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Quotes from Tall Women (2010c)

Note: Please allow this page a few seconds to load. We've got a lot of quotes that have come in in 2010 that's why I split them into three sections (January - April, May - August and September - December). I hope you find most of them positive and helpful.

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5'10" Amy wrote (December 30th 2010)

I'm 5'10" and I have a hard time finding a boyfriend because I like them taller than me but here where I live there are only short Mexicans I know. I'm not as tall as some of you but here in the valley it's super hard.

5'10 1/2" Jessica wrote (December 21st 2010)

I'm 13 years old, 5'10" and I'm about 140 lbs wearing anywhere from a size 3 to a size 6. I feel so fat. I'm taller than everyone else and I just feel really big. Although I do like being tall since I play volleyball.

Joerg says: You can trust me on that, Jessica... You're neither extremely tall nor big. You've found your niche (volleyball) so go for it.

6'2" Marcie wrote (December 17th 2010)

Wow! What a wonderful site!!! I never realized I was "outstanding" until I entered the working world. I'm a principal now and people truly do look up to me for leadership. I never understood why... because I never realized how "big" I really was!!! (I can't stand that word... like midgets like to be called "little people"). The world wasn't made for tall women... but girls... you gotta make it your world!!! It's a blessing what instant respect you get for being tall!! And wear them heels!!! More power to you!!

Joerg says: Well put, Marcie. Thank you, "lil Lady"!

5'10 1/2" Ashley wrote (December 17th 2010)

To all of the girls who are complaining about your weight - tall girls carry weight better than short or average height girls. Even though you might weigh a bit more or wear a bigger size, people probably think you are thinner than you really are. Trust me, I am a size 8 and weigh about 150 lbs, my own parents gasped in shock when I told them how much I weighed. Being tall makes you look thinner then you are, no matter how much you weigh. Just be as healthy and as toned as possible, and you will look great, even if you are naturally heavy.

Also, slouching makes you look bigger. It draws attention to your height, making you look taller, and it makes you look fat and awkward. I have a few candid pics of myself slouching around and I look horrible.

Finally, be glad you're tall. Short people aren't very happy about being short, but other people think that its cute. Same for tall people. We all want what we can't have, and if you are unhappy now, you would probably still be just as unhappy if you were shorter.

5'11 1/2" Molly wrote (December 15th 2010)

I LOVE this site..it is helping me so much with my emotions / security. I am a 20 year old girl, standing at 5'11 1/2" and weighing over 200 lbs. I am very very insecure about my height and weight... but more so my height. All through school I was the tall giant girl.

"How tall are you?", "You're huge!", "Hey, Giant!", "Play basketball please?", "Are your parents tall?", "I wish i was that tall!".

It is SOOOOOOOOOO annoying. People do not understand how much it affects us tall women. It hits me deep to the heart where I just want to sit down and cry some days. Other people staring at me makes me feel in-human, like a alien.. and completley insecure. I'll slouch or when im standing I'll stand on the sides of my feet. I'll look at girls and say "oh, if I just had your height everything would be perfect". I'm TIRED of feeling this way. I'm so tired of it. I want to be confident like all the 6ft and above girls. I want that confidence.

I'm afraid I'm going to be alone the rest of my life. Everyone says I'm so beautiful... but why haven't I been in a relationship YET!? I don't chase guys, I let them come to me. The ones that have are worthless... I feel like every guy out there is scared of me or something? Even guys that are 6'3" and above want to be with the tiny girls, the cliche girls. What is wrong with a tall girl?! Am I too plump for you?

All of this just gets me upset. I WANT and NEED that confidence... someone help me reach that,please.

Joerg says: That's what we are here for, little Molly :-) I'm not saying "chase guys" but be prepared to make the first step. That way you can decide who you want to approach and don't have to wait until you are approached.

5'11 1/2" Molly wrote (December 15th 2010)

To Shay: that is not "FAT". A size 13? Are you kidding me? That's thick honey! I would kill to be a size 13. I am 5'11 1/2" and a size 16. We are all made different. Do NOT let anyone call you fat. I am also small on top as well... you are YOU.

6'1" Meghan wrote (December 14th 2010)

Hello to all you beautiful tall women out there! Rock it! People always look up to us (literally)! I have always felt smarter and more able than short girls. Never for one second should any tall girl feel bad about their height. People may make really stupid comments sometimes but they are just ignorant. Besides the hottest men out there are the most confident ones who love tall women! Keep your chin up, stand up straight and wear the highest heels you can find! Much love to all of you!

6'5 1/2" Natisha wrote (December 13th 2010)

The best thing about being tall: I would stand out from all the rest and knowing that you will always be remembered because of it... some people have to do too much to be remembered. Really tall people just have to be themselves. People will always remember the pretty tall girl!

6'2" Christine wrote (December 10th 2010)

Hi Gals, sorry this is a bit late, but I want to thank those ladies that gave me some ideas on where to shop (mind you, I don't think all those places are in Canada). Remember taller "thicker" gals, even though we are bigger than thin tall girls, we STILL carry our weight better, than a thick gal who is 5 foot 4... it's TRUE... so that is something to remember, and hey, being busty is cool too :D. Remember that we come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and also that you are not alone. Joerg is cool, and he cares :) Christine xo

6'1 1/2" Rebekah wrote (December 10th 2010)

I'm 15 and have felt insecure about my height since I was 9. I am the tallest girl in my school. I always feel as if people are staring at me so therefore feel as if I am in the wrong. I hated being tall but I am now growing in confidence. Apart from a few things like boys, I now feel better about my height than ever before.

Joerg says: Good on you, young Lady. As I write on the homepage... "Tall women are gorgeous and are great role-models for tall girls. A lot of women go to great lengths in order to stand out. You don't have to. You are outstanding as you are and you don't need a pedastal to stand on."

5'10" Mary wrote (December 10th 2010)

I love heels but I don't wear them because then I'll be huger than everyone but I'm tired of trying to blend in. I'M TALL AND BEAUTIFUL AND THAT'S THAT! Yes, we're tall, but we're different. Yes, people say things but it's only cause they find something to make themselves feel better (proven fact), so confidence is the key. They see insecurity they feed on it - show no one that you are uncomfortable with your height. You act confident, they believe you are confident and soon you will too. Besides, models are beautiful and we can be that! My favourite quote is: "Love me for me, not what you want to see."

6'2" Angela wrote (December 8th 2010)

This is for all of you teens. Reading your comments brought back so many memories. I wish I could give you each a BIG HUG because I clearly remember the high school struggles of being a gangly 6'2" tall girl. I want you to know, above all else, that it gets better. Much, much, much better. I am now a 35 years old, very successful professional in a wonderful relationship. I don't think about my height very often anymore. Except when I'm curled like a pretzel in an airplane seat. Or peering over the top of a bathroom stall. Or surrounded by short people, worried I might trip over one of them. For the most part, I forget I'm tall. I used to feel and act self conscious about my height, which constantly brought it to everyone's attention. Now that I'm comfortable with it (which happened gradually over time), the people in my life seem to have forgotten about it, too. Its okay to feel frustrated about being a tall teenager. It takes awhile to get used to being a tall girl. We, the tall women, all had those exact same feelings - and I'm telling you, it gets so much better.

The rude comments start to taper off after high school and more significantly after college. The older you get, the more people see you for who are rather than for your height because they are also older and more mature.

The greatest benefits of being tall don't really show up until you step into the working world where people will naturally look to you for leadership. Strangely, bosses will assume you're more intelligent, capable and trustworthy than the short people. In the working world, height inspires confidence from people and you will rarely go unnoticed. You will also be promoted more quickly and easily than the average person. I wasn't prepared for any of this. I wish I would have taken Math, English and Speech more seriously. Do your future self a favor and (even if you're shy and not the least bit aggressive) acquire organizational, communication and leadership skills. You will need them. Even if its only in a crisis. People look to tall people in a crisis. I have no idea why.

I didn't date until college. Since then, I've dated fairly regularly. One of the nice things about dating, as a tall woman, is that it weeds out the insecure guys. I never ask a guy out; they ask me. I don't want someone who is intimidated by my height. I want a courageous man. Which means the ones who are confident enough to ask are always secure with themselves and therefore considerate, more fun and not emotionally needy. Older guys are MUCH more secure with themselves. When I say older, I'm talking about mid-twenties and up. There's something that happens to guys somewhere in their twenties (or thirties, for some). They start realizing their own preferences and unique attractions instead of brainlessly flocking to the tiny little bubbly cheerleader all of the time. I got so used to not being wanted that it took me by surprise when, in my mid-twenties, guys began asking me out. Really impressive ones! The older I get, the more often it happens. So, try not to worry that you're going to die a dateless old maid. You won't.

It gets better. I promise.

Joerg says: Thank you, Angela, for making a few wonderful points.

5'11" Ariel wrote (December 7th 2010)

I don't get why all the 5'9" - 6'0" ladies are all suicidal and mourning over their height. We're really not that tall. I mean, come on. It's nothing to get all self-piteous and depressed about. It's something to be celebrated in my opinion.

6'1" Bec wrote (December 7th 2010)

Hi, I'm 22 and I'm 6'1". I have always been tall and I haven't liked it hugely but it's just me. I've been struggling with my height recently and it's really affecting me and I really feel like I'm not coping. I walk home from work in the afternoons and go running as well and it's feels like every single person I pass comments on my height all I hear repeatedly is TALL or if it's not that they stare and say that girl is really tall, I would hate to be that tall or comment on what a hard childhood I must have had which is a total f***ing joke because my childhood was fine. I'm sick of people judging me constantly - it's wearing me down and I don't know how much I can take or what to do. It makes me really upset and I end up in tears sometimes. My friends and family tell me I'm not that tall and I shouldn't let it get to me but it's just so bad some days.

6'5" Ula wrote (December 5th 2010)

Jules... kind of late but I still wanted to comment. I am 6'5" and my boyfriend is 5'8". He loves to kiss me when we are standing up somehow. LOL... but usually he just goes on his tippy toes or I just bend a little... but after a while you will find the best way of doing it :)

5'10" Shierly wrote (December 4th 2010)

To Shay (6'4" - November 24th 2010): I may not be as tall as you (I'm 5'10") but considering that I live in Asia where girls standing at 5'3" are considered tall and weighing 60 kg is considered fat, I'm considered really tall and fat here(as a girl that is). I'm far from being skinny (I'm 90 kg) and yea,my hips stick out too :( So basically I'm big. People, especially boys, see me as a giant. Once, when we were waiting for the elevator on the 6th floor, my ex-classmate (a boy of course), said that I should just jump, so that the building would crash and we'd get down faster.

Although I'm 22 now, those memories still linger. It still hurts sometimes when I look back. I still get rude comments and looks/stares from strangers now.

I can't give you advise on guys, cuz I've never had a boyfriend or mutual crush all my 22 years of life :( I've had numerous heartbreaks and a major one 5 years ago because guys dont see me as girl.I'm still holding myself back from liking guys cuz the probability of them reciprocating is almost nil. But that's Asia. Lucky you, there are plenty of tall boys over there (Asia is really lacking of tall boyss!!!! Seriously)

Despite all these, I'm still a confident woman, and I walk with my chin high up. It's easier to look for internships and jobs and to establish networks since people take notice of me. People tend to remember me well, in a positive light (I hope) because of the positive energy I display to my best ability. Although sometimes my self-esteem gets kinda low, I still love being tall and confident. I'm kinda good at doing the diva walk and brush people's comments and stares off my shoulders.

And about the hips,you can soften them by wearing clothes that suit pear-shaped bodies that soften those hips (and you're not fat! it's curvy yaw! :D ) such as boot-cut jeans instead of straight-cut / skinny, long shirts (but not baggy yea) with sexy pencil skirt (girls with hips look hot in pencil skirt yaw) or even an A-cut dress. Big, long checkered shirts with straight-cut jeans also look real hot on tall girls ^0^

Dont let your body stop you from living your life. I heard this from a TV program. I'm still learning to apply this to my own life myself.

You're young. And you're not alone. :)

6'3" Jheri wrote (December 2nd 2010)

About a year ago a special cutting board table was put on the market for taller cooks who get back pain. I have one and it is fantastic, but a lot of tall people don't spend much time cooking and some don't see a need. A few other ideas are being looked into, but moving forward means we need a better idea of the market for the cutting board. We really want to know if it seems like a good idea and if the blog and video that show it off are clear and useful. Even if this doesn't seem like a good idea or if you don't cook or it is something you would get for another tall cook the answers are all important.

Go to http://www.6footsix.com/colleenify/ and then take the quick survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9B8GTCH. Thanks!

5'11" Kim wrote (December 1st 2010)

This is for Tara: Being tall is the least of your worries. You obviously have a huge heart and are a caring person. Being who you are is the most beautiful thing there is. I was always the tallest girl in school and all my girl friends were shorter than me. As I got older I realized that height gets you much attention, but in a good way. People notice you, I can't imagine going through life and not being noticed. How sad would that be? You take every comment from here on out as a compliment and with a huge smile say thank you for noticing! Your attitude will not only affect them but mostly it will affect you. You'll begin to appreciate the compliments like I do and that my dear is very contagious. Your new attitude alone not your height will win over more people than you realize. Don't focus on your height focus on what you present to the world.

6'0" Tanya wrote (November 30th 2010)

Hi all. I'm Tanya. A lot of people compare me to a model even though I would never ever model. I'm standing 6 feet tall and I'm of slim build. I used to be teased because of my height and weight which was to be expected since I was always the tallest girl in my class - hint - not school but class. There were other taller girls so I imagined how they felt. And they looked so cool and confident.

As I wrote earlier I'm small so I do have a model figure, and my feet are huge - size 11. I was called flipper feet, giraffe, dinosaur - the works. Kids can be cruel. LOL. I HATED how tall I was because no matter how hard I tried, I could never fit in. All my friends were short. I was tired of hurting my neck looking down on them. I felt more comfortable around men because they were tall. Random people would ask me how I got my height or ask me how tall I was or the infamous "do you play basketball"? I used to hate the basketball questions. LOL. But now that I'm older I love me. I love my tallness, my model figure and my full lips. I strut like a model and I keep it classy. I truely find tall women to be exotic and unique. I can see everything and I can reach like no one's business. LOL. It's a blessing.

God designed everyone in his eyes. So if someone can not accept you for your height, then forget them and strut the haters off. For you tall gals that love heels as I do I have 3 words... "you better wurk!!" :=) I wear 4 inches 5 inches - whatever inches. A woman needs to feel sexy... heels do make a woman feel sexy and confident no matter who she is or how tall or short she is. Btw.: my boyfriend is tall. He's 6'6" and I dated shorter men and they never complained. Plus, there is a lot of good things about tall women that short women will never acquire. (Do your research!) :) We are queens in our own way! I love being tall. Every short woman I know says "Wow, I wish I was your height." LOL. I just laugh and think to myself - only if they knew. So if you think you're too tall - don't sweat it. You're beautiful and it's about time you acknowledged that. PS: I really hope I lifted someone's spirit:) I love this site! Tanya

5'10" Tara wrote (November 29th 2010)

Hi. I absolutely love this site! I'm 15 so I'm very tall for my age, and I absolutely detest my height. I hate it soo much! I can't understand how everyone here loves being tall. I HATE BEING TALL!!!! I'm so jealous of all the petite girls in my class, the guys flock to them and don't even look at me. It's so frustrating. Guys just see me as a giant, they would never think about going out with me. It doesn't help that I'm shy and not that pretty. I basically just hate everything about myself. When I go out people just stare at me, and not in a good way. When I meet people they always comment, ""Wow, you're so tall!" I KNOW! What makes people think they can just say that?! I'm aware that I'm tall thank you very much I don't need to be reminded! I wish I was like all the confident people on here who love being tall. I just want to be normal.

Joerg says: One of these days you will be happy that you're an outstanding person and not an "average shortie", Tara. Men chase shorter girls / women because a lot of them lack the confidence to chat up a tall girl. Would you like to be around a guy who lacks confidence? There's nothing abnormal about being 5'10", by the way.

6'3" Nicolle wrote (November 28th 2010)

Hey girls. how y'all doing?? All of your posts are full of many positives and negatives. I'm 18 years of age and stand at an almighty 6'3", which in my eyes is amazingly tall for a girl at my age. I'm a girl that loves fashion but finds it highly frustrating that I can't walk into a shop like any other girl and purchase whatever I like. To me, it's not that simple finding clothes that fit perfectly for your legs and arms. Don't get me wrong - I sort of like being tall because I stand out from the rest but some but most make a big deal out of it and I don't know see why though. Surely it's alright for me to be tall but why can't women be??? Personally speaking I find it incredibly hard finding shoes as well as I have big feet. Haha.

In my eyes, I don't think the fashion industry are aware of how many tall girls are out there. The fashion is limited for us unlike average sized girls.

5'10" Elena wrote (November 27th 2010)

Hey y'all :p I'm a 16 year old African American girl, a Junior in High School, 5'10" (AND STILL GROWING). Let me just start off and say from the start that I've struggled for years with my height and beauty. In elementary school, I was the tallest girl in the whole school and I didn't take very good care of myself beauty wise. I was a tomboy who didn't like to admit it with split ends and too-short pants. My face was covered in embarrassing acne and it just made me feel like a monster that no one liked. Between my 3rd and 5th grade year, I weighed around 150-ish (a daggum size 14 in women's!!!!!) and I had this very noticeable mustache that no one, not even my family members told me I had. On kids under the age of 10 would tell me and it make me so embarrassed that i'd wished they'd choke on it. But back to my story. I was very, very, very shy so i had like, two real friends and I never went anywhere with the people I knew or anything :(

Then, to make matters worse, I had to move to another city to go to middle and high school after elementary school to make new friends. First of all, I don't even have friend friends NOW! Dang! So I go thinking to myself, I'm gonna be having a lot of boyfriends and talking to girls like me and there's gonna be all kinds of people there. Well, turns out, it was the same, except you had a lot more freedom and there's not little kids at the school. That was it. I tried so hard to fit in. I was a teacher's pet who always did my work and always bought people food and stuff to stay on their good side. Most of the friends I had were the guys that were the nerds and nobodys and stuff. And people constantly picked on me saying that I went out with some of them or liked them just because I hung out with them? Come on?! Then, in seventh grade, I was the biggest, most selfish, smarty-ass, badass. I cursed like a sailor, got in trouble, didn't study, cheated on everything, talked back - you name it! But I acted pretty good when I went home or when I was with my family. Anyways, I changed my ways and just enjoyed being on top of everybody in eight grade. And hey, I even made a a few friends.

I know I may soung like a big mouth, but I don't care. I have a lot to say. Especially after reading all your guys' motivational quotes which encouraged me to put my story out there and find someone who may be just like me.

So here I've been, comparing every girl around me at school, on TV, in the city, in my hometown, at the store, the fast food joint, everywhere, ALL THE TIME! That girls' hair looks better than mine and we come from the same culture, I wish I had long hair like her, my chest is soo small - along with my upper body and my lower body which is kinda thick (even though I wear a size 9/10 sometimes 10/11 now), if only I was naturally pretty and all the boys would be all over me. Look at all these girls that I go to school with who have someone special to share things with while they go to school and in between classes. The list just goes ON AND ON AND ON!

Another thing is, I had one boyfriend in my entire life and that alone lasted about a week, maybe a week and a half at the most. But for some reason, I think that the guys at my school or the guys that I like are only interested in just "talking" to me and THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW ME SO WHY DO THEY JUDGE ME BECAUSE OF MY GLAMAZON HEIGHT?! Anyways, I can't figure out if it's being I'm not petite and girly or naturally pretty or something. Like, do I have to dress up to the max just to get some guy to whistle at me or give me a "what's ya name?" or something!!!

So far in High School, there's only been three guys that have said they liked me. The first one was kind of a pervert and an over grown kid who continuously acted like he wanted to be treated like he's a five-year-old girl. The second one was very friendly and a close friend who moved last year but was not all that cute, and the third one who's like EVERY WHERE I GO NOW is effin psycho. The other guys at school don't "see me that way" or only flirt or just wanna "be friends" vous moquez de moi? Uhh!!!

Overall, I don't see why people don't think of me as at least kinda girly or anything. I mean I have the same fashion taste as Kourtney Kardashian, you know, cute rompers, men's dress shirts with high waisted shorts and sophisticated dresses with platform sandals, pumps, and bags to match every outfit. (even though I don't have the money to actually dress like that) Aren't I just as good as these girls under 5'7" who dress like either bums, preps or sluts? Excusez-moi la langue.

School has gotten so frustrated for me because I have no one that I'm close to that I can relate to. I mean, related to school, I'm pretty much focused. I have less than three classes to take before I graduate in 2012 so I'm basically going to graduate early. Straight As or As and Bs are usually what I make lately and I plan on enrolling in the Airforce straight out of HS. (I'm willing to do anything! to get away from these judging and sorry has-beens.

Is there anybody out there like me and/or someone who could give me advice on how to make it through a tall girl's life? I'm in need of a huge confident boost and am lacking major points in that area. Plus, I have no female friends that are tall like me. They're all at least 5'8" or shorter :(

I love this site and you all have helped me gain some strength back n:) :) :) :)

P.S.: What is UP with all those stupid tall boys who talk to you like they kinda like you and your personality when all they'd rather date is, like, a girl who's under 5'3"???

6'1" Kelsey wrote (November 27th 2010)

To Christa... I just wanted to say how much I relate to your story. I'm 16 years old as well, but a little bit shorter at 6'1"!

I'm also the tallest girl at my school, although it's much smaller, with around 500 students. There was another girl who was probably 5'11" or 6'0" but she graduated last year. Even though I never talked to her I kind of felt this kind of tall person bond. Sometimes at my school we have formal dinners, and she sometimes would wear very high heels, which I really admired her for.

One thing I really dislike is that being tall seems to be my defining trait at my school. There are a decent amount of tall guys at my school, but of course tall guys and tall girls are viewed completely differently. I know for a fact that I have been described to other people as being "the really tall girl". I guess it's practical - it does let people know who they're talking about - but it gets annoying.

When I was in middle school, one of my best friends was really tall. Now we're about the same height. We're good friends, but I don't see her very much because I go to high school in a different state. For some reason a lot of the people at my middle school were pretty tall, a lot over 5'9". But now all of my friends in high school are about 5'4". I don't know how that worked out! I am friends with a bunch of guys who are taller, but even still I'm the tallest one of my group of friends.

I don't necessarily think about how I'm tall 24 hours of the day. However it's rare if I go a day without someone mentioning something about my height. Really, people... you're not the first to notice. I'm not even really that tall... I guess by most people's standards, but certainly not on here.

I love when I see another tall person out and about. Even if I'm just passing them in a hallway or something, I feel like we have a kind of bond, even if I only see them for a split second and I'll never see them again.

Boys can be really annoying. I've never had a boyfriend, or even a mutual crush, as far as I'm aware. While this does get kind of annoying, I've kind of come to terms with it. I'm not opposed to dating a guy who's shorter than me, but as far as I know, my height intimidates people. Hopefully once I leave high school there will be more mature guys around!

Thankfully I have a pretty good self image. Sometimes if I'm having a bad day or feel like having a pity party for myself, though, I'll wish that I was a little bit shorter, maybe 5'10". Sometimes I would love to blend into a crowd a little more easily.

Just one more thing - I just wanted to share that on Thanksgiving I wore my first pair of heels! They were really cute wedges that were probably about 2 or 3 inches tall. Wearing them made me the tallest person at my family gathering that had 21 people, but I was proud of myself for wearing them and feeling relatively comfortable towering over everyone.

Wow, this was a lot more than I planned on writing. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy looking around on this site, which I just discovered today. I don't know too many tall women in my real life, but it's really nice to know that there are others out there who have gone through the same things. I hope to one day write a book about being a tall teenager or something, because I haven't found any like that. I've had many people tell me that once I get older I'll learn to love my height. I'm kind of looking forward to that, not gonna lie. I like being tall - most of the time. But it's really nice to have a community like this of tall women. Thanks so much! (:

6'1" Louise wrote (November 26th 2010)

Hi Joerg, I have been told that you are the fan of the tall woman. From your website, I can see that this is the case.

I was referred to several sites from you website, including Long Tall Sally. I did see on Yelp, that they gouge their prices on the shoes. I didn't want to take someone elses word, so I went on to look for shoes as well as some clothing.

I saw a few things I would want to buy in the clothing section, and since it is all Long Tall Sally brand for the most part, I have no way of knowing if the prices are fair. But then I went to the shoes, and frankly, I was just fuming. This site is charging almost $100 more on several of their brands than other sites that carry the brands... often in the larger sizes. This just feels like they are taking advantage of us, and if they doing it on the shoes, God knows what they are doing on their clothing.

You list them. DO you know how to get in touch. Because the people who I have talked to who have complained about this say they have already sent in emails to the customer service. I feel like they would value your opinion. You can make your own assessment but here is an example: Sam Edelman "James" boot on Endless, my friend bought it for $180 with free shipping, free returns

On Long Tall Sally, it's $275. And its local US shipping. I just cant tell you how mad it makes me that a site that pretends to be all about us (long TALL Sally for god's sake) would do this. There are about ten more examples. My friend said that when she complained in the past, they just changed the one shoe.

Here is another atrocity: Sorel Boots... Joan of Arctic on Long Tall sally... $175 plus shipping - Amazon (same sizes) $109.90

Joerg... on behalf of all the Tall Women everywhere, don't let them keep ripping us off. If you say something to them, and note it on your Facebook page, maybe they will be shamed into doing the right thing. If you have any suggestions of how I can get it out there, I will do that as well. Its just beyond an insult. I expect other people to take advantage of us because we are underserved but not a site that pretends to represent us.

Many many thanks Joerg!
Louise (6'1")

Joerg says: So, Ladies... you have read Louise's complaint. What is your experience? I'd love to hear your views. What would you like me to do about it?

5'10" Taylor wrote (November 25th 2010)

Jules... do whatever it takes to get to his lips... watch what tall men do with short women when they kiss. I think when you're tall and he is shorter u look best as a couple standing when u are very close together... even when u slow dance. You will look great that way together. I would not bend my knees but would relax them... so hug, kiss. You will find what works best for the two of you... and with a lot of practice it will become very natural. Have fun!!!

6'6 1/2" Jules wrote (November 24th 2010)

Hey, all! I have a question for all my fellow amazons! =)

Being a 17-year-old 6'6 1/2" girl, I knew that I'd have some trouble finding "the right guy". I love my height, but they mostly don't. Recently, however, I've entered a relationship with a boy who fits almost all my criteria. He's smart, extraordinarily hilarious, talented, cute, sweet, sensitive... and 5'6". =P

I'm on the volleyball team (surprise, surprise) and he's in the school band so when I first towered over this cute 18-year-old boy gazing up at me during half time at a game, I didn't think there was any future simply because I was staring DOWN at him. But he made quite a first impression. So, giving him my number, I figured we could just be friends. As we texted and hung out outside of school at our secluded neighborhood park more often, though, I soon fell in Like with him. Yes, "Like"". Not love. Initially, I never saw his height as anything more than cute. He loves my height though so I always wear heels or elevator sandals for him. And I didn't mind any of it at all... until our first kiss.

He was walking me home and I was saying how much I enjoyed spending time with him and how he makes me laugh... basically everything I like about him. He stopped me on the sidewalk and clutched my hands. Guiding me off the sidewalk, he gazed up at me while standing on the curb. Even on the street, I'm still taller than him. He told me he would really like to kiss me. In a panic, I began wondering the best way to go about doing this. "Should I arch my back?", "Bend my knees?", "Crane my neck?", "Sit down?" As these thoughts raced through my mind, his lips met mine. He was standing on his tippy-toes =)

Now whenevever we kiss we do it while we're both sitting on a bench or laying in the grass. I want to kiss standing up, though, and was wondering to the tall women out there with shorter partners how the best way to go about doing it is?

Mind you, I mostly wear heels and tall footwear around him. Even if I took them off, I'm still a good 12 and a half inches taller.

Help? =)

Joerg says: To be honest I don't think you need any help. I find this story both inspiring and cute. As I keep saying "It's good to keep an open mind". And you're proof for that. I'm really happy for you guys.

6'4" Shay wrote (November 24th 2010)

I am 17 yrs old and I have been over 6' since I was 13. I love being tall. I really really do. The one thing I don't like is that I am a size 13 in juniors. I mean it's one thing to be tall and really skinny, but to be tall and huge is hard. I mean it's not like I don't workout. I swim competitively on a team and I love it!!! I just am surrounded by all my teammates who are like size 0-10 at most and it's just not easy. I really don't want to sound whiney but am I the only one here that is huge in every way???? Oh wait I forgot... I am exceptionally smaller on top which makes me look just plain weird. So I guess I really again just want to ask is any one out there my height and not stick thin or am I the only one? Encouragement would be awesome!!!! And I have to add that guy advice would be really helpful too because this summer I had a tall - 6'7" - guy come up to me and start talking and asking about heght. Long story short he had a record for assault and battery so it was a no go:( Which I was bummed about because he came up to me!!! Which was just the biggest first in the world. So again please help I really am just kind of overwhelmed. Plus one more thing: When I go shopping with my grandma, in many clothes my hips stick out in a very unflattering way and she calls me fat, or she will imply that I am. That totally blows all self confidence down the drain. Please help !!! Thanks :)

5'11" Kari wrote (November 23rd 2010)

Honestly, I wish I were as tall as some of you! I'm 18, and I continually hope that I'm not done growing. Being only 5'11", I often wear heels to increase my height. Everyone calls me crazy that I want to be heels, but I don't care. I don't do modeling or sports or any of the like - I'm just a perfectly normal girl.

Anyways, I just wanted to encourage all you tall(er) girls that you guys always look amazing and to embrace your height! I rarely hear people putting down tall people, but rather commenting on how they wish they were taller. Enjoy your height!

5'11" Meagan wrote (November 22nd 2010)

I'm 19 and 5'11". This site always helps to pick me up when I'm feeling down about my height. This past weekend I bought my first pair of heels (only 3 inches, but still) and I totally rocked them! Now, I'm obsessed and want to buy more! I felt so powerful walking in them and I loved the attention and compliments! The only disadvantage I would say to being tall, is finding a tall guy. I know I'm young, but it's still hard. I admire the taller girls, because it's not easy but we're different and beautiful!

6'2" Susan wrote (November 19th 2010)

Hey there, all... For what it is worth, Christine. I am 42 yrs old, 6'2" and a size 16/18. So in response to your comment, believe me you are not the only tall woman that is not skinny. I am a tall, healthy, happy, attractive woman. I agree with the stereotype that tall females over a size 12 do not exist. I dont get it, if the buyers would open their eyes there is alot of revenue that they could generate in catering to "us". However, Lane Bryant and Roaman's do have talls not really my idea of talls, but, some of their pants go to a 35" inseam. Shirts I have more or less accepted that I usually roll up the arms, but, when I find tall sizes I buy them. J.C. Penney, Eddie Bauer, are some of the companies that have mail order and carry talls in everything from shirts-dresses. Also, as far as mail order for shoes I wear a 12W, I buy shoes from Payless, Masseys, Coward, Roamans, Lane Bryant are some of the other companies. Hope this helps. Take care - Susan

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 17th 2010)

To Christine: I grew up in Alberta and lived in Toronto for about a year and remember the Tall Girl shops. The problem an apparel company has with sizes is that you must balance the sizes you offer with what you are likely to sell if you want to remain in business. Women's sizing is very strange and has a problem. The smaller sizes (say 6 and under in American sizing) tend to fit the women who wear them pretty well. It turns out the way their bodies are shaped vary, but the difference between women who are size 4 isn't that great and many of them can find something that fits well. As you move up in sizes the way shapes change means there are many more possibilities. So most size 14s will find a random size 14 from the rack has some problems fitting them and they have to shop around. The size, as you get into the plus sizes, no longer describes the variation in body shapes. This is doubly bad in tall sizes as there are so few tall women that it is possible that many of the plus sizes you put on the rack will never be sold.

I'm really thin and below the sizes that LTS has. I can find a few things that will fit and can modify, but usually I take a different route. I am very happy that they are around as it means some tall women are getting a bit more choice.

A friend of mine who is much taller than me learned that one of her neighbors is very good at making dresses. Her neighbor is very happy for the business. We are forced to be creative, but maybe that isn't a bad thing. I tend to focus on accessories, cheap jewelry, scarves and even hats when I go clothes shopping with girl friends.

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 17th 2010)

I can be of some help, Christa. It turns out there are companies that make extra long single beds for dorm rooms - ever heard of basketball players? :-) I don't know the specific companies and I'm not in the US, but I've seen them, bed frames, mattresses and sheets at Paul's Tall Mall http://tallpaulstallmall.com/extra-long-single-beds.html.

For the shower you can do what I did. Get a shower head on a hose. I'm so used to the one my family got when I was a teen that I still use the same type. You can also get a shower head extension if you don't like holding a shower head. Paul's Tall Mall carries them too http://tallpaulstallmall.com/shower-arms.html. There are a lot of things you can fix with something simple and inexpensive. If you like to cook and don't like bending scroll down to my last post where I show what a friend and I do.

I'm about 10 years older than you and when I was your age I hated being tall. I did get very positive on it and wouldn't want to be otherwise. I'm a bit shy by nature and it has been a good way to meet strangers. My theory is people aren't used to a woman that tall and there aren't many things that come to mind in a few seconds. Most people don't say anything, but the ones who do say the same things over and over. There are a lot of ways to disarm that and to change the conversation, so make that your game.

6'2" Christine wrote (November 15th 2010)

Hi all, I have written before :D and am one of the "ahem" mature women who sometimes write on this wall. To the 6 foot 3 girl Christa: I think that's awesome that you have female friends that are 6 feet! Right on!

The "Tall Girl" shop in Toronto, is being replaced with "Long Tall Sally", yes it's a more imaginative name, BUT sadly, they don't carry larger sizes. So, unless that improves, they have lost me as a customer. So of course, I think (and I was never skinny, but was slim "back in the day") wth were these stores then? Anyway, moot point I guess eh? I don't like the stereotyping thinking that if a woman is very tall (6 feet +) that she is very thin.

Ok, a lot of the time is DOES seem to be true, but maybe that's just the tall women I've met, I have met some bigger gals too) so, "Long Tall Sally" is just perpetuating the stereotype that very tall women are very thin. NOT always the case! They better look to add some more larger sizes... I love how some of the young tall girls are proud, that's awesome, and you should be! I guess The States and maybe parts of Europe has clothes for taller, bigger gals. As I said to Joerg, I really must check out Barefoot Tess.

Love from another "tallie"
Christine xo :D

5'11" Ida wrote (November 15th 2010)

Yes, it's hard being tall... I enjoyed being tall - these long leggs and so on... shopping can be challange, dating sometimes also. I just posted a pic of myself on FB and one of my friends had nothing better to comment than "You are still tall". WTH? I am not getting shorter... So I replied to him "And you are not". LOL. I guess he got mad at me - especially men don't want to hear that... So this smart ass reply made me feel good for a change rather than not saying anything. I hope this helps. :)

6'3" Christa wrote (November 15th 2010)

Hi! I'm 16 years old, in grade 12 (December baby :3), and the tallest girl in my school out of 2000 people. I do have three girl friends 6'+, which is so great. Unfortunately, they don't seem to like complaining about height, so I resort to the Internet to do that. :P

For starters, I hate the "You're soo tall - You should model!" comment. Like, gee, thanks, I'm tall so I should model - but you don't think I should do it because I'm pretty? :( Anyway, I'm almost certain that 6'2" is the tallest a woman can be to model. Great, eh?

Boys. Oh, boys. Maybe I shouldn't even get started on that. I just wish that I wasn't able to easily count the amount of men I've met in my life who are taller than me in under 10 seconds, literally. I think I don't realize how tall I really am. I had a short discussion with my best friend (who is 6'0") about this. We are aware we are tall, but only because it is shoved in our faces all the time by people, clothing industries, and the like.

I have NO idea how I'm seen by other people, and I can't get it in my head that I'm the tallest girl that most people I've met have seen. But then I think about it and realize I've never seen a woman as tall as myself or taller. I am very aware that you're out there, ladies. But it would be a lot more encouraging if you were more common. :) Whenever I see a fellow tall woman, I make a note to stand up tall, like silently saying, "I AM ONE OF YOU. WE ARE NOT ALONE." xD

Finding clothes doesn't bother me all that much. I've never known what it's like to just be able to buy jeans spontaneously while with friends, only going on planned trips to the city with my parents to the Tall Girl shop. :P So I'm used to it and can't imagine it any differently, and am not bothered. Shirts, I can buy almost anywhere, and I've never really been a shoe person, so that's fine too.

But what really does bother me is BEDS. A few years ago, I had to ask my mom to buy me a new bed because my feet came way off the edge of mine. Turns out, beds don't come in different lengths. I had to get a double bed so I could lay on it diagonally, and it barely fits in my room. I'm still too big for it. I hate it.

And last, bit not least, the shower! We have two: one in "the kid's bathroom," and one in my parents'. My brother is three years older than me and 6'7ish. He used the "kid" shower every day. I am amazed, and have no idea how he did it. The shower head comes up to my collar bone. We can't install a new shower head because we'd have to take out the wall and renovate the entire bathroom. Because of this, I can't have showers in the morning. Only at night, because I have to have them in my parents' bathroom. Otherwise, I have to do the limbo for twenty minutes. Sooo uncomfortable on the back, and thighs. I mean, it's a good thigh work out. ;) I just don't want to have nice legs because I suffer through my showers.

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 15th 2010)

It is getting towards the holiday season and maybe this is time to start doing some things that make you feel better about yourself along with others. When I was a teenager I had to deal with clothing that mostly didn't fit and the pieces I could buy were often too old for me or just ugly. Since then I've learned about finding my own style and what it takes to put together outfits that make me proud to wear them. Some of you are doing that too and the rest of you can learn if you want.

Finding a good tailor who can do alterations is important for those of us who are a more than a bit off from what you can buy in the stores. You can do great things with simple and cheap accessories and just learn what you like. Don't pay a huge amount of attention to what you see in the ads and the stores. Fashion should not be about what someone else says, but is a statement by you about how you are feeling and thinking now. I'm still working on figuring it out. What looks good on my body probably only looks good on me, so I try to stretch my imagination and visualize.

Find some friends, they don't have to be tall, and try and figure out what looks good on each other. Check out some of the street fashion sites for ideas of what is happening around the world. There are hundreds of them and they aren't as product oriented as magazines. The Sartorialist http://thesartorialist.blogspot.com/ is one of my favorites.

You can start out with pieces scarves and costume jewelry to spice outfits up that you mix and match from your closet. When you get it right you'll get compliments from people who normally would be asking your height.

You can start with almost anything and play with it. Some women start with shoes and since some of us have large feet, that means finding a good supplier. Barefoot Tess is now offering free shipping, so that gives a good excuse to check them out. If you are a special size and there is a firm that makes pretty things that fit, give them business and spread the word. Many of these companies don't make a lot of money and a lot of them need our support as a community. The situation now is a lot better than it was ten years ago, but it may have peaked as many clothing lines are decreasing the number of sizes they support.

If you can sew well or can learn, there are many more options. I'm not good at it - at least not to the level that I would need - but I know people who can. A friend was commenting on her neighbor's beautiful dress and found out she made it herself. She asked if she would make her one if she paid her and if now getting something made that will probably fit perfectly for very little money and her neighbor is really happy to have a bit of extra money coming in.

There are other ways to get confidence too. I'm not a good cook, but am trying. Cooking is a great way to bring people together. This is another area where being tall can be a bit of a problem. I have mentioned raised cutting boards, but if you are over about 5'10" and have a normal kitchen counter, you probably need one. Mine has made a huge difference in the time I'm willing to put into cooking and I've learned more in the year I've had mine than all of my life before then. A friend has a blog that talks about hers and where you can get a custom version as well as how to measure yourself if you want to build one yourself: http://www.6footsix.com/colleenify/

There are many other ways to get self confidence and feel good about yourself and it is a great way to move into the holiday season.

6'0" Donna wrote (November 15th 2010)

My strength and courage comes from within, something more than the tall skin I'm in. Man should not judge the length of this latter, cause its whats inside that really matters I love who I am, what I feel from within, I have so much to give, so much livin to live... If you have an issue with my height, don't look the other way, do not fright, Instead, get to know me, get the know the person inside me, You will see, there is so much more than the skin that surrounds me.

5'11" Lauren wrote (November 14th 2010)

OK, LEGIT... I AM 13 YEARS OLD and 5'11" which I think is absolutely amazing (: I can't find one thing wrong with being tall too be completely honest. I got me some SUPER long legs that have gotten me a couple glances if you know what I mean ;) Anyway there is one thing I hate and it's finding a guy especially my age who is taller then me... At my school there are 3 guys taller then me and all 3 like me because I am tall like for real sooo it's not all bad. Tallest girl is me though soo beat that and for all the fellow tall girls out there - just stay positive and always know if something doesn't work out your super sexy long legs can make u a super model... I am currently thinking about it (:

6'3" Jheri wrote (November 12th 2010)

I find interesting t-shirts good for being around other people who aren't used to you. My absolute favorite shop is Threadless as they are much more clever than the standard shirts with sayings. They are in the US, but their shipping to Europe is not too bad and they sometimes have good sales. They are much higher quality artistically than most tshirts as artist submit designs and a community votes on what will be printed. Each is a limited run too...

A friend pointed this one out - they are reprinting the *perfect* shirt for tall women :-) I am ordering today :-) http://www.threadless.com/product/1601/I_m_Like_a_Bird/tab,girls?from=scrandall

Joerg says: Now that is neat!

5'10" Taylor wrote (November 11th 2010)

Dear Noor... I think that is a very good question... why do people laugh at people that are different than themselves? But it's more, I think, about them than about us... and I agree: it can be unsettling sometimes. I think they are usually people who are that uncomfortable with themselves. Sometimes I will give them a hard stare and I don't stop staring until they look away. Just to let them know I noticed... and when I am out and people do things like that I think of other famous people who are tall. People I admire to keep my confidence up... someone like Brooke Shields or Nicole Kidman. Beautiful women who are tall like us... and for me that works.

6'2" Noor wrote (November 10th 2010)

I love being tall. I am 17 years old and my height is 6'2" - but when people start looking at me in a strange way, or in a funny way and then they start laughing about it just make me so sad and sometimes I start crying about it. I wanna know how to avoid people who start making fun of me, and to feel good about it??

6'0 1/2" Xavia wrote (November 8th 2010)

First off, I'd like to say that I might be 6'0 3/4" or 6'1" by now... It's been like, what, a month or two or more since I last got measured. (IDK if that is correct grammar, it sounds weird).

I am a 14 year old who when I was about 4, moved to Taiwan. Being around those Taiwanese people (who are stereotypically short) I was constantly being told I was tall. I didn't really get ridiculed for being tall, they were fascinated by my height (I was about one or two heads taller than my peers). I was mainly ridiculed for something else, but that's completely off topic.

Anyway, during those times (when I was 4 to 7) I figured that when I came back to America, I wouldn't be considered tall, so I didn't really worry that much about my height. I figured, "at home" (America) I could be around people my height without having to stand with adults!"

When I was about to turn 8, our family moved back. I didn't really meet many people my age until I started school. That's when I realized that I was wrong in my assumption. Even my American peers are shorter than me. Not by as much as the Taiwanese people, but not by just a few inches, either. There were some ridiculing, and some harmless jokes (my friend always used to ask me, "why are you so tall?" instead of saying, "hi". It got at me at first, but then I figured, "what the hey!" :]).

And I used to think, "well, I'll stop growing sooner or later and then everyone will even out." But, I was wrong about that, too. By 6th grade, I was taller than most, if not all, of the 6th and 7th graders at my school-half of the 8th graders, too. And the ridiculing didn't stop. I met one, ONE, student that was as tall as me. He liked me (heavens knows why) everyone knew, and people (to this day) say we would make a cute couple, just because of our height (he's about a foot taller than me now).

Anyway, I made friends who didn't really care that much about my height, but would still make me feel bad by saying things such as: "You're so tall, squat down when you walk with me.", "Ugh, why can't you just shrink?", "how's the weather up there?", "Gosh, you're so tall, you make me have to look up to see you.", "I can't see, Xavia's head is in the way", "Evaporate, tall person (thanks to High School Musical -__-)", "Sit your tall butt down", "Giraffe.", "Avatar" and, yes, "Jolly Green Giant".

When they say these things, which they rarely do, I feel like either a freak of nature, a burden to society a pain to be around, or all of the above. Don't get me wrong, though, I love my friends. Sometimes, though, I feel as if I'm a mega social outcast (which, I would be even if I weren't tall) and that I don't really fit in with them. And then, there's the issue of clothes. Ever since I can remember, I've grown out of clothes faster than you can say "Macy's clearance sale", LOL. And guys...*sigh*... You see, I made sort of a deal with myself that when I date/marry someone, they have to be my height or taller. One reason is that I don't wanna intimidate him. I also don't want him to have to break his neck to look me in the eye. I want him to be able to hug me without his face going straight into my breasts. I want to be able to have his scent on me from his shirt/sweatshirt/jacket that i can fit comfortably in...

I've had no relationships, even though almost every single one of my girlfriends have had at least two or three boyfriends in 2 years time (half of them waaayyy more). But I seem to get hardly any appreciative or interested looks from guys. Unless it's one of my guy friends. And it's hard, especially when you like someone(like I do now, [he's actually my height!!) And you don't even know what his "type" is. Or even if he did like your type, there is still that awkwardness about dating that any human, tall or short, skinny or chubby, black or white, red or yellow, has to go through... I guess, what I'm really trying to say/ask, if I'm saying/asking anything, is...

  1. Being a tall girl with insecurities is not a good look on any tall girl.
  2. Were y'all's originally tall, or was it a growth spurt? (I have been taller all of my life, apparently)
  3. What guys do you guy's like, and have now for that matter?
  4. What should my maximum height be? concidering I've never REALLY had a growth spurt?

Wow, this is long... sorry guys!

5'10" Vivienne wrote (November 6th 2010)

I love everything about being tall. I get all the attention from guys. It was quite hard to accept being tall but now I LOVE ME BEING TALL. It's the greatest asset I have so you all should love being tall. Most people ask me if I am a model but now I am working towards that. Remember TALL IS BEAUTIFUL. I am from Kenya.

5'10 1/2" Stephanie wrote (November 4th 2010)

I hate being tall. I seriously can't get used to it. I have an unfortunate build and a manly looking face, so there is nothing good about being tall in my case. I can see how it could work for some people, but for me it just makes my hideous looks 1,000 times more noticeable. I can't stand this tall bullshit anymore. I would really like to talk to someone who is my age who also finds it excessively hard to be tall. I think it might make me feel better.

Joerg says: You don't say how old you are. So it's hard to tell you get you in touch with other ladies your age. You could join the Tallwomen.org Facebook group, by the way.

6'0" Priti wrote (November 1st 2010)

To Tilly ... It is good to be tall! Let the guys and girls around u remind u of that... but don't u care a damn about it, they are just reminding you about something that they are not. Be proud to be tall... Yes, there are restrictions, but complaining about them is not gonna help. I can tell you that more than 60% of the people on this planet want to be taller than what they are. So, girl, be proud of the fact that ur the selected few, and just ignore those who make fun of or tease u... I was my height from age 13, I have had a lot of people making fun of me and teasing me. I had no other choice but to stay silent, I thank them for that, because now I have learnt to be patient and it helps me with my work, I can tolerate stuffs where my colleagues overreact. I am happy now, life's great... Enjoy it.

6'3" Jheri wrote (October 30th 2010)

You have to build some self confidence and learn how to appreciate who you are. If you don't respect yourself, others will see that and will figure you're not worth their effort. Try to make friends even if it means you taking the initiative and if your height bothers you, don't focus on it. Most of my friends are much shorter than me, but I don't think anyone notices the height thing any more - that may have been a novelty at first.

Figure out what you like to do and find people with similar tastes. It may not happen overnight, but you'll be a lot happier - I went though that as a teen and I think a lot do. For me it was important to feel good about how I looked even though a lot of people called me a freak. I'm not exactly curvy, but I try to make the best of what I have and modify clothing as I figure out what my own style is. It can be horse riding, sports, school, charity work or anything. Just find something you love and do it. People like to be around others who are happy rather than those who bring themselves down.

Lots of teens have issues with dating, so don't sweat it. Find some male and female friends to do things with and have fun. You'll learn a lot about how people get along. There will be some good ones and some bad ones.

I gave up on height as a criteria for guys a long time ago. There are so many other things that are important to me and I have no problem getting dates when I'm looking for one.

In dating you may have to be the one who does the asking - no big deal as the guys are worried about rejection too.

Looking a bit different isn't necessarily a bad thing. I happen to be proud of my height. There are some comedians and actors who aren't exactly classically beautiful, but their personalities are so strong that people want to be around them. Learn to respect yourself and become the kind of person that people want to be around.

So there are challenges, but you can be stronger because of them. I have a writer friend who is a very short guy. He says dealing with that makes him a much stronger and deeper person and I would agree.

6'2" Tilly wrote (October 29th 2010)

I am 16 and 6'2" and I hate being tall!!! I get reminded everyday, nasty comments from other girls and guys all the time at my school, jolly green giant, you know the rest. I am constantly slouching and feeling soo awkward - I try and sit down as much as possible, and no one ever wants to make friends with me. I am just a freak. The ironic thing is when I was 11ish I got soo much attention from men, just walking down the street in trackies they would whistle and honk at me. I used to feel so horrible, ashamed and dirty. Guys would do this even when I was with my mum. I used to try my best not to be appealing to them but nothing worked because at that age I was about 5'6" and looked about 17. People who met me for the first time thought I was at least 18+ when really I was just 11 and wanted to be a child still :'( Now I am way oversized and fat guys won't even talk to me unless it's "I dont want to stand next to you, you make me feel short" or something like that. Don't get me started on finding clothes that fit, let alone nice clothes that fit. Recently I have started horse riding and I dream of riding the stunning fine boned small horses and ponies and the like but there is only one horse I can ride who is huge like me and really stocky. I have to use "special stirrups". I don't go out on the weekends or holidays cause I have no friends and I feel so huge compaired to everyone, and the only shoes I wear have virtually no sole to them to avoid adding extra height. And I can only dream of wearing beautiful, dainty high heels...

5'10" Stephanie wrote (October 29th 2010)

To Victoria: Sometimes men are just intimidated by tall women. Although height is a part of your looks, it certainly is not everything. To a guys whose 6'5", you are petite. I was in a major with all girls 4'10" - 5'4" and I felt like a GIANT next to them. One of the girls even guessed my height at 6'2"- wtf? Anyways, my point is, people are getting taller these days. I see tons of girls my height and taller while I'm shopping or walking to class. I don't think it is that uncommon to be "very tall" these days. And although tall can be awkward sometimes, you also have the potential to look more beautiful and striking than most short girls - that's probably why guys are intimidated. Cute is easy to flirt with, beautiful is a whole different battlefield. I feel your pain though. I'm 21, and I just want a tall boyfriend. Sooo hard to find one that's not an asshole...

6'0" Victoria wrote (October 28th 2010)

I think the main issue we girls face with being tall is dating. I hear people say "men love tall women" all the time but honestly, that is not the case. When you hear that phrase, it usually means tall women in the 5'6"-5'9" category. Yes, there are men who love extremely tall women but in reality they are hard to find. Most men prefer a petite woman whom I suppose makes them feel more masculine and secure. I'm not angry at those men who act like that because I know it is natural for a man to want to feel masculine and woman to want to feel feminine. I personally prefer a man who can make me feel small, protected and feminine. I know you all want to know why it has to be like that but that's the way it is and we cannot change that. My only advice to you girls is to lose weight, dress up, wear make-up and walk with your head held high. Unfortunately we have to work a little harder than the shorter girls to get male attention.

I have always been tall and skinny. Instead of letting the rude comments from family members like "you need to stop growing or you'll never get married" get to me, I went and got myself a makeover and luckily in that time of the year I switched schools. I started to wear a lot more make-up, dress super cute and be outgoing. Everywhere I went people will tell me I was gorgeous and I even won most likely to win Americas next top model in my yearbook. Even guys told me I was pretty all the time. However, many guys told me I was pretty but it didn't seem like they wanted to date me. In fact, my cousin once told me that his friend had said "man, your cousin is so hot but if she weren't so tall I would date her". This is a 6ft 3 inches tall man talking. I have seen my "not so cute" petite girlfriends get many boyfriends. I love to party and go to clubs but it's the worst feeling seeing my average-looking/ugly short friend get the guys and only a couple of guys approach me because they are intimidated or think transsexual? Not to sound conceited but I know I'm good-looking and it hurts when a guy automatically dismisses me because of my height. Don't get me wrong I still get guys but not as much as the short chick to the side. I could always order some jeans or shoes online which is not a burden to me but really, the only problem I have with my height is men. I sucks that it has to be like that but there are some things you can't change.

Personally I LOVE being tall, I just wish dating was easier. If dating is such a big issue for you GET HEALTHY AND GET A MAKEOVER, trust me, it works. For all you teens, it gets better in college but you still need to look as cute and feminine as possible if you want to get the men.

6'1" Kanna wrote (October 27th 2010)

At one time in my life I hated the fact that I was taller than everyone in my world. But as I grew and realized how beautiful my height was the more I loved myself. We always allow others to control our self worth. Well, from this day forward let's take it back. Stand tall, complain to these companies about their biased clothes... and I want shoes that fit too.

6'2" Susan wrote (October 23rd 2010)

Hi Varsha, you need to realize that people are going to react to what they dont know. In other words, if there are very few tall women in India some people may have insecurities in which maybe they dont know how to handle "it" (not that people have to handle "it" in a certain way). You need to realize that you are special and unique. Basically, need to rise above any "looks" that you get and become an expert in ignoring and keep working on your self confident. Also, every once in awhile sometimes you have to confront jerks, at least that is my approach. Be the best physically and mentally that you can be. It is a process, I am still working on the process. I have my good days and I have my bad days, but, like my daughter told me believe in yourself.
Take care - P.S. This is not my website, although sometimes I feel like it is. Thank you again, Joerg for this website :)

5'11 1/2" Varsha wrote (October 22nd 2010)

Hey Susan, nice Website... I really loved it. I'm 29 years old and my height is 5'11.5. I'm from India. Mostly Indian girls are not tall as I'm. Sometimes I feel good to be tall but I really feel bad when guys give strange looks and laugh at me. Please give me some advice, so that I can feel confident. Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

5'10" Taylor wrote (October 20th 2010)

Hey Megan: At 17 I think most boys will date only girls shorter than them. But as they get into college they don't all feel this way. Many men say they like a women who is confident about herself and interesting, fun to be with... height is not as big an issue as it is in high school. So I think that will change... and to Dylan: I feel as you do. I am so thankful I came upon this site. I love to read about others that are tall and their experiences... finding common ground is very uplifting!

5'11" Dylan wrote (October 19th 2010)

I always felt judged and unaccepted because of my height, I'm only 14 and still have room to grow! When I saw this website I was so happy. And after spending a few minuets on it I cried. I'm so thankful for all of this :)

6'2" Megan wrote (October 18th 2010)

So being 17, I've realized that dating is super difficult. I watch my other friends find boyfriends while I'm just by myself and I feel so lonely sometimes. I just wish sometimes something could change about that.

5'10" Jenny wrote (October 16th 2010)

Wow, I feel so much better after coming here. I know I'm not as tall as a lot of you ladies, but I'm only 14, so who knows? I'm the tallest girl in my freshman class, and I get reminded of it daily. My friends always tell me I need to date the really tall guys, but honestly, I love when guys are shorter than me. Too bad the feeling isn't mutual. Because of that, I used to cut myself, and feel terrible all the time, but after finding websites like these, I've felt so much better about myself. Thank you. :)

Joerg says: I'm happy to hear you're feeling better, Jenny. Keep your chin up and don't listen to negative people (aka haters)!

6'0 1/2" Ariana wrote (October 15th 2010)

This site is awesome! Reading all these quotes has, instead of making me feel a part of something, actually made me feel more unique and in turn more special. Ye we all get those days where we wish we can be the same height as the other girls or our crush but in the end, it ain't gonna happen :D. I got more of the tough love approach from my family. Each time I would complain to my mum about hating the way people stare at me and the people who get all up in my face to make obvious comments like 'You're so tall!' (DUH!) she always used to tell me to 'stop talking about myself all the time and being so selfish' and to not waste her time because comments like that weren't going to get anyone anywhere. Also whenever I would slouch my parents would literally hit my back lol (don't worry no abuse happening here) and get me to stand up straight. I guess I have them to thank for my non-existent hunchback people tend to stereotype tall people with. Also my older brother, who is just shorter than me at 6ft and hates it ;), used to tell me we just make ourselves look more awkward when we slouch... so STAND TALL!!!

5'10" Carolina wrote (October 14th 2010)

I'm a 17 year old brazilian girl and sometimes I feel so big and weird. People always say I should be a model, but I'm 70kg, so I would have to lose about 15 kg to model! I wear heels when I go to parties, but not so high heels. It's hard to find boys that are taller than me, the shorter ones sure feel intimidated by my height, but they should because I don't like shorter boys. I hope one day I'll be completely confortable with my 1.78cm. Even though I think being tall is beautiful it still is uncomfortable.

6'1" Nikki wrote (October 14th 2010)

I'm 23 years old, and all my life I've been told that I was too tall for any guy to want to date me, especially where I'm from, WV. But now I have a guy that loves the fact that I am taller than him and he's always encouraging me to wear heels. But I am already one of the tallest people in my hometown and I feel uncomfortable. But he loves me and I'm thinking about trying it out, just to see how I'd feel then.

6'1" Naila wrote (October 11th 2010)

Be happy with what you have and quit complaining. People all over the world are starving, and living in extreme poverty. Just thank God you wake up every day and have a roof above your head. Not to be a jerk, but being a tall person is the least of the world's worries (thoughts of a half Arawak, half Carib confident woman).

5'11" Kerri wrote (October 11th 2010)

Hey, I'm Kerri. I'm 21 years old and live in the UK. I've always been tall and have always worn flat shoes. I want to make a change as I love trying heels on in shops. They're usually about 3inch and they look so nice. But I am tall as it is, so when I wear them my confidence drops sooooooo much. Yet I feel so sexy when I wear them in the house! :) Is there anything I can do? I do not have friends. I'm not a huge people person (I get on with people, I just don't have a lot of friends).

5'10" Taylor wrote (October 8th 2010)

Stephanie: I do get the same thing... people think I am taller. And for me it depends on who is telling me I look taller. If it's a male I always answer with a guestion. I say "why, how tall are you?" ... and before they answer I say "I bet you think you are taller than you really are!" Emphasis on think and then I laugh. Funny - they never answer me after that. LOL. Usually they change the subject. Other times if it's a female I use a variety of answers depending on the person and how well I know them. I always find it more difficult when women ask me and it usually becomes an awkward moment. But I often wonder why they are asking. It seems silly. I am tall so why do they need to know exactly how tall? LOL

5'10" Stephanie wrote (October 7th 2010)

I know that I am only 5'10" and among the shortest to comment on this site, but I feel SO much taller than I am. People always think I'm much taller than I am, and I don't understand it. I have gotten plenty of comments about "looking like I am over 6'0" and I do not understand how I can look 3+ inches taller than I actually am. I am neither skinny nor overweight, so it isn't being "big or small", and I was just wondering if anyone else gets comments like this? How do you deal with it?

6'3" Jheri wrote (October 7th 2010)

Ok, Miki. I probably went through something similar to you. Try to change the subject when someone meets you and make a game of how to do it. Have a t-shirt made with something like "6foot 3-1/2 now let's talk about something interesting". I like to give people unexpected compliments, which always brings a smile and sometimes leads to great conversations and even some friendships. Be comfortable - I wear running shoes most of the time because they are comfortable. Go for them. Turn around their scanning. If they say "you're so tall" look them in the eye and give a bit of a puzzled look. Then scan down and look at your shoes and get a look that you've solved a big mystery. Now look them in the eyes with a confident smile and say "oh - I'm not that tall, it's just these shoes that make it look that way..."

Making it a game you look forward to is a lot of fun. I can't say I always do it, but when I try it makes me smile. A friend of mine who very tall gives people high 5s when they start staring at a distance. She'll take the initiative and say "you look like you could use a high 5" or "want a high five". It doesn't always work, but when it does it is wonderful. I did it all Summer. She had a friend follow her and made a You Tube video.

Put together an outfit you look good in and are proud of if you can. Maybe you can get your friends to help. If they are really good friends tell them you're having problems with self esteem and ask for their ideas. You might be surprised. I've found that friends really stick with you. With the support of others you can do a lot. Maybe you can even help them with their issues. You may not realize it, but almost all women have self esteem issues when they are teens.

I have a book to recommend. It is really written for younger readers, but I enjoyed it even though I'm in my mid 20s. The author is a very short guy who is a very successful New York Times writer. The book is really about how to deal with being different and it might give you a new perspective. It is "Short: Walking Tall When You're Not Tall at All" by John Schwartz.

6'1 1/2" Eleia wrote (October 6th 2010)

Hey Ladies, I love this site because it shows that there are so many other tall women out there who go through the same things I go through. I was 5'11" in the eigth grade, so I have ALWAYS been tall. I definitely understand growing up tall as a tween and adolescence... all your friends are "short" or average height, they get a lot of attention, blah, blah, blah. But now that I am 24 I have learned to embrace my height and be comfortable and proud of me. I want to encourage the younger girls not to worry about boys in high school, dates and all of that. It pays not to be doing that stuff when you'ere in high school anyways. You don't need the temptation and distractions, just have friends... I think there would be less teen pregnacies if girls didn't have "boyfriends" in high school. My dad didn't let me date until I was 16. I had one boyfriend in high school, it lasted 3 months. But anyways, when I went to college, getting attention from guys wasn't a problem and it's not a problem till this day. That may have been since I was around athletes all the time and am an athlete myself. But it's not about your height, it's about how you carry yourself. Keep yourself in shape, be confident, and you'll be fine. Also, a lot of girls want attention, but most of that attention they are getting is for the wrong reason. I know that I want someone to want me for me, not my assets or just for a "good time" if you know what I mean.

And recently I have decided that I am going to be like Kimora Lee Simmons and Tyra Banks who are both tall women and they wear 3"-4" heels on a regular basis. I've decided I want to be fabulous and that's what I'm going to be. It's so many girls across the country doing OUTRAGEOUS things just to get attention, it's really sad. You get attention just by walking in the room, isn't that wonderful. It took a long time for me to get where I am today, and I still have my moments of wanting to be "shorter" Ha! Doesn't last long... but it's all good cuz God helps me to love me! And I don't worry about guys, that will come in its season.

5'11 1/2" Tamaria wrote (October 6th 2010)

To be honest sometimes I feel so discouraged about being so tall and then there is another time where I feel confident and smart. I'm now 26 years old and I'm now in a relationship with a wonderful young who treats me like a queen. He makes me feel so beautiful both inside and outside. He told me to walk proud because I am wonderfully made. Growing up as a child was not an easy road, I got teased alot and was called all sorts of names which really hurts. I am now a teacher at a high school and students come to me daily with various problems which I in turn have to give them kind words of gratitude. This help me to build my self esteem and self confidence more because my students look up to me as a role model and I respect that. So ladies being tall is not a crime, walk with pride and hold your head high feel proud about who you are, pray daily and allow the Lord to do the rest. I am proud to be tall standing at 5 feet 11 1/2 inches, strut your stuff ladies and continue walking with pride.

6'0" Jessica wrote (October 6th 2010)

To all of you tall women and young girls out there: there is nothing wrong with being tall. I am 18 years old and I have been six foot since the ninth grade. Boys always made comments when I walked by, but the way I look at it was that they were just jealous because they weren't as tall as me :) I never let it get to me. I embraced and still do embrace my height to the fullest potential. I love being my height. And my heels are still my best friend :) No matter where I go or who im with! So ladies, keep your heads up! You're all so beautiful!

6'3 1/2" Miki wrote (October 6th 2010)

Hi there! So I am BY FAR the tallest girl most people have ever seen because I constantly get the "how tall are you?" or the classic stare down at the feet then back up at the head to confirm your not wearing heels. And for some reason junior year in high school has been really hard self esteem wise. I am afraid to wear comfy tennis shoes beause I don't want to add the extra 1 1/2" because people always go "Wow! Did YOU grow MORE?" and today walking down the hall I saw a super tall guy walk towards me, just to find out as we crossed that I was an inch taller. Classic. I don't know why, but my height is really becoming an issue at school only. Why is beyond me. I feel like I am getting taller than my 6'4" dad and I started balling today once I got home because I felt like such a freak of nature (not an outcast because I have friends and stuff). Please give words of encouragement or advice if you have them and if you believe in prayer, please pray that I am given acceptance and joy as far as my 'problems' are concerned... thank you so much and thanks for making this web site!

5'10" Diana wrote (October 5th 2010)

Hey Alyssa... I wanted to tell you... I was 19 when I got my first kiss. People thought I have good moral values. :D Haha. Sorry. Well, I don't consider myself so tall. Well, not anymore. I'm 26 now. But the highschool... Oh, Jesus. It looked like there were shortest people in my school. All the shortest people on the planet gathered around me. I hated the line-up in gymnastics. I hated to stand up when lessons finished. I was late for class to avoid standing up next together. I was suggested basketball which I hated etc... I have to say I wasn't quite myself in those days. I suffered, felt lonely but somehow I managed. I found other interests and was reading a lot. I made friends on the internet - where people could get to know my personality before knowing my height. I loved music and boxing (Whatever sport you like you do. Don't let people tell you what to do.) was watching movies and educating myself. On the internet people found me funny and intellligent and when I shared photos they liked me. I told them I'm taller and when I finally met someone, they liked me. One liked even so much that from this came my first kiss and first relationship. He was a handsome tall guy. Anyway, now I think it's not right to hide yourself and feel bad and search for alternatives. I'm normal and I should be able to live a normal life. If someone doesn't like me, they should search for alternatives! But anyway... life is cruel... people are like grown up in jungle, if they see something different, they point with their finger and say things. I still have some insecurity. High heels I wear only on photos... to show people how nice I can look. But I don't dare to go out with them. Oh, and it's difficult with short friends. I don't know how I'm so unlucky. Most of my friends are really short... they wear heels to make me feel better. But I know even guys shorter than me. Even my bf now is shorter than me. I feel insecure sometimes. But most of the time I'm just like in a bubble. I enjoy his company and feel good. And he likes me so much... Ah, this world is horrible. I wish all the beautiful tall ladies can feel secure and happy. You are beautiful! People are different! We have to accept ourselves then others can accept us! :) In younger age it's more difficult. I know... I remember. But if you're so obsessed with it (as I were and still am) then try to do other things. Don't think about it too much. There are other things in this world :) I hope it gave some help!

6'1" Alyssa wrote (October 2nd 2010)

I am 17 years old and 6'1". It might be taller, because last time I actually checked was last year. Anyways... I have never had a first kiss or a boyfriend, and I think that after reading all these comments, I am okay with that. I am the tallest girl in my 2011 class...as far as I know anyway. My school is the biggest school in the state. I know that when I played sports, I was always the tallest. I don't seem to get any attention from guys... which doesn't make any sense to me. I'm aroung 195 lbs and 6'2". My body is okay... but it could be better. I have long blonde, curly hair and big blue eyes. I have alot of guy friends, but never a BOYfriend. I am an optimist... I see the bright side of everything, and I have good morals... but still, guys don't seem to be interested. I dont know why. I have accepted my height... but not to the extreme point of confidence. I still look at the little petite and pretty girls and still wish I were them. Anybody help my to raise my self-esteem. I also don't take comments very well... any help on that one?

5'10" Remedois wrote (September 29th 2010)

To Megan: I want to answer your concern because I had similar situations where I liked a guy but thought that there is no point of trying because he probably likes someone better looking than me. But I think that's just self esteem problems, I had them since middle school, when I was still average height. So I think the real problem is not with the height but with your perception of your own body. All men are different, there are men who prefer taller women, there are men who focus on the person's personality and don't really have a preferable body type, so you shouldn't think right away that your friend is going to "win". Plus, if it's your friend, why is she hitting on the guy that you like? I don't think it's right. I think you should never tell yourself that you are not good enough for someone. If you want to get to know them - just start a conversation with them. And if you don't end up going out, it's not the end of the world. Some guys will like you, some won't, but that's something that everyone encounters, not only tall women. Some guys like girls that can fit into size three pants but some like girls who are more curvy. So which type should feel better about themselves? I don't think there really is an answer to that question

5'10" Tyla wrote (September 29th 2010)

Heyaa! I've been reading some of your comments, and they are so amazing... really boosting everyone's confidence! I came across this website looking at advice on the internet for tall women wearing heels. I an 17 years old and quite often go out with friends at night, but I have never worn heels out. I am quite insecure and maybe this is what's stopping me but I definetely feel that I will be way too tall! I almost always wish I was shorter as I have so many "normal" height friends :/. It's bad I think this but you can't help it when you're always having people tell you how tall you are and to shrink, as a joke but it still has effect on you. Anyway, I am going out this weekend to a club, and I'm almost certain everyone will be wearing heels. Even though I have read most of the comments on here about heels, I am still not confident to wear them at all. One minute I'm like "yeah, I will wear them, so what!" but the next I'm not! I would love to wear heels this weekend as I feel that sometimes not wearing heels, it brings an outfit down if you just wear it with flats. I'd love some advice (even though most of you will tell me to wear them anyway). Even though a part of me knows I should just go for it (why shouldn't I) but I know I'll be standing in the middle of a club, with normal sized friends, with loads of boys, dancing, and I KNOW I wont be confident and will be SO insecure!!!! I have to start one day I suppose, but when is that day!?!? xxx

5'10" Adriana wrote (September 29th 2010)

Hey guys, Ii am 16 years old and 5'10". I hated being that tall til I turned 15, I think. But now I love it. I have long legs and people often tell me that they envy my legs and my height and encourage me to wear high heels. And I do. I am wearing about 3 inches to school when I am in the mood and for "special events" even higher ones. So I don't think that towering above erveryone else is a bad thing. We can be damn proud of our height because WE ARE SPECIAL!!!!! Embrace your height, rock the heels my ladys ;DD Btw. I'm from Germany. I hope my English is OK.

6'2" Susan wrote (September 26th 2010)

Hi there! My experience was I did not start dating until I was 18 yrs old. I had some crushes, but, most of the guys I liked were not ready to date. After I graduated highschool, I had no problem dating. I think alot of it was I was working on my self confidence. My advise to you is to be yourself and dont worry who the guy will pick. If he is really interested it will work itself out.

6'2" Megan wrote (September 25th 2010)

Just wanted to hear your comments about dating. Being a senior in high school, it has never been hard being confident about being tall, because I love it. I love playing tennis and constantly people are commenting. But dating is different. I dont really know how to work on that. Not sure about dating guys shorter than me, but at the same time I don't really know what else to do. And when I found a guy that I like my friend who is shorter (5'6") atomatically decided that she liked him too and now I don't know what to do about this problem. Cause I feel like the shorter girl is going to win, and it's kind of unfortunate.

6'0" Nicole wrote (September 23rd 2010)

I was always the tallest girl in school, there were a few girls as tall as me up until 2nd grade, but they stopped growing... haha! I also never had a boyfriend in high school, but I was never made fun of either. I had plenty of friends, but dating life gets a lot better after high school. Since I got out of hs, I have not had a single problem finding a date. I see benefits in being tall. I can actually see the stage at concerts. I have to say that I'm going to have to use the quote of someone above when people ask me "did I play basketball?" Would you ask a black guy if they eat fried chicken and watermelon! LOL

6'2" Susan wrote (September 22nd 2010)

I probably could be debating this all the time. I just didn't expect to be pointing out the positive aspects for a woman being tall on a tall womens website. This is in response to Jane's comment on 6'2" being a little scary". Why is that scary? Are you serious? Really? So, apparently, 5'11" is okay but, 6'2" is not? Please really give thought to what you say before you say it. I am curious where you are coming from. i.e. dating, I have not had any problems dating anymore than my single female friends, who are in the 5'2" -5'10" range. Another positive is I have grown up to get to know people by their personalities rather than looking at the physical appearance.

Joerg says: I agree... for some weird reason it's always the "somewhat tall ladies" who seem to have the biggest issues. I will never get that. My tallest friends (and we're talking 6'5", 6'6", 6'7", 6'8" and 6'9"!!!) are much self confident than most of the contributors on here. Listen, Ladies: You don't have a deadly disease. You're just taller than "average".

6'0" Pratima wrote (September 21st 2010)

Hi Ladies... I love my height. I used to be the TALLEST girl in my school... Yay!!! And even in my college Yay !!! I am actually quite laid off person and never cared for what people said about my height. I always knew I have one thing that MOST girls desire for. I NEVER , never even once, felt uncomfortable or uneasy with what I am. And I have got some of the best persons as my friends coz they know I am a genuine person. I love being tall and for all those girls who feel bad or shy about their height I would only say "grow up douchebags, this is the best thing a girl could get , had you been shorter then again you would have said I wish I were tall and blah blah". And moreover, people don't like to mess with tall, big girls.


5'10" Lianne wrote (September 21st 2010)

I embrace my height. I used to hate being tall because I was afraid that guys wouldn't like me because of my height (I am taller or as tall as 75% of the guys I know). It's really sad how most of us women worry about trivial things like if guys will or won't like us because of our height, our hair color, etc. honestly, whenever I go out, I have absolutely no problem receiving attention from guys. It doesn't matter if they're shorter or taller than me; they still come up to me. More guys approach me than my petite friends. So, to my tall girls: STOP WORRYING ABOUT GUYS! I am living proof that height doesn't matter to them. Guys love long legs and tall women, especially if the woman carries her height off with confidence. There really is nothing like being an amazon. I'm in college now and joined a sorority and several of my sisters are as tall as me and they wear heels which make them 6'1" or so. I was nervous about wearing heels (I'm taller than almost every guy I meet with them on) but these girls pull heels off so well and they look so confident and regal to me. They gave me the self-esteem boost to start wearing heels. Don't stop yourself from doing what you want just because you're worried about the opinions of others. Like Dr. Seuss said - "be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." :)

Thankfully, I have never been teased about my height. I do receive the occassional "you're really tall" but most of the time, I get compliments about how I should be a model. I'm naturally skinny so finding clothes is sometimes a pain because girls who are my height or over are usually not a size 0. That's really my only complaint. My shoe size is a size 7 1/2 or 8 so I'm happy that my feet are a "normal" size. Most of my tall friends wear a size 10 or larger in shoes.

All in all, LOVE your height! Be happy with yourself! Being tall is a blessing. Taller people are closer to heaven ;) Tall girls turn heads no matter where they go. Be confident, hold your head up high and keep on keeping on!

6'1" Priscilla wrote (September 19th 2010)

Hey everyone! :) I'm Dominican, I'm 17 yrs old and 6'1". Reading all these comments I got completely teary eyed. There were times where I felt so alone because of my height. I've also tried suicide because of all the comments at school and EVERYWHERE ELSE! I've also felt different and not in a good way. But I'm glad to see that I'm not alone :)

My mom is very supportive - she tells me everyday how beautiful I am but then I hear a comment on my height and I totally forget what she had told me. I can't lie... sometimes I love being tall because you DO look elegant and strong but it just hurts when people point it out so much like if I don't know I'm tall. Another problem is dating. I mean I've dated but the guys have been shorter than me and it doesn't matter to me just as long as they're not like 5'4". LOL. But some guys just don't seem to like tall girls as much. I just hope in the future I find someone who will :) And, oh, I lovee this site, it has made me feel a lot better about my height :)

6'3" Jheri wrote (September 19th 2010)

It is important for a teen to be comfortable at least at home. My mother was always convinced that I would never fit in and that was a problem, but I was also taller than anyone in my family by quite a bit starting when I was about 11. That got me very used to being a bit comfortable with forgetting about my height. So I got a mixed message - at times my mother made me nervous and was trying to convince me that something was wrong, but at the same time home life was very normal and I was able to not think about it very much.

My mother had all kinds of old fashioned ideas about women and their "place" and height was part of what she believed. When I finally left home and saw how wrong her ideas were, it made me much more positive about my "flaws" - like being too curious, reading too many books, being too tall, climbing trees, and a dozen other things that are me.

Kids can be very nasty to each other and there is a lot of name calling and bullying. When I talk to friends who are of average height the taunting changed all of the time, but everyone had some of it. With a tall kid the taunting is usually only about one thing and that makes you personalize it and consider it a flaw, when it isn't.

I wish I had advice that worked, but the more I think about it the more I think all of us have to go through this craziness as teens. It doesn't matter if we are tall, short, average, heavy, or thin or anything. If you are very different to begin with you run the risk of internalizing it too much and there is this stupid "rule" in society that guys have to be taller. At some point most of us realize that you are stronger than the taunting and that dumb rules like "women must be shorter" or "women should only get paid 2/3 as much as men", or "women can't do this or that.." are just dumb and to be ignored. There are some people who believe these stupid rules, but there are better people who don't, so you learn to pick your friends and ignore the ignorant.

Maybe this process is even good as it teaches us how to be stronger and more resilient. Of course we can always use some help at home from our parents.

5'11" Jane wrote (September 18th 2010)

I was this tall at 14, and 5'0" at 9. I have 2 daughters, one who is 5'3 1/2" at 12 years old and the younger is 5'2" and only 10. I have doubled her height at 2 as this is supposed to give your final height and she will be 6'2" and I am worried for her. I was happy to find a 6'3" husband as I always need someone to look up to but only enjoyed being tall when I was 20 + years old and got called 'spider legs' 'empire state human' in my teens. Dreadful. People do seem to be getting taller (here in UK at least) so she may not feel so bad; I always tell her and her sister that it is so much better to be tall, clothes look fantastic etc and my girls are slim too so I am sure that they will be fine (just 6'2" is a little scary!!) (Cort, I will let them know.......!!)

5'10 1/2" Linda wrote (September 18th 2010)

This is for Tina... You are a hypocrite. You say tall women are gorgeous to look at in one breath and the next you are looking down on your daughters for being tall! You are the one who is shaping those two little girls lives. It's up to you to give them the BEST self-esteem possible! They look up to you for guidance. You should be telling them EVERY DAY how beautiful and tall they are.

6'2" Susan wrote (September 17th 2010)

This is in response to Tina's comment. No, I for one do not feel the way you described at the end of your comment. Tina, if you use those words to describe your daughters, you are probably going to give them more hang ups than you have. Rather than giving your daughters a positive self image they will more than likely look at being tall as a negative rather than a positive. I HOPE you don't do that to your children. I have a 9 yr old beautiful daughter that will probably be around 6'1" - 6'5" and I have always told her how much of an asset it is to be tall. Please think about the words that you use. They are tall - not huge - two completely different meanings.

6'1" Natalie wrote (September 17th 2010)

Hey ya'll! I'm now 20 and 6'1" and I used to hate, hate, hate being tall. Now I'm coming to accept it more and more every day. I was 5'10" and 120 ponuds in the seventh grade so I looked pretty awkward but now I've gotten some nice curves and feel more confident about my body. It breaks my heart to hear about other girls who wish they weren't this way. But look at it this way: Your height may be the first thing people notice about you but, hey!, at least you are getting noticed! And I totally agree, if I hear one more thing about basketball I might just have to stomp some of these shorties! I feel much better knowing I'm not alone in this and I encourage all of you to go out and buy those four inch heels you've been drooling over.

5'9"! Neomi wrote (September 17th 2010)

I don't know if my comment will even make it on to the website because I'm only 5'9". BUT, I really do have something nice to say, so please Joerg, publish my comment. I'll love you forever :)

I grew up in India. Felt out of place all my life, because most Indian women are very short and petite. I shot up to 5'9" and yes it doesn't seem tall to those who are 6'4" but when you're taller than the male population and stared at, as if you're growing horns, it makes you very self conscious. I'd always like to stand in the back of the room or try and blend in as much as possible. Guys teased me calling me sister of a certain actor or athlete. Going to school in a public bus and being called names and cussed out just because I was seen as a freak was humiliating. Being out in public seemed unbearable. But once I grew up into myself. I realized how tall I am is not the problem. My insecurity about it was the problem. There are women who are 5'5" and weigh 120 lbs and and are in deep depression because they are so insecure and there are women who are 6'7" and weigh 255lbs and are absolutely happy with themselves. It's not our height. It's our attitude.

I'm happy to report that after years (I'm 30 now) of slouching and trying to hide, GOD has HEALED me on the inside from all the pain and rejection I felt and now I proudly wear my 5 inch heels and tower over people. I proudly walk down the street with my head held high. Do people still stare? They better!!! :) Average is overrated!!!!!!!!

Joerg says: Exceptions are problematic, Neomi. I had 5'6" women writing stuff, telling me how angry they are about being "so tall". What can you say to that? But - as you can see - I've made an exception.

5'10" Tina wrote (September 16th 2010)

I'm actually 5'9" and a half but I have always felt 7 feet. I grew up in Japan where I was bigger than 99 % of the population. and Now I live in Israel and am almost taller than everyone... and I've always felt so awkward standing in lines standing next to people. It's been really really hard. But on the other hand I do love being tall - when I'm not in line - and I love to see other tall women - tall women are GORGEOUS to look at. So royal somehow. It just is hard to feel that way about myself. Anyways, it was always hard for me to be with shorter men, as destiny had it - I married a very tall Israeli man. He is 193 cm (6'4") and our two girls are HUGE. They are so tall and here I feel like when I've finally learned to love myself I'm being confronted all over with those insecurities when I look at my daughters. I don't say a word - they are gorgeous age 10 and 5 but I know that they will be much much taller than me. Sometimes I think that I should have married a way shorter man. I just didn't think about that when we married. Does anyone feel this way as a mom?

6'2" Susan wrote (September 15th 2010)

This response is specifically for Cecilia. In reading your comment, I think a lot of your experiences might be your attitude. I have gone out/dated men from 5'8" to 7'0". The only time I have had a problem is when I was feeling down about myself, which doesn't occur that often. Yes, there are some tall men, who are not with tall women, however, there are some tall women, who prefer to be with shorter men. As far as the teasing goes, I went thru teasing also, but, probably more women on this site have than have not. On the statement of not finishing your meal when you are with a shorter man, I think you need to get over whatever, insecurity is causing that reaction. I don't wish I was "little". I am a unique individual and that is a terrific thing. Love yourself and who you are. I wish you the best - Susan

6'1" Emily wrote (September 15th 2010)

Hi everyone, I'm a 6ft1 24yr old Australian girl. It's so nice to read all your comments! I would have been teary but I'm too amazonian to cry??!! My best friend is 5ft (her wedding photos with me as bridesmaid are classic). So I NEVER forget my height. But I love it. Always have. Always will. But that doesn't make it easy.

Clothes = nightmare (I've started making my own as Australia's in the midst of dresses that barely cover your butt). Shoes = hard (seriously, just cos my feet are 0.5cm longer than the standard size does NOT mean I want to wear indian hemp sandles... EVER). Boys = where do I even begin?

The average aussie boy is about 5'9" I think? Whatever, they are shorter than me and it's such a problem for them (not me)! The trouble I've found with some tall boys is they are so competitive and arrogant! Seriously. I'm all about personality and often the guys I'm attracted to are much shorter - 5'8" and scrawny. I'm an athletic girl in proportion.

But you know what? I am trying my hardest for it not to matter. Maybe I'll meet someone, maybe I wont. I'm soon to graduate from medical school. I get compliments from random strangers just for being me. I may not be able to blend in when I'm feeling shy (quite often!!) but I certainly stand out when I wear a red dress (I've pale skin and dark hair). And if someone asks me about bloody basketball one more time I'm going to use some of the comments I've found on here. CLASSIC!

So to all of you young ones. My first boyfriend was not until after a year of university! My first kiss I was 18.5yrs old. The guys catch up (in more ways than just height). So hang in there. Pick a sport (mine's volleyball... at school it was highjump and trust me, with highjump you have a small advantage... consider it). Find something to work towards that you love. Dress to show off your figure - who cares about a bit of ankle with jeans anyway! And take care of yourselves. I've also learnt there's a correlation between tallness and intelligence. So feel free to spread that around.

Loveya all xxx

5'10" Stephanie wrote (September 14th 2010)

Hello tall ladies, I am barely under 5'10", but I get comments DAILY about how tall I am. I mean, I know that I am taller for a woman, but it's not like I'm the tallest woman they've ever seen in their lives... Anywyas, my point is, its very frustrating. I am uncomfortable in heels and I hate when people point out my height, as if I didn't already know or something. I'm also disproportionate, which makes it worse. My legs are really long, and my torso is only about a foot. When I sit, I am the same height as a woman who is 5'3... my legs look weird and too big for my body, and I also walk a little funny because of it. Is anyone else build like this? I feel like a dahli surrealism painting or something...

5'10" Stephanie wrote (September 14th 2010)

To Cecilia: I don't understand what you mean about how in the "real world" there are petite women everywhere. The average American women is 5'4" and 160 pounds... that doesn't sound very "petite" to me. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by big and tall, as that could be a varied range, but I know that quite a few people would probably consider me a "big girl" at 148 pounds and 5'10"... so not only am I 6 inches taller then the average american women, I'm also 12 pounds lighter, which must make them look hugely fat in comparison. Petite women are out there, but let's not kid ourselves, we live in America...

6'2 1/2" Shoshana wrote (September 12th 2010)

Hey everyone! I was wondering if you had any suggestions on where I can get a nice down jacket It's really hard when you have long arms... I like the North Face but I'm not sure if it will be long enough in the sleeves... I'm 6ft2 1/2 maybe 6ft3.

5'11 1/2" Grace wrote (September 10th 2010)

Hi everyone :) So basically I just wanna try and explain to all of you tall women / girls out there that you are EXTREMELY lucky and beautiful. Please, please, please, pleaaaassseee don't be insecure about being "toooo tall". For starters, there's no such thing as being too tall, anyway. Sure it gets anoying sometimes standing in a long queue in the supermarket and you're the only tall person there sticking out like a sore thumb, but standing in a line at the grocery store isn't exactly somewhere you go to judge someone. It's where you go to get your pop tarts and bread, so chilllllllll! And how do you think Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen or Elle McPherson got there millions from? They're supermodels, and what do you need to be a supermodel? Height. Be grateful, and we can get away with gaining like 10 pounds and complain we've only gained one, I'm a size UK 12 - people NEVER believe me, they all think I'm much much smaller. So hey... life's pretty much not bad for us, so stop worrying and live your life, get out there before it's too late... who knows, in a few years you could be on a yacht in St. Tropez (France) sipping champagne with the world's most successful and most beautiful women alive. They're like you. Don't waste your life moping. You are you for a reason, being tall is something to do with you and nobody else so embrace it. Next time you feel insecure just think about people in the world who are much worse off than you. You are beautiful, all of you xxxxx

6'2" Ave wrote (September 10th 2010)

It makes me so happy to see all the positive feedback on here for young women to see that it's all good to be tall! I'm 6'2" and I've been this height since I was about 11 years old. When I was younger I got called names occasionally such as 'daddy long legs', 'seven foot disease' and later on when the Deuce Bigalo movie came out "That's a HUGE b****!"

I'm now 25 and LOVE being tall. I stand out in the crowd, which helps when meeting new people or job interviews, and I have a fantastic (shorter) boyfriend. Another thing I love about being tall is the fact you can enjoy food without having to worry too much about your figure.

All you teens reading this - it's definitely an advantage being tall - any guys that are intimidated just do so because of their own insecurities.

Anyone in NZ - check out Hurricane Jeans in Wellington. They have a range of 36" :)

Joerg: Anyone in NZ - check out the Clothes NZ and the Shoes NZ sections!

6'2" Susan wrote (September 9th 2010)

In response to Victoria's inquiry. Also, some companies in the USA I believe ship to Canada are Masseys.com, Auditionsshoes.com, Cowardshoe.com, Roamans.com and Chadwicks.com are some there are more. I wear size 12 and do most of my shoe shopping online. They are little more reasonable. Take care - Susan

6'2" Susan wrote (September 5th 2010)

Love it, good job Sofia. Absolutely true!

6'3" Sofia wrote (September 4th 2010)

I am 13 years old, 6'3" and about to to be a freshman in highschool. I was raised in a family who encourage me to walk tall and proud, so even when I was called "megatron" in middle school at first I found it offensive but then it grew on me. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't fight it, so I just embraced it. Megatron was a strong character and I'm proud to be compared to that. All of my family is tall so I would never feel like an outcast. My mom always let me wear heels even though in school I usually got comments like "You don't need to wear heels your already tall enough". I never paid to much attention and continued strutting my stuff. So ladies... embrace your height, all u have to do is look around you . Feel beautiful because you are beautiful, take it from a 13 year old.

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