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Quotes from Tall Women (2010a)

Note: Please allow this page a few seconds to load. We've got a lot of quotes that have come in in 2010 that's why I split them into three sections (January - April, May - August and September - December). I hope you find most of them positive and helpful.

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5'11 1/2" Riley wrote (April 30th 2010)

I'm 16, and overall I really just hate being tall. I don't want to be whiny, and I know you've heard it all before, but I REALLY want a boyfriend. And even the guys that are taller than me go for the petite girls, and life seems really unfair. But then I see girls that are the same height as me with boyfriends, and I don't get it! And I don't want to seem conceited, but I'm pretty and I have a good personality, but guys just don't like me! :( If anybody has any advice for me I'd really love to hear it.

6'2" Christine wrote (April 30th 2010)

Hi, All. Ok, I admit it, I'm going to rant; please bear with me. Thanks :)

I am SICK and TIRED of reading these articles about very tall women beyotching (that word's allowed eh Joerg?) lol... about their size when they have husbands, children, etc. I have had bf's (even lived with one for 7 years when I was young) BUT haven't found "Mr. Right". I'm 45 years old (and not for much longer); I'm not completely giving up, and I'm sure marriage is not perfect, and I am NOT unattractive (I too was often asked/told I should model too), but I'm sure part of the reason I'm not married is my height etc. SOOOO, I hope that will make some of you other tall gals stop complaining, I am too "ahem" mature to ever have children now, and I don't know if I will find Mr. Right; (but again having some hope).

Hope I made some of you realize what you have.

6'0" Victoria wrote (April 28th 2010)

Hey, I'm 15 years old and from a SMALL town! I'm the tallest girl in my whole school. I used to love to wear heels but I got sick of all the boys saying "Victoria, is there any need of you wearing them heels?" :( I figured it would be easier to just stop wearing them. All my friends have had boyfriends but where I'm from no one wants to go out with a girl taller then them. Also I always have to sit at the back of the class cause I get in the way of people sitting behind me. However, when I read all these comments it sounds like it gets easier and I'm beginning to accept my height and learn this is who I am :) Thank you to everyone for leaving comments! You really do help younger girls like myself gain more confidence and understanding of themselves!

6'0 1/2" Kimberley wrote (April 28th 2010)

Hi everyone :o) It's amazing to see how may lovely tall ladies there are out there! I've come to love my height over time, especially my long legs, and I'm usually not scared to go out in heels, often a few inches high. I'd just like to say that you should all be so very proud of your height; stand tall and hold your head high! You'll stand out more if you're slouching in an attempt to blend into the background. You're never going to, and why would you want to? Put on those heels and be beautiful. You're the envy of so many x

5'10 1/2" Rossana wrote (April 25th 2010)

Hi there! I'm so glad I found you guys, after reading some comments I feel that finally I have people I can share my thoughts with... people who truly understand me. I'm 5'10 1/2" (something around there, every time I take my height I get something between 1.78 and 1.79 m). Anyway, I would say that I am not totally unhappy with my height, I actually learned to like it and enjoy it, but when it comes to heels I feel just... sad, frustrated, reallyyy unhappy about my height, because I really wish I could use heels. The thing is, I don't have the confidence to wear them, and having my friends saying that I shouldn't wear them coz I'm tall enough already really doesn't help at all! I used to two or three times and it wasn't that bad (I got some compliments from some people saying that I really looked nice), but I was unconfortable because I felt like the tallest person. I don't know... I just wish I could be a little shorter. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad about my height when I'm around short people. Anyway, I'm glad I can share my thoughts with you guys and I hope I can be inspired by you ladies and learn to embrace my beautiful height.

5'10 1/2" Wendy wrote (April 23rd 2010)

My boyfriend John is only 5'6" and I still love to wear heels. I feel proud to be seen with him but most importantly our love for each other overcomes all difficulties and pressures. I am 52 and he's 43 so in spite of being ribbed by people it makes no difference.

6'0" Devy wrote (April 21st 2010)

Hello ladies - I have loved reading all of the posts here on the website. I am 6'0" and the shortest in my family. I am married to a 6'4" man, and we have very tall children! I never had a problem with my height, having an older brother that is 6'11". Young ladies -enjoy your height, and know that you are beautiful! Tall ladies always receive attention - just smile and nod! Enjoy yourselves!!!

6'3" Jheri wrote (April 16th 2010)

Christine, it is hard not to be positive. Once a person discovers she can be proud of herself and do good you become happy and that is what is truly beautiful in a person.

Yesterday I biked to Strøget which is a huge pedestrian shopping area in København (Kopenhagen). It was high five day in the US so I used that as an excuse to give them to unsuspecting Danes over lunch and later in the day. All in all there were 37 including a few interesting conversations and two guys asking me for a date :-) I recommend this as an activity for tall women, especially the younger ones, as it is an excellent way to turn stares into smiles!

I think it is very important for the younger talls to realize many of us come to realize we don't have to worry about being tall and can even come to accept and love it. For me the only downside is things don't fit very well, but that is really an opportunity if you want it to be.

6'2" Christine wrote (April 14th 2010)

Hey Joerg, no problem about the mistake between the names in my email of April 11, 2010, it's been rectified now. You just showed you rock even more by admitting that mistake :), we all make em :)

Jheri, it seems to me that you rock! I hope that young girl "Julie" (the 12 year old) will be encouraged by you. I'm sure you encourage many. I know you guys have heard this before, but when I was a teen and young adult there was no such thing as the internet, nevermind cool guys (men);) like Joerg, who admires and appreciates tall women and have made such a great site promoting us and giving us some community. I know there's a few of us older gals who write on here (besides me). LOL....

Jheri, PLEASE keep spreading the positivity. I remember when I was in my early 20's I used to "dream" that there would be a "Tall-land"lol... it saddens me too, to see soo many negative comments, and what's up with some talls wanting an operation to make them shorter ARGHHH, not only is this very dangerous, it wouldn't make that much difference anyway, AND talls that want to do this operation, well it's like they are not accepting their own being other very tall people. Ok, I've written a book. Peace :D

6'1" Naomi wrote (April 14th 2010)

I love being tall. My roommate is 4'10", and we get SO many double takes, it's great! I used to be self-conscious about my height, but in the middle of high school I started seeing the positive side and now I think it's wonderful. People comment on it all the time, and it's a great conversation starter ;p LOL. But I've found a guy who's taller than me, and I love wearing heels and showing off my legs. It's so fun! I DO wish I was athletic, though. I'm sure all of you get the "do you play basketball?" question a lot too... but I'm a singer and I like it like that :)

6'3" Jheri wrote (April 13th 2010)

It is great to see the recent positive comments.

A friend of mine who has helped me embrace who I am is very big on making others smile and spreading happiness. She happens to be tall and uses her height as an excuse to help people smile - for her the extra attention is something that can be used for good.

For a few months she has been spreading high fives to strangers and those you know by sight, but not deeper. She says April 15 is high five day, so it is a gret time to spread this. Here is a video she made that shows how to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy8qaXblebE

Little kids love it, as you can see from the video. So give it a try. It is a natural for tall women as people look at us. I've done it a few times and the best way is to make eye contact with someone and ask them if they'd like a high five. Sometimes I smile and say "you look like you could use a high five". You will find it turns that look into a smile for both of you.

It is a bit hard at first and you may want to try it with your friends. If you aren't quite as forward, try smiling at someone and maybe saying "hello".

The world needs more happiness and this is a way to bring just a bit to your corner. Spread the video around and give it a try... Wouldn't it be wonderful if tall women became known for spreading happiness in public like this?

You might even meet some interesting people. The last time I tried it I ended up with a nice chat with a couple from Scotland. And if you are in school and can't get the attention of some guy, try giving him one. He might be impressed.

6'2" Christine wrote (April 11th 2010)

OOOPS! I made a TYPO! I meant "Right on" to Gabriella's and Julia's comments (I typed Julie by mistake). Julia's comment was added on April 10, 2010.

Julie's comment (added March 29, 2010) was VERY negative. This girl hates her height and is only 12, hopefully some of you young girls can encourage her with positive things, she needs it!

Sorry for the original mistake.

Joerg says: As a matter of fact it was my mistake. I thought you were referring to Julie so I corrected it. You did write Julia in your original comment. I'm not sure why I thought you were talking about Julie. Dang!

6'2" Christine wrote (April 11th 2010)

Right on Gabriella and Julie! Great attitudes!!! THAT is the way to think!!!!

I'm an "ahem" old tall gal at 45... for some of those tall girls that think it's tough being tall now??? My gosh imagine, 30 years ago, when I was 15 how tough it was! It was by the Grace of God that I survived it.

The perception of the very tall woman has changed FOR THE BETTER; the clothes, how we are perceived etc. It is sometimes still tough, but hey, it is who we are. We need MORE positive comments on this site, obviously God did NOT make all girls short (although, believe me, I know it feels like it at times).

We must encourage each other, young, middle aged, old... tall is tall, let's be proud together :)

With love, Christine xoxoxoxoxo

6'2" Susan wrote (April 11th 2010)

In response to Gabriella's comment: I COMPLETELY agree!!! This is to all tall women out there, appreciate the beautiful bodies you have. As I have said before this would be a really boring world if we all looked the same had the same body types, etc. Who cares (you shouldn't) if your boyfriend/husband is shorter than you. Nobody else is with him other than you. Sometimes if someone is being obnoxious you need to stand up and address the stupidity.

6'0" Gabriella wrote (April 11th 2010)

It does concern me that there are a lot of negative comments here because there are many women that do want to be tall believe it or not! Being tall is a POSITIVE attribute and there is nothing one can do about it! There is nothing wrong with us! God made us in His PERFECT image so there is nothing wrong with you! I make sure that I dress like a model, wear make-up, dress up, wear heels and exercise to keep my Beyonce shape.

One thing that one has to realise is that you have to embrace it as that is how God made you and you might as well enjoy it. As my Dad always said to me, 'you are tall so you might as well make sure that you give people a good reason to really look at you". I am told that I am striking, beautiful, that I dress well and asked why I do not model. Its not all negative because I give them more to talk about than just my towering height. Imagine if all tall women actually embraced their heights??? We would be much happier for starters and we would be a force to be reckoned with.

6'1 1/2" Joceline wrote (April 11th 2010)

I'm Joceline... I need ur help. Does it matter if ur bf is shorter than u by about 2' 1/2"? Everyone laughs at us though.

5'10" Julia wrote (April 10th 2010)

I've always loved my height. I'm 13 and just barely 5'10". You should be proud to be tall, it's a gift. All my friends are short, and we always joke about it. I've never needed to get a stepping stool to reach something on the top shelf. I've always been tall. Even in Pre-School, I was taller than everybody else by about an inch or so. If you don't love yourself now, think about how lucky you are to not be short. You never have to worry about something making you look short, because you'll never look short. You don't have to worry about looking stumpy because of the way something fits you, you have amazing legs and nice, long, elegant arms. Think of yourself as a model, because all models are tall. Don't even worry about being skinny, either. I'm thick, and when I say it I mean it. I have curves bigger than the hills in Ohio, but it doesn't matter. When you're tall, you look good at any weight. It just comes with the territory. So, love yourself. This is what you've been given, love it and have fun.

5'11 1/2" Stephanie wrote (April 7th 2010)

I love being tall! If I put on 5 pounds you can't tell! I used to be ashamed of my height when I was growing up. I was taller than the boys in junior high and I felt awkward, always wanting to be small and dainty like those cute girls you see. It wasn't untill I was done with school and started working that I realized how great being tall was. Everything looks good on tall girls, we don't have to worry about looking short and frumpy. We don't have to pull out stools to get something from the top shelf. Being a tall girl is something to be proud of. Even in the men department... men LOVE tall women, it's all about the legs, ladies!

6'3" Jheri wrote (April 6th 2010)

Megan, the general way to get into a relationship is by dating a lot. Some of the better dates will lead to more of the same and feeling will deepen. But getting experience dealing with guys and learning about them through dates may be more important. Are you going on dates? If so are the guys not very good?

I think there is a lot to be said to just dating without thinking about every date as potential relationship material. Try to have some fun and gain experience.

I don't know if you have problems getting dates, but a lot of tall girls do. I certainly did. Most teenage guys lack confidence and are very afraid of rejection and what others might think. I know some amazingly stunning women and all of them said they never were able to get dates as teens - the guys were terrified of them.

A good way to handle this is for you to do the asking. There is nothing that says you can't. Almost all of my good dates have required me to do this. It takes a bit of courage to go ahead with it, but it is a lot better than sitting around and obsessing about not getting dates. Also don't worry about making sure every guy is going to be perfect. You should be looking for having a good time and learning about guys rather than finding "the one" ... Try going out with some of the guys you already know.

And you need to be at the right point in your life when the relationships start to come along. They can be very diverting in terms of time and emotional energy and you need to balance that with what you are doing or it will suffer. The friendly and casual relationships are much easier to manage and allow you to have your own life - really important if you are still in school!

6'0" Tuchi wrote (April 5th 2010)

I am 16 years old and six feet tall. My mom is 5'4" and my dad is 5'5". All my life, I've been teased for my height. Coming from an Asian background, where the majority of women are no taller than 5'2" I have always felt like an outcast. My mom is actually considered tall and 'big-boned' in her family. No one in my family is as tall as me! They always make 'jokes' and say I must be adopted or Yao Ming (the basketball player) must be my father. Growing up, my own family would say harsh things like, "You'll never find a boyfriend or husband tall enough for you." And they have drilled that into me ever since I was a little girl. It's not until recently that I have 'accepted' my height. Although, I wish I was shorter, I've learned to live with being tall. Even though, we all know it could be very hard at times.

6'2 1/2" Ali wrote (April 5th 2010)

Megan - I know exactly what you mean, it seems unfair to see all your (non-tall) friends in and out of relationships, unfortunately being tall means that we do have a smaller selection. I didn't have a boyfriend or any tall guys I was interested in until I got to Uni (sorry, college means something else in England) and then guys suddenly seemed to pop out of nowhere! I got into my first relationship and have had other guys interested. Also, it's amazing how many girls haven't been in relationships, so don't worry about rushing into anything before you go to college, I can garantee that you'll meet and amazing tall guy when you get there!

6'0" Sasha wrote (April 5th 2010)

For all you girls that are dying to be "normal" just know that normal is overrated. Why conform and blend with every other being. Trust me, if you girls were short and plain, you would die to be modelesque and unique. The world fixates on the negative and ignores the positive. We expect happiness, but any hardship is labelled an injustice of some sort. I lived my grade school life as the giant that never fit into the social circles, so instead I created my own standards. Slowly but surely people followed, people were intrigued by my confidence. I'm 20 and overall happy. Happiness and sadness is a choice, not an easy one, but still a choice.

6'2" Megan wrote (April 4th 2010)

I have never really complained about being tall. People are always coming up to me telling me they love my height and think I am gorgous, but being 17 and tall has made me wonder why I have never had a boyfriend. I have seen all my friends go through relationships, and even if some never work out I sometimes wish I could just experience something like that once before going off to college. I don't know if most younger guys are just intimidated, but I can never seem to find a good enough guy taller than me. So if any of you ladies have any advice for me, I would appreciate it so much!!!!

5'10 1/2" Linda wrote (April 4th 2010)

Last night I was out to dinner with some friends; men included. There was a girl in the restaurant who was wearing 3-4" heels, a very short skirt, and she was NOT thin. She was VERY VERY tall! The women at our table thought she looked huge, but let me tell you girls... the men at the table absolutely DROOLED all over themselves when she walked by our table! It was the way she carried herself that made her so attractive to the men. She walked with her head held high and you could just feel her confidence! Like I said before... she was a little on the thick side, but was just as sexy as any supermodel. All eyes were on her! So let this be a lesson to you girls who don't think they can wear heels. Confidence is the key!!!

6'3" Jheri wrote (April 4th 2010)

I see my buddy Colleen is currently on the homepage of tallwomen.org. Read what it is about because she says it better than I can. She is very comfortable with her height around people - it is just all of the man-made things that don't fit very well that bother her.

She loves cooking and she and a friend had a place make a simple solution that can be made no matter what your height to help out. The initial results were so good that AWP decided to offer it as a product.

I'm not as tall, but mine helps enormously when I work in the kitchen. I can't imagine being without it. Another friend is a bit shorter still at 6'1" and it is great for him too.

I keep hearing so many complaints about things that don't fit and cause problems. There are solutions out there, so check them out and treat yourself to some comfort. Even getting in contact with the places that make this type of item is important as it tells them there are potential customers and they may come out with other products.

If a friend or someone in your family is tall, this sort of item can make the perfect gift. I have given one of these and the person who got it said it was the best gift she has had in ten years and it has made a big difference in how she cooks.

Look around and list the things that bother you and come up with your own solutions where you can. You can be a lot more comfortable. Little people use stools to make much of their homes accessible. There isn't any reason why we shouldn't make a few chances so we are comfortable too. It is part of embracing our height rather than trying to pretend it doesn't exist.

Relationships and clothing that fits are great things to talk about, but there are other areas where changes can greatly improve our lives.

What would you like to see?

6'2 1/2" Ali wrote (April 3rd 2010)

Hello to all you fellow tall ladies! I'd like to say to Julie first of all that when I was 12 I was 5'11" and absolutely DESPISED it! It felt like everyone was staring at me and I got some pretty nasty comments as everyone was a good foot shorter than me. However the guys suddenly seemed to shoot up and then the height difference was far less dramatic! So what I'd like to say to you is that it will definitely get better, it's inevitable that you'll look older than you are for a few years but don't let that define who you are. Also, older guys are hot! Now I'm 18 and at University things have changed dramatically and I've discovered that the really tall guys (and there's plenty of them!) absolutely love tall girls! Although I'm still not loving the height, I will grow to (excuse the pun) and am happy with it for now. So chin up tall girls! Just remember there's a reason they choose tall women to be models, and we get the longest of all legs!

5'10" Sara wrote (March 31st 2010)

I have blue eyes, a coke bottle shape, long black hair, a cute face ANDDDDDD the height of a supermodel. I feel like I've won the physical lottery! :) I can understand it being hard for the women 6'1" and up but for the rest of you: come on suck it up :) :) Every woman should love who you are. Don't be afraid to stand out! :) My sister is just as tall as I am. MEN DROOL OVER HER EVERYWHERE SHE GOES! She doesnt even realize it! A lot of women probably don't.

6'2" Susan wrote (March 30th 2010)

Good points, Carrie! I wanted to address one of your points as to find some tall friends (preferably women but, men are good too) for friendship, support, etc. I have noticed when I have attempted to make friends with some other tall women, it seems like they dont want to be friends w/ you because they are so insecure about their height that being friends will only remind how tall they are? Not saying all tall women, because I work w/ a couple of tall women, who are coworkers and one it took quite awhile before she would talk to me. I thought oh well, not my problem. I am not going to change and if you are so insecure with your height that is something you have to make peace with. I have said before and told my daughter, who is gorgeous at 9 yrs :). The Lord doesnt make junk... He must like variety you can tell in everything from the people on this earth to the plant life, animals, etc. In response to your comment on networking w/ other tall women. I have had that occur several times when tall women have come up to me and asked where I get my clothes, shoes, etc. Also, I have done the same and made some friendships in the process.

Take care-

5'10" Ariel wrote (March 29th 2010)

I am 16 and will probably grow to be around 6'0"-6'1". My dad is about 6'1", and my mom is 6'0". She stopped growing when she was 18. So that's what I'm expecting. I've been an average height, even a little bit shorter, all my life until I was 14 or 15. I was 5'8" at 15. :) So yeah.

But anyway, I posted before, and I just wanted to say I REALLY LOVE BEING TALL NOW!!! :) Really!!! I'd love to be 5'11". I'd be OK with being 6'0". For some reason I definitely don't want to be over 6'1", but yeah, I just really like being tall now. :) I have a pair of 2-inch heels I like to wear. Teens who are not feeling confident with your height... get over it! It is AWESOME being tall! People are SOOO jealous of us. BEING TALL IS A PLUS, can't you see it?? It's way better to be a tall, self-confident, happy person than a tall, depressed, insecure person. So put your shoulders back and chin up, even if you don't feel like it. Smile. It'll kick in eventually. :) And get a pair of heels... it'll make your "real height" seem sooo short when you're not wearing them, lol!

The only thing that bothers me is that my front is really, REALLY out of proportion to my height, which drives me crazy. It really doesn't look good. So well-proportioned tall gals, be very thankful. :)

6'0 1/2" Rebecca wrote (March 29th 2010)

Hang in there, my tall ladies! Especially the wonderful tall girls in high school. I am 30 now, but it is a common experience to not like being tall in high school. The majority of very tall girls do not have boyfriends until college or beyond. This is normal, so don't stress if it takes awhile for guys to grow up.

As for tall comments from strangers. If you are feeling snarky, the immediate "how much do you weigh?" is always a good response that usually makes THEM feel awkward. If I get, "wow, you're tall" and I'm feeling silly, I say in a shocked tone, "Wow, those are pants!" (while pointing to their pants) or "once again Captain Obvious saves the day." BUT TALL PEOPLE, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR ABOUT YOURSELF! I know, I know it's hard. Some days strangers comments end in tears in the car. But think about it... do people say, "wow, you're fat/ugly/old/in a wheelchair" ??? No, because when strangers point out your beautiful tallness, 99 times out of 100 they think its great or amazing or incredible. If they thought it was a bad thing, they would keep their mouths shut, just like they do about everything else. So when somebody says it to you, assume they like your height. They don't realize how rude it is because they don't realize that you are self-conscious about it. When a stranger makes the comment, I usually respond playfully with, "I know, isn't it great/sexy/beautiful/hot?" ALWAYS the response is "Absolutely!" So turn that awkward moment into a forced compliment!!! Sometimes it's fun to make a biting comment, but you will feel better about yourself if you just try that little trick (and you may be surprised at how many good things people will say to you!)

It may be lonely at the top, but tall women make more money, get promoted faster, live longer, are respected more, and are smarter. (Check out Arianne Cohen's "The Tall Book" if you don't believe me) Tall women excel in sports and have the one thing that both men find irresistible and women covet. Long legs!!!

My 6'0" mama always said "When you are already really tall, wearing flats ain't making you any shorter! So just put those heels on and look fabulous!"

5'11" Julie wrote (March 29th 2010)

Ok, so I know that I'm lower on the scale for height, but here is the thing... I'M ONLY 12 YEARS OLD!!!!! I'm so awkward around school and all the dudes hate me because of my height! I ended up getting scoliosis from hunching over so much by trying to fit in!!! Everywhere I look people stare at me, and people expect me to act older because I look older! Because of this I am more mature than the average 12 year old. I hate being tall!!! I just want to be normal for once!

6'3" Jheri wrote (March 28th 2010)

Here is a bit more about feeling good about yourself. I have come a long way from when I was a teenager.

Being happy with yourself gives a confidence and other people will sense that in you. It is very attractive. There are lots of ways to develop that, but for tall girls and women clothing is usually seen as one of the big problem areas.

Finding clothing off the rack is a big problem. I have problems in speciality stores as I'm also very thin. A trick is to start developing your own sense of style and learning how to modify clothing or have someone help you. Finding a good tailor is important and their services are not that expensive. I have one who sees me as "her challenge" and that makes it a lot of fun.

Find a friend who is interested in style. Not just leafing through celebrity or fashion magazines, but someone who wants to find her own style - that is much deeper. Learning how to do this takes time and it is good to have someone help you with this and you can help them too. It doesn't matter how tall they are or how much they weigh. The idea is to figure out what works and maybe blaze some new ground.

There are a lot of sites and blogs that spend time on this. Google on "street fashion" and "street style" and you'll find some. One of my favorites is http://streetpeeper.com/, which shows what guys and gals are wearing around the world. You will get ideas.

I spend time in second hand clothing shops and some craft shops. If you buy used stuff you don't worry much about modifying it.

If you aren't in great physical shape, work on that. I'm not saying get thin, but get healthy for whatever body type you have. Learn to have great posture and ask friends to watch you and point out when you are doing it and when you aren't.

I'm always curious that so many tall women talk about heels as some sign that they accept themselves. I don't see it that way at all. Sometimes they are called for, sometimes they aren't. Just make sure they are comfortable and you know how to walk in them or people will notice how awkward and ungainly you are.

It isn't something you will be good at instantly, but this can be a lot of fun and it is a good way to route around the lack of clothing. Pretty soon the friends you are working with on this will be figuring out things for you and you will be figuring out things for them. A lot of average and short women who do this do a lot of modification too - it isn't just putting together rack or designer clothing.

5'10 1/2" Suzy wrote (March 27th 2010)

Hi, I just stumbled across this site and haven't had time to look at all the post but thought I would share the following, apologies if I'm repeating: When people say "How's the weather up there"?" respond with "Why don't you grow up and find out?" or "Do you play basketball?" respond with "Do you play mini golf?".

I say these responses in a very jovial way and gives a laugh to everyone. I suppose it could come across rude and bitter if said the wrong way or to the wrong person but said cheekily and to the right person it has the right affect :)

I'm 32 and it is only recently that I've started to embrace my height by trying to wear high heels, though so far unsuccessfully. Need to build ankle strength and get better posture after years of slouching.

The two major obstacles with being tall are boys/men and clothing. Clothing is becoming much easier with extra length pants but all my height is in my legs and even long length is too short. Stumbled across a gem with American Eagle jeans they have extra long jeans!!!! One has to order them online but if you go to the store they do it all and you get free shipping.

As for boys/men I still haven't figured that out yet. I just can't seem to overcome dating a shorter man. It has less to do with them being short but more me being tall. I suppose I still have a way to go in embracing my height. Short girls love dating tall guys thus taking away from my already limited pool. Anyway will try to work on this :)

5'10 1/2" Jasmine wrote (March 27th 2010)

So I am a 16 year old junior and go to a really "small" school. It's so hard for me being this height because all my best friends all have boyfriends and girlfriends and they are all a lot shorter than me and I am the only single person in my group. I know that if I was a few inches shorter that boys would ask me out more and I am very self-conscious about my height. This website is great and it's nice to know that maybe later when I go to a "bigger" school and am older I will start to like my height. Thank you for the encouragement!

5'11 1/2" Char wrote (March 26th 2010)

Hi, I'm 15 years old and 5'11 1/2". I'm the tallest girl in my year group at school and the 6th tallest person in the whole year (including the boys). At first I felt really awkward and self-conscious about being looked up at all the time - I mean I mostly hang around with boys who aren't even taller than me - but I've grown used to it and now I'm fine with being so tall. ^-^ I think over time everyone else has gotten used to it too. I rarely ever get mean comments like "spider legs" anymore :3

6'1" Arina wrote (March 25th 2010)

To Kesha: Hi, I am 39 and 6'1". When I was 16 and already was 6 feet tall I dated a guy who was 6'4". Everybody (including my grandmother) was telling me: "Oh, this is great, hang on to him, he is tall enough for you." When this jerk of a boyfriend treated me horribly everybody was telling me the same thing: "But he is so tall, he is right for you, you need to work it out." That made me very angry. It sounded that just because I am taller I don't have a right to find true love, somebody who is "right" for me not heightwise, but just right, a soulmate. We broke up. Then I met a guy who became my husband (now ex-husband) who was 6'3" - just right? Well, it didn't work out. Now my husband of 7 years is a wonderful guy who is 5'11". I wear heels, not outrageously high, but still big enough to make me taller than him. So what? We are HAPPY, and I know he is JUST RIGHT for me. Kesha, don't get depressed, you will meet a guy, who will fall in love with you and who will appreciate you not because you are tall or short, but because of how terrific you are!

5'10" Karen wrote (March 23rd 2010)

(Ok, 5'9"-ish, but if I stretch, I can make 5'10"!) I think women are getting taller. As a teen, I was self-conscious about being tall. (That was decades ago as I am 45 now.) I remember during my last year of high school, tho, I began wearing heels to class a lot. Confidence comes with maturity. Nowadays, I absolutely LOVE seeing tall young women, especially if they are in heels! I find myself standing just a little taller when I do! My fiance is 6'3" and loves-LOVES that he doesn't have to bend over to kiss me. :) In the last five years or so, I've accumulated a nice collection of 4-5" heels, and shoved my dowdy 3"-ers to the back of the closet. Know what makes me sad? Seeing a tall young woman slouching, or wearing flats when heels would have been more appropriate (like with a dress). I just want to go over to her and tell her she is beautiful! (And stand up straight! lol)

5'10" Diane wrote (March 17th 2010)

I'm 60 years old. When I was a teenager it was very difficult for me to be so tall in a community of short Germanic women. They made such stupid comments about my height. A certain pay off comes with age. I can gain 10 lbs and it doesn't show on me, but if the shorter women gain 10 lbs, it SHOWS. Height does add to beauty.

5'11 1/2" Lola wrote (March 18th 2010)

I'm nearly 6 feet and slim. I hated my height when I was young: I grew early and reached nearly full stature by the time I was 12 or 13. Other kids called me 'giraffe' in school and none of the boys wanted to date me. When I was 19 I moved to a big city, and suddenly the tables were obviously turned: my height was an asset that got me through doors I wouldn't have accessed otherwise, at least not without working harder for it. After that I liked being tall more, but I still had fear of high heels and shorter boyfriends. Then recently I lived in Japan. This turned my height into something so much more extreme than it had been before: I was literally towering over the other people everywhere I went. I was in Tokyo and invited to a lot of fashion parties and I decided, screw it, I'm wearing heels! I did and I was HUGE and they loved me, it was really intense but nice. This experience finally let me be comfortable with my height: going to that extreme and returning home I felt invisible if I went out in flats, I felt small and 'normal', and even though that's what I'd always wanted, it didn't make me happy. It still takes guts sometimes to exit my house at 6'3" in my heels, but in learning to do so I feel empowered, sexy and free. My mom was right: my height wasn't a curse, it's a greatest physical gift my genes gave me! Height equates a kind of psychological power that's actually meaningless, but very much alive in the instincts of people.

5'10" Claire wrote (March 13th 2010)

I am a tall, slender woman and spent my childhood and teen years hating the way I looked, but I am happy to say I have gotten over it. Truly!

I stand up straight and walk with confidence, wear what I want and am proud to be a member of the tall women's club. I know I am attractive because both men and women have told me so. I am half an inch taller than my husband and it doesn't bother him a bit!

Women need to stick together and stop buying what society tells us we 'should' look like. All women have individual qualities that make us special and height is no exception. My daughter is turning out to be tall like me and I am teaching her to take pride in her height and treat it as the beauty accessory that it is.

Stand tall, ladies!

5'11" Jessica wrote (March 12th 2010)

The only thing I don't like about my height is that I can't wear heels. It is so hard for me to find cute low heels. They are all so ugly! I don't understand why people don't make cute low heels. Also, I am always taller than the guys I date. =( They don't mind but I do. I do believe I am pretty and everybody tells me I am... but, ugh! I am so tall! I wish I was like 5'8".

6'3" Jheri wrote (March 12th 2010)

To Denisa: Be very happy you never had the hormonal treatments! It is still done. but is mostly considered unethical these days. There was no science behind it - just hunches - and it ruined a lot of lives. Infertility, overweight issues, cancer, diabetes and depression have been directly connected to this treatment with premature deaths as a result. To rub salt into the wound some work suggests it isn't terribly effective - 4 cm at most, probably 2 cm or less in most cases.

Some follow-up studies have shown that height reduction did not lead to an increase in happiness and the health risks contributed to a lot of unhappiness.

The frightening thing is there are still quacks who will do it.

The page Joerg points to is useful, but a new book has come out on the subject called "Normal at Any Cost" by Susan Cohen and Christine Cosgrove. I strongly recommend the book to anyone interested in this sort of thing. It also spends a lot of time on the equally frightening things that are done to increase height. Part of the story even involves cannibalism (if that isn't enough to interest you in the book, nothing will :)

My parents were urged to consider it for me even though it was considered medically wrong 14 years ago when they were looking at it. Fortunately they didn't. My pediatrician had a problem with tall girls and tall women.

P.S.: I'm very comfortable with my height.

Joerg says: You're not suggesting that tall people are cannibals, right? I'm a bit worried now!

6'0" Denisa wrote (March 12th 2010)

Hi, I am 38 years old and I still blame my mother for not giving me hormonal therapy when I was a child, which can lead to height reduction. I live quite lucky life, I have a husband, daughter and I am told I am beautiful, but I still really, really hate my height. Regards to all tall women.

Joerg says: I'm glad your mother decided against it. You cannot underestimate the side-effects. It's better to be 6'0" and healthy than 5'10" and sickly. There is more in the Health Section, by the way!

6'3" Jheri wrote (March 12th 2010)

I've been following the comments for some time and it bothers me to see how many are negative.

When you are growing up almost everything physical seems like a problem. It doesn't matter if you are tall, short, thin, heavy - girls obsess on the physical. Most of us grow out of it, but it can be a confusing and maybe not so happy time. With some it continues as an adult and that is not good.

I have a list of things that are "wrong" with me and height isn't the biggest one. Over time I found that your personality is more important - it is who I am rather than what I look like. If you are happy and self confident other people will sense this and they are going to want to be around you. This is something we can all work on, so I will propose doing happiness exercises and sharing with others great tips. Doing and sharing are the important words!

For me there are many things that make me happy. Some are things you just do by yourself and some you do with others. It takes some nerve to just go and do things with others if you see yourself as different, but try to push yourself. Maybe go out with friends and do it. Concentrate on the time you are having and let the smiles come through.

It is Friday and tonight is dancing night for me. There is a swing dance club that I love. Some of the people are older, some younger, all are shorter, some are good dancers and some are not so good, but none of this matters because we all have a great time. People will see you for who you are rather than what you look like.

I have mentioned Colleen's high fives for happiness before. This is something that is tailor made for tall women. I tried it. You need to build up a bit of courage, but just ask someone if they want a high five when they are looking at you as you are walking towards each other. Some won't - they'll look away and not say anything. Just forget those. Others will be game to try it. She mentions the trick of watching their elbow to get it right. Give a big smile when you do it and you'll get a big smile in return. It feels wonderful. I was happy for hours afterwards. For real fun try it with little kids. Watch the little boy in her video.

I mentioned it to a woman in the US who tried it from her bike. Check out her blog post on it!

This is really fun. Give it a try and if it works out for you put a comment on Colleen's or Heidi's blog. And mention it here.

I guarantee people will see you as more attractive if you are walking around with a happiness on your face and in your walk.

What are other things that work for some of you? List them here and encourage people to do them. Maybe we can make a list of a dozen exercises that are easy to do, will make others happy and will build self confidence at the same time.

Don't just complain about something physical like height. When you read the comments here you'll see some love theirs and others don't. The fact that some do means you can too - or at the very least you can get to a point where you don't care. Seek the positive and try something positive with other people.

Remember there is this myth that women are supposed to look right and fit some sort of ideal and somehow that will make them happy. It is just a myth. Happiness comes by doing and learning to enjoy who you are as a person and appreciating others. It is a very active thing and you just can't be passive.

Let's make people think "wow - look at that smile, wouldn't it be sweet to know her" when they see a tall woman.

As the ad says: "Just do it!"

5'11" Lulu wrote (March 12th 2010)

I was always a little subconscious about my height which led me to slouch a lot (so I could be at the level of people's eyes when I talk to them, instead of awkwardly staring at the blank space above their heads!). But then I heard a song that said "Walk tall, you're a daughter, a child of God." Even if you aren't religious this quote is true. You are great! You have divine potential and many reasons to be proud of yourself. So walk tall! Don't be afraid of who you are! It's beautiful! ALSO... make tall friends. I recently became friends with an amazing girl who is 6'3"! I feel so comfortable around her! I even wore 4-inch heels to a school dance! :) Haha, she wore heels too. Why not! Tall is beautiful!

5'11 1/2" Rachel wrote (March 10th 2010)

Hi everybody! This website is so great! I have always been tall for my age and I really do hate it. I really get sick of people standing next to me and saying "I feel short." In my head I am thinking "... no, you're not short. You are perfectly normal." Guys don't dare talk to me because they feel intimidated by my height (though I do think it's funny that some of them envy my height) and it doesn't really help all that much that I am a tomboy already. People tell me that I am beautiful and that I would make a great model, but I just don't see it. My family refers to me as "the amazon". I can't even think of wearing heels because I look like godzilla when I do. Yeah, I pretty much hate being this big.

5'10" Kiana wrote (March 9th 2010)

Wus gud. I'm kiana and I've always been the outcast because of my height... but I've learned that God made me the way that I should be so I am okay with that.

5'11 1/2" Anna wrote (March 9th 2010)

I've been this height since I was 13 (I'm now 18) and although it was extremely hard when I was much younger (up until about 11) I finally found that being tall is great! The whole boys not liking tall girls thing is rubbish! It was tough when I was younger because, yes, they did make fun but they really do grow out of it. And the ones who don't... well, would you really want them anyway? I love love LOVE being tall!

6'0" Misha wrote (March 8th 2010)

I'm 53 yrs old and still amazed at people who think nothing of asking me I tall I am. Up until the age of 49 I always had a terrific figure - through the years I've decided to relax a bit. Bad decision!! Anyway, for you young gals going through what I've experienced my advice is to always keep yourself in shape. Control everything about your appearance that is in your control. Tall women are celebrities in that we are always the first to be seen (as well as always remembered). Whether we like it or not we stand out. Confidence in a women is what makes her beautiful and unfortunately that can be difficult to achieve because of outside influences. In my experiences I have found that there is no better weapon in my arsenal than a good sense of humor. Being able to accept myself and know that the only perfect being is God allows me to relax and be comfortable in all situations.

Joerg says: Let me add that the first woman ever to receive an Oscar for Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow, is 5'11 1/2".

6'0" Valeria wrote (March 8th 2010)

Hi girls, I'm glad I found this website! Despite so many problems during my teens, due to the complete lack of tall people in my area, and big self confidence problems, I realized that the only way to outcome my problem was knowing better myself. Soon I'll turn 29, I consider myself a beautiful and graceful person, and despite sometimes I would like just get into the crowd and not stand out, I simply accept it as a (insignificant) down side of a great gift. Ok, ok that's true, I'm still fighting with the idea of wearing heels, and I'm still single, but I realized love isn't really related to height. But the most important thing, I do love myself and I do forgive myself and understand my emotions now. It took quite a long time, and apparently I scare guys because somehow I come across as too confident about my appearence (if they only knew...), but I don't really care, as long as I support myself and I stop feeling unconfortable for something I don't have to blame myself.. Girls, don't let yourself down because of other people insecurities and frustration!! And, at the end of the day we are the only ones that can actually breathe in a tube journey in rush hours ;)

5'11 1/2" Kim wrote (March 7th 2010)

I love and hate being tall at the same time. I'm only 15 years old but I have been pushing 6 feet tall since I was 12. I completely agree with six feet tall Sophie that I love being envied by short guys, haha. I love saying "Oh look at you! You've grown so much!" They get so angry :) I do love being tall because it attracts attention in crowds. I stand out. I never blend in anywhere. Being tall is my trademark. Modelling has never interested me but I have been asked about it zillions of times. Another FAQ is if I play basketball or not...I don't. Strictly volleyball for me :) Middle hitter and proud! The only two downsides are shopping and dating. I can NEVER seem to find anything that fits perfectly. I'm tall, skinny, a little chesty, and have a big butt. I think my body makes up 2% of bodies out there haha. And men, I've never had a boyfriend, heck, I've never even been kissed! Oh well, I'm loving life. Be proud of your height! Stand up straight! You won't regret it.

Joerg says: Dang, I didn't know so many tall teenage girls were visiting this website. Trust me... you're going to love your height as soon as you're "grown up". I can promise you that! I've been talking to tall teens for ages and things always start looking up at some stage.

5'10 1/2" Rwah wrote (March 7th 2010)

Hi, I'm only 11 and I hate being tall. Girls in my class all have boyfriends cuz they're kind of short. I always feel like a man or a basketball player. People tell me I'm beautiful. It's nice to be tall but I never really listen !!!!!!!!!

6'4" Kesha wrote (March 6th 2010)

Hi, I am a woman who is 6'4" tall. I have been having a real hard time adjusting to this. All my life I have been teased and looked at by most people like a freak of nature that just should not exist. It has also been hard for me to find any decent guys that are willing to date me. I get depressed a lot because I am isolated. I recently met someone and I fell so madly in love with him. He was 6'5" tall so I thought God did make someone for me after all. However it did not last (6 months). I was heartbroken because it is already hard to find someone as it is. (I am just not financially able to support him so he found someone who could) anyway that's my story is there any one who can help me with this?

Joerg says: So you think you need a guy who's taller than you? Nothing wrong with that... but it limits your choices. The last thing I'd do is financially support someone. Who says he's not just interested in you because of the money? There's someone out there who will fall in love with you. Trust me on that. You sound like you could do with a confidence boost though.

5'11 1/2" Daisy wrote (March 4th 2010)

I'm seventeen and I'm 5'11". It's been so hard for me during all my time in school. I was always the tallest girl. They would make fun of me and judge me. As of right now I love to dance but I don't do it because I'm tall and there is really no tall guys when I go out to dance. Even my mom puts me down when I wear a little high heel on boots, she tells me "You look super huge." All that hurts even though I'm learning that being tall is a good thing. After reading all this quotes I'm happy I'm tall. I'm going to start wearing heels no matter what. I'm going to change and not let no one put me down because of my height. And remember there is no DIVA without HEELS... So let's go on and wear high heels and shine like we're supposed too.

5'10" Nicole wrote (March 4th 2010)

Where I live the majority is very petite girls, I tend to hunch over to be at a smaller level, in high school I was teased and known as the jolly green giant. After reading the comments it's nice to know there are people out there like me, but they don't exist in my area. I have always had not many friends, I distance myself from girls because I can't stand looking like the ugly giant next to them! I did find a husband and I now have 3 beautiful kids (my husband is 5'8" - I gave up on finding a tall guy that treated me like crap). I still hate my height, and I feel bad for my husband because if I was him I wouldnt want to be with myself. I always have to wear flats when cute high heels are very popular right now. I hate how peple have to look up to me to talk. Even my 18 month old is in the 97th percentile for height and all the girls her age are very tiny, I feel bad for her because she will have to go through what I am going through. When I was younger I wanted to be a model but was told a size 5 was way to big and I needed to be a size 0, well I got depressed and gained weight and now after 3 kids my body is REALLY not model material. I'm glad this forum was created though I wish you all lived by me so we can go out together and I would feel normal and not like a fat oversized manly looking giant (from what I have been called).

6'1" Jackie wrote (March 3rd 2010)

I have always been the tallest girl in my school. Period. I've never met a girl my age that is taller than I am. I'm 15 years old, and my life is full of people coming up to me and saying 'Whoa! you're really tall!' or asking 'How tall are you?!' It sucks, and it's really annoying. It doesn't help that I'm super shy. I barley talk to people other than my friends. I don't talk in class either. I fell so insecure about my height. I hate it. Just today 2 guys that go to my school were standing in a hallway when I walked by. They said 'GIRAFFE!' just loud enough for me to hear. I get this stuff every so often. It really upsets me. I sometimes feel depressed about it. I've been told that the guys who say that kind of stuff to me are just jealous... but are they really? ...or am I really a FREAK? I don't feel like I belong at all. I've never had a boyfriend, because I feel like no guy wants to date some girl that's 6'1". I mean, there are some good things about being tall and skinny... like modeling and basketball. Haha. People say that I should do it all the time. I do play basketball! Finally, after a long time of people telling me to. :)

6'2" Michelle wrote (March 3rd 2010)

I used to have a problem. My pant were always too short. I hate the way pant look when they don't even reach the bottom of your feet. I now have long pants :] A great place for long pants is to shop online at www.delias.com. They have long jeans and dressier pants. They have extended lengths which are even a bit long on me and I'm pretty tall - obviously. Just wanted to give some help to any of you out there that need it in that department.

6'2" Anna wrote (March 3rd 2010)

I hate being tall. I get comments all the time about how tall I am like I do know it. People whisper around me "... whoa, look how tall she is ..." or they shout, "Wow you're really tall!" at me. Acting, cheerleading, dancing with anyone, would make me stand out and look silly. I suck at basketball which makes it more embarrassing just because I'm two feet away from the hoop. It's extremely hard to find a guy. I feel manly myself because of it, though I know I am pretty enough. Being tall makes me feel depressed. I'm happy you guys find some good in it. My sister, who is also 6'2" can. I can think of two good things: I can reach higher things, and I get noticed.

5'11" Esther wrote (March 2nd 2010)

To Carrie: Maybe you're right, it's not good to be alone, but what can you do if you live in a country where you can find a tall woman in a million? I have no friends at all and it's because of my height I'm sure. As you said above it is difficult to meet people in a normal way. I've tried to find a tall people's club here in Spain through the internet, and nothing, I would thank if someone could give me information about, but I'm afraid there's nothing. So by now I have to get used to be with myself as the only company. I love animals and nature, I'm a vegetarian (what makes even difficult to connect with people, here it's a bad mark as height,they always ask you the same typical questions etc.), love music too, but sometimes it's hard to bear so much loneliness, I feel bad almost depressed, I'm sure I will never find a man (it's difficult even for "normal" women nowadays). It's hard to be a tall woman we must recognize, and what irks me even more is that tall men don't have any problem, being a big and stout man it's considered beautiful. It's so unfair!!

6'3" Jheri wrote (February 28th 2010)

To Megan - ask the guy out. Guys are flattered by this. Ask someone you know who you are comfortable with. That is always better anyway.

Of course it is easier said than done, but the guys have to go through that anyway. Practice with a friend, find your nerve and just do it.

I'm in my mid-20s and when I find a new guy to date I am almost always the one who asks. Usually it is a guy I have gotten to know a bit and would like to know a lot better. Guys may be a bit put off by height with all kinds of dumb thoughts, but if someone they know asks them it is ok.

This is 2010 - there is no reason for the girl to just sit and wait.

6'0" Gabriella wrote (February 27th 2010)

I am a 31 year old woman who has struggled previously due to the fact that I was considered freakishly tall. I towered over everyone at school and never dated anyone as a result. My parents were the most amazing people who no matter how many times I cried about how I was getting teased, told me that people were jealous of my height and that I was beautiful and that I had to carry my head up high. I remember cursing them and telling them that had they not met, I would be not this tall as they were both so tall. As I have gotten older what is amazing to me is that I am considered somewhat of a glamazon goddess. I wear the most outrageously high heels, fashionable clothes and always smell nice. I feel so feminine and yes, there are times were I do feel a little too tall especially in the heels but I just brush it aside and enjoy the attention and myself. I am told often told that I am elegant and I guess that it is due to the way that I do carry myself. My dad always told me that I should wear heels because whether I wore them or not, I was still a tall girl and the one thing he told me is that due to my height and the way I stood out, that I should give people a lot more to look at than just my height. To all the tall women out there, fake it till you make it!

6'1" Tina wrote (February 27th 2010)

I loved reading this! I was actually looking for a website for some new heels =] and came across this page. What a great find! I too have always been the tallest girl, not to mention the curviest =]. I'm 21 now but highschool wasn't that long ago and I still remember how tough it was. Being a 'big girl' I was always considered 'security', you know? My friends' 'bodyguard' - it was really hard getting people to look at me as a real-lipgloss smackin, highheel wearin' girl! It took me a longtime to understand that being tall doesn't make me any less girly; I can wear whatever the hell I want! lol I always thought other people were the reason I couldn't wear what I wanted (or do what I wanted)--but it was really only me holding myself back.

I'm ranting now but I hope that especially for any young girls reading this you know that it doesn't matter what other people think of you (or your appearance) - your height isn't a dealbreaker! Don't be afraid to live your life; the way YOU want.

And besides; we have the best view =]

6'2" Megan wrote (February 27th 2010)

Hey guys, I'm a junior in high school and I love being tall. I always attract attention and I always hear how beautiful I am. The only issue I'm having right now is finding a date for prom. I've found my dress, everything else is set, but yet I can't find a date. I don't know if it's because I'm tall boys are intimidated to ask or something, but I was really hoping to find a date! Any help would be great! Thanks!

6'2" Carrie wrote (February 27th 2010)

You know, I'm pretty uncomfortable being myself around people. I feel it's hard for me to make friends, it hurts when I see people doing the simplest things: laughing genuinely with each other, talking, teasing, socializing with ease; something which is always a feat for me. I've met very few women who are like me, making it lonely to be tall.

But it's encouraging for me to know that I'm not the only woman out there who is taller than the average man! In my hometown, If you're a man over 6 feet, you turn heads. Imagine being a woman over 6 feet in such a place! I'm treated completely different from other people: if a friend of average height and I are introduced to a stranger, the stranger treats the person of average height as their equal, and speak to me as if I'm something either incredible or freaky. I wish that it wasn't that way, I'm no different than them, the only difference is a few inches of space!

It's a hard world for us tall women. Tall women in the media are rarely heard of, and the beautiful Hollywood heroines are almost always short (something that yes, 'shouldn't affect us,' but it does, oh yes). It's hard to find companionship. People are intimidated, and they often stare. And clothes don't fit! It may sound a bit cliche, but it's a lesson that the wisest will take to heart: we need each other. There's no shame in wanting a lady friend (heck, a GUY friend!) who shares our height. So go out and find some fellow Tall Girls and stick together, encourage one another. Love each other like sisters. Because it's lonely at the top of the height charts. And the cure for loneliness is companionship.

God bless this website. God bless tall women.

5'11 1/2" Susan wrote (February 26th 2010)

I've been thinking about this Hannah Storm business and how so many blogs have nasty comments written by women. It strikes me that it's another example of how short women are jealous of tall women. (Hannah is 5'10".) I'm a few years younger than her and pretty much don't go higher than the knee with skirts, but I say good on her if she felt like wearing a mini. She has the legs for it, so who cares ... other than short women and one man.

5'10" Vanessa wrote (February 26th 2010)

Hi! I'm 5'10" and I'm only 17. I am really uncomfortable next to my "tiny" friends who are about 5'1" - 5'6" tall. It bothers me that they can wear pretty high-heels and still look "normal" when I can't. Well, I know I COULD if I had the confidence, but I don't.

I still wish I was a bit shorter (Just 1 inch would make a huge difference!) but I don't feel like a giant anymore. I've noticed that 5'10" really isn't that uncommon these days. It's quite normal :) And height is beautiful. It really is.

6'1" Bex wrote (February 26th 2010)

I was out shopping the other day and well I saw the most gorgeous pair of boots ever. I bought them and well they are 5 inch heeled boots. I have a big weekend coming up as I'm going to Liverpool with my friends for big nights out, but now I feel like I will just be a monster at 6ft6! Any opinions?

Joerg says: Just wear them, Bex... now you've bought them you want to show them, right? And there's nothing monstrous about a woman who stands at 6'6".

5'10" Chelsea wrote (February 25th 2010)

I am almost 16 years old and my height is the area I'm most self-conscious about. I know that in the adult world tall women are considered beautiful and unique, but in my high school world I'm surrounded by teeny, skinny girls who constantly talk about how small they are. My (former) best friend was one of these girls and she always commented on how "freakishly huge" I am.

One of my BIGGEST irritations is when people ask how old I am. "Almost 16" I say, and their eyes get wide and they look me up and down and say "But...you're so tall!". "Geez, really? I hadn't noticed! No one's ever told me THAT before!" This website, however, has not only convinced me that I'm not THAT tall, but that I can be beautiful and successful because HEIGHT IS POWER. People are intimidated by tall women and it makes them LISTEN to you.

Now, I no longer stoop down when I walk through the halls at school. I shrug and smile proudly when someone comments on my height. Of course there are days when I stare at the mirror hating myself for being tall and a bit chubby in the mid-section and I want to cry, but now I have a place I can go for a confidence boost.

I'm beautiful, unique, and my personality outshines my long legs (which look WAY better in my VARSITY cheer uniform than the other girls' do!) and I've finally begun to accept my height. I look forward to beginning my college career and seeing all the college men who can appreciate my height rather than being intimidated by it like the high school boys are!

So, to all the teenage girls out there who are self-conscious and awkward: Lift your chins! I hated it too, but if a 16 year old, 5 foot 10 inch cheerleader tells you you're beautiful, you can believe it's true!

Joerg says: Right on... you go, girl! And I wouldn't argue with you.

5'10 1/2" Aris wrote (February 25th 2010)

I'm Aris (pronounced like Paris without the P). I am 14 years old and I'm 5'10 1/2". I absolutely love it now. I always get compliments on how tall and pretty I am. I've just started embracing my tallness and loving it! I am sooo glad I am tall. We look more flattering in clothes with our long limbs, guys think long legs are sexy and we're elegant. Everyone secretly wishes they could be tall. That's why most models are tall. Anyways, I get noticed as soon as I walk in a room... all heads turn towards me and all eyes stare. I notice some girls even feel intimidated by me. I don't mind at all it makes me feel powerful. And I love it. Girls look up to me because I walk with my shoulders back and head up and people. I walk with confidence and pride. ALL tall women should!! Embrace it! Love it!!

6'2" Precious wrote (February 24th 2010)

Hi, my name is Precious. I'm 18 and when I say I love being tall it's true. I absolutely love it. It is so beautiful to me and everyone who sees me says I should be a model. All the men that see me love me. They love my height and my legs. I have never had a problem finding clothes, shoes, or a boyfriend. I am extra confident in myself and my height. I love wearing heels. They make me feel so beautiful and I love it when people stare because that means I have everyone's attention. I'm working on modelling now and I hope I succeed. It has always been a dream of mine. Nobody should be ashamed of being tall. God gave us this gift so we have to work with what we have. My most hated question is "Do you play basketball?". I hear that everyday but I politely put a smile on my face, say "no, not ever" and I walk away!!! Tall is beautiful. Embrace it!

6'2" Sheila wrote (February 21st 2010)

I am 43 years old and coming to this site has been an inspiration to me. I have always felt a little self-conscious that people always look at me when I enter a room. My husband is also 6'2", so we always get looks. I wear an inch heel but would like to feel more comfortable in heels. I can relate to all of you and was always picked on in HS. I still get aggravated when people ask how tall are you ? My reply is 5'14"! Have a great day!

6'0" Ana wrote (February 20th 2010)

I'm 22 and for the past couple of years thought I was 5'11" but about a month ago found out that I grew up to being 6'0" (183cm), yaaay :)) It sucks that a lot of hot guys are shorter than me and I couldn't be with someone who's shorter than 5'10" (I couldn't, not saying it's a rule or something) but other than that I'm ok with my height. What's even "worse" I'm not just tall, I'm also big-boned AND chubby - on the plus side at least I'm proportional and curvy :D I used to have a lot of confidence issues, and while I did, it was really hard being so tall and wanting to look invisible. Now that I'm over it, I might even start wearing heels occasionally - I feel good about myself the way I am and it's kind of cool being one of the tallest girl around lol (not a lot of them, but I did met a couple of even taller girls in life so far). As Cherise said, EMBRACE IT BECAUSE YOUR HEIGHT IS BEAUTIFUL :D

6'2" Sharon wrote (February 20th 2010)

I just want to sincerely thank all of the beautiful tall women who post here. I am 33 and very comfortable in my own skin, but every now and then I relapse and need to find comfort. I come here to laugh, cry and find common ground. In the end that is what we are all looking for. Tall Is Beautiful!

5'11" Christy wrote (February 19th 2010)

I am 32 years old and I love being a tall woman! When I'm out and see other tall women I feel like there is an unspoken connection... we spot each other across the room and give each other a nod or wink of appreciation. I ALWAYS check out what other tall woman are wearing and how they pull a look together. I'm a bit jealous of you ladies who are strikingly tall. I am thin for my height, so I usually have trouble finding shirts that fit properly. I have a huge collection of thin,long tank tops that I wear under almost all of my shirts so my belly doesn't peek out. I was shocked that many men find a long torso very attractive. It's normal to hear about long legs being sexy, but torsos?

My pet peeve is when people say that I am more masculine or boyish, because I also have small breasts and narrow hips. I am sure this is only insecurity on the other person's part, because I am very feminine. My boyfriend is 5'6". I think that tall women and shorter men often pair up because we don't fit in with gender stereotypes. I personally love men of all shapes and sizes, but the shorter guys approach me WAY more often than the tall ones do.

5'11" Lily wrote (February 18th 2010)

I'm 21 years old and 5'11". It took me a long time to love and start embracing my height, I got teased alot about it in elementary / jr high school and I just hated it. I used to slouch because my self-esteem was low since I was taller than everyone else. I wished I was short. I used to always hear from the guys "Lily is so hott. I would ask her out if she wasn't so tall". ALL THE TIME I HEARD THIS! So I always wore flat shoes and sneakers because I didn't want to look extra tall. I think I started feeling more confident about my height when I got to high school, but not as much as I could have been. When I became a freshman in college I was confident enough and started wearing heels even up to 5 inch heels. I'm always getting compliments from both men and even women. I never used to wear heels now I can't get out of them! Plus it makes you feel sexy and they make your legs look very nice! Being tall is a blessing, and it makes you look very elegant. All tall women are sexy and it works to your advantage if you carry yourselves properly. P.S.: Don't slouch! Heads high and shoulders back. Keep representing my fellow tall beautiful women!

6'0" Michelle wrote (February 16th 2010)

I'm 6'0" tall and I am 30 years old. Throughout most of my 20's I was so self-conscious of being tall, especially when my first boyfriend was only 5'8". As I have gotten older, I have really come to love my height and accept it for what it is. I will proudly wear high heels if I want to, even if it makes me the tallest woman in the room by far. I don't care. I have come to realize that tall women get noticed faster when they enter a room, and there was a study online that I read where tall women were more successful at work and were viewed as being sexier by the average man. I have learned to embrace the power that comes along with being tall and now I see it as a virtue that God blessed me with.

To Patti: I also have long skinny legs and "no derriere". I have found a website called "Long Elegant Legs" that makes all kinds of clothes for tall women. They sell shirts with longer torso & sleeve lengths and jeans with 36 or 38 inch inseams. Also www.alloy.com sells long inseam jeans as well.

6'0" Cassidy wrote (February 15th 2010)

I'm only 14, but I'm 6 feet tall and have a very tall family. My mother is 6'3", and I have a brother who is 7'1". I just want to say that it's really interesting reading all the other comments on here! It's a bit inspirational, actually. I do love being tall, despite the negatives you've all listed and discussed. The main downside is the fact that I've got Marfans, so my hands are super boney and skinny with long fingers, and I get cuts really easily. I'm sure I'll grow into the height as I get older.

5'10" Janet wrote (February 14th 2010)

I am 53 but people always think I am a lot younger because I am slim. I hated being tall when i was younger but I am often complimented about my height and of how I hold myself. So why do I still worry about wearing heels ! I love them. People often stare at me and I still feel like a freak but after reading the comments on this site I going to be so proud. Thanks, guys!

6'0" Wendy wrote (February 14th 2010)

As a teen I used to be very self-conscious about being so tall. I was also quite skinny and that didn't help. So I used to try and slouch a little to appear shorter. But when I saw a picture of myself doing that and therefore looking silly, I decided to straighten my shoulders, stick my boobs out, wear heels whenever I wanted and be myself, tall and confident. Then I started to fill out and developed a great figure. The effect on men is amazing, they stop and stare, gaze at my long legs and compliment me all the time on my height and body. Other women are often jealous when I stroll by in a short skirt or awesome wrap dress. I never used to see that admiration, but I sure do now!

Ladies, our height makes us UNIQUE, I hope you all realize that!

5'11" Jasmine wrote (February 13th 2010)

I am 16 and have mixed feelings about being tall. All my best friends are shorter than me and sometimes I slouch and boys often don't approach me because of my height. I have had one serious boyfriend (who was only 5'3") and I feel like I would have a lot more luck in the love department if it wasnt for my height! After reading all the comments on this page I am starting to realize maybe my height is actually good. I have been scouted for modeling before and I like the way people instantly respect me. Maybe in a few years I will come to terms with my height but for now, I kinda see it as negative.

5'11" Brianna wrote (February 10th 2010)

I'm 5'11" and not thin, more average size. I am too large to be a model unless I want to be a plus size model. And I hate that term, plus size. Anyway, I don't like sports either and so I don't play basketball. Everyone always expects me to play basketball because I'm tall. I'm a freshman in high school and I get noticed alot more than anyone else. Sometimes this makes me self-conscious. But not by guys. Most of the time I hear tall girls says they like shorter guys, but not me I prefer a guy that is taller than me. Most of the time tall guys seem to like shorter girls. I guess they are intimidated by a tall girl. Finding pants long enough are a challenge and my feet are so big I have a hard time finding shoes. I like being tall most of the time but sometimes I don't.

6'3" Jheri wrote (February 6th 2010)

When I was a teen I used to worry about fitting in and wishing I was average. I think most teenage girls think about that and see themselves as misfits. The funny thing is the ones who are average want to be something else. The trick is to come to like and love features about yourself and also concentrate on who you are as a person rather than the physical.

The best parts of me are not the physical pieces, but I do like the unusual parts of me. I'm not a raving beauty, but I have nice eyes, great ears, silky long blonde hair, my thinness and my height. I used to hate my thinness and my height. I'm still so-so on being thin (model thin) as there aren't a lot of curves on me, but I really love my height. It gets attention and also commands a bit of respect. No one treats me like a "dumb blonde"

There are some people who don't like my height, but they aren't my friends and I wouldn't want to be around people that shallow anyway.

The only part of being tall I dislike is that some things don't fit. But that gives you the opportunity to be clever and solve those problems.

It takes time to figure out who you are and to learn how to love yourself. People can sense who is self confident and who isn't. Self confidence is very beautiful.

5'10 1/2" Kara wrote (February 5th 2010)

Does anyone else just get this overwhelming feeling of hopelessness thinking to yourself WHY IN THE WORLD COULDN'T I HAVE JUST STOPPED GROWING 2 OR 3 INCHES SHORTER!??! It's a small amount but would make such a difference. I feel so down today. I get so many compliments on how I look but I want to be normal. I want to be the hot girl than any guy (short or tall) would want... help?

6'0 1/2" Mary wrote (February 3rd 2010)

I'm 51 years old and am still turning heads when I walk into a room. Take care of yourselves, girls. I know I still look better than any petite 25 year old.

5'10" Michelle wrote (February 2nd 2010)

I'm 23 and an even 5'10". I thank God every single day that I'm finally done growing! Still there are times where I really wish that I was 5'5" or 5'6" again. But 5'10" isn't too bad. Yeah, I'm tall but I can still find clothes and shoes in regular stores. And I have a pretty face with nice curves so at least I'm not tall and skinny. Many men admire me. Whenever I feel bad about myself for being this height, I simply remind myself of other tall women such as Tyra Banks and Khloé Kardashian. They are both around the same height as I am, beautiful and have good men in their lives.

Joerg says: Tyra Banks is 5'11", Khloé Kardashian is 5'10"

6'0" Lisa wrote (February 2nd 2010)

I love this website!! I used to hate being tall as a kid. At High School I was 5'9" and the tallest girl in my year. I used to get picked on and teased, it didn't help that I also have red hair, lol! I didn't grow to 6'0" until I'd left School by which time my Mum (who is 6'2") had instilled into me to be proud of who I am. I am now confident about my height and my 5'10" boyfriend loves my height! The only time I feel self-conscious is when I wear heels. I just prefer to wear flat shoes but it's my best friends wedding in April and I will be wearing my new sparkly, sexy gold 2.5" heels proudly with my gorgeous bridesmaid dress :0) I can honestly say I am happy in my skin now and being tall is all good :0) xXx

5'11" Sonia wrote (February 1st 2010)

I'm 18 years old, and just recently I realized that I shouldn't be ashamed of my height... my boyfriend is shorter than I am and when we first started dating, I could never keep my back straight. I just want to say to those girls / ladies that get called the "green giant" to not be ashamed... eventually those who put :[, will one day realize that. Being tall is a beautiful gift we have.

5'11" Jesenia wrote (February 1st 2010)

I at times like being tall, but it's so hard to find a man taller than me. Usually tall men like short girls... it's frustrating.

6'3" Jheri wrote (January 31st 2010)

This is important I think:

A lot of us complain about things not fitting. Mostly it is clothing and shoes, but there is so much else. Now a small company has made something just for tall women from 5'10" and up, but there is very little interest. They have some other ideas, but it is important for them to understand why this is or isn't useful.

If you are interested or not, could you take the survey? It isn't often that someone is trying to make something just for us. I put the survey together for them (I don't make any money from this, I just REALLY WANT to see products for tall people that are useful). It should only take about 5 minutes, maybe 10 if you haven't looked at the web page and video. It does ask for the height of your countertop. No contact information is asked for. They just need to know what is right and wrong with the idea.


Thank you!

6'3" Jheri wrote (January 31st 2010)

Go Jayde! One thing about heels if you haven't walked in them much is to spend some time practicing. Have a friend tell you how you are doing or watch yourself if you can. It isn't too hard to get down right, but it is also easy to get it very wrong without noticing.

I live in Europe, Megan, so I can't be of much help for specifics. I grew up in Alberta in Canada and there was a Tall Girl shop in Calgary. They didn't have anything that I wanted - I am very thin and they didn't go down in size enough - but a seamstress where I lived was able to alter a dress for a formal event I still get clothing altered a lot.

You might try writing to some of the women who run tall women clothing blogs. A few good places to start are: http://tallclothingmall.blogspot.com, http://talltrends.blogspot.com, http://tallexpression.com, http://sarahvainandtall.wordpress.com, and http://tallandtrendy.blogspot.com

If you live in a city like LA, Chicago or especially NYC and are very thin (say size 2 or 4), you can get show samples for very little money. They might take some altering, but most are made for women who are 5'11 so it might be close. I did that when I lived in Manhattan.

One thing I wish I could do was sew better. It is a lost art for most of us. If a tall woman is inclined to doing crafts, this would be a wonderful one to learn and learn well. You can make anything and to a perfect fit if you are talented enough. There may be amateur dress makers in your area and you might look around to find someone who has the same taste you do. I have good luck finding some students at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons when I was in Manhattan. I have never learned these skills, but wish I had them.

When you think about it, before "ready to wear" started to become important in clothing, most clothing was made to actually fit the buyer - at least if you had a good tailor or dress maker. In search of convenience and lower prices we have given up fit. For women of different sizes this has made life much more difficult.

I have found a very good seamstress who can modify and tailor clothing that almost fits. Another woman is a dressmaker. I can go to her with photographs or even paper and pencil and we can sketch out something interesting. Then you find cloth and go from there. It takes time and is more expensive than ready to wear, but the fit can be perfect if you find someone who is good.

6'2" Megan wrote (January 31st 2010)

Hey guys, so junior prom is coming up this year and I'm having major problems finding a dress, getting a date, and everything else in between. The dresses are too short and I feel like being tall makes you undatsble in highschool, which makes me think I'm not pretty enough for guys. And it seems that being tall only makes this worse. If anyone could give me some advice that would be so helpful.

Joerg says: You should take a look at the PromGirl website. According to them "Our long dresses are 57" long unless otherwise specified in the size chart. Some of our beaded dresses are available for additional length to be added." Maybe they've got something you like.

6'1" Jayde wrote (January 30th 2010)

Aha! What a great group of women :)

I was having a dilemma; next week I am to go with my fiance to a formal event for his work. Now, I am not what you'd call a 'formal' type person, in fact, the closest thing to a formal event I've ever attended was my aunts wedding, when I was 10! I am what I would call a 'metalhead', that is, I wear black, leather, spikes, boots, and band t-shirts. Well, I wanted to wear something to this event that would be a departure from my regular getup: going for a simple black dress was too 'safe' I felt. So I decided to get something coloured. After walking in and out of every single shop in our local mall (I am currently living in a small town in sweden) dissapointed I finally found what I thought would be the perfect outfit: a gorgeous purple 'billowy' mid thigh length topish thing to go over some tight pants I have. I went to try it on. The shoulders fit, the sleeves fit, the bottom portion was anything but tight (which is good as I have put on some weight since being in sweden. I am now 95 kilos, when I used to be about 80, oops!) BUT the boobs! The boobs weere all wrong! Too tight AND not a big enough space between the armpits and the 'under-boob-bit' (it's one of those tops that is tightest under the boobs and then is flowy from there)

Well, my friends, I got it anyway. I figured I'd couple it with a minimiser bra and not lift my arms up too high, ha! (it is a gorgeous top afterall and NOTHING else fit me). This was the first of my problems. I now had to find shoes to wear. Ugh! Finding shoes that I like AND that fit me? Impossible. Absolutely impossible. Most shops don't even go up to my size, let alone have shoes I would be caught dead in. Then I remembered a pair of heels I fell in love with and bought a few months ago, knowing at the time that I don't wear heels and justifying their purchase with a resolve that as soon as I lost weight and went back to my normal size I would wear them. I brought my purchases home and tried everything on, including the heels. Gorgeous. Amazing. I couldn't take my eyes off myself. "Okay, this is what I'll wear... Honey are you sure I don't look like a transvestite in these heels?... Positive? Hmm okay, I'll wear this then"

Cut to today: I'm thinking about this formal dinner "Will people make fun of my height in these heels?" (this is all an emotional throwback to being in school and being bullied constantly, called the worst names under the sun, just for being tall! I guess when we are vulnerable [me being in a new country and not knowing anyone] then our old insecurities can arise, plus I never really wear heels, as I mentioned) Well, I decide to google "can tall women wear heels?" knowing that I would find some positive reading on the subject, and, voila! Here is this amazing group! Well, as of the last hour, doing some reading of this site and others, I have decided, You know what? I will wear any damn shoes I want to wear, heels or not, because I deserve it. And I'm not the only woman in the world who has trouble getting nice clothes or shoes (and I'm NOT the only one whose back breaks chopping vegetables on a low counter in the kitchen!). I am not alone in the world and shops not catering to my size is THEIR problem! So I will rock this outfit next week and damned if I'm gonna let insecurities (or slight boobage problems) get in the way of being a confident, beautiful woman!

Peace to all you gorgeous ladies, (and sorry for the long windedness) xx

5'10" Lydia wrote (January 29th 2010)

Wow - I just was surfing and found you... it's as if the mothership was calling me home! I love this website and am a tad jealous that im the shortest one here (LOL). I've been told by my taller friends that I'm short for a tall person! It seems as if I'm done growing - according to the growth calculator thing. But who knows... I'm only a freshman! To all tall ladies: Let it be known that your first boyfriend may come later than others... boys will catch up in high school. And if not, don't worry. Everyone knows tall girls are hot! Flaunt all your fine fierceness. Make up your own supermodel walk and try it out because you'll love all the compliments!!!

6'3" Jheri wrote (January 29th 2010)

Kathy - most people seem to think any tall women is six feet tall no matter how tall she is. I live in Europe and we use metric, but when I'm in the US people say "wow, you must be six feet tall!" all the time. The same thing happens to a friend who is much taller than me :-)

5'11" Grace wrote (January 27th 2010)

Even after reading all these comments... I know it's a good thing being tall, yet I still don't like it =[

5'11" Kathy wrote (January 26th 2010)

I am seen by most people as a tall woman, an amazon woman because I am not considered petite! People always ask me if I am six feet tall and I say I wish I was! I always wish I was six feet tall even, and not just 5 feet 11 inches. I felt cheated out of one inch! Not a big deal....but you know I dance, walk, live like a regular sized woman I really dont think about my tallness, except when walking, talking, with a shorter person because it is harder to see them and hear them when you have to bend down! I try not to bend down when having a photo taken of myself with a shorter person!

So here goes my quote:

I always wish I was six feet tall and not just 5 feet 11 inches, because people always say 'you must be six feet tall" and I say , no I am only 5 feet 11 inches!

6'1" Amanda wrote (January 25th 2010)

Hey, I'm 15 years old and I'm a sophomore in high school, and 6'1". I've always really hated being tall, even when it comes in handy, like in basketball. Whenever we have away games I walk by the bleachers and I always hear people making comments about my height. But for some reason, I'm also intimidated by those who are taller than me, and I want to be taller than them. Maybe it's because in truth I really like the attention. But I also feel good when we have formal dances and everyone's in heels and I wear flats, and people actually come a little bit closer to my height! I think after visiting this site though, I realize that I should appreciate it more. Everyone I talk to tells me they wish they could be as tall as me, and if you're tall and someone says that to you, just say "yeah, everyone does" and smile (:

6'0" Mariama wrote (January 24th 2010)

Hey, I'm 20 and 6ft too. I love being tall for a number of reasons:

  1. When I get into a room, I fill the space, people notice me and I can see admiration in their eyes.
  2. Every tall girl should wear heels, its so elegant and you just feel fabulous in them.
  3. My height intimidates some men for sure, though I love the effect I have on them, makes it easier for me to lead them on. LOL

In a nutshell, being tall is fantastic masha'allah. Though I didnt always love my height, I remember when I was younger, about 10 years old, there was this horrible short woman who told me 'Good Lord, Maria, you are a giant!!!' I was like OMG, how can she say that, next thing I knew I was alone in the bushes and crying over her comment. Funny thing was, she was way shorter than average. BUT now, I couldnt be happier to be that tall!!! People around me keep saying how I should be a model, very flattering indeed.

6'0 1/2" Roxxy wrote (January 24th 2010)

Hi, I'm 17 and I want to be a lawyer when I'm older. My mum thinks I will dominate the courts with my height and looks. HAHAHA. I love being tall as people tell me all the time how gorgeous tall girls are. However, it obviously comes with its downsides. I have only recently found that boys are becoming my height (6'0 1/2") and even then, after to talking to people, I find guys are sometimes intimidated. :( But I have my eye on one guy at the moment ;) and I love my headteacher at school as she insists I must be a model. So go out there girlies... be BEAUTIFUL and show the rest of the world how GORGEOUS we are!!! And GUYS too!!! Because tall people are beautiful and don't you let anyone let you believe different! x

5'11" Corrine wrote (January 22nd 2010)

I'm 16, a junior in high school and I am so self-conscious about my height! In a small town I'm taller than every girl and most of the guys. Recently I met 6'5" guy who is adorable. He makes me feel so good about being tall. Reading all of your comments also helps me. I'm still trying to gain confidence about my height, but my mom has always told me to stand tall and never be ashamed. :)

Joerg says: Your mum is absolutely correct, Corrine. Give her my regards!

6'1" Vyneesha wrote (January 21st 2010)

I was always the tall "white" chick, even more so since I grew up in a mainly hispanic neighborhood. I was always so uncomfortable with my body until I got older. I began getting modeling gigs, burlesque gigs, and realized something. Being 6 foot one isn't that bad. It made me unique and got me noticed. If I was this tall I probably wouldn't have had some of the opportunities that were presented to me. I do date a lot of short men and I find those who can comfortably date a tall woman very confident and sexy. I'm 6'1" and my long term boyfriend is a 5'8" hispanic man ;)

6'1 1/2" Kelly wrote (January 19th 2010)

I am 16 years old and I am one of the tallest girls at school. It gets annoying at times when people mess with me about it. They like to call me amazon woman and godzilla, LOL, and every time I meet someone they always ask how tall I am - like they have never seen someone 6 foot. But it has its advantages, like being able to eat so much and not gain a thing! :) I am starting to love being tall :D

6'0" Alicia wrote (January 18th 2010)

I love being tall and I'm glad that the clothing industry has began to accommodate our height. It's just where I'm from dudes are closed minded to having a tall gurl. Although they may be taller than me they prefer 5'2". They don't realize the lovely Tyra Banks isn't short at all (she's 5'11") and neither are the ladies in the WNBA!!!

6'3" Jheri wrote (January 17th 2010)

Last week I mentioned a friend's high five video. Since then I've tried it in public a few times and now believe it is a FANTASTIC way for tall women to feel good about themselves and bring a lot of smiles to strangers you meet on the street. I think this would work very well for tall teens, but some of you may have to get your nerve up. Here is an email I sent to some people I know based on what I tried last week and yesterday:

Colleen is taller than me and gets all of the stares and comments. She has found a way to turn some of that into happiness. When she approaches someone walking and they start to look, she gets their eye contact and then says something like "you look like you could use a high five" ... then she raises her hand and does it. She told me she feels fantastic for the whole day when she is doing this. Last week she asked someone to follow her with a camera and made this youtube video:


I was walking a large pedestrian street at noon and the weather was sunny with no wind. I tried Colleen's high five on several people. I would wait for eye contact as we approached I would smile and say "dav med dig, high five?", which is the closest Danish for "hey there, high five?". If they were younger I would just say "hey there! want a high five?" because English is common and more cool and there is no Danish for "high five". Almost everyone smiled and did it back.

I saw a lot of smiles and high fives happen in an hour. 15 or 20 maybe. One guy looked like it was so much fun that I yelped when we did it. I noticed other people watching and smiling.

It is really fun to do this with little kids. What worked for me is getting their mother's attention and then smiling at the kid and saying "both of you could use a high five". The kids watch as them mom does it and get very excited. Then you bend down and give them a little high five and then make them jump for the next one like Colleen did. They get so happy!

Some of the people will chat afterwards, but most just go on with a smile on their face.

Colleen is right. This is completely natural and wonderful, even in places like Denmark. I think this is perfect for tall girls and women. It may be a little hard to get your nerve up at first, so you may want to go out and try it with friends. And, of course, those of you who are single can do this with guys :-) :-)

6'0" Charlotte wrote (January 15th 2010)

Honestly, I love being tall. I love being looked up at, I like the feeling of being different in my quirky awkwardness. What I don't like: Finding long enough pants; Being busty and having people be at my boob height; The impossible task of finding a guy. But I would never ever want to be short. It's boring, its average. We are not average people. We are tall!

6'2" Megan wrote (January 12th 2010)

Hey everyone!!! I love being tall, it took me a while being 16 to like being this tall but now it's so much easier if you face life with confidence. You can't change how tall you are so why worry about the fact that you are tall? You are beautiful!!! Guys see so much more than just you being tall. I get told all the time that I am very pretty and should model. In fact, one of my good guy friends, being 5'6", asked me if I would ever date him. I told him no but it let me know that guys don't really care!!! Although I would prefer finding a boy taller than me to date... Otherwise I love being tall, blonde and sexy!!!

6'0" Karen wrote (January 11th 2010)

I am 50 years old and 6ft. tall I love it I was the tallest girl in my school. I work in a factory I am the tallest women there it does not bother me because I was raised to be proud of who I am. True friends will love you, no matter what. I got called names in school too. Even teachers teased me, my dad 5'10" was my biggest supporter in school always telling me stand up straight walk tall show confidence when you go places Leave a good impression people will always remember you :))

6'0" Mya wrote (January 11th 2010)

I love my height. I didn't know that I liked it until I got into highschool. I think being tall is beautiful. I'm 16, 6 feet and lovin it.

6'1" Lindsey wrote (January 10th 2010)

In response to what Amy wrote I use to get called the Jolly Green Giant so I know exactly how you feel. Ever heard of "short persons syndrome"? Well, most likely the people calling us those names have it. :p I also sometimes get called an Amazon because I have long hair as well as being tall. I actually take that name as a compliment - almost! Haha! Recently I had a job interview and, of course, I was going to dress nice and I was sporting my new high heels. The hiring manager after the interview just had to ask me how tall I really was. He was 6'3" and I was the same height as him with my shoes. So who knows... maybe being tall like him will get me the job? I hope so!

6'1" Amy wrote (January 9th 2010)

I'm 14 and and I get called green giant and people say stuff like "how's the weather up there?". It used to bother me but it doesn't anymore. I'm the tallest girl in my year at school. It's annoying cause everywhere you go it's like a straight line of people and then there's me sticking out in the middle. It doesn't bother me as much now cause people that STILL call me green giant need to grow up big time and start picking on someone their own size. LOL

6'3" Jheri wrote (January 9th 2010)

Two of the facts of life that you can't get away from are people staring a bit and some questions and comments that were old when you first started hearing them as a preteen.

You can turn this around. When someone stops me to make one of those comments I try to say something nice about them to shift the subject and leave them with a good feeling. Some very nice conversations have started this way and I've even made some friends.

Colleen decided to try something that makes people smile and works even better if you are tall. This is such a simple and beautiful idea. I'm going to try it later today: http://www.6footsix.com/my_weblog/2010/01/high-fives-for-happiness.html

When someone is approaching get their eye contact and say "hi five" and see what happens. It completely changes what is happening and leaves everyone with a smile. Imagine if this spread!

5'11 1/2" Kenya wrote (January 8th 2010)

I am 20 years old and I have a 3 1/2 year old son. I'm very pretty and I love my height. Guys love to look at me. When I walk in the room all eyes go on me so I have to be flawless... LOL

6'5 1/2" Alice wrote (January 8th 2010)

It took me 13 years to finally learn to love and accept my height. I'm 6'5 and a half. By age 13, I was 6 feet tall and hated it. By age 21, I was 6'5 and a half. Now I'm 26 and finally done growing. Anyway, I now love my height. I love when people tell me how tall, shapely and beautiful that I am. I also get lots of encouragement from my new boyfriend who's an even 6 feet tall and my new friend who I met online. Both of these people tell me how lucky I am to be so tall, beautiful and unique. I hope that one day you all can feel the same as I do.

6'3" Yvonne wrote (January 6th 2010)

Growing up I absolutely hated being tall. I was the tallest in all my classes at school and would get teased a lot but now that I'm in my late teens I realize kids at school were just envious and wanted a way to bring me down. Just recently I have lost some weight and grown into my looks and you know what I love being so tall. Seeing all these little short girls makes me feel like I am something new, something different.

5'11" Lizzie wrote (January 6th 2010)

I'm 15, and I'm tallest out of all my friends - girls-wise. To add on to the uncomfortableness I'm also taller then quite a few of my friends who are boys. However I've learnt to embrace it, as - let's face it - the only way is up! I'm starting to like my height, as I get noticed. There's nothing more annoying than the first conversation you have with a new person is 'wow, you're really tall'. But I'll live :) I've been scouted for modeling before, and for me that was a slap in the face for anyone who have critisized my height. Also clothes fit me better, and I can get away with more adventurous outfits which perhaps my smaller friends would not feel comfortable in. I need to stop slumping my shoulders when I walk, as really its not very attractive. And after reading some of the comments on here it's made me realise, being tall is a gift not a curse :)

5'11" Cherise wrote (January 4th 2010)

Hey, I am also 17 years old and I am 5'11". I absolutely love it except when it comes to wearing heels. I feel anxious before I go out but when people compliment me about my height I kind of feel good about myself. I have learnt to love my height as I've grown up because when I was in school I would usually tower above all my friends but now as a young adult I have met alot of other tall women so I feel I'm not alone! The only thing that bothers me is that I'm always attracted to shorter guys! Finding a guy that's taller than you is difficult as well. It would be nice to talk to you, Sophie to share our experiences! Advice to all tall girls: EMBRACE IT BECAUSE YOUR HEIGHT IS BEAUTIFUL :D

5'11" Esther wrote (January 4th 2010)

Hi, Happy new year for all the tall people and tall admirers! Maybe those extremely tall men looking for short women don't want to have extremely tall offspring as themselves.A short girl makes up his height in that way. Beacause a very tall man with an also tall woman surely will bear tall or very tall children. If that's the reason, I can understand it because even if I like been tall, it also brings about a lot of problems.

6'3" Jheri wrote (January 3rd 2010)

I get a lot of pain when I'm bending over the low counter in the kitchen. My friend Colleen has even more to bend and she and a friend came up with a raised height counter top. It is much cheaper than having custom cabinets and counters put in. They found a manufacturer and a product will be announced in soon on her blog. The length and width can be custom and the height is set by a measurement to your elbow. If you're in an apartment like me or your budget is tight, this may be the best way to get some back relief. Watch the outtake video on her blog :-)


Jheri out

Oh, a friend who helped out on this wrote some about his, which is for someone who is 6'1: http://tingilinde.typepad.com/starstuff/2009/12/a-bi-more-on-colleenifying-.html

6'0" Sophie wrote (January 2nd 2010)

I'm seventeen years old and six feet tall. I've always been the tallest girl in my class and rarely have I met a woman who is near my height. I absolutely love being tall! Because not only am I tall I am also pretty thin (my dad calls me Stringbean). Haha. People (men and women alike) ask me if I have ever been interested in modeling or have been modeling. Sometimes I do feel extremely self-conscious about being so tall compared to other girls. I tend to slouch. My family and friends remind me of how lucky I am to be so tall. I mean, I can eat as much as I want and look as if I haven't gained anything! I have been interested in modeling, I know I am tall enough. [: I love being tall! And even though most guys are shorter than me, I feel good knowing that guys envy my height! Like I said, I love being tall! [:

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