're "too Tall" or feels intimidated by you then they sure as hell ain't worth it! You will stand out and be noticed and have legs that run for miles and what does a guy not like about that? So girls who fear heels - stop and be attractive wearing them heels you have always wanted to buy!! :)

5'10" Remedois wrote (December 17th 2009)

Hi! I'm very glad that I found this website because even though on here 5'10 is the lowest limit, I do feel very tall since I very rarely meet women taller than me. So I was always interested in meeting other tall women and hearing on what they have to say about standing out from the crowd and just being different. I'm also very glad that many quotes here are very positive!Because I think that's the only right outlook on life - to always try and be positive, otherwise living will be very hard and depressing! I like how this website emphasizes accepting yourself and accepting that you are unique. I found groups for tall women before on facebook, with names such as "Tall women are sexier" but I never joined them because I don't think they were getting the right point across. I think the point is not to try proving to yourself that its sexier/ better to be tall, but I think the point is to understand that no matter how you look like, you are still a person, and not worse than anyone else just because you look different. I do think tall is sexy, but I don't think that should be the emphasis of this group. Think, for example, about people who are born without an arm, should they make a group which discusses why its better to have one arm instead of two? I suppose that in a physical sense, two arms would be more useful, but even if the body is not physically complete, it says nothing about the quality of the soul. Every person has a soul and no soul was born to be better than another, it only depends on you and what you will make out of yourself. For girls that had more negative quotes: if you are self conscious about being tall and are worried about fitting in, think about this: people who don't accept you because of your height are very shallow, why would you want to fit in with them anyways? If you feel like the society doesn't really accept you, it doesn't mean they are right. They are humans just as you are, so why do you think they would know better than you how a person should be? If the society says that "The Da Vinci Code" is the greatest book of all times and "Borat" is a movie full of great sense of humor, it doesn't necessarily make it so, does it? Some time ago everyone thought that the Earth was flat except very few people that thought it was round. Well they turned out to be right and everyone else wrong :) But if they would have listened to everyone else opinion and didn't pursue their own ways, perhaps we would be still thinking that at the North pole there is an end of the Earth from which you can jump of into space :). So be unique, accept the way you are, accept other people and don't be shallow. And don't read "The Da Vinci code". Just kidding........

6'0" Tawana wrote (December 17th 2009)

To all the teenagers who are struggling with your height... the pain won't last always... you will come to a point in life where you will embrace the fact that you're different and that you stand out. Trust me, the boys will come around. Please don't rush into any relationship for the sake of having a boyfriend, you're special and that special person is right under your nose. Remember you're not just tall, you're a GLAMAZON!!!!!

5'11" Esther wrote (December 16th 2009)

Hi! I've red almost all the quotes and I see very often that tall men like short women, I think maybe it's true but I can't understand it. It's so unconfortable walking, talking and doing everything with a short partner! They have to be always bending down to aproach the girl and must suffer from their backs and necks,maybe they are masoquistic! I used to go with short friends when I was younger and it was very unpleasant, cause in Spain the average height for women is about 1.60m (5'3", I think). When I see a couple like that I think what a waste of a tall boy, I must recognize it bothers me, but curiously you never see the contrary, a tall woman with a short boy. When I've asked some men that like that women they answer that "they are easily handled" what a stupid thing! As if they were a tool! But also many women like that attitude, being handled, taking up like a baby by a strong and big man, it can be seen in dancing or skating. Maybe that's why we tall women don't fit.

6'5 1/2" Alice wrote (December 15th 2009)

I have never liked being 6'5". However, there is nothing that I can do about it. And I'm slowly beginning to accept my height and stop complaining about it. I have a good friend who I've been talking to lately. He loves tall women and to him taller is better. I also have a few good friends and a good man in my life who all encourage me whenever I feel down about my height. They tell me that I'm curvy, beautiful and a good person. My advice to you tall ladies out there is to surround yourself with positive people and to ignore the negative people. You can't please everyone so just work on pleasing yourself first. And I guarantee you that your self-esteem will increase in time. You may even begin to love your height.

5'10 1/2" Alex wrote (December 12th 2009)

Hi, first of all, I have read almost all the quotes here I kind of realte with a lot of cases; and I still don't feel good about my height, of course the thing that most bothers me is that I'm almost taller than everyone at my school (Mexico). I have problems with guys, on dating, guys have liked me in the past, but said that I'm too tall for them. And something that makes me really upset, is that I'm 16 years old, and I really dont want to grow any inch more, at all. I would like to know if there's something to stop growing for real. Please reply if I know, Thanks =(

6'0 1/2" Marianne wrote (December 8th 2009)

I am 14 years old and have just recently gone to my doctor and found out that I will be 6'2" or 6'3" (perhaps taller!) - taller than my two OLDER brothers!! I feel extremely depressed. I look at my future and see no hope. I have always wanted a husband and children and to be a kindergarten teacher. What man would ever want me being this tall? How am I going to be a kindergarten teacher if I am bending down to the children, breaking my back? I feel horrible about myself, and it does not help having my tallness being pointed out by my classmates, as if it is a new topic for me. It is so annoying. What do I do?? I need some help!!!

Joerg says: Well, first of all you need to keep your wits and your head up. You've probably noticed that there are loads of women who are even taller than 6'3". I know plenty of ladies who are 6'5" and above. And they're still delectable and, as far as I know, happy with who they are. It's always tough for teenagers like you but remember... you're not alone out there.

5'10" Deirdre wrote (December 7th 2009)

I would just like to say that it's simply not fair. The world is not made for tall women. I was at work the other day, and they make us wear mens colored polo shirts, anyways and I was bent down under a display and some dumb idiot walked up to me and called me "Sir" to get my attention. Once she saw my face she was like, oh I'm sorry. Just because we're tall doesn't mean we look like guys right! How many of you are so fed up with not being able to walk into target and buy some pants that aren't high waters? And, yes, the shoe thing. It's like taking away our rights as women. We can wear them, sure, but it makes us even taller. And let's face it the cutest shoes are the highest heels. I am also, extremeley fed up, with the tall man short girl problem. My ex-husband who was 6'4" ran off with his 5'0" tall waitress, divorced me, and married her. I would have felt a little better if he would have married someone a little more his height. It should be a law that short girls can not marry tall men. What's wrong with the 5'11" man? It's amazing how that works. It kind of leaves us out in the cold. Luckily, I seem to manage to find boyfriends who are tall, but my self-esteem and body issues always get in the way. Anyways, I feel your pain. Next time someone calls you tall tell them they are short. : )

5'10" Ren wrote (December 6th 2009)

Hey everyone! I found this page not so long ago, and I am so glad i did! I'm (half) Hungarian, and here in my country women are mostly between 5'0" and 5'6", and the guys aren't so tall either... so anyway, it makes me feel GOOD to know that I'm not extremely tall (180cm), even though I am kinda, comparing myself to the other girls here. I'm not ugly, overweight, and my body isn't ill-proportioned, i'm just... tall. I have this height since I was about 14-15 years old, so I guess all of you can imagine what my childhood was like being surrounded with dwarves (is it spelled like this?). I'm not saying that I wouldn't mind being shorter a bit (dating is an issue), but I guess this is the way I am. It's also nice to know that the top models, famous sports ladies and actresses are at least as tall as I am :) Thank you so much!!!!

6'3" Christine wrote (December 5th 2009)

I am 6'3" and so frustrated. I love being tall, I do - don't get me wrong. But every guy I meet just wants to 'sleep' with me, they never seem to want a relationship with me. Short guys just want to sleep with me cuz they wanna see what it's like and so on. Tall guys always go for short women and I'm just fed up to be honest. I'm tired of the comments, I get them everyyyyyday, especially because im a police officer. And yes my height does work for my job but getting a guy.... ya no!

6'2" Megan wrote (December 4th 2009)

Hey guys! Just wondering what you guys thought about the whole issue of dating guys taller or shorter than you?

5'11 1/2" Alysha wrote (December 2nd 2009)

I am a tall high school student who dances ballet. Growing up I was never the tallest girl in my class. Until grade 8 when I shot up 7 inches! It became very difficult to control my long limbs when dancing. Being so tall I was never casted in any performances because I did not resemble the other dancers. This lowered my self-esteem and made me really really hate being tall. However, I have been inspired by other tall professional dancers to use my height as an advantage (travelling across the floor). This year I was casted as one of the "tall swans" in Swan Lake. I realized that wishing I was shorter didn't benefit me but once I started to love my body it improved my dancing. To all those tall women out there, of course it's difficult to be different than those around you, but embrace it. Being tall is a unique gift, and whether you love it or hate it you have to believe that its beautiful. I get really upset sometimes when people come and ask me how tall I am, I would never ask a short person how short they were. But I realized people ask because they admire it, because they too want to be tall! Good Luck to you all!

5'10" Jazmine wrote (December 1st 2009)

Hi, my name is Jazmine. I'm the tallest kid in every class and I'm taller than my teachers and I'm only 11 years old. People don't like me cause I'm tall and the comments really don't help. I'm tired that they get mad when I call them a name and elementary I'm so mad that I'm tall - I wish they only had a world for tall women.

6'1" Marilyn wrote (November 30th 2009)

Hi, I'm 6'1" and I love being tall. It never bothered me as far as boyfriends most of them have been just as tall or a little shorter - that has never bothered me. My current boyfriend is 5'10" so when I wear heels I tower over him but he doesn't mind. He is always buying me lingerie. One day he bought this red outfit for me with matching shoes. The heels were 8 inches. Yeah, I love being tall. Marilyn

6'2" Megan wrote (November 27th 2009)

Hey guys! Just wondering what you guys thought about the whole issue of dating guys taller or shorter than you?

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 26th 2009)

Hey Elanor. There are a lot of places that will make pants to custom sizes. I used Burgess Custom, which is in the Western US. I think their normal size 0/2 are under 30" inseams, but they do custom for extra. Mine has a 38" inseam (my barefoot inseam plus an inch) and is about a size 2. It wasn't cheap, but the quality is good. Get in touch with the custom shops. Some of them will do real custom, but you need to have a serious talk if you go that way because there are no returns. I went with this one because I saw some in Banff and liked them a lot. The girl wearing them said she went custom, so my ears perked up. They are stylish, but work well.

Joerg says: I received another suggestion from a guy (6'9" Eden): www.beyondclothing.com

6'3" Elanor wrote (November 25th 2009)

Hi, I am searching for tall athletic gear. Not the look pretty kind but the real kind. Specifically for ski / snowboarding. I know of a few places that make them in size 'tall' but all are still TOO SHORT! Go figure. Has anyone come to you with good quality snow pants for tall women, the kind I can go winter camping in -20 celcius weather?!? I wear a 38inch inseam pant, but am still too skinny to fit a medium / size 10 waist. VERY FRUSTRATING! Or a place that does custom length snow pants???? Any advice would be MUCH appreciated!

6'1" Sara wrote (November 24th 2009)

Ugh, I'm 14 and 6'1". I hate it. Like so much, I can't find clothes. I feel like a man. I feel like im not pretty, and boys don't like me. My confidence has always been low, and I just feel lonely. I love to dance sooo much, but when I went into a hip hop dance class, I looked like a freakshow, when everyone comes up to my chest, and I'm sticking out like no other and I look really awkward. I don't know what to do. I wish I was shorter so bad.

Joerg says: What about your "support network"? What do your parents, teachers and friends say? They're supposed to look after you. I bet everyone loves you and I believe you know that too. Trust me, in a couple of years you will feel a lot better and much more confident. There's nothing wrong with sticking out. You just need to get used to it. And you can. You're not alone, Sara.

5'11" Kandi wrote (November 24th 2009)

I'm tall and proud. TALL GIRLS ROCK :)

5'11" Esther wrote (November 23rd 2009)

For Megan: Sure you won't find them in Spain. I'm 5'10" or 5'11" and can hardly see a man taller than me. And moreover they are said to prefer short girls and it seems because you may see very often couples in which the man is very tall and the girl short. All of you should be thankful not to live in Spain or in a latin country. Life is not easy here for a tall woman. I'm sorry to repeat it but it's true. My sister is about 6ft and now she's fat and ppl very often insult her and make fun of her, besides being reddish haired and freckled (what is pretty rare here) the poor has lived a life of "torture". I tell her she has a pretty hair (now blond with copper hints) and childish face, but she hates her physical appearance. She has never had a boyfriend and is sure she won't.

6'2" Megan wrote (November 22nd 2009)

Hey guys!!! I'm 16 and I absolutely love being tall!!! It's really great except when you try to find clothes. Luckily i found Buckle, which sells the most amazing jeans ever. So that's been less of an issue now. I'd only like to know where all of these girls are finding these tall boys? Cause it seems like there are none where I live, and it's getting very frustrating trying to find a boyfriend. :( I'd like to know how to find tall boys. Any advice? Other than that I love being tall and curvy. Sometimes being tall makes you the center of attention.

6'1" Lindsey wrote (November 22nd 2009)

Yep, I'm tall too! And I actually love it, well besides the fact that its extremely hard to find clothes that fit right! I love shopping, but sometimes it can make me really angry. I recently had to find some black pants for my new job, I went to every store that I could think of. I went into Gap and was looking for long pants and the lady that was working there was of no help at all but to make me feel like a freak. Of course I couldn't find any long pants, and she asked me to try on average length, I was desperate at this point so I did. I opened up the dressing room door, and just shook my head. She looked at me with this disgusted look and in a rude tone said "you're right, those are too short." This lady was probably around 5 foot nothing. But I eventually did find some, I had to order them online, but I did find some 37" inseam pants!

As far as dating goes, my boyfriend is 6'8" and when we go out we are constantly stared at. We were in an elevator once and this other couple stepped in after us, of course we towered over them. The guy looked up at us and stated the obvious "wow! y'all are tall!" My boyfriend and I just looked at eachother and were like "yes, we are tall" I love the fact that we are so tall, we would never lose each other in a crowded room. I can wear heels as tall as I want, and he loves the fact that I'm tall as well.

5'10" Alice wrote (November 20th 2009)

I'm 23 and a little over "5'10. I'm tall but not too tall. My only complaint is finding pants and shirts. Other than that I love being tall and curvy. My younger cousin is only 15 and "6'1. Damn. That girl is going to be about "6'4 by the time that she's 20.

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 19th 2009)

For Sarai: I'm sure several women will reply. A lot of women love to dance.

Dance is something I am passionate about. I love to move and dance makes me incredibly happy. I dance for fun, I may not be the most graceful person there is, but I work with coaches to get better.

I don't think there is any such thing as an ideal height for standard types of dancing. Some types with very acrobatic movements favor shorter people, but world class dancers is pairs dancing come in many sizes and size differences. There have been several world champion ballroom dance teams where the women is taller than the man. There have also been couples where the guy is much taller than the women.

There have been 185 cm (6'1") female ballerinas, which would be taller than you.

You can learn quite a bit on your own, but to get good you need to find a good teacher or coach who can teach you and your partner the positions. Sometimes it is considered best if your legs are roughly similar in length, but you can learn to adjust and it will be just fine. I frequently dance with guys who have much shorter legs than me, I think leg length is a bit more important than height, but you can adjust for either. If you learn to do this with a variety of dancers, you will become a better dancer. I think causal dancers never figure this out.

For the past year I am been going to a swing dance club that is very friendly. Some of the dancers are seriously good and there is a lot of teaching and coaching that goes on. It is incredible fun and is often the high point of my week. I even had a "zoot suit" custom made to fit me.

I am the tallest one, male or female. No one cares and we just adjust. I'm very light, so I'm easy to throw, but the guy needs to adjust how he holds me when I'm a half head or more taller. The effect can still look very good.

In some dances I take the guy's part, which helps you learn even more Some guys mind that, but not the good dancers.

There are many things other than height differences that prevent people from being good dance pairs.

I am well known for dancing for the fun of it - in private or in public. If I can feel the beat of dance music sometimes I will grab a partner in the street and start dancing. Usually it doesn't work, but when it does it can be magic. Enough that I keep doing it. People who know me know they are going to be danced with if I'm in the mood.

Plus it is great exercise. I run and two hours of constant swing dancing can leave me feeling like I go after my hour run in the morning.

I tell teenagers that they should find a passion and work on it so they can figure out who they are and be proud of themselves. I don't care if they are tall. short, fat, skinny, or anything that is different - or even average. When you find self confidence most other things fall into place. For some tall girls it might be sports, but we're all different and we have our own passions.

As that shoe company says: Just Do It!

6'0" Sarai wrote (November 19th 2009)

Hi, my name is Sarai and I'm a sophomore in highschool. Right now I'm struggling a lot with my height because I really want to be a dancer and I know that because of my height finding a male partner would be extremely difficult for me. Especially when it comes to things like lifts. I would really like to know if there are successful female dancers my height. This is something that is very important to me and it would help a lot for me to not give up on my dream if I knew that it's not unheard of. Thank you!

Joerg says: I'm not into dancing and don't have a clue whatsoever. Can you help Sarai out? Let me know...

5'10" Kara wrote (November 19th 2009)

Some days I feel like I'm sexy AND ON TOP OF THAT I'm model height. HOW LUCKY AM I!??! But on other days I wish I could be shorter so that I could just be that "perfect woman" that every girl and guy would envy. My bf is 5'7" and I feel like we are a really hot couple until I remember our height difference. Most likely people only look at us thinking we look weird together but I hope to God that's not what they are thinking. His sisters are TINY and tell me all the time how lucky I am. But when it comes to events where I have to wear heels I get a little bit of anxiety. If my bf was as tall as me I don't know if I would worry at all about wearing heels. I'd probably wear them everyday! I'm rambling on but just wanted to add my two cents.

5'11" Kate wrote (November 19th 2009)

I'm 5'11" and 17. I've always hated being tall until about a year ago. I go to a school that has insanely short people, I swear... especially the guys. Most of the guys are around 5'8" and if they're taller they're still only interested in shorter girls. The worst thing about my height is going to parties and awkwardly towering over everyone in a crowded room. I also hate when my friends are talking and I have to bend over to hear them - I feel like a freak. My best friend is 5'0" and weighs 95 pounds. She's literally miniature and I'm so jealous. So about a year and a half ago I met my current boyfriend and he's 5'9". The weird thing is neither of us would generally identify with being attracted to people of opposite heights but for us it works. Having him being so confident in our relationship and so proud and supportive of me has completely allowed me to forget my insecurities. As sad as it is that I had to rely on a relationship to help my self-esteem I think it's safe to say that interest from the opposite sex boosts everyones self-esteem. So just don't waste your time being self-conscious or letting rude comments get you down (my personal favorite was being asked if I was Bigfoot!) there are people out there who don't care at all so embrace it and your confidence is all people will notice.

6'0" Shelley wrote (November 18th 2009)

I'm 6ft and absolutely love being tall. I love the fact that my legs look so much better in a pencil skirt than the average woman. I get so many nice comments out at night from men who are tall and checked out hehe. Short guys always look up at me, stare or say "wow, you're tall!"... but I honestly think they're jealous that they're not as tall as me. Skinny jeans, shorts, skirts and knee high boots all look so much hotter on long legs!! I don't think to myself as tall or freakish. Generations are getting taller and society more accepting. Me and my best friend (shes 5'11") love being tall and blonde. It attracts so much attention and we don't blend in like the average height girls (this is useful at interviews as they won't forget us). I used to get anxious about wearing heels. Try and stop me now. I recently bought these 5 inch heels (do the math) and I love it. Why should I miss out on lovely shoes because I'm tall. My boyfriend is 6ft maybe 6'1" (we regulary try and beat each other... but I have short days.LOL) and he loves my height and my propotions :) I wear heels with him and he doesn't mind... just think Elle McPherson is 6ft and she is hot. Don't be embarrassed about how tall you are! Embrace it! Trust me alot of girls are jealous of my height and girls at work say "oh, I wish I were taller!". Work with what you've got girls!!!

6'2" Megan wrote (November 17th 2009)

Hey thanks guys!!! In the past few days I've realized that I just need to love myself for who I am. I've noticed that when you're confident, boys start to notice it, even if you're just as tall as them, and I like being able to rock the super long jeans that girls I know would die to wear. I know I'll grow (hehe) to love it, even if it takes me some more time. If anyone has any dating advice that would be great as well! :)

Joerg says: The best dating advice I can give you is "be open-minded". Don't rule out a guy just because he's a little shorter than you. Make sure to stay away from men who don't see your personality but just your height. Date guys who don't talk about your height all the time. If they're romantic, caring and generous you will want to take a closer look at them. Most importantly make sure the guy respects you. You deserve the best.

6'2" Susan wrote (November 17th 2009)

Good for Emma, love the self confidence, and she is beautiful too. You go girl...

5'10 1/2" Rachel wrote (November 16th 2009)

My beautiful daughter is 12 years old and just hit 6'2". She is thrilled with her height. Her Grandmother was 6'4" and her Father is 6'10". I am not exactly short either at 5'10" and a bit. How do I keep her self esteem up when everywhere we go she is treated as a walking side-show? I am just starting to notice that she is starting to bite back at the STUPID people and the constant STUPID comments. Up until now she has let them slide. I am also worried that young men 16 - 18 are taking a very big interest in her, and although we have had a lot of talks about this, I do worry that she will have problems with men thinking she is a lot older than she is. She refused to play netball this year due to the ignorant parents on the sideline putting in a complaint that she was too tall to play in her years league, and she constantly got pulled up by the referees for obstruction even though she was well outside the 3 foot guidelines. Are there any teen girls or young women on here that would be willing to share some advice with Jennifer, as currently the "ignore them" line from me, isn't helping. Thanks Rachel.

Joerg says: For starters you could let her read the article about 6'5" Emma from England. Hers is an inspirational story. I'm sure you'll get a few replies from other tall ladies so watch this space.

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 15th 2009)

Megan, I think most teenagers have problems with something. The trick is to somehow feel good enough about yourself that you don't worry about the bad comments and people want to be around you because you are positive. I certainly wasn't positive when I was a teen and I think having poor self esteem is something other people sense and they end up treating you worse.

I never became happy with myself until I was about 20. A lot of people don't know how to react to a tall girl, so what I do is to use that as a way to start a conversation. I usually answer with something positive about them and then move the topic away from height. It works pretty well for me. The people who keep giving me a hard time about it aren't worth knowing anyway and this is nature's way of helping me identify people I shouldn't waste time with.

I was and still am very thin. Believe me - that isn't exactly good either. Try to get to a weight your body is happy with and learn to dress for it and love it. I find it difficult to love my thinness, but I'm petty comfortable with myself now.

Esther, I visit Italy and France several times a year and Spain about once a year on average. I find the guys in those countries stare and comment more than those in Northern Europe. Another silly guy thing in the culture. The best way for me to deal with those people is to be super confident. You are at a very desirable height for many woman - about average for a runway model in Europe and on the high end of average for one in America. A very nice height to be.

One of my friends is very comfortable with her height. She has a strong confidence and doesn't worry about the heights of her friends male or female. She is tall enough that fitting into the world is a bit of a problem, but she approaches it with a good attitude and humor. She just has a blog post on the issues of being tall that some of you might like: http://www.6footsix.com/my_weblog/2009/11/colleenifying-the-world.html

6'0" Pat wrote (November 14th 2009)

I have always been tall, 6'0", hit my max in high school and it was a small town so naturally I was the tallest girl. Add to this red hair and freckles, and I can tell you my self-esteem was horrible. I was depressed all the time and used to cry myself to sleep because I was so different. Then one night I had a dream that God spoke to me and told me the only way he could make me smaller was to put me in a wheel chair. I am not a religious person, nor am I crazy. Do I believe God spoke to me? I don't know, (I wish I was that special), but what I do know is that it helped me to accept the one thing I could not change and gave me some perspective on what is important. I am 47 now and on occasion I wish I wasn't as tall as I am, mostly when I have to shop, and I would probably hate that still if I were short. What I can tell you is that had I known in my 20's what power I had being tall and a red head, wow, not sure what I would have done but the options were there, just to naive to see them (probably a good thing). My point is, make the most of what you have, because whether you know it or not, you have it all! :-)

6'2" Megan wrote (November 13th 2009)

Hey guys!!! I'm 16 and 6'2, and it's been really difficult. It seems like guys only like the short girls, and as being the tallest girl in school you feel like you're by yourself with no chance with anyone. I play sports and yet I'm not one of those super thin tall girls, and it's so hard for me to feel pretty because I'm not thin like the other short girls. And I'm sure you guys have gotten tons of comments or snickers about being tall, but some guys can be just mean! If anyone has any advice that would be so helpful for me!!!!! :)

Joerg says: Have you read about 6'5" Emma from the U.K.? She's your age and has got a lot to say.

5'11" Esther wrote (November 12th 2009)

Hi, I'm glad to have found this page about tall women, and have seen that there are women taller than me in the world! It's great. But on the other hand I'm a little sad of hearing the stories of some of them, who suffer the same scornful comments, insults, rejections from men etc. as I always have. It's unbelivable, I thought it only happened in Spain!! I was sure of it! But I see this is a very strong sexist prejudice deeply rooted in all societies all over the world (it seems). Maybe I'm not too tall in this blog but in Spain where the average height for women is 5'2" (1,60m, I think) life can be very difficult or maybe hell. Comments as "you are good to collect fruit" or " How is the weather up there", or "your boyfriend needs a ladder to kiss you" are the usual and many other things that make you feel discriminated and rejected from society. You can very rarely see a couple in which the woman is taller than the man, but on the contrary, the man being quite a few inches taller is very common and well consider, and nobody feels shocked about it. So finally we the few tall women here feel like a freak and get lonely and hide from society, at least this is my case and my sister's and maybe not all but I think a lot. But what has striken me the most is the fact that in other countries like the north of Europe, The States, Canada etc, where people are taller in general and supposed to be more civilized this things happen as well! I honestly like my height because I personally find it attractive and better looking than shortness, but I wonder if it's worth so much suffering. Thank you very much.

6'0" Sandi wrote (November 8th 2009)

I'm 49 years old and through the years I've heard numerous comments about my height. Now when people say things like, "Wow, you're tall!" I usually say something like "Yes, it's great being this tall, I get more attention than shorter women." Of course, if the person is really obnoxious with their comments, then I just look down on them like a bug I'd like to squash and move on. I personally have liked the attention I get - and if you conduct yourself like a true woman, then you will find a true gentleman. I've been married for over 27 years to a 6'2" guy, and I have 2 tall sons. I'd rather be tall than short and overlooked.

6'2" Lisa wrote (November 7th 2009)

I don't really notice my height unless I am standing right next to a really short person. I get several comments from strangers about how nice it is to see a tall girl stand up straight. Honestly, I don't know where the good posture came from, it is just natural for me, but I do notice a lot of tall girls who slouch (I'm assuming in an effort to appear shorter). The major annoyance as far as comments go is the same person saying "Wow, you're tall" on several different occasions. Then I tend to get a little snappy and say "and tomorrow I will still be tall". A (short) supervisor once said, "You would be good at basketball" - I jokingly said "you would be good at miniature golf". Recently at a wedding there was a guy that I wouldn't have given two thoughts about, but he (at 5'3") had the guts to ask for my number. I thought he deserved it, LOL! He turned out to be a very interesting guy, although spooning was a little awkward. Just friends now, but an experience I wouldn't want to give back. Once while looking for tall jeans at the gap, the associate there couldn't find any and said "are you sure you don't want to try our averages?". I looked him in the eye trying to see if he was joking, and when I realized he wasn't said, "What part of 6'2" do you not see?".

5'11 1/2" Daniella wrote (November 7th 2009)

I'm 20 years old, almost 6'0" tall and I LOVE IT :) I grew up in a tall family, so I guess that's how I learned to live with it and accept the fact that I'm not gonna change, even if I wanted to. LOL. My friends are not only short, but PETITE, so I get to call most of the attention, wherever we go :) Yes, it is annoying to hear people's comments sometimes, but I guess it's something we need to live through and learn to overcome it. That's what I've done :D

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 6th 2009)

Before I get started something for Erika. Go out and find some comfortable heels and practice getting a good walk with them. Nothing looks more ridiculous than a woman who can't walk in her heels. Once you have that down, you will be much more confident. I'm probably taller than you in my bare feet than when you are wearing heels and that doesn't bother me. If you think about it there are a lot of women who are taller who aren't bothered, so just jump in and don't worry about it. But find something really comfortable or it will look horrible.

And now for my comment: I'm up way too early this morning, excited by the first run after a week with the flu. As a very thin woman, I feel I should react to the "say no to size zero" project. Believe it or not I will link running to this. For what it's worth my BMI is under 18.5. I don't like that, but can't gain weight even though I eat over 3000 calories a day.

Anorexia and bulimia are terrible eating disorders. It is true that some models have them and some diet on their own out of craziness, but others are naturally extremely thin. It is fine to recognize that some are not thin naturally and should seek medical care, but it is also very important to realize these are psychological disorders and removing public images does not address the underlying causes. Get rid of all of the thin models and movie stars and we'll still have obsessive eating disorders.

I worry more about the other side of the coin. In the past thirty years obesity in America has become a serious epidemic. Type 2 diabetes and heart conditions for teenagers are both skyrocketing. Not that it is desirable, but having thin models doesn't seem to be causing the average teenage girl to become thinner.

It would be nice to see serious overweight and obesity treated. Make people happy and joyful about something in life and perhaps eating disorders - overeating or undereating - go away..

I strongly believe they should be promoting activities that build the self image of teenagers. It might be athletics. drama, music, volunteering - these things can make a young woman feel better about herself. My experience has been that people who are actively engaged in some adventure are not terribly worried about "deficiencies" in their bodies and have healthy self images.

Because of my height and thinness I am regularly called a man or a transvestite. Very few guys are interested in my height or my lack of curves. I have had three guys tell me they might go with me if I had a breast implant operation. Some people are upset with me because I can't hear well. This all rolls off. I figure this is just nature's way of telling me which people I should stay far away from. Maybe my differences are a gift to help me find wonderful friends. I have amazing friends, love my height, and love my adventures.

I finally figured out how to make my life an adventure. It took years to figure out, but you just have to find things you love and work at them very hard. It is all about passion. That is what I want teens to search for as that was a horrible time for me. I was very depressed by my thinness and deafness mostly, a bit by my height, and the fact my family didn't have much money. Such silly things. I have good health and this life thing is an adventure. I want others to feel that electricity.

So I will listen to these people who argue about treating symptoms rather than causes if they can keep up with this way too thin young woman. I don't have a car and bike everywhere and run at least an hour five times a week. I consider my run a failure if I can't do the first 10k in under 42 minutes and I can go under 38 minutes if I am only running 10k. So if these healthier people can keep up with me during a run, I will give them my attention.

The bottom line to young woman, too all women. You are born with the body you have, Learn to love it and get it in the best shape you can so you are as healthy as you can be. Then find something to be passionate about and forget about having the perfect body type. No one has one of those. It is just an illusion.

Oh yeah - a lot of people tell me I should model...

5'11 1/4" Erika wrote (November 5th 2009)

Hey you all. I'm 17 right now, and I really don't like being tall. I'm 1.81m now (and I really don't know what that would be in feet  and inches, maybe you can tell me?). I have no confidence, and though I looove high heels I'm afraid to wear them, because I'm tall already.

Joerg says: You are 5'11 1/4" and therefore one of the shorter ladies on here. No reason why you can't wear heels as far as I am concerned.

5'11" Tracy wrote (November 4th 2009)

Hi Abbie-Gail, I understand what you are going through. I and others on this site went through this as well. Please don't let people that make fun of you and hurt your feelings about your height. They are ignorant and not worth your time. They have to put others down to make themselves feel better. Don't let them take your self worth. You are beautiful and unique. Any guy that doesn't see that isn't worth your time. If he won't go out with you just because your tall, that's his problem. You wouldn't want a man that was afraid of being shorter than his girlfriend anyway. A real man will see how beautiful you are inside and out. He will accept and love you for who you are. I know this is a hard time for you, but just know it will get better.

5'11" Abbie-Gail wrote (November 3rd 2009)

Hi, I'm exactly 5'10" and I'm 14. I just discovered this website and I will keep coming back! Honestly I'm not happy with my height (as a lot of girls aren't). I wish I was about 2 inches shorter. My friends are 5'3", 5'8" and 5'2". I have plenty of days when good looking guys walk up to me and are like "Hi! You're pretty... and I would totally go out with you if you were shorter than me" or they'll just say to me every single day "Oh my god you're such a giant!". I get so sick and tired of fighting all the time because of them so in return I get really angry and start taking it out by teasing short ppl (even though I know its wrong). I have the good days when I get a lot of compliments that I'm pretty and beautiful or whatever but it never adds up to the bad days when they say GIANT or BIG HANDS or BIG FEET or GIRAFFE. My confidence level is never up and I always walk with my head down and knees bent just to be a little shorter. The only place where I can be myself is on the volleyball court and... that doesnt even matter because I seriously hate my height.

5'11" Esther wrote (November 3rd 2009)

I am a Spanish woman who is 40 years old. I'm 1.80m what I think equals 6 feet (5'11" actually says Joerg), but I'm not sure. In Spain it's really hard to be a tall woman because the average height is very short. You have trouble in finding clothes, beds, boyfriends (cause the men usually want women smaller than themselves). Many people look at you as a freak, even insult you or at least always get struck of your size. But even though now I'm proud of my height because that makes me special, nice, almost unique. The problem is not me it's the other's thin mind that can't put up with the difference. I have suffered in the past but now I would like wearing high-heeled shoes if I could bear them! Thank you very much. Bye.

6'4 1/2" Joyce wrote (November 2nd 2009)

I didn't know that we are a lot of tall women. I'm 42years old but I still feel shy about my height. Please let me know if there is a meeting for tall women so I can gain confidence. I would love that.

Joerg says: Since you seem to be located in the United Kingdom I recommend you take a look at the Tall Persons Club Website. I hope this helps.

5'8" Autumn wrote (November 1st 2009)

I'm 5'8" and 13. It really bugs me and I hate being tall because of all the rude comments and people telling me I'm too tall. I'm really sick of it! It's like... I think I know I'm tall. Nothing really helps but I still need advice... PLEASE :]

Joerg says: Normally I wouldn't have published your quote / request because you're too short remember that I define "tall" as being 5'10" and over). But since you're only 13 I'm going to make an exception.

5'10" Louise wrote (October 29th 2009)

To Sadie (Oct. 24): High school is tough, but trust me - it's tough for everyone! You'd be amazed at the teens in an eating disorder clinic. Many of the girls are of normal height and quite pretty, but they still blame their bodies for whatever is wrong in their lives. If you saw one of these girls in school, on the surface they'd appear to have it all, but remember... they may be just as uncomfortable as you, for their own reasons. Repeatedly tell yourself that you are perfectly wonderful just as you are, and before you know it, you will glide through life effortlessly, and be the envy of girls all around you!

5'10 1/2" Lisa wrote (October 25th 2009)

Some people here have mentioned that tall people have the potential to have a higher income... which is very true, so now when someone asks me about my height I tell them it's a sign of wealth... and then I look at them and say "sorry" and move on.

Joerg says: Nice comeback!

6'1" Bridget wrote (October 24th 2009)

I go to a college where the average height of girls is 5'6" - 5'8". Not only is it annoying but the men who are interesting view me as some sort of oddity that cannot and is not attractive. Now I live in a city where models are common place and I can wear what I want without people looking at me. I hate that my home views my height as a blessing while my college views it as an oddity.

I've never been angry about being tall, I've always been proud of it because there is no other way to be. What influence did I have over what I look like now? Make the best of it and be the best person you can be, despite the height-phobia that some people seem to have. My school's basketball team still looks at me like I'm an alien, so I'm close to telling them to deal with their insecurities and stop starting at me like I've just emerged from a space craft. I'm glad that I'm not alone in feeling this way, and that you all are here to support me.

Go tall amazon women, we are higher up on the food chain anyway. We get paid more and we get more respect in the work place than some short woman. Nobody messes with us, but those who get close realize that we are at base women and have womanly needs. We are teddy bears in the casing of amazons. Never forget what you are.

6'1" Susan wrote (October 24th 2009)

I can relate to all of the comments on the site, I have been there! but I am thankful I had wonderful parents who loved and accepted me despite what people said. I am now 56 years old (this month 10/10), divorced but I do not lack confidence or happiness. I walk proudly in my 2 inch plus heels and boots. Do not give anyone the power to make you feel bad about who you are... we all are created for purpose and our height is not a mistake. Walk it positively thru your life... the baggage you carry will only add a hump in your back. LOL

5'10" Sadie wrote (October 24th 2009)

I'm 15 and I'm 5'10". I seem to have really big issues with my height, like I'm paranoid about it everyday! Some days I feel completely comfortable with it and walk with my head high, but most of the time I just wish I could be a few inches shorter. I know there are more important things in life and I know people have real issues, but I think growing up and constantly worrying about my height and standing out has taken it's toll on me and I'm only 15! I pray that I don't grow any more because I just don't have the confidence compared to these amazing women I read about on here to stand any taller then I already do. I've cried and worried about my height long enough, but I guess when you're surrounded by smaller people 24/7 you're gonna have a certain point of view.

6'3" Nada wrote (October 23rd 2009)

When I was younger walking in any place, people used to laugh at me and say some dumb comments. I used to cry and go tell my mother "Everyone keeps makin fun of me cuz I am tall... I hate my height". But now and after I thought, I found out that it is a real gift that not every woman or girl gets, and found out that I am very unique. I love my height and I thank God for giving me this gift.

5'10" Zoe wrote (October 20th 2009)

Hello everyone :] - my name is Zoe and I'm 5'9 1/2" or 5'10", but everyone says I look taller. I'm a senior in highschool. No I DON'T play basketball, and I have very mixed feelings about my height. I guess I just stand out in general, very light skin and big curly auburn hair, and then my height to top it all of, hahaa. It's really nice to stand out and look different and everything, all supermodel status, but sometimes I wish I didn't attract so much attention! Like all the comments - "you're so tall!" by complete strangers. WHAT?!? NO WAY!?!! Hahaa. Walking in the halls in school and being one of the tallest feels kind of awkward sometimes, even standing up in class and walking across a room. Like I have my homecoming dance coming up on friday, and all of my cute shorter freinds are wearing gorgeous heels... and I feel like I HAVE to wear flats. Especially since most guys are my height or shorter. My height is a love hate relationship. But I'm so glad I found this site and I no longer feel so alone! Haha, thanks!

6'2" Stephanie wrote (October 20th 2009)

So I have always been unsure about my height... mostly around men actually and this website has been a wonderful inspiration. Quite recently I met this fabulous guy at the bar named Sam who is a rugby player. He was fabulous, tall, charming, very athletic and hilarious! So this saturday night we were out and while I was in the bathroom he was talking with a couple of my friends... he asked how tall I was and they answered six two, he paused and then told them that if only I was two inches shorter that it could have worked out. This was one of many snide, jerkish comments that I receive from men over the years. Why does it matter if I am taller? I know that I am only 18 but I haven't had a serious relationship mostly because there have been no decent guys around! I don't even care if they are shorter than me as long as they will treat me with the respect that I believe I deserve. It's just hard when you get discarded over something that you have no control what so ever over!!

6'2" Hope wrote (October 19th 2009)

I'm TALL, BEAUTIFUL and ok just the way I am. It took me years to learn this affirmation... accept yourself for who you are... love yourself... stand tall with your head held high. We are head and shoulders above the rest... enjoy your life... life is too short but I'm not. LOL

6'1 1/2" Angela wrote (October 18th 2009)

Don't ever be ashamed of your height! I absolutely love being tall! I'm a holy terror on the volleyball court and I wear 2 inch heels when I go out on weekends. I get a lot of looks because as a tall, confident woman, I command attention when I walk into a room. Never slouch for anyone. Just be comfortable with your wonderful gift of height and work it, girls!

6'0" Brittany wrote (October 17th 2009)

So I happen upon this site while trying to find a hilarious costume for tall girls. I was instantly hooked on this sight when I realized what it was. I am 24 years old and have loved being tall my entire life. I could always reach the items on the top shelf, guys have always loved my legs... and yes!!! I wear heels whenever I can. And not the kitten heel type. I whip out the 4 inch heels and rock them out if I can. The only one who can make you feel insecure about your height is you. And when people come up to me and point out the obvious that I am tall I simple make a smart a$$ comment like, "What... I wasn't this tall 5 minutes ago, that's weird." Or "I know and I'm shocked you can even make that observation with all that idiocy in your head." something like that. Also a fun thing to do if a shorter guy is hitting on you while your sitting, stand up and they usually get the hint. Anyway the point is being tall is not a curse or a bad thing. Stand up straight and strut your stuff ladies cuz our height is just another thing that makes us extraordinary!

6'2" Octavia wrote (October 14th 2009)

HI! Im 16 and 6'2"!!!!! And I love being tall I absolutely love who I am and can't and never will change it. But people always tell we I'm tall for no reason and I am a waste of height because I don't play basketball or any kind of sport. It's not just me... I tell that to them and they say "you could get a college scholarship for it". I just tell them I don't need that kind of scholarship cause I am in the top five percent of my class. It doesn't bother me to much when others say "Ohhh, she's so tall" and such but I can't help to think about it when they say i have a waste of height. I get also annoyed when people say WHY ARE YOU WEARING HEELS!! THEY SAY IT SO LOUD and totally overreact. But I still were my 2 inch heels sometimes to school with my uniform. Thank you so much for this website it feels really good to know I am not the only one who feels this way.

6'5" Loren wrote (October 11th 2009)

I was 6' when I was 12 and I always stood out. Kids at school would tease me telling me that I would never find a guy or ever get married. I have now been dating a wonderful man for over two years and he is 6'7" and I couldn't be happier. Yeah, people look at us when we are out but it doesn't bother us. Also, thanks to my height I am now looking at a professional career in Volleyball which I never would have started if I wasn't so tall. So for all the girls out there who think that being tall is the worst thing ever, it really isn't it's a blessing so be proud of it.

6'3" Jheri wrote (October 10th 2009)

When I read through the quote section there are a lot who have issues with being accepted as people and others who feel accepted. Those of us who are comfortable with our height tend to write with suggestions, but there are always many with problems and I'm sure these problems can be very depressing.

I think this goes much deeper than being tall, although being tall forces the issue for some of us. In the end we are really after is respect, friendship and love.

I think a lot of this must come from within. It is very difficult during the teenage years because so many have matured. But even as adults it can be hard when you see yourself as different and not fitting in.

Today I was reading a friend's blog and she talks about the holiday season. What she has to say is it can be very special if you focus on a few deep friends and try to do something from the heart rather than just buying something. Invest time and love in them and you will find it repaid, maybe many times over.

Here is her post. Read it and see if you are inspired to do something. It will take time, imagination and love, but now is the time to start. When you do this special kind of work you'll feel better about yourself and the world.

Colleen is a wonderful and caring person. She happens to be tall - to her it is a gift, but she focuses on other things in life. Her blog is excellent and a good read for anyone interested in seeing someone put together a happy life that even has a bit adventure. She is making her story as she travels along.

So many articles, blogs and websites are about problems and frustrations of being a tall woman. It makes me smile to see one that shows that when you aim at adventure and being happy it shines through and people love to be around you.

I'm sure there are others like this too. These are great role models for teenagers and the rest of us.

6'3" Jheri wrote (October 9th 2009)

Sophie, high school is bad for many girls. No one is perfect and many of the people haven't developed social skills and are incredibly rude. If you were short skinny, heavy, flat chested, too busty, too smart, freckled or a thousand other things, you will be bothered by someone. Your height will get you noticed so you have to feel good about yourself. My recommendation is having a few good friends and getting involved in some activity where people can appreciate you for who you are. I was not good at either until later and suffered, but I have met many women who figured this out and had a great time.

Just go out and do what you want to do, Kelsey, and be yourself. It may be more difficult finding a guy to go out with, but they are there. You may have to be the one who asks. One thing is that some of the taller guys are shy, I think a lot of tall women expect taller guys to just like them and end up feeling rejected when they see them with a short woman. The tall guys I know don't think about height nearly as much as the tall women and don't really consider it much in a woman. Since there are so many shorter women the chances are that will be who they go out with. So just approach some and talk. And there will be guys your height or even a bit shorter who will like you. Do you have any activities you are passionate about that have other people doing the same thing? I know someone who has found more than a few dates working in her community garden. If you are doing something that brings great happiness, other people will notice that and being happy is very attractive.

Maybe you can remount your mirror at a different angle, Deena :-) I don't like tall clubs, but some people love them. It is interesting to be in a room where more than half of the people are taller than you. There is an unspoken rule in some that you don't talk about your height so everything is normal except that you are looking people eye to eye or even looking up with many. I find too many are looking for dates and I'm not interested in that kind of environment so it isn't for me, but tall clubs probably vary and the different perspective may be good for you.

A lot of us have tacky putdowns running around in our minds for things people say. Many of us don't say them because it doesn't seem right, but if you get someone who is very aggressive about bothering you it makes sense to use them. Most people who comment are just curious and don't know how to make comments, but there are some women who love to make nasty comments and some mentally disturbed guys who have a fetish. Go ahead and say what you want and feel proud for putting them in their place.

You can also use your height for dealing with people who are being rude for other reasons. My short apartment mate had a guy who thought he was her boyfriend who would try to come over and bother her. He was pretty short too and apparently my height bothered him a lot. So my apartment mate made sure I was around when this guy would show up and asked me to be rude to him. It isn't my style, but I was helping her. So I made comments about how cute and petite he was and that it must be fun to be child-sized because people would think he is younger (I was a head taller than him). I felt a little unclean doing this, but he was a jerk and needed to be put in his place and this worked very well. I was surprised I did such a good job.

You should probably get Adrianne Cohen's "The Tall Book" I think it is a bit heightist, but maybe that would come through in any book on the subject. You should probably be mature enough to talk about sex if you read it - I wouldn't recommend it to a 9th grader, but anyone who is a bit older will get something out of it.

6'0" Kelsey wrote (October 8th 2009)

Hi, everyone! I have always been extremly insecure about my height growing up. I am now 23 and I find it nearly impossible to date. I think for some men the idea of being with a taller woman is exciting but when they get the chance to they are too insecure to actually go out with me in public. I am so frustrated that taller men don't even look my way. I'm slim built and I consider myself relatively attractive with a good personality so whats up with these men. As far as heels I bought my first pair today. I'm tired of not doing what I really want just because I'm afraid what people might think or say. But my height has never really benefited me so I struggle with it daily.

5'11 1/2" Deena wrote (October 8th 2009)

Wow, this website is a blessing. I am a 42 year old woman who is still insecure about her height. As most of you, I have my good days and my bad days. As most of you, I get comments about my frame every day. I have never had problems with men. My experience is that men were attracted to me BECAUSE of my height, not DESPITE of it. My problem is that when I look in a mirror, I STILL get a shock about how tall I am! I love everything else about myself. I think I look rather good. Thank you all for making me feel better about myself :)

6'4" Sophie wrote (October 6th 2009)

I'm in high school and completely get the poop took out of me for being tall. It's horrible, it seems like you have to be just perfect.. They pick on the teeny people and the tall people. Apparently we aren't "normal" :-S

Joerg says: You are probably perfect but don't know it yet. Don't let nasty people get you down! Your road to more self-confidence starts here, young Lady!

5'10 1/2" Sam wrote (October 5th 2009)

EW, I hate being tall. I'm in highschool and I'm taller than all of my friends. All my friends are short and cute they are all like 5'0"-5'2". It's so unfair.

5'10" Linda wrote (October 5th 2009)

This is in response to Alina's comments. When someone says "wow you're really tall" just say "I know, I got lucky"!!! If they know you're not bothered by your height, why would they say anything more to you? Everyone wants to be tall, especially men! They feel bad about themselves so they have to bring someone else down. Confident people don't have a problem with someone's height.

6'0" Alina wrote (October 4th 2009)

I think I am 6'0". To be honest I haven't checked my height for years because I'm scared I am taller. I am 38 years old and today I have left work crying, because of this. One guy said he recently went to a house inspection and that the ceilings were so low that I'd probably hit my head on them. Then another guy said 'you should call her Ginormica' from some film that's out at the moment. I just couldn't believe it. I have had so many height-related comments where I currently work. One girl said 'you're a tall, big girl'... I am quite slim, so don't know why she had to throw the 'big' in. I've had to say a couple of times I'm not 8 foot tall. I've had more comments on my height at this job compared with any other job I've had. All of the guys at my work are quite short, so that is where the problem lies I think. I have a gorgeous boyfriend who is my height, plus quite muscular, so I'm lucky in that respect. I don't really mind being this tall, but would never dare wear high heels. I get too much attention as it is. The Ginormica comment really got to me today. This is coming from a 40 year old man. Another guy asked me what was wrong. When I told him he said he didn't mean anything by it. The guy who said it didn't realise his rudeness, but still it really upset me. I never make comments about other people's weight, height, baldness, skinniness or whatever. Occasionally if someone says 'You're really tall' I'll say 'Do you really think so?' as though I'm so surprised and have heard that for the first time.

6'3 1/2" Sue wrote (October 2nd 2009)

Hi, Fellow Tall Girls - I'm 53 years old and 6'3 1/2" - my height is not that unusual now, but when I was young, I was quite unique. After middle school when I was adjusting to my stature and was kind of shy, I always found my height as quite an asset and now I am an executive at a Fortune 500 Company. BE PROUD TALL WOMEN - you really have an advantage now. I am married to a wonderful man who is 6'7" tall and have a daughter who is 6'6". All of you, stand tall, be proud, be happy and smile! We are beautiful and strong. Sandy Allen is surely an inspiration - just ordered her autobiography. Be proud tall sisters! Please let me know where you find size 14+ shoes and long pants. Take care!

Joerg says: Have you taken a look at the Clothes USA and the Shoes USA sections?

5'11" Kaitlyn wrote (October 1st 2009)

I haven't always been tall, in elementary school I was of average height. But now at barely 16 years old I tower over a lot of people at 5'11". At times I hate it, but I believe there are positive sides to it. Although it may be hard to find jeans that are long enough and always being asked if I play basketball (I don't), being this tall is something that some girls hope for everyday. Being tall makes you look thinner, and why do you think everyone is trying to wear the tallest heels they can find??? Because they want their legs to look longer, and to be taller!!! Weird, right?! Although, I do feel like I stick out like a sore thumb next to my older sister, who is four inches shorter than me, and my older brother who is only an inch taller than me! I sometimes feel like some sort of giant and that I'm just disgustingly tall, but God made me this way for a reason! I figure that I should just embrace it while I can!! I even have turned to modeling and have found that i love it!! Maybe that's my purpose! All I know is that if your feeling down about your height, just know that there are plenty of other girls out there just like you!!

5'10" Ally wrote (September 30th 2009)

I know what you guys mean... The other day I was sitting with a girl I had just met recently and she suddenly starts talking about how skinny and tall I am. I have a fairly athletic build, which I don't think is too skinny, I weigh around 135 lbs. Anyway, she keeps going on about how i'm tall and skinny and laughing about it. I didn't know what to do at all. I felt a mixture of embarrassment, hurt and anger. I came home and cried about it and I talked to my best friend who told me that she was probably just jealous and after awhile I felt better. Usually I don't have an issue with my height, I love it. I just wish I could gain a little weight I guess. Anyway, you ladies are all lovely :) Joerg, keep up the good work with this website, every time I come back to it, it's even better!

Joerg says: Well, thank you... I'll try my best. It's most certainly a worthwhile cause!

6'5" Rhiannon wrote (September 30th 2009)

Hi, I'm Rhi. I'm a 19 year old woman, and 6'5", 185 lbs. I'm a lot taller than average, even than most of you... I'm beyond the normal standard of what is considered tall, and people just love to tell me that! Not always complimentary, but just to point it out. Over the years I have made comebacks etc, but now I just do not care. I'm the tallest in my family, and being taller than my older brother by inches, I am used to being different.

People always ask me if I play basketball, but I play volleyball. I think its funny that people think it is necessary to assume that I play a 'tall person's sport' (although I do)... I do a lot more than just play sport.

Unfortunately, there are always those people that seem to like making me feel like being tall means there is something wrong with me. What does it say about our society when I am walking through the mall, and see a lady grab her toddler and loudly proclaim "Look at her! Look at the tall lady!" I mean, really... If I was different in any other way - a little person, or obese, or a different race - would she feel that this was ok?

I'm 19, and my most annoying question that I get is "how do you find a boyfriend??" Surprisingly, guys are not a problem. I am confident in my own skin, I love being tall and curvy, and I know it is that confidence that attracts men. To all those tall girls out there that have trouble finding men: 1. the height doesn't matter as much as people seem to think it does 2. tall is beautiful, and it is you, so you must love your height before anyone else will.

(P.S.: Yes, I do own heels... and yes, i do wear them. But only when I am out with my fellow tall women!)

5'10" Carol wrote (September 29th 2009)

Hi guys. Well, I have never liked the comments I get from rude people... comments, not compliments. I think I stand out in my clothes much better than shorter girls and I wear nurses scrubs with pretty prints on them - and my patients always compliment me and love it. Well anyway the other day, out of the blue, a supervisor type nurse ask me how tall I was, yelling it down the hall. I just shook my head and then she said "you make me feel so short". This rude nurse is about 5'7" herself so she was trying to be mean. Oh well... I had a good cry in the staff bathroom and then gathered myself together and went back to work. So if I could get over the rude comments like some of you guys do and have a good comeback for rude people my height would never be a hangup for me at all. Hugs and thanks for this great website.

From Carol

6'3" Jheri wrote (September 29th 2009)

To Arianna. It can take time to get adjusted. I'm about your age and had a bad teenage period, but started getting comfortable with myself in my early 20s. I think having friends who really cared about me and didn't pay any attention to my height was the key. That and coming to the realization that many people don't know how to act when they see something different - very tall, very short, very something. Once you realize that it stops being personal.

I know people watch me more than a woman of average height, so that makes me pay more attention to how I dress and I do worry about good "street fashion", That is actually fun. I don't worry about shoes as long as they are comfortable and look ok.

I wouldn't worry about 3 inch heels - that would take you to my height and I certainly don't have problems with living there.

5'10" Kara wrote (September 29th 2009)

I'm 20 years old. One day I go to the doctor they say 5'9", the next time they say 5'11" so I even it out by saying 5'10". LOL. Anyway i have always been a popular girl. My best friend is amazing she always tells me when guys she knows tells her how amazing and hot I am. She always wants me to feel good about myself. The only thing I hate is heels. I do wear them sometimes but sometimes I think it would be easier to just wear flats to avoid the awkward feeling of being 4 inches taller. Anyway I'm engaged to a man who's about 5'7". It never really bothered us but he gets the odd comment when I meet his friends or family like "DUDE! SHE'S TALLER THAN YOU"... and he responds with...."Are you jealous?" HAHA. The main insecurity I have is short girls around my fiance. Thats when I feel enraged with jealousy to the point I just want to cry right then and there. He says he's lucky to have a tall girlfriend but I know he'd love to have a cute little girlfriend that would look up to him even when shes in heels. Every day is different. Sometimes I feel good and sometimes I feel bad about it. I try and just accept it and live my life though.

6'0" Arianna wrote (September 28th 2009)

I can't tell you how great it is to discover this website. My entire life, there have been more days than not when someone says "wow you're tall". I am just echoing the comments of others I have read here but it rings so true!!!! People just seem to comment out loud what is going on in their heads, because for them I don't think they think of it as necessarily a bad thing, but it's not always a compliment either. It is weird. They don't stop themselves from sharing it with you because they don't think its an insult. But its so weird when perfect strangers decide to talk about sometihing that is a physical attribute! I really, really hate that.

I am 26 and to this day I still don't know how I feel about my height. I am an actress and a singer and the reason I even found this site today is because I was researching other tall actresses to see what kind of work they'd done! In theater, being a tall woman is like shooting yourself in the foot. You simply get typed out of almost everything you do, and with me not being a very good dancer, the whole graceful showgirl thing is out. At the end of the day though, the parts I have gotten usually suit my height, though many times it is in a comical and visually unflattering capacity, I have very sharp elbows and am a master at moving them awkwardly, and have even originated a "pterodactyl" dance for my friends at very special occasions; maybe acting like a clown has been a good way sometimes of feeling accepted by the groups around me that have never known where to classify me in social situations. But at the end of the day, Im not so sure I would have gotten the roles i have without my height. It sets me apart, sometimes in a good, sometimes in a bad way. I have never felt super graceful, I've been bad at sports, and I think I thought I was worse than I was at a young age because of my height! I found my refuge in music.

My boyfriend is almost 5'11", and I think me being taller is a bigger issue with me than with him. And it's not too big of a thing with us, he is a pretty built guy, and his wide shoulders and muscular frame honestly make me feel smaller, and I like that. I've dated guys who are only 5'9"! But truth be told, I have had problems with not feeling "feminine" enough in those situations. Now I understand being tall is not the biggest ailment in the world, there are much much much worse things! And I admire and draw inspriation from the ladies who say they've never felt self concious about it. Good for you, honestly. Because my high heel buying goes in and out like the seasons. My feeling about it is so ambivalent! I can only hope that I will continue to foster my positive view on myself over the years, and that I can use what I've been given as a gift and an advantage. When I finally grow into myself (no pun intended) fully, I hope to bust out those three inch heels and wear them with pride down a red carpet someday!!!

5'10" Steph wrote (September 26th 2009)

I have always loved being tall, probably due to my family being tall. I married a tall man (6'5") and have tall daughters (6'1" and 6'2") who also love their height! All their lives I've told them tall is wonderful and they KNOW it. Of course, there are challenges (mostly inseam lengths!) but heck, they are not near as bad as some (maybe being short?) Just kidding, but both my girls are proud to be tall, they're self confident (one is almost 30 and one in college), and neither has a problem wearing heels. Love this site and glad I found it. :-)

6'0" S wrote (September 26th 2009)

How do you handle "little man syndrome."???

I have a job where I am responsible for software development and just got a new boss. When we met for the first time, all he could talk about was how tall I am and how short he is. He has been challenging me in most of the meetings we're in, and it is obvious that he wants everyone to see that he is in charge of me. He actually told me to keep my mouth shut in front of co-workers because he didn't want to entertain my opinions = in only the third meeting I was in with him. He doesn't treat anyone else like this, and I have been employed at the same company for 10 years so others have told me that he always mentions how tall I am when I am not in the room. This guy has a real problem! I tried to challenge him and ask if it was about my work, and he changed the subject to my height!!

How have others overcome this?

Joerg says: As you can see that's not a quote but a question. If you have any advice for S email me so I can forward your thoughts to her.

5'10" Alice wrote (September 26th 2009)

Well, it's really great reading about all you tall and proud women. I'm about 5'9 and 1/2" or 5'10". I've been told both at the doc's office. But I don't like being tall, I never have. I look at high heels and sigh wishing I could wear them. I envy the 5'5" girls. I dated a guy who loved my height, he was about 5'11" and always told me to strap on heels... he said I was like dating a model without the bitchiness. Haha. It made me feel great and I bought a couple pairs, red, blue, black. Unfortunetly the confidence I had then has seemed to have worn off. I even feel awkward standing up to get things in class, or to give speeches. I'm just not attracted to shorter men, even though I haven't had a problem attracting them. I always wish that one morning I can wake up and just be shorter. I'm really glad to have found this site... It makes me want to be just as proud as u all are. So we're tall! So what!? Right? I hope this site helps me build my confidence and not feel ugly anymore. You guys are all an inspiration!

5'10 1/2" Bella wrote (September 23rd 2009)

I had no idea that I'm not alone! Almost everything people said here is exactly what I thought about myself. After reading this I now feel like I can buy heels! I don't have to say "No, I can't wear that shoe, it has a heel!". I can be proud of my height and I don't have to stick to flats and flip-flops. Thank you so much!

6'0" Jayne wrote (September 17th 2009)

I hated being this tall as a teen. I just wanted to be normal. Don't really get many comments about it now. I'm now in my mid-forties. Having said that, I don't really socialise that much - probably because I'm quite shy and self- effacing - a result of the experiences I had when I was younger. I always found it irritating when people approached me & stated the obvious: "Aren't you tall!"

My husband of 22 years is not particularly tall for a man - 5ft 10 ins. We have two children; a son aged 10 - who is going to be tall. He is already 5ft tall. When he was born he was 24 ins long & weighed 11 lb 4oz. He was centre of attention on the maternity ward. An unfeeling aunt of mine commented that she thought he was "too big". I should have asked her what she thought I could do about it but I didn't bother to waste my breath on her. Our 7 year old daughter doesn't seem as though she will grow to be particularly tall woman. She is only a tad above average height for her age - thankfully. It's a novelty to be able to buy clothes for her which are age appropriate.

6'0" Tomorrow wrote (September 16th 2009)

Hey everyone. Well allow me to introduce myself... My name is Tomorrow Smith, I'm 6'0". I'm not the average height. At times I feel sad and worry because of my height. I'm 18 years of age and I really "STAND OUT". I always tell myself I was born to stand out from others and I'm different even when it comes down to my name. I'm just unique all the way around. I look very nice. I keep myself up and I also dress nice. I am a good weight even though at times I feel myself gaining more weight. I have to really watch my weight because a tall female should. I'm very noticable and if I get big I'll really "STAND OUT" (LOL) in an bad way so I try my best to keep up my figure... and I hate it as well when people ask me how tall am. I say to myself "DOES IT MATTER?" LOL BUT THEN... I just say "Oh, well - it's me. Why not like it?" I could never change. At times it's like I want to neglect myself but I'll be really disrespecting myself so I just say to myself "I'm me. I'm tall. I stand out. Oh, well... I'm beautiful. I'm different. I say that and move on with my life. I love myself... at times when I am with my sister and my home girls I feel like I'm just tooooooo tall but I say to myself "I'm noticable, everyone sees me, I look nice, I'm dressed nicely. Who cares? So I just try to pay it no mind.

Let me describe myself: I'm tall as you guys know. I'm pecan, tan, I'm very beautiful. I'm classy, love heels and the bad part about it is: I don't feel right wearing tennis shoes. LOL. I just can't do it. I feel funny and I also feel like I'm walking wrong... THAT'S BAD! LOL. And flaps after I wear them a certain amount of time they hurt my feet...

To sum it all up: It's a lot that comes with a tall person - especially a female but, hey, love yourself. It's only one you enjoy life. Live for today and your future. Don't worry about what people say and dress to impress, to stand out more. That's my advice. Take it. Us tall women - we were made to be different. So why dislike it? We are here so be you and don't feel bad when a person asks your height. Say it with pride. You're you. Forget about what people think. Love! yourself cause noone could love you like you love yourself. I've been worrying about my height for years but now I look in the mirror and say "one day this height is going to take me faaaaaaaaaar. So, ladies. Be yourself. Who cares that we are different? We're different. "We was born to stand out". So why try to fit in... Toodlez. Lovin myself! Oh, yeah. I wrote a lot. It's 4 am so if some things are misspelled, sorry. Love! I'm out!

5'10" Kathleen wrote (September 14th 2009)

Just like most of you on this site, I too hated being tall when I was younger. Once I became an adult however, I really fell in love with my height! It really is true that tall women really stand out - in a good way. When I walk into a meeting at work, people pay attention. As long as you are confident, being tall is very much an asset. I do hate it though when people ask me how tall I am. I think this is really rude. When people ask me how tall I am, I ask them how much they weigh!

5'10" Louise wrote (September 13th 2009)

Dear Nab (Sept. 6), I LOVE your comment... you feel like 'a piece of art'. That is so great! I'm artistic, but I never thought of describing myself that way. So clever. Thanks; makes me feel incredible about myself! And as for being uncomfortable with your feet and hands, I can totally relate. But get this - my boyfriend, who is shorter than I, has told me more than once how beautiful my feet are! He's right, they are beautiful, even if the shoe manufacturer's don't know how to cater to this beauty!

6'0" Madison wrote (September 9th 2009)

I love being tall! I'm 13!

6'2" Alex wrote (September 8th 2009)

It's hard being 16 and 6'2... people always stare and whisper. But what I do is pretend that I'm a famous model and I'm walking down a runway. I'm constantly being asked how tall I am and if I model, which I guess is a good thing. Sometimes I love being tall and sometimes I hate it. Plus it's hard to find a boyfriend! But I always try to walk with my head held high.

5'10" Nathalia wrote (September 7th 2009)

I know I'm not that tall, but here in Puerto Rico people are normal height... girls are 5'3"-5'5" and boys are 5'7"-5'9" so basically I'm above them all! Hahaha! In my high school graduation I almost the last one and standing among many men. I've only met few women who are as tall as me, but I do have a lot of friends and I LOVE my height ! It's such an attention catcher and HIGH HEELS are made for tall women and their long legs. Take advantage in any way you can ;)

5'11" Nab wrote (September 6th 2009)

I've always been tall! I have experienced both low self-confidence and pride. When I was younger, I felt uncomfortable standing with some of the girls at school because I felt so big. I felt especially uncomfortable around the boys because I didn't feel feminine. Now, I feel so beautiful! I can't imagine being shorter, I feel like a piece of art :) I still struggle with the issues of finding clothes, especially because I'm NOT a size two. I wear anything from size 12-14, so it's difficult to find pants! I also need to get over feeling a bit uncomfortable around men shorter than me. When I see a cute guy shorter than me, I think "awww, too bad he's shorter than me." I am getting there though! I want to be able to feel so comfortable that I can date any man I am attracted to regardless of his height. I sometimes even feel uncomfortable about my feet and hand size. But, I have learned to embrace myself so much and I am so happy to be different. Regardless of your height, YOU NEED TO STAND TALL AND STRONG WOMEN! You're all beautiful :)

6'2 1/2" Ina wrote (September 5th 2009)

I am 6'2 1/2" and I love my height. Everywhere I go I am always noticed. It's just that some guys make silly comments about being intimidated. But that's their personal problem.

6'3" Kelli wrote (September 3rd 2009)

I'm 21 years old and I'm 6'3" and have been since I was a freshman in high school. By the time I was in the 7th grade I was 6'0". I had people crack so many jokes about my height, I got called the jolly green giant way too many times. My height is something I used to be really insecure about. I played sports all through out school and was rather successful thanks to my height. I get stopped multiple times a day by random strangers that want to know how tall I am. My height now is something that I'm extremely proud of. I walk around standing tall with my shoulders back many people would kill to have the height that we have ladies, so walk around with you shoulders back and you're head held high. Height is a beautiful thing so be proud of it, ladies cause I know I sure am!

5'10" Nicole wrote (September 3rd 2009)

I'm only 12. It really sucks. I do have a boyfriend, but he's in 10th grade. So, he's taller than me. Only by two inches though. I feel like a freaking Sasquatch and I model. Everyone tells me I'm so pretty, but I strongly disagree. If you don't believe me check out my myspace page.

Joerg says: Sorry, but I can't publish a link to your myspace page. I would recommend against it if you were a grown-up but since you're still a teen it's a definete no-no.

6'0" Charlotte wrote (August 31st 2009)

Hey girls, I just want to say I love being tall and it's so nice to see most of you do too. I have got one thing to say to all the girls who hate being tall, you are stuck with it your whole life so seriously learn to love it!!!!! If I am going on a night out I will wear my heels and do it with pride and confidence. People defo look and comment, both positive and sometimes negative, but what I find is that mostly the people who make negative or sarcastic comments are simply doing it because they don't have self esteem and are trying to make themselves feel better. Remember being tall is fantastic!! There is a reason models are tall so just embrace and enjoy your height. A lot of people would give anything to be tall!!!!!

6'1" Joy wrote (August 26th 2009)

Hi Ladies, I haven't been here in a while! Crystal, keep your head up...and wear heels if you want to! No matter where you live there will be ignorant/jealous people trying to make you feel bad about your height...don't let them, and just keep rocking the stylish clothes because we all know they look so much better on our bodies...they were made for us :)

Also just wanted to share a funny story about a few months ago, when I was in Vegas and this short little guy literally RAN all the way across the club through a packed dance floor just to ask me how tall I was (I was wearing 3.5 inch heels :P)...and then just nodded and walked away, satisfied, once I'd answered. Hahaha... what IS it with people? Did he go home and write my height down in his diary? Maybe he and his friends had drinks riding on whoever had the closest guess? Who knows... I am still trying to learn to take these things in stride, but that one was just funny because it was so ridiculous.

I just try to remember that for the most part, people are just really genuinely curious and totally unaware that they're the 10th person to comment on my height that day. Plus, I love when random (short) girls on the street look me up & down and then glare at me... it's not my fault they'd need 6-inch heels to look as good as me ;)

6'3" Sunny wrote (August 25th 2009)

I love being TALL! Absolutely love it. I walk into a room and people stop to figure me out or wonder if I'm famous or something. It's great. Also, I am very into fashion/style, so I never slack when I know I am truly going to be in the public eye. The first question people ask me is "Did you ever model?" Actually, I did when I was in college, but I still hold myself to the highest and keep my chin up at all times because tall is beautiful. Besides, I love not looking "average." My kids are tall and they love it too. My daughter always says that she hopes she's as tall as me. Keep reaching for the sky. Have a great day!

5'11 1/2" Crystal wrote (August 23rd 2009)

Hello, I love this site because it gives me courage. I am 22 and 5'11". I don't think I'm growing anymore and I pray I don't but I understand where you all are coming from. All through my highschool and middle-school years people would talk about me. I received the nickname "six nine" and until this day I still carry that name with me. I actually like it - it makes me feel good about my height but then I feel bad when people look at me funny like they are tryin to determine whether I am a female or male. LOOL. I tried basketball but it wasn't for me so I joined the marching band as the banner girl and I loved it. I hate when people ask "Do you play ball?" I'm like ughhhhhh, please no, just cuz I'm tall doesn't mean I should play ball. Sheesh, I'm a female and i like to dance... Take pictures, shop... u know, normal female things. I've been called everything: "Giant, Tall Freak, Big Lankster, Lisa  Leslie. I really want to wear heels but in my area which is Washington DC they will talk about me so bad they make u not want to come outside.

My boyfriend is 5'7" and I had a complex about short men for a while. My boyfriend before him was 6'4" and I enjoyed it. So I try to dress cute and have different hair-styles and basically dress in style. It's not hard for me to find clothes. I shop at Styles, LVLX, Alloy, Delia's... Wet Seal places like that - I only have a problem with shoes. I normally wear flats but I like to wear cute heels. I know I will have to get a size bigger - I wear a 10 - so I would have to get a 11 so they won't hurt my feet. But I have a complex about my shoes looking long or big but I'm gettin over it. I have low self-esteem but I'm trying. I've just been scared and there are hardly any tall women of my age and race in DC. I've always said I was going to move to New York or L.A. where I will be treated normally or even better.

Joerg says: You will probably be surprised to hear that I know a couple of 6'5" women in the DC area. Keep your chin up, Kiddo!

6'2 1/2" Becky wrote (August 22nd 2009)

Hi. I have always loved my height and have never ever been drepressed about it. I am 17 and I am a senior this year at my high school. When I was in 5th grade though, I was topping out at about 5'11" and I HATED it. I was known as the jolly green giant, I wasn't the skinniest, if you know what I mean. But I have learned to accept it and move on.

5'11 1/2" Tori wrote (August 21st 2009)

Hey, I'm Tori. It has been hard to be tall. There are a few Toris at my school so I am known as "Tall Tori" or "freakishly tall girl". I mean I can never find tall enough clothes, or tall enough guys (or guys who don't care that I am tall), and I have always been put down because I am tall. All my friends are shorter than me. I always have to duck down to be in the pictures with my friends. I have asked a guy to dance with me but he said no because I was too tall. But I guess I am not the only one who is going through the same problems. So I am going to stop complaining. Thanks every one for posting you quotes!!

6'1" Bren wrote (August 21st 2009)

Tall Is Beautiful!! I didn't use to think so. Growing up was tough,tall and thin was definately not "in".  was taller than my older sister (she must have hated this more than I). There were no long and lean skinny jeans etc. I now have a daughter who is not yet a teen and she is to my shoulders. She is gorgeous, tall and slender. They are making jeans longer, sleeves are longer on the arms of shirts, Heels are NOT just for short girls! You're Tall, You're Beautiful show the World you know it by walking with confidence!

5'11" Lauren wrote (August 20th 2009)

I just turned 13 and I'm 5'11". It does get really annoying when people are asking every day "How tall r u?" Even my best friends obsess over it every day and where do u find jeans? Tell me where u can find lond legged but skinny waisted jeans...

Joerg says: I guess you haven't visited the Clothes USA section yet? There are also some recommended links on the Tall Teens page.

6'0" Sarah wrote (August 18th 2009)

I've always loved being tall because it's useful for sports. (I'm a competitive high level basketball player). When you reach the level I'm at, you're actually not all that tall though. When I was younger, I used to play center (the tallest position) but I've gradually switched to being a 4-5 (second tallest-ish) and then a solid power forward (even shorter). I now play swingman, and am about mid-height on my team.

6'3" Jheri wrote (August 18th 2009)

I don't know why, but there is a tendency for women who have not worn heels much to get the tallest heels they can find.

I'm pretty good at walking in nearly anything, but that came with a lot of practice and I tend to stick with what is comfortable. You look *much* better when you are comfortable walking. A women in tall shoes who has a bad walk just looks wrong. There is bad posture, poor motion and she just looks clumsy. It looks worse if you are tall.

I find mid sized heels, maybe 4 to 6 cm, can be comfortable all day if they are wide enough at the heel and the shoes are well designed. A slight heel for me is more comfortable than a flat. Everyone will have different feet so brand recommendations don't make much sense - but I love Danskos for comfort and they come in a size that fits me. I do wear insoles for more comfort. They also work well when I ride my bike :-)

Having my feet feel good is important as I run every day. It turns out training shoes have a slight heel of about 2 or 3 cm to cushion the foot as it lands. These shoes have no style, but are much more comfortable than flats for me. The other thing about high heels is they will damage your feet.

My podiatrist says anything over about 8 cm can cause permanent damage if you wear them a lot. A platform is probably the safe way to go if you want height, but a lot of women can't walk smoothly in them.

5'10" Elly wrote (August 18th 2009)

Heeey, I'm 5'10, and I'm 13, and I haven't stopped growing :}

6'1 1/2" Alisha wrote (August 18th 2009)

I'm 24 and 6'1 1/2" - I sort of like being tall, I don't get remarks cause a lot of people think I model but I don't. I guess I'm a little lucky with shoes as I fit into size 9 1/2 womens but I was born with a club foot so it's hard for me to wear heels even though I wish I could. As for clothing I like it, there is lots of Tall Women Clothing in Australia so it's not to bad. One problem I don't like is walking next to my gf's - they are so small and I look like a giant and people tend to stare :(

5'10" Rachel wrote (August 17th 2009)

First let me say, thanks so much for setting up this site! It's been a big confidence booster! :)

I've just gone 17 and have bought my first pair of heels to wear to a party but they're 4" and when I have them on I feel like a giant (it doesn't help that my best friend is 5'4") ... but after reading everything on this site I'm no longer worried about wearing heels and I'm gonna wear them and "strut my stuff". I just wanna say thanks again to everyone who wrote stuff... it's nice to hear from ppl who have / had the same insecurities as me - unlike my mom who is only 5'1 1/2"!

xxx Rachel

5'11 1/2" Polly wrote (August 16th 2009)

I'm a 20 year old woman. I just want to say: people try their whole lives to look remarkable, except when we are teenagers! I know it's annoying to get comments, but it can be great attention from guys! I went through a time at school as the 'lanky' girl but the worst thing you can do is lack confidence, stoop down and try to fit in. Men love confidence, it really is the key! Being a teen is difficult whoever you are. Be positive and try to enjoy the most confusing and difficult time in your life! Luckily it helped me develop a personality and now I consider myself the funny leggy girl who has had some very enviable boyfriends! LOL. Although some have had to stand on a phone book!!

P.S.: I completely agree with Jenn - seeing the band at concerts rocks!

5'11 1/2" Jennifer wrote (August 13th 2009)

I'm 15 and I love my height! I love having long legs, my dream is to be a model and I have the right height for it! My advice to any tall girl who is self-conscious - be proud of your height. I could think of a 100 people who wish they were taller than they are!

6'2" Catherine wrote (August 12th 2009)

I've always been the tallest girl in my class, and even now that I am in grad school, I still stand out. It's not a bad thing, though! People take a tall woman much more seriously. I've been given a lot of opportunities and responsibilities during my studies, and I think it's partly because of my height. I love to look classy/elegant, and I'm pretty obvious in a crowd - I've been asked so many times to represent the school at meetings/banquets, to take on a teaching position, etc.

Don't let your height get you down! It will attract people's attention, and if you follow up by being a reliable and confident person, you will find yourself admired by many; people will look up to you, and not only in a physical sense. Height is not only beautiful but empowering!

5'11" Isabella wrote (August 11th 2009)

Hi, I'm Isabella. I always kinda thought of myself as the odd one out. I'm tall. All my friends are shorter then me. It made me very self conscious. I always hated being the one that had to duck to get in pictures or the one that couldn't wear heels cause it put me over 6 foot. It didn't help when people made comments about my hieght. It just made me feel more freakish then I already thought I was. But now, those days are going away, and I'm accepting my height, I can't change it, so I might as well be happy with it! It's just good to know that I'm not the only one who struggled with it.

6'2" Mikhaila wrote (August 10th 2009)

Hi, my Name is Mikhaila and I am 16. Quite frankly I don't know how tall I am because when I go to the doctor they tell me I'm 73 inches which would translate to about 6'1" if you round it, but I stand next to my father and he is 6'2 and I got about a good 1/2 inch on him. Anywho... I really hate it when I tell people my passion which is to act and produce music and they basically tell me I can't do it and to play basketball (even though a blind and deaf person probably would have better coordination and skill than me). But that makes me doubt myself and being my height is really not a plus seeing as the majority of actresses are like 5'11" and down and see how all of my friends are shorter than me it feels like I'm alone and it feels like everyone is trying to dictate my life. Even though I live in New York I don't really see that many tall people. One of the things I love about being tall but can get really annoying is that I love the fact that when I go out people are falling over trying to see how tall I am or breaking their necks when they are walking the other direction.

5'11" Fatma wrote (August 6th 2009)

My name is Fatma, I am an 18 year old high-school student from North Africa. I'm 5'11" and most of the time feeling soo uncomfortable and awkward around people... I really loved this web site, it feels soo good to know that I'm not alone, that there are other girls just like me, so I'm not a freak anymore. Being the tallest girl in my class and family used to be soo difficult especially when almost everyone else is around 5'2" to 5'6". I hated the looks on people's faces when they saw me walking in, whispering and laughing about my height... also askin' me the typical question: "Do you play basketball??", "Are your parents as tall as you?" etc

Well, I dont play any sports. My father is 5'7" and my mum is 5'1". I'm not a freak. I'm actually a very smart student who loves taking regular classes like everybody else... actually in the last 2 years I started to accept myself and ignore other people's opinions - they don't matter because in reality they don't really know me. I also felt much better when I found my 6'6" loving and caring boyfriend. He helped me find my self-confidence and made me feel good about myself... yet, I never wear heels!! And I really wish I can find the courage to do it. But my problem now is not my height, it's my weight. I'm very skinny, I tried almost everything to gain weight but it never happened!! :(

Anyway, I love myself and I'm proud of who I am now. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm special and not freak!! ;)

5'10" Amy wrote (August 5th 2009)

My advice to all tall women is to look your best and be approachable because you are going to stand out anyway so let everyone look at something positive! As for the teens it simply sucks. I was thank God I became pretty in my late teens with big boobs and long legs so boys liked me… however they always challenged me more than the other girls. My height would eventually come up with them and I know it made even my most confidant boyfriends feel insecure. I also feel that they were tougher with me and would sometimes force confrontations and try to make me not ok with myself. The real reason I am writing you is because I am motivational speaker and consultant but my real passion is to motivate and mentor young girls that have body issues. I love that someone addressed what it feels like for a women who is as tall if not taller than most men. I would give my services freely if there is any thing I could do to make them feel better about themselves.

6'3" Jheri wrote (August 1st 2009)

For Joy: I believe height is a silly requirement for a husband. Finding someone you truly love is much more important. I think it is more important to focus on him rather than future children as if the relationship isn't right in the first place, it will be bad for the kids.

Even people of average height have a difficult time finding the right partners. It gets much more difficult if you put a height restriction on the guy. There is too much of a chance of never getting married or having a bad marriage.

Worrying about what "society" thinks is pretty lame.

We all have our criteria for what we want in a guy. Height isn't part of mine (although I would be uncomfortable with someone who was a head taller or shorter than me). I have other criteria that might prevent me from finding a guy. It may be that height is one for you and, if that is true, you may never be happy with a shorter guy.

Oh yeah - and the guy has to like you too!

Oddly enough I think women who are tall, but closer to average height have more of a problem with a height difference than taller women. Do others find this true?

6'3" Jheri wrote (August 1st 2009)

I looked at the quotes section and see several teens who are not completely happy with their height.

I'm in my mid twenties and, having survived my teens, say that most girls and guys are very insecure about their physical appearance. The guys are even worse because most of them haven't figured out how to talk to girls. It will get better as you get older.

A few worried about being thin. If you are eating well and getting exercise don't worry about it. Many teenagers are much lighter than they'll be as adults, so most of you will change eventually.

Some won't - I'm extremely thin (54 kg or about 120 pounds), but am very healthy. My family is super thin too, so it is in my genes. I run for more than an hour a day six days a week and ride my bike everywhere (I don't own a car). My doctor tells me I'm in great shape even though I'm technically underweight.

For those of you who are thin there are benefits. Many clothes will look great on you (actually once you learn to dress for your figure, you can look better no matter what your shape). Many people stop me and tell me I should model:-) I think people accept a tall girl if she is thin better than if she is heavy. It isn't fair, but it seems to be the way things work.

So go out there and find something to do that you can be passionate about and you'll probably make friends who won't notice how tall you are. Exercise and eat right and you'll look the best you can for whatever body type your genes have given you. Don't push your body to be something it isn't - very thin by under-eating, or very heavy by over-eating and not getting exercise.

Get great posture and walk tall. Katherine talks about heels. I'm probably taller than you in bare feet than when you're in heels and I have no problem in public. One of my friends is much taller than me and she is also ok. Don't worry about it! Wear whatever shoes make you feel good and don't hurt your feet - you'll look terrible if you are in pain no matter how cute the shoes are. I usually wear running shoes because I run so much, but my normal "good" shoes are Dansko Norahs with a 7cm rise (a bit under 3 inches). They look good on me and are very comfortable with no foot pain at all. Not for running :-), but great for everything else.

5'11" Joy wrote (August 1st 2009)

Krystal: You bet guys out there are intimidated by tall women. It takes a bold and really understanding guy to date a tall lady.

Katherine: Wearing heels is something most women I know love doing. I used to avoid heels and had this pal of mine who once asked me why I shouldn't yet Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and the likes of them do so ever so often. There is a way the heels gives a touch to how you walk and self esteem. I figured, I have only got one life to live and I decided not to worry about what other people would say- its about me!!

Ariel: You sound so like me ten years ago. Its okay even if you shoot to over 6'0", there will be a ready prince waiting for you.

Hey y'all, being tall is really s'thing, but would you want to have children as tall or taller than you? would you go for a shorter husband for the sake of having what the society considers normal? please give me your very honest opinions and advice.

5'10" Krystal wrote (July 31st 2009)

I am 17 years, nearing 18 and I hope I stop growing by now. Personally I have no problem with my height but other people, like boys, make me feel oddly displaced because of my height. I really bet they're jealous of us tall girls and feel somewhat intimidated. The second worst part is that I am skinny. SKINNY AND TALL... LOL... worst... and the boyfriend isssue is the worst case ever... sigh... but best thing is that I am starting to accept myself. And it is fun looking down at those short people.

5'11" Katherine wrote (July 30th 2009)

When I was younger, I was always the tallest in my class. Now there are some girls who are taller than me, but not many. On the side of guys, I have 2 guy friends who are taller than me. It can be frustrating at times to be tall, like being in high school and trying to find a guy who can handle the height and is a great guy all-around. What I was just wondering though is how all you other women worked up the courage to wear your heels? They are literally my favorite thing ever to wear, but I haven't wore them in probably 2 years because they make me soo tall. I am actually wearing them right now, but I don't know how I could possibly where them out in public. Only a junior in high school, but trying to get the courage of a grown woman...

5'10" Ariel wrote (July 29th 2009)

I am 15 years old and struggle with liking or disliking my height. Some days, I actually love being 5'10! I walk around the grocery store or the church with my head high. Then some days? I wish I was normal. 5'9 and 5'10 really isn't so bad. But what I'm dreading is that I'll probably shoot up to 5'12 or even 5'13 (yes, I avoid the number 6 ;) ) because my mom is 6'0 and my dad is 6'2.

Annoying things!:

1. Tall men. With short women. This drives me NUTS!!! Just the other day, this guy at youth group who is 6'2 was hanging out with all these SUPER SUPER short girls, like 5'2 maybe? Just short. Why do I see soooooooooooooo many tall guys, with the shortest women ever? My 5'4 friend is seeking to court her 6'6 guy friend. Save some of those for me!

2. Strangers who love pointing out the obvious. "Wow, you're tall!" No, really? I didn't know that! Thanks soooooooo much for the enlightment! I seriously had NO idea!!!!! I wish I could say, "Yes, I'm tall. I kinda already knew that" only I'm too polite. :) And then there's those people who ask you if you play basketball. EXCUSE ME?!?! NO, do you play MINI GOLF??

Besides all this, go tall women. And thank you so much to the creator of this website. I need it. Also, side note -- are there any small chested tall women out there or am I the only one? :)

5'10" Jeanine wrote (July 27th 2009)

I am 15 and HATE being tall!!! The guys are always like "Whoa, you are tall!". I admit that I am blessed having small hands and feet for my length only wearing a size 7 shoe but seriously! I am tired of being the tall girl! And more than that because of my length I ALWAYS weigh more and I hate it! It's an advantage with my netball but that is all!!!!!

6'2" Susan wrote (July 22nd 2009)

Kudos to Melody, the height is definately a BIG blessing. Hannah, I would give you the advice of appreciate the gift of height that you have and you really do have a gift. I am 41 and have an 8 year old daughter, who is the better part of 5ft tall, and gorgeous (and she loves it). Hannah, alot of the problem is the way you view your height. Granted it is not easy being "different" esp. in high school. Also, what is normal? In my world 6'2" is normal... As I have said before, the Lord loves variety obviously, He loves different sizes, shapes and colors and what a boring place this world would be if we were all the same size and shape.

Don't let the ignorance of some people (and it is ignorance) get to you.

Many hugs - Susan

6'2" Melody wrote (July 20th 2009)

In response to Hannah's comments:

Hannah, I am 6'2" and 31 years old. I know exactly how you feel. I , too, have endured those stares and felt angry about my height. However, there are millions of people each day that go unnoticed and will never stand out in a crowd. What a shame! Being tall is beautiful. Every day I make a conscious decision to appreciate my height. I pay no attention to people who stare. But, if someone is really persistent, I make it a point to respond to them with an observation of my own. They say something like, "Man, you are tall!" and I reply, "Thank you. And you are not. What a shame." or "Thank you. And you felt compelled to remind me. How unusual." Now who feels awkward? I married a man who is 6'6". We have two kids. My daughter is 6 and is sooo tall! Everywhere we go people comment on her height. I respond, "I know! Isn't she lucky?" Our bodies are temporary and life is too short to worry about what other people think. Make the most of your height. Think positive and never be ashamed. Tall is beautiful!!! Chances are if you were average height you would be seeking some way to stand out in a crowd anyway! God gave you this gift for a reason. Don't waste it by letting strangers make you feel inadequate. You are blessed.

6'3" Hannah wrote (July 17th 2009)

I am 15 years old and 6 foot 3 inches tall. I used to HATE it. No matter what people say, you NEVER stop catching the "tall girl" jokes. Kids think it's funny, but it really hurts. Just today I went to Six Flags. I got stopped by AT LEAST 7 people and was asked questions about my height. IT'S ANNOYING!!! LET US LIVE OUR LIVES!!! You don't see us stopping a midget and ask them how short they are, do you. NO!!! Because that would be rude. It's the same way with tall people. IT'S RUDE!!! Clothes? Try having a 49 inch inseam and see how easy it is to find jeans. I wear a size 15 in womens shoes. I can NEVER wear cute shoes, because I don't guess the shoe designers think that there are any tall people. It gets on my nerves!! just last week, we had our athletic banquet at school. All my friends were dressed nice in their heels and dresses. Guess who had to wear tennis shoes because they don't make shoes in a size 15? How embarrasing. Being tall has it's good things. But, what people don't notice is all the things you go through as a teenager. It sucks. I would trade my height in ANY day. I just want to be normal. And the society today isn't helping that out any.

6'2" Catherine wrote (July 13th 2009)

I'm 17 years old, 6'2" and loving it. I have a loving, adoring boyfriend who is 6'1", and he's less self conscious then I am! [about height at least...] My father is 6'6", but my mom is ONLY 5'1". My best friend in the world is only 4'11". The only problem I personally have about being tall is not being teased but find clothes and more so shoes! I wear a size 14 woman's...T_T...If anyone could give me sites as to find cute, CHEAP [like under $30 and size 14] shoes, I'd be very grateful... and yes, I have checked out the shoe pages... [I live with my maternal grandparents on their retirement money and I still have another year of high school left...]

Joerg says: I'll see what I can do...

5'10" Amy wrote (July 6th 2009)

Hey there! I'm 15 and I'm nearing 5'10". OK, I'm not quite a "tall woman" yet, but I'm getting there! I used to absolutely HATE being tall, and having to look down on my boyfriends, never being able to wear heels, and generally feeling a prat in P.E coz of my "lanky" frame. But do you know what? My boyfriends can wear stacked heels if they feel short, I'll wear stillettos if I want, thanks, and having long legs is an advantage in every sport I can think of! I'm not a "Freak". I'm just a normal girl, who's fantastically and wonderfully tall. Jealous? :P

6'0" Jenn wrote (July 2nd 2009)

I have been tall for as long as I can remember as I come from an extremely tall family. There was one point when I was younger where my parents thought I was going to pass up my older brother in height. I will admit that middle school, junior high, and high school were all extremely difficult for me as there was only 1 or 2 other girls that were as tall as me and of course all the boys were shorter. I would slouch all the time to try to hide my height... I hated it. I used to always wish there was a way to make myself shorter... I tried drinking coffee thinking it will stunt my growth, well it never did! I hated being tall. I felt awkward and like everyone thought I was a giant. I always had a hard time finding pants long enough for me as well as shirts long enough to cover my torso. I had a deep inner battle going on with myself, always wishing I was a "normal" height... I ignored most of the comments I received and attributed it to other women being jealous of my height, but when people would tell me they wished they had my height I used to say "No you don't!" But not anymore...

It wasn't until I was around the age of 21-22 when I finally accepted my height and began wearing 2-3 inch heels. Now at the age of 25 I have no problem showing off my height. I'm a big fan of jeans and high heels. I also LOVE getting dressed up for weddings and such because I stand out much more than many other people because of my height. I find it amusing now when people stare at me and ask me if I play basketball. I never played any sports, but should have learned how to play the piano because of how long my fingers are. Most of the shoes I own have at least 2 inches of heels on them and I DO wear them! Being older, I don't mind the attention I get due to my height.

My wonderful boyfriend of 4.5 years loves my height and everything about it. From the length of my legs to my fingers and torso. Everything about me is tall/long and he loves it. I still have problems finding clothing long enough to cover my torso and legs but I no longer have my insecurites regarding my height. I find it a bonus at times! Like when at concerts (I can see over most people!) and shopping (I CAN grab that item off the top shelf!)

To the young girls and teenagers that are insecure about their height... I've been there and know exactly what you're going through and feeling. But know that you are BEAUTIFUL and should be proud of your height. It may take some getting used to but once you accept it, life will get easier. When you're an adult and walk into a room being 6 feet tall (or taller!!) wearing 2-3 inch heels people will stare, but their staring at your courage and your beauty, for you are beautiful and they are probably jealous! :)

I am so happy to have found this website! It's great to see my fellow "Amazon Women" proudly displaying and discussing their height. :) :) :)

6'1" Valentina wrote (July 1st 2009)

Francesca: My boyfriend is also 5'6" - I think its best not to judge people based on your height. Believe me, its probably just as difficult for him as it is for you. Being a short guy merits just as much self esteem issues as being a tall women can, at times. For me, I think I was lucky that a guy I liked was actually willing to date a girl that towers over him. Every other guy I've liked has refused me because of my height. Feel blessed that you like someone and he likes you back. Love knows no boundaries! You're breaking a social norm that is pressed into women's minds from a younger age that a man should be taller than his girlfriend. Being taller than him should be empowering. Enjoying - and give him some credit. It takes some major cahones for a short guy to let a tall woman kiss him.

To Rennie: I'm glad you like being tall. When I was 13, I hated it. But its not always the most esteeming to play a sport when your tall. When I was a kid, I was always told to play basketball because of my height. But all the girls on my team were way shorter than me and I was picked on for being tall and clumsy instead of tall and graceful. Eventually I figured out that I sucked at sports and by playing them I just reinforced the stereotype that tall women are always sporty and manly, which is how a LOT of people looked at me. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say I get tired of people asking me if I play, as if being tall automatically means I'm only good for playing basketball and like the only quality I posess is my height. I relish in telling people, "No. I work at a normal like everyone else and enjoy shopping and music like any other girl my age. Thanks." But the fact that you find yourself good at sports and that you found other tall women is great! It sucks to be alone, and even when I played sports I was still the tallest person i know. I suppose my opinion is biased in that sense.

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