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Quotes from Tall Women (2011a)

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5'11 1/2" Etirah wrote (June 30th 2011)

Hey, everyone. My name is Etirah. I'm 17 years old and a junior in high school. I just wanna say I'm very very happy and appreciative that there's a website or page just for US tall girls/women. Middle school through high school hasn't been the best of days or times for me. But they're getting better! = ) There were many, many times when people would make me feel low and weird. Like I don't belong! Like a person of my height could never find love! THEY'RE WRONG! I have dated more than once so far I've dated 4 or 5 guys through high school but not all at one time! LOL! I JUST WANNA SAY YOU LADIES REALLY INSPIRE ME! AND I WANT TO REALLY THANK YOU LADIES = ) THERE IS NO MORE FEELING DOWN AND CLOSED IN! IT'S TIME ROCK THEM SEXY PUMPS AND HEELS AND SHOW THOSE SHORT GREMLINS YOU'RE PRETTIER! AND SHOW THEM HOW TO REALLY ROCK! = )

6'1" Elena wrote (June 27th 2011)

For all the tall women out there, you really should embrace it. The only way to make yourself shorter is too cut your legs off at the ankles and frankly, you'd look weirder without feet than you would just being tall.

There are a lot of good things about beings tall anyway - like the fact that you can weigh more and no one would notice for one. (That's my personal favorite.) I weigh 175, which is 20 lbs overweight for my height, but frankly I look great anyway.

I know it sounds vain, but all those short people look at you women like you're some elf from Middle Earth and THEY are the little dwarf people. Short guys who hit on you? Heck, ANY guy who hits on you. What do you think they're flirting because they think you're ugly? Come on now. We all know better than that.

The only thing you're lacking is perspective, and you're only as awkward as you make it. I know there are some times where it's hard to be confident. If I do something stupid that has nothing to do with my height I somehow can't help but feel like some sort of cumbersome, retarded, ogre... and it sucks for five minutes before I get on with my life.

But I get on with my life.

What I remember about me is that I'm intelligent, funny, quirky, and pretty. I smile a lot and throw everything I've got into everything I do. People like me or they wouldn't be near me as much as they are- and they are all shorter than me, sometimes by feet. My boyfriend is 5'6" and guess what, he's wonderful too.

I'm 19 years old and my parents started me at school a year early because my entire family is very tall. Growing up I was younger AND taller than everyone else (and still am). I was quiet on top of it. No one really got me. I know how it feels to stand out. There's just a point in your life when you realize you are the main character of your story and it's time to start writing something worth reading.

Whatever you do, just DO NOT SLOUCH. Instead of making you look short it makes you look lacklustre, insecure, and more awkward than actual inches ever could. Good posture shows others that you are comfortable with yourself, and when people see that you are okay with who you are, they want to be around you.

My final advice? Wear heels, stand up straight, and smile often.

5'11" June wrote (June 25th 2011)

I am a tall woman now fifty years old. I have read some of the quotes of the young women and I can totally relate to their positive and negative feelings about their height. I grew up in a family of short people and I always felt like the ugly duckling because I was obviously different in size. It was always mentioned by them and sometimes remarks were made that hurt my feelings and affected the the way I mentally portrayed myself, to me. I just couldn't fit into the high of my height, mentally. So therefore it affected the way I thought and felt and reacted for many years. It always seemed that more was handed out for me to do, because I looked strong.Having to handle criticism from a young age wasn't easy but I had to learn how, therefore it made me realize I had to have strength in order to cope and deal with the difference. I had to handle it. To me the word tall means more than height about a person. It taught me to be very independent because society wasn't conformed to us tall girls. No, we have had to learn to conform to society and the way they made things to fit for the norm...

Jobs I had were bending down at tables or machines that were to low. My back ached all the time but I had to work at jobs my education limited me to. We weren't all able to have modeling careers, to walk the strip. Although, I do realize that even that can be hard work. Which brings me to the fact of the matter, that if you are a tall women you are naturally going to have long (big) feet. So, this is what I have said and thought for years while shopping for shoes. They can make rockets and send astronauts to the moon but why couldn't I ever find a ten and a half shoe at a shoe store. They have just started selling larger size shoes in most department stores in the past ten to fiteen years,... if that. After size ten there are no half sizes. There are elevens and twelves is the largest I have seen, in the area where I now live. Okay so I was tall, had long (not big), feet, had to be tough and learn to laugh when it hurt.

Being the one who sticks out isn't always easy. I never had many friends I always seem to think it was because of my height. I forgot to mention, I wasn't conceded by no means (having to do with that self esteem problem I mentioned before) but I was attractive and had a good figure, all but for the small bust. I always said this body deserved larger breasts LoL!!! Women have always seem to resent me. it hurt my feelings for a long time until I had men tell me that they were jealous. Jealous, I thought, of me, the person who has always felt to tall and kind of masculine. Not in looks but in the mentality of always having to be strong and dealing with the issues of my loneliness. What seems to sum it up is being different makes one tend to think different. Being tall made me think tall without all the constructive compliments I needed to help me overcome and be more confident of my femininity. I am a beautiful tall women who has finally realized that my difference has made me become a very strong indepedent person.Back to the issues of sizes, now of clothing which is another huge story... problem.

I have never liked to go shopping for clothes the thing that most women just love to do.It was always depressing never finding jeans long enough, or sleeves in tops. It's always been more of a job than a delight. I am single now and have been for sometime. I still have a hard time with dating although I have been with a few very handsome men in the past. I still hear it girls.... your sure a tall one but... I've also heard that they think tall women are very sexy. It has been a little difficult being single now being fifty and still tall... having to deal with the issues of finding a man in my life again. That is what led me to this quote page. I was concerned about how to dress for my age when I still have the figure to dress youthful. Tall women tend to keep their nice figures and believe me girls... at my age that is a plus. So I just want to influence all other tall girls and women reading this page by saying from experience. Be who you are, love who you are. Fit into your tall and wear it well. You are above the normal crowd show them your beauty and smile at the world. Stand tall for that is what makes you the special person you are. Love it and enhance it with all you've got because you are being noticed all the time. Take the tall remarks and toast to the tall glass of champagne you are. I salute you all.

Your tall friend in spirit GREBA JUNE

6'1" Lisa wrote (June 25th 2011)

The reason I can't handle dating short men is because they are the ones who teased me the most growing up. The short guys in highschool were vicious to me, and would taunt me, make up songs and rumors about me, and laugh and remind me how 'gigantic' I was. Looking back, I think they hated me because the wanted to be tall and were insecure with being short. It wasn't until college when I started dating a 6'4" man who said "oh come on, you aren't that tall" that I started to accept my height and realize I wasn't a freak. He would compliment me on my height, my long legs, my long neck. He encouraged me to wear heels to be as tall as him. He was proud of me. After that, I just always dated tall guys. It wasn't because of society's pressure. And I don't think it's because I'm deliberately closed minded. It was just a traumatic life experience that made me feel edgy and hated by short people and more "at home" and comfortable with other tall people. It's really nice to hear there are shorter men who don't mind (or like) taller women. I wish they would have went to my highschool.

5'11 1/2" Abier wrote (June 24th 2011)

Hey, guys. My name is Abier and I'm from Michigan. I swear I thought I was the only one who didn't really like being tall. I was always short when I was younger, even in high school! I didnt hit my growth spurt until my late junior year. It wasn't normal how tall I all of a sudden became. I was looking down at guys that I used to look up to ! I'm about to be 19 in august and I've grown 2 and a half inches so far and I can't stop growing. I kind of like being tall sometimes because of the good attention I get from it. I get asked to model a lot but I just don't find it to be my thing. I play a lot of sports and my height actually helps a lot. The way I look at it sometimes is that its hard to find a guy taller than I am. The biggest turn off for me is a guy who is my height or shorter!

6'1" Anna wrote (June 23th 2011)

To Jules: I love short guys too! I think for all us tall girls we should be more open to the guys we date rather than say we feel that they need to be tall... I mean we're only gonna have less chance of finding a great guy anyway if we have those silly requirements and stick to them. I blame society for messing things like this up and making us have to think like this.

But for me personally I think dating short guys is awesome, they are really cute and very sweet to me. And I don't care what other people think because they only wanna bring you down just because they have their own insecurities, it's them who have the problem not us.

I'd even go as far to say it looks romantic for a short guy to have a tall model-esque girl in his arm. Also for us girls having to be looked up to all the time in itself shows how appreciative short guys are to us. It makes me feel beautiful anyway.

Here's my article which fully explains why I have grown to prefer short guys like yourself :) Great to know someone else out there thinks the same as me and good luck with your new boyfriend!


Joerg says: Well, it is wonderful to know that there are tall women with your attitudes out there, Anna and Jules!

5'10" Taylor wrote (June 20th 2011)

To Sonia: I just wanted to send you a hug... and say I am sorry your family did not realize what a wonderful gift you were to them. I am glad you have the insight to move on and find a positive way to enjoy your life...

5'10" Jennifer wrote (June 18th 2011)

I came across this page and I think it's fabulous. It shows different girls' perspectives about being tall. Being tall makes me stand out which I don't like. I always try to blend in somehow by slouching or something. I've always been teased growing up because I was taller. I hate how I'm taller than most guys I like. In my high school all my friends are shorter than me. I try to avoid wearing heels because I don't wanna feel like Andrew the Giant in a crowd but they're so hard to avoid since they are so pretty. I hate when someone meets me for the first time and says "Wow, you're so tall. Do you play basketball?". It's so stereotypical.

People tell me all the time to embrace my height, it's a blessing but I'm a very shy girl. I don't like being in the spotlight but every day I try to embrace it. I'm just scared I'm going to keep growing. I'm only 18.

Tall girls are beautiful and we will find that Mr. Right guy. We just have to keep looking.

5'10" Sonia wrote (June 18th 2011)

I've always hated being tall. It would have been bad enough being this tall at 18, but I was 5'10" by age 12, not thin like taller females (I used to get SO SICK of hearing about "models" because all of us tall females aren't rail-thin) are expected to be,wore a DD cup, and was covered in AWFUL stretch marks from rapid growth and development. Never been able to wear a swimsiut since I was 10.

As far as school bullies were concerned I was a walking target, nd when I fought back teachers would tell me,"my God,you can't hit girls who are smaller than you, you could hurt them!" My own father took sides with the bullies and informed me "you can't go around hitting girls just because they're prettier than you. "On top of all that I was poor (still am), from the knuckle-dragging US south (still here), and from a messed-up family where I had little support.

In fact I got more ridicule from most of my so-called "kin" than anything, and the two things I ever did right were finally breaking free of those cruel SOB "kin" folks of mine and not having kids. The one exception was my mom who endured plenty of crap of her own from our so-called "family".

Buying clothes? HA! Might be easy if you can afford it but if you're not well-off,you're screwed. WalMart is the only place I can afford and not much to choose from there. After years of very few men my own age being interested in me (I was far from ugly, but I was poor, tall, southern, not a college graduate, and have black hair which isn't such a great combo.

I used to get SO sick of old men in their 50s and 60s hitting on me. I met a guy my same height, same age, with many of the same interests, and for once it was like I found a soulmate and fell in love (and most of all: he actually LOVED me in return). We were together 5 years when our mixed-up racist system had him deported and now we can only keep in contact by phone/mail. I will never love anyone else. I still hate being tall as well as having a large chest because nothing fits, my back hurts like hell a lot, plus now my hormones are giving me problems, undoubtedly related to my rapid growth/development in my adolescence. No one likes to hire tall women either. So while I don't actually hate myself for being tall, I just thought it needed to be known that not all real-life stories from tall women are positive.

6'6 1/2" Jules wrote (June 17th 2011)

Hello, my fellow females of fantastic, formidable height (intended illiteration)!

Well, it's me again: the late-teens 6'6 1/2" (yea, Im still growing according to my last check-up) small-town gal with the typical "tall girl" problems on her plate.

In my last post, it was all about how I broke up with my 5'7" boyfriend because I thought the height difference was bothering him (and me) too much. I got a lot of helpful responses from so many intelligent, beautiful women out there about what I should do. I concluded that it was dumb to break up, so I did my best to make amends. However, as life constantly tells us, not everything works out as planned. When I approached him, he said he didn't want to get back together and thought I should have an experience dating someone UP to my standards... and I think I know exactly what he meant.

So for the past few months, I spent a lot of my times hanging out with my not-as-tall-but-normally-tall volleyball teammates because I knew they all were friends and partied with the men's basketball and volleyball team. My hopes were to land a guy A LOT closer to my height. But after dating this one boy, 6'4", for a week... I realized something very important about myself.

I have a fetish for short men.

This must have developed while dating my 5'7" ex. And idk why it is exactly I'm so attracted to them... the strangeness of how it looks in public, the feeling of power in the relationship because they look UP to me, or maybe I enjoy bending my knees or arching my back to give them a kiss and playing those height-kissing games. With a taller guy, it's just not as much fun and they seem constantly worried about appearing the bigger man - literally.

For the past few weeks, i've been seeing a 5'6" guy I met after one of my volleyball games. In between games, my school allows local garage bands to play a set. They call this "creative sponsering" or whatever. Well the one I'm with now was a solo artist who as the voice of Chris Martin and John Mayer rolled into one, no joke. I approached him after his sets to tell him how talented he was... and almost instantly we felt a spark. The next day he asked me out. So far this witty, cocky, extremely funny, cute boy has been the most fun in a relationship I've ever had.

But, yes, I do have a question for you bright broads: :)

He took me to this jazz club just the other night, and I wore heels because I 1) love them, 2) he loves them, and 3) they make me look taller. He asked me to dance, though, and I'm a pretty good dancer... but I never danced with my ex so I wasn't sure how it would work out dancing with a 12-inch+ shorter partner. In my heels, he comes up right at my chest. Now I've always been a big-chested girl and was just wondering what's the best way to dance without him staring at my chest the whole time? I'm sure he loves it, but I'm just curious.

Other than that, feel free to let me know what you think of my fetish!

Until next time :)

6'0 1/2" Kiara wrote (June 12th 2011)

Ok, question... Who is this Joerg character and why can you write on everyone's comment? Just a thought :)

Joerg says: Erm, I am the guy who runs this website. You probably haven't read the "My View" section.

6'0 1/2" Kiara wrote (June 12th 2011)

I luv the comment on Norway. It's now on my bucket list to visit Norway and the Dutch. I never thought I'd find a place where I could fit in for a day but I wouldn't trade being tall for anything in the World. It's like being a needle in a haystack - rare but a sight to see. Thanks!

Joerg says: A friend of mine who lives in Denmark writes: "The Dutch are the tallest by a good margin. Norway and Sweden fall a bit below Denmark, which is below the Netherlands. Height has been increasing in the youngest generation since WWII, but has stalled in the past decade from what I've read. Also height in the US has gone up a tiny bit for men in the past 50 years (which is why the Europeans passed them) and has gone down a small amount for women. The curious thing about Holland is the North part of the country is significantly taller than the South. Groningen is supposedly the tallest town in the world. I've never been there, but you can tell the difference between Amsterdam and København or, even more, Stockholm."

6'2" Susan wrote (June 11th 2011)

FYI, I believe the tallest demographic of people is in the Netherlands.

5'10 1/2" Daniela wrote (June 10th 2011)

Hi, my name is Daniela and I'm 5'10 1/2" and OMG - I have always been tall all my life ever since I've been little. I was always the tallest girl in my classroom even in kindergarden... because of me being tall I was really shy and didn't really talk to others because they would always make fun of me saying Iwas taller than most of the guys. I looked funny and I got nicknames like Godzilla, Jolly Green Giant and others you might imagine which just made me feel more insecure and uncomfortable about my height.... It got pretty worse when I started high school as a freshman. The school where I went was mostly full of Mexicans and as you know most Mexicans ain't tall at all and me being a tall mexican was even harder. None of the guys really hit up on me because I would always be taller than them and they would all say that I have a pretty face and nice body but I was just too big for them. But once I started my junior year I started not worrying so much what other people say especially at school or at the stores and people would come up to me and tell me "Oh, wow you're so tall!!!" LOL, like if I didn't notice before... jajaja... but they would also say but you are really beautiful so that brought my self-esteem up. Now that I am 21 I am proud of being tall and I'm going out to the clubs and dance in heels even though sometimes it' hard finding a tall Mexican guy to dance with. But hey... when I do find them they are usually the cutest ones in the club and guess what: they like tall girls too!!! So no, it's great walking around being tall and being noticed by others instead of just blending in with the crowd!

P.S.: I am happy I found this website and I could relate to others girls and know I wasn't the only one feeling awkward growing up as a tall woman.

6'1" Lisa wrote (June 9th 2011)

For all you tall girls out there in the world: If you feel like a giant you should visit Norway in Europe.

Mostly all of the women here are over 5'7" (it depends where you visit), and you'll see a lot of women around 6'1". I'm 16 years old and at my school there's so many girls at my height or around it. A lot of men are tall here too.

So if you want a holiday where you feel normal - visit Norway :) We are the tallest people in the world! I recommend Oslo, the capital, especially on the "wealthy" side of the city. We call it Vestkanten (West Side...) No one thinks considers a girl at 5'9" as tall, but they think 6'1" is tall, but they aren't like "OMG! You're tall", they won't even comment it. Besides, I'm 6'1", and to anyone who asks how tall I am, I say 5'10 1/2, and everyone is like "Wow, I thought you were smaller". :)

So visit Norway if you're tall - you won't regret it! :)

Joerg says: I thought the Dutch (Netherlands) were the tallest people on average. But then I also happen to know the tallest woman in Sweden. She is 6'8". Maybe the statistiscians needs to update their stats.

6'1" Jenny wrote (June 5th 2011)

I was reading a quote from a 19 year old who is unhappily 6 feet tall and it reminded me of exactly how I felt when I was that age and how I still sometimes feel. I'm 26 and have been happily married for over a year to a wonderful man who is my height (or maybe half an inch shorter than I am, but it doesn't matter to us). Growing up, I was skinny and average height, but between 7th and 9th grades, I grew 10 inches! I was still skinny, though, and people made fun of my height, my "high-water" pants, and the fact that I was always tripping over myself. Forget about finding a date tall enough to dance with or prying the attention of my crushes away from the cute "average" girls. Even though I feel good about my height now and have found my love (who happens to be the perfect height for me because I love looking him in his beautiful eyes), I still sometimes struggle with the fact that I stand out, that I can't buy clothes in stores, and that I can't shake those painful memories of growing WAY up. This site is fabulous - I only knew about a few of the clothing resources and it's nice to feel connected to other tall women who are beautiful inside and out.

6'0" Maricela wrote (June 5th 2011)

If your boyfriend or husband doesn't like you been taller than him, he can buy himself some insoles that are like 4" tall, nobody will know he is wearing high insoles and he will be taller also. Or you can buy it for him if you don't like your men to be shorter than you. They are great for guys and come at a really good price. Tom Cruise wears high insoles and a lot more actors. If a girl can wear heels why not the guy? My friend's husband bought some to wear for a wedding so his wife could wear high heels. And he really like it so he wears the insoles all the time now.

5'10 1/2" Beth wrote (June 4th 2011)

The comments from the teenagers make me so sad! Ladies, know that just as you feel self-conscious about being tall, other teens feel self-conscious about their nose or their ears or their feet or their lack of height, etc. It's universal to feel awkward as a teen.

When someone shows up who bucks the system and isn't afraid to embrace themselves, it can upset the herd and that's when the nasty comments from others come out. It's like that cliche about the crabs in a bucket- they could all easily escape, but instead they pull down any one who gets too close to the top to keep him stuck like the others. The nastier the comments, the worse the commenter feels about themselves.

Wear your heals. Date who you want regardless of their height. Above all else, love and respect yourself the way you would want someone else to love and respect you.

And don't worry so much about guys. They will eventually come! There are many, MANY guys who LOVE tall ladies! Any guy who would not date you because of your height and would ignore your other awesome qualities is not someone you would want to spend much time with anyway. :-)

5'11" Bekki wrote (June 4th 2011)

I used to hate being tall as it made me stand out and act awkward, slouch down, hide away. But now as I've grown up I've discovered how lucky and rare it is and how we should embrace it! We get noticed in a crowd, we get the gorgeous tall men, we could do modelling... And don't stress about wearing heels, if you're into that wear them. I do all the time. And as my confidence grows so do the size of my heels.. :) LOVE BEING TALL!! Xxx

6'0" Elly wrote (June 3rd 2011)

I am 15 and keep wondering... "Why I'm attracted to short guys but they're not attracted to me?"

6'0 1/2" Kiara wrote (May 31st 2011)

Hi, I like the site. It's very empowering. I have a few more words to say: One of my shortest friends is 4'1" and this site helped me realize that tall is great and she must feel really short around me. Shorter than usual in fact :) Thanks, all you gals.

Joerg says: Well, that's funny! Good for you though.

6'0 1/2" Kiara wrote (May 31st 2011)

Thanks for all the quotes. I'm 13 and in 8th grade and tired of my height. This made me feel a tad better but honestly it hurts. I know when I'm older I'll luv for now I'll continue hating cuz there's only one good thing about it. You get to be told u should be a model :)

6'0" Jasmine wrote (May 30th 2011)

Hey, I'm Jasmine... I'm 19, and I think I'm like 6ft. I've been tall my whole life. Everyone always used to tell me when I'm older I'll grow into it and love it... I'll be 20 in like 7 months and I really don't like it that much... It's not that I'm ugly because a lot of guys hit on me, and tell me I should model and I'm so gorgeous... but when I'm around shorter girls or guys I feel like a giant and it's driving me crazzyyy!!! I can't wear heels when I go out because I'll stand out even more, and will probably be taller than everyone / all of the guys at the club. I don't like wearing sneakers because they make my feet look bigger. I used to wear smaller shoes to make my feet look smaller and they hurt and ****** my feet up... I don't know. And I hate how people just meet me and it's like everyday they say... "OMG, YOU'RE TALL..." Like - thanks, I didn't notice. God, people are soo annoyoing. I'm tired of short guys trying to get with me. like I want someone who I can look up to and make me feel sexy instead of like me looking down on them. It's just not cute! I hate guys where I'm from. I feel like I'll never find real love that I never had. I don't know what to do... I feel like the only place I will fit in or belong to is like a Victoria's Secret catalogue. Life sucks. I can be around people who are close to my height but when I'm with short girls or guys I feel like a fricken' giant. I don't know what to do. It could always be worse - I just know I'll never be short and there's nothing I can do to be shorter so I guess I should just embrace it and get used to it cause I'm going to be like this for the rest of my life.

P.S.: Great site! Love itttttt =)

5'11" Renata wrote (May 29th 2011)

Hi. I'm from Hungary and just found this site. I was so depressed, that I'm 19 and haven't had a boyfriend for 7 years. It's not because there are no men, who doesn't want me, it's just most of them are shorter than me, and it is so annoying. I have read most of the posts, but I agree with Shelby. I just want my boyfriend to be taller than me. I don't want to lean down. I want to feel that he can protect me and not vice versa. I'm sad and so lonely sometimes. I know it takes time, but it's just awful. :(

6'0" Amanda wrote (May 28th 2011)

Hey, my name is Amanda and I am 6'0". I do not get any of those questions. I think it is most because I come from a small Christian community and so people tend to keep their thoughts to themselves. However I do get a lot of stares and the guys here tend to mess with me a lot. Not only am I tall but I am heavy set as well so that adds onto their comments and such. When I catch someone staring at me I tend to say "What are you staring at? Do I have something on my butt?" or if it is a guy and he is staring at my chest "Are my breasts nice because you seem to be enjoying the view." You should really see some of their reactions. It is hilarious. Also I would like to say that I completely love this site. :)

A few Quotes from http://thinkexist.com/quotes/with/keyword/tall/: "Remember in elementary school you were told that in case of fire you have to line up quietly in a single file from smallest to tallest? What is the logic in that? What, do tall people burn slower?" (Warren Hutcherson Quotes) and "You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was." (Irish Sayings Quotes)

5'10" Annie wrote (May 23rd 2011)

Hi! I'm 16 years old and I'm 5'10" I've always been insecure about my height. I always wanted to wear those high heels and when I finally one day took some really high ones one - and a boy said "Tall girls are so not sexy". My self-esteem totally fell lower than the grown. I've never felt so bad about my self than I did that day, it was a struggle to get trough that day. I would sit and not even get up before everyone was out of the classroom. It was just awful.

My friend and I were buying shoes the other day, and I saw these high heels and I just had to buy them. My bestfriend told me my legs looked great, and she always makes me feel better about my self, even though she's one head lower than me.

I love buying heels, because I feel so good when I wear them - but, it just totally ruins me when people say those ugly things. It's made me depressed and I didn't wear high heels for a long time.. until today.

I used a whole day searching for tall celebrities to get my confidence up, and one role model for me is Khloe Kardashian, she always seems so confident with her height. So, I just took my high heels on and went to school. Nobody said anything bad, someone said to me "You are one of those people that just looks great tall".

I guess now in my age, being taller than all the boys is a struggle. But as I get older I hope that this won't be an issue anymore. I love my height, and I hope I will embrace it more when I get older - and so will everyone else.

6'3" Jheri wrote (May 23rd 2011)

Megan - high school is a time when most people are insecure. Life can change dramatically for you if you let it. I was very insecure then and it took me until I was twenty to even go on a date. But now I am secure with who I am and life is so much richer.

There are a couple of things I've learned about dating. I have come to the conclusion that I don't need the guy to be taller than me. There are too many other factors that are important to me and chances are I won't find someone I like if I throw out most of the male population first. My best luck has been finding guys who are doing things that I like to do and I'm not afraid to be the one who asks. Being the one who asks was difficult at first, but it really works.

Feeling good about yourself is key and it sounds like you're doing well there. Dress and groom to make yourself proud about how you look and remember to have great posture to show self confidence. All of us have areas where we would like to be better, so pick one and work on it. Your self confidence will improve as you make progress.

There will be some rejection, but that is true for everyone. Getting rejected just for height shows the person is shallow and that is a good thing - you'll sorted out someone who isn't worth your time without having to spend a few dates coming to that conclusion.

6'2" Susan wrote (May 21st 2011)

Hello Megan, as I can only speak for myself, however, I am sure other women can vouch that there are many, many, many men that are attracted to tall women. However, there are people that for whatever reasons insecurities, etc. that will attempt to make you feel less that who you are. Hold your head high and enjoy life.
Take care - Susan

6'0" Mae wrote (May 21st 2011)

I struggled with my height the most when I was young. I was teased a bit, but I was the hardest on myself. I have school pictures where I'm slouched down so far in the back row that I look ridiculous. I just felt like such a freak! When you are a kid, you just want to fit in, and you detest anything that makes you stand out. But if we weren't "tall", then there would be something else that would make us feel insecure - weight, glasses, acne, ears, nose, breast size, etc. Being teased and feeling insecure are almost a part of growing up; it makes you a stronger and more compassionate person. And being tall, as it turns out, isn't all that bad.

I came to accept my height by the time I went to college. It stopped being an issue, and I stopped blaming my problems on it. I dated and even used dating websites to find more tall men. Now, I'm 30 years old and I actually like my height, but I'm still not going to pretend to be super excited about being tall.

I've never dated anyone shorter than me. I've never had an interest in athletics and definitely never had an interest in modeling; albeit the offers for both. I still prefer flat shoes and choose boots with a low sole. I struggle to find pants that fit. I wish my kitchen counters were higher. I struggle with my weight because I think there is more pressure for tall people to be thin than for short people. I also think there is more pressure to look good, since my height always gathers so much attention when I walk into a room (let's face it, when we aren't feeling our best, we must still be the center of attention!). And I also still haven't figured out why it's socially acceptable for strangers to comment on my height.

But the older I get, the more I realize there there are much more important worries and fears to deal with than "being tall". Be healthy and happy and confident, and surround yourself with people who love you.

6'2 1/2" Megan wrote (May 21st 2011)

Hey everyone! I have loved reading this site everyday for the past years now knowing their are other girls like me who have grown up taller than usual. Now, I love my height no matter what, and I don't let anyone put me down about it, but it seems like I'm never going to be able to find Mr. Right. Going off to college at the end of the summer, I'm scared that it's going to be the same as high school, as no one wanted to date a pretty but tall girl. Any advice?

Joerg says: You insist on the extra half inch, Megan. That is a good sign!

6'3" Jheri wrote (May 20th 2011)

I keep seeing an interest in strutting heels. I prefer comfortable shoes that I can run in or be on my feet all day, but they have their place and my walk is pretty good.

If you are new to them please learn how to select ones that won't injure you and learn how to strut them properly. It doesn't matter how pretty the shoe is, if you can't rock it you'll look terrible.

Start out with shoes that are low and have wide heels and move up slowly. Heel first and then toe. Models can slap down both at once or walk on their toes, but that is much more difficult and takes practice.

You steps are shortened - more so with taller heels - and you need to adjust your stride. The bend in your legs is also important. A good test is to stand with your knees straight and see if you can go on your toes and raise yourself at least 4 cm. If you can't the shoes are wrong for you. I think it is very important to try shoes on first. If you buy by mail, make sure there is a good return policy.

Remember to apply padding where necessary. These shoes aren't comfortable.

There is a big range in comfort, but I've never found anything taller than 7cm that was really comfortable and that shoe had maybe 3 cm of platform.

Stiletto heels are the most difficult and any over about 10 cm produce an ugly walk even on the experts. If that is your taste spend a lot of time learning to walk with easier shoes fist and have friends critique your walk so you don't develop bad habits. That is probably true for any of the shoes. You might have them shoot videos so you can see yourself.

I think you have a knack of it if you have a smooth walk that looks good to others and can run up and down stairs in them without using the railing - not that I recommend doing it :-)

My most comfortable shoes are not flats. My best running shoes are actually a shallow wedge that is almost 3 cm and my comfortable working clogs are 4 to 5 cm. They are at a slight angle with a bit of a platform and a lot of support.

Here is a good guide to get you going: http://www.wikihow.com/Walk-in-High-Heels. Practice, practice, practice and remember if you can't rock 'em, you'll look a lot better without 'em.

5'10" Taylor wrote (May 20th 2011)

To Vicky: I think at first some might stare but so what... after a few times they will get used to seeing you in heels and it won't be an issue. They are just looking I think because we are not the norm. I say wear them... tall women look fabulous in heels... don't limit your self by your height. Enjoy all there is about being female and that includes dressing up and wearing heels when you want to.

5'10" Megan wrote (May 20th 2011)

I'm 21 and really thin for my height so I look taller than I am. In high school I was insecure about my height too, my high school boyfriend was a couple inches shorter than me and that made me insecure as well. But I quickly grew out of my insecurities when I finished high school. Now I get lots of attention, and when I walk into clubs I stand out. Its a good feeling, and I feel being tall is a part of my identity.

6'1" Vicky wrote (May 19th 2011)

Hi, tall girls. I am a 16 year old girl from Greece and I'm really insecure about my height. I'm the second tallest girl in my school and it just sucks most of the time because my friends at school are way shorter so I think I just look ridiculous if we are standing and talking together. The good thing is that I play volleyball and it's the only way I can really use and enjoy my height because it's really important to be tall there and I've also made friends who are tall, but no as tall as I am. My other problem is that I can't wear high heels cause I really like them. I live in a small city and it would be really weird to walk down the centre having people I know staring at me. I think it wouldn't bother so much if I lived in a bigger city. And then, my problem is not only about the high heels, it's generally about shoes and clothes! The sizes are always very small so I end up not going shopping and having only a pair of All Stars Converse and a pair of boots! I hate it!

On the other hand, though, I like being tall because there are many times that I feel really beautiful because of it but then I'm thinking about the clothes and the shoes and the boys! Did I mentioned that? Can't they be a bit taller? xD

Anyway, I think we just have to deal with it and believe that we have something that most people don't have. Our height! Think about models ;) They are beautiful, tall and happy about it!

P.S.: Just tell me if it would be too weird to see a girl who's already tall walking in heels!

5'11" Jessica wrote (May 18th 2011)

I'm 5'11" and 17 years old. I've been this tall since grade 8. I'm so glad I found this site! I've been called a giant all my life, and it makes you feel self conscious about yourself. I learnt how to slouch and jut out my hip just to make myself seem slightly shorter, until last year I never wore heels because I felt people would make fun of how tall I was in them. Lately though, I've learnt to embrace my height! No one looks nice slouching, I say, stand tall and proud. Prom is coming up, and I've bought 4 inch heels :) My date will be a full 2 inches shorter than me, but I've decided I don't care. I love heels and who says the girl has to be shorter than the guy? Shouldn't society have come past that by now? I'm going to stand tall and proud!

6'0" Yvonne wrote (May 15th 2011)

Hello all tall girls. Don't be put off going out with a man who is shorter than you. I'm 6'0" tall and I married a man 5'4". It was love at first sight and some people did laugh when they saw us together, but we were so in love we didn't care. We had 4 children and they have produced 11 grandchildren and there are now 6 great grandchildren. My husband died two years ago a month after celebrating our fiftieth wedding anniversary. As you will have worked out I am very old now but still young in spirit. It's what the person is like inside that matters not their height.

5'10" Maidah wrote (May 14th 2011)

Hi you guyz! I RELATE WITH YOU GUYZ SOOOO MUCH. I am am 17 year old Muslim girl from Pakistan and the tallest girl at my school. I mean I don't hate my height or anything but... you know, it's harder when people close to you discourage you. My grandma for example won't let me wear heels... she just blatantly says "you don't look good" and of course everyone keeps worrying they won't find a husband tall enough for me and (marraige is kinda mandatory here). I find it hilarious though - but other than all these minor issues... I'm pretty happy. I play basketball and volleyball (shocker!) and am always recognized. I have embraced my height... plus I love my long legs. Woohoo! LOL My only dream is to buy 5 inch stillettoes and go out... I'm working on it.

5'10" Abby wrote (May 11th 2011)

This is a short "This I Believe" essay about being the tall one, enjoy... BTW I would love to talk more about this with girls who are struggling.

I believe a curse can be a blessing. At 20 weeks the nurse told my mother "that baby has long legs". My mother describes me at birth as the most beautiful rubber chicken she’s ever seen. At five I was wearing clothes for seven year olds. In middle school the guys would compete to see who could beat my growing height of 5'10". All of my boyfriends have been shorter than me. And I have consistently been recruited for middle school and high school basket ball and volley ball teams. The average height of woman in the US in approximately 5'3" being 8 inches over that has not been easy. Because of how my body is built I have fought hard to look shorter, been through multiple surgeries, and have been constantly told what I should do and how my future should be. However through the trial and error that all good experiences should be I have come to believe that a curse can be a true blessing and how you look at things can change how they affect you.  I have learned how to make  your way regardless of people trying to drag you back.

Since that confusing time when my appearance suddenly mattered, when boys lost their cuddies, and when my goal was to fit in, I have been through various means of making myself appear a few inches shorter. It started when I realize that seeing over all the boys heads was not correct in late elementary soon to be middle school society I started sticking out my hips to one side and slouching. I only wore shoes with no support and a soul that consisted of a thin piece of plastic. My height was a curse and I wouldn’t see it any other way.

Being so tall also affected me when it came to doing what I loved. Skiing is a passion of mine, something that creates joy. However, because of my fast rate of growth, skiing became painful. After attempts of physical therapy and acupuncture hip surgery finally became the only and best option. Surgery is a depressing affair if you make it that way, being unable to walk yet trying anyway, taking drugs that make you sick, and being shut up inside. For a while I let it get to me, slipping into a state of despair. I was looking down the dark hole I was in rather than looking out towards the light and hope ready to greet me at the other side. My height was curse and I wouldn’t see it any other way.

People have walked up to me on the street and stated that I should be a model. Basket ball and volley ball coaches have come up to me offering me a spot on their team. I guess that if you’re tall it’s implied that coordination will follow. Yet this is not the case. The gift of height was not accompanied by athletic skill. I was so sick and tired of people telling me who I was supposed to be based on one characteristic that I was unmotivated to spend time looking for who I actually was. My height was a curse and I wouldn’t see it any other way.

For me being tall was a curse but over time I have learned to embrace and even love it. I plan to try volleyball or basketball once my hips are working again. I am noticed in a crowed so finding people to talk to should never be a problem. Plus watching my weight will never show as an issue. Because I embraced my height I can go far with the help of it. I have also learned that people cannot determine who I am just by physical appearance. I have learned to over look judgments and what people think I should have in store for my future and replace those thoughts with my own. I've learned how to stick up for myself and give my opinion with confidence. At first glance being tall would seem to be a curse, a lot of things that make you different feel that way. But things like being really tall or really short often help make you who you are today, without them we wouldn’t be the same. Being 5'10" has turned into a blessing.

6'2" Samantha wrote (May 8th 2011)

I don't know if this will help in regards to your question Kate, but I was always called names and I'm sure the same ones as everyone on this site because people arent that creative. So first try using that... a simple "haven't heard that one a hundred times already" with a huge smile on your face. Also calling yourself it in a joking manner I found helps and doesn't give anyone else a chance to say it in a hurtful or negative way. I comment on my height all the time and people take it as confidence and don't find it so easy to pick at my insecurities. Another thing is hold your head high with your back straight and shoulders back, when others can see you embrace your height they do also. Honestly its the old saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. When you hear the names just think of how sorry you feel for that loser who has nothing better to do but point out the way you were born. Just remember - they only hurt you if you let them, stay strong ladies. MY BEST FRIEND calls me her amazon barbie for my height and long blond hair. She is my pygmy coming in at 5'1". Take the names how you want and someday they might even be an affectionate nick name ;-)

5'10 1/2" Rebecca wrote (May 8th 2011)

I'm in high school at the moment, and I've been quite self-conscious about my height. I've always wanted to be the petite and cute girl with a tall guy on my arm that can swing you around and you can wear high heels all the time! Sometimes I can feel awkward or just big, like a giant or manly. And I hate the comments "OMG, wow, you're so tall!" or "you're like a giant!" It's like, really?!? No shit, I have never realised I'm tall! Haha! But I came across this site - I'm not sure how... But it has actually lifted my confidence! Seeing other people's comments to embrace your height and feel beautiful the way you are makes me realise that I can't change myself. And I shouldn't want to. But I've also realised that I've just taken in the negative comments and don't really notice the positive ones I have gotten like "You are so lucky! I wish I was as tall as you!" or "You will really appreciate being tall when you're older!". Is that true? :) Seeing that other people on this site are tall and have the same issues and that celebrities are as well has really helped feel more confident about my height! Tall girls can look nicer in clothes, look more elegant, and hello, we have long sexy legs haha :) THANK you soooooo much for this site! It has really helped me feel proud the way I am! I really needed something to help boost my confidence! It's helped me actually tons! Great idea!

5'11 1/2" Kate wrote (May 7th 2011)

I just have one question. How do y'all get over some of the names that you have been called regarding your height?

Right now it seems I am at a low. I can't shake the names that people are calling me. If anyone has any advise as to what I can do too get through my slump i would be truly greatful.

Sometimes it's not all ways easy to be tall... I just wish that people didnt have to bring other people down to feel good about their self.

God bless.

Joerg says: Take a look at the Comebacks section, Kate.

5'10" Taylor wrote (May 7th 2011)

I agree, this site has been invaluable to me. When I was in school I went through some of the things others on this site experienced but to a lesser degree... for some reason my school had a great many tall women so there I didn't even know I was that unusual. Later in life I have actually experienced some negative comments about my height but I think if that's what you see when you look at me poor you. Such a undeveloped mind. LOL. I have noticed something though... if I know someone really well and my height has never been an issue; but all of a sudden they bring it up in a negative form. It gives me a warning that I am saying or doing something they have an issue with... and very soon I will find out what that is. Has anyone else had this happen? It has been several times now that this has happened.

5'11 1/2" Kaila wrote (May 6th 2011)

I searched up "high heels for tall girls" and I came across this site. What a great place! I always feel discouraged because of my height (and I've been this height since I was in middle school!), even though I should be so proud. We tall women are the most beautiful women in the world!

5'11 1/2 " Kate wrote (May 4th 2011)

This is for Jules: My name is Kate. I my self have always been tall. I used to hate it I would get call many of names and I still don't like to think about them, but in my olderish years I have come to find that God made you the way you are and you should flaunt it, not matter what height. I am only 13 but with shoes on I stand 6 feet tall.

You might think that I don't know what I am talking about since I am 4 years younger than you and maybe I dont, but I think that you should take him back. If you have found someone that loves you for you and everything about you, you should not even think about letting him go.

There is a lot of things that are gonna happen in your life and you need someone sturdy to be able to lean on and for someone to help you when ever you need it.

Maybe people will look at you because of your height difference, but people are mean. I have grown up home schooled up until this year of 7th grade. I got called more names once I got into public school. I found my friends and the people who tried to hurt me and make fun of me because of my height. I ignored. It is not worth your time and effort to worry about what people say about you. It is your life if you want to date someone who is 12 inches shorter, than by all means go ahead. Don't care what people think, because after high school you probably won't see many of them again and you don't want to waste your life caring what other people think of you.

Well, I hope that this helps.

5'10" Layla wrote (May 4th 2011)

Being a tall woman is just a blessing :). Sometimes I wish I was taller. I'm 34 years old and all my life I've been center of attention. LOL. I wear high heels every day just to be even taller. I was lucky to marry a 6'4" tall man :) We have two daughters who are 14 years old and 20 months old. The 14 year old is already 5'8" tall and the 20 month old is 3 foot tall :) How awesome is that? Ladies embrace your height and your beautiful bodies :)!

6'2" Susan wrote (April 29th 2011)

Hello All - Very cool, on Kate Middleton. I knew William was tall but, wasnt sure on her if wearing high heels, etc. Yay... I wanted to let everyone know that if you wear a size 14M, 14W or 14WW, there are some cute leather mocs on onestopplus.com for $2.99. Have some great deals... Have a great weekend.

Take care -

5'10" Sarah wrote (April 29th 2011)

Hi, I am Sarah. I've just come across this website. I think I've have been ashamed about being tall all my life because my mum and dad are both soo short (around 5ft). Then I was watching the Royal Wedding (I live in the UK) and I was looking at how glamourous Kate Middleton looked and throught I could never look like that because I am soo tall. Then I found out that Kate Middleton stands at 5'10" and I was gobsmacked. Then I also found out that Princess Diana was also that height. Then I thought if Kate Middleton can bag a prince and be that tall and glamourous then why do I keep putting myself down about my height. I found my height doesn't give me disadvantages, it gives me advantages. Kate Middleton and others have inspired me to become more confident and love me for me. So glad I found this website xx

5'10" Taylor wrote (April 29th 2011)

I think it's great that Prince William who is 6'3" married Kate who is 5'10"... Yeah, for tall women... We are the cream of the crop. LOL

5'10" Kazza wrote (April 28th 2011)

During school day and high school, I was surprisingly really short. Then I started college and shot up. I was so convinced I was 6'2" or something felt so tall!! But I got measured at the doctor's and they told me I was 5'10". I remembered that Tyra Banks is tall and wore heels and she really inspired me. So I went out and bought me a pair of heels. 4 inches they were... if you'r gonna wear heels you might as well go all out, so I went out in central in my heels. Very nervous as you can imagine, and the guys I met gave me so much compliments. That really gave me lots of confidence. Soo, tall girls!!! Tall is beautiful!! You get to wear so many clothes that those who are short can't wear, and they looks so nice on you. We have beautiful long legs!! :D xx

6'2" Samantha wrote (April 27th 2011)

Amanda, school is the toughest time for tall girls I truly believe this, I have never had a friend that is over 5'6" and I always felt like a fish out of water, but I hear all the time now from people I went to school with that I haven't seen in a while, Wow I knew you were tall cuz people would say it but I never really noticed. People get shocked I think at first but then it becomes about who you are as a person, so if you don't make it your main focus others really don't either. Your still very young and all people whether for their height, their weight, or things like their nose or color of their skin or hair all have trouble accepting it, LOVE yourself in every way possible, and I know this might sound weird but tall girls are rarely a size 2. I was a 8-10 most of high school too and always thought i was heavy for it but I will never be any smaller because of my build. My sister who is 5'11" is SUPER slim and I still think she is like a size 7 or so just because fames of tall girls have to be bigger. So try and take that into consideration and the same with your weight you will always be heavier but its not because of the fat on your body its because you have more body in general. It is always going to be tough but think of how amazing you are as a person and others will too. Time will help (not make it all the way better) so hold in there.

6'1" Amanda wrote (April 26th 2011)

Hi, I'm 6'1" and I honestly don't like it. I am the tallest girl in my school but there are a few guys who are a bit taller than me. I'm extremely self-conscious when it comes to my height, especially since I hang out with some people who are like 5ft tall. It also doesn't help that I'm the youngest in my high school at 13 years old. I LOVE high shoes but I never buy them because I think I'll look silly since I'm already so tall. I think I'd feel better if I was slimmer and more model-y but I'm a size 8-10. It'a a pain buying jeans because there are very few stores that make jeans for tall people. And being a size 11 in shoes doesn't make it any easier. From what I've seen in my school there aren't many guys who like tall girls sadly. I do want to thank all the people who have posted here because they've made me a bit more confident and I'm trying to love my height more.

6'2" Samantha wrote (April 24th 2011)

This comment is for Jules: I know that it's hard. I was the tallest girl in a small town and even guys that were shorter than me that were just friend made me feel like I was being judged. The most important thing in life to remember is you are living it for you. If this guy is secure enough to love you no amount of comments will get to him so don't worry about that. He obviously cares for you and if you broke up with him STRICTLY on the height factor then I say screw those other people and do what makes you happy cuz good guys are hard to find. I am 21 years old and it has gotten much easier to be the height I am. I walked into the bar to celebrate my 21st birthday this weekend and I had guys drooling over my height, not cowering away. People will always make their comments but if u know inside the person you are and the person he is there is no reason to listen to the fools who know nothing about your relationship. Keep your head up, girl and do what makes you happy. LET NO ONE BRING YOU DOWN... they are just idiots :)

6'2" Susan wrote (April 23rd 2011)

Hello All, I have to respond to the most recent comment by Jules. First, I realize you are young, but, what do you care what the "friend" or whatever she is and her whatever/boyfriend think? Your relationship is between you and your boyfriend. Girl, you are giving TOO much weight to some silly insecurities that other people have in regard to a relationship that they have nothing to do with. Second, in response to your question "does it get easier?" - it will get easier to some degree, but, there are always going to be ignorant people in this world, but, you/we have to learn to rise above it. Also, if he is a quality person, how could you not have someone like that in your life? If anything, one can never have too many good friends...

Take care

6'6 1/2" Jules wrote (April 23rd 2011)

Hello again, my fellow amazons of amazement!

I'm here once again because my last post where I narrated how me and my 5'6" boyfriend got together, I guess, inspired a lot of people. But not all good things last, and I've come to you all for advice during this very conflicting time for me.

For those who didn't read the last one, I'm a 17-year old senior in high school on the volleyball team (surprise, surprise). Being 6'6 1/2", big chested, with abnormally long legs... I never thought that having a boyfriend in high school would be within the realm of possibilities because I thought none of them could... erm... each up to my standards. When I met this 5'6" boy who looks like Henry Cavill... minus a couple inches (for those who care about that sort of thing) and became good friends with him and developing attraction for him in the course of a month he finally asked me out. He loved my height and I loved his. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world.

During last few months of being in a relationship with him, our emotional connection just became deeper. I always thought he just saw me for my looks... but he saw me as a person too. But I couldn't get past the height difference. I knew what people were saying about us at school, and at first I didn't really care. Often when we went out after school, i'd wear heels or high sandals because I love them so much. But after a girl on my volleyball team and her equally-tall boyfriend whispered and laughed at us when we went on a double date together... I couldnt handle it. I saw a look in his eye when my boyfriend sat across from the other guy and it was one of those "I wish..." looks. I had it too.

So I broke up with him.

It's been two weeks. He wants me back, and I miss him more than anything right now but how can I get past an over 12 inch differences in height? He doesn't care, and has told me numerous times to forget about it all because he loves me. How could I have gone from not caring about it to caring about it, though? I'm tired of getting made fun of and i'm tired of putting him in an awkward position whenever we're together. We've had SO much fun these past few months expirementing with kissing upright and doing funny things in public on dates and stuff like that... but should I take him back and tough out these last months of high school? Will the teasing really stop in college?

6'3" Jheri wrote (April 19th 2011)

Ok, all you tall women. It turns out giving strangers high fives is an amazing way to feel good about yourself. Rather than dealing with a dumb question or comment you can turn the situation around and bring a real smile. Little kids and older people seem to really love it.

My buddy Colleen got me started on this about a year and a half ago and I've met a lot of people doing this. Sometimes it is contagious, which is especially nice. I just read that it is high five day soon, so go out and try it.

She made a little YouTube video a while back: http://www.6footsix.com/my_weblog/2010/01/high-fives-for-happiness.html

I find the trick is to make eye contact and say something like "you look like you could use a high five" or "want to high five?". When you start doing it watch their elbow rather than their hand for a good success rate.

6'3" Jheri wrote (April 19th 2011)

Nintra, I lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn for a few years and you have nothing to worry about with what people think. Models are pretty common there and you are just average height for a runway model. No one complains when they wear heels.

Heels don't do a lot for me mostly because they are usually painful - the height doesn't bother me. If you wear them make sure you know how to walk them. What *does* look awful and what will attract a lot of negative attention is someone with a poor walk. I see a lot of women who go for a particular shoe and can't walk.

Comfort is what is important to me so I love my Danskos and even my cherry red colored Doc Martens Darcies. The Doc Martens have a real heel, but area very comfortable on my feet.

So find something that is going to be comfortable and learn to walk it and then don't worry. If it helps there are a lot of women here who are taller than you'll be in heels in our bare feet and we manage ok.

It also makes sense to think beyond shoes. Clothing fits a bit differently and you have to learn what looks good with your shape and work towards that. That part can be a lot of fun. The fact that it is difficult for me to find clothing has taught me to really think about what works or not and why. It has made me a much better dresser than if I was average.

5'10" Nintra wrote (April 19th 2011)

It feels SO good to come across a site like this.

I'm a tall girl. Been tall all my life. And sometimes I feel taller than what the doctor says.

BUT... I am starting to embrace it after all this time. The summer is coming up and I am anxious to strut my long frame in beautiful wedge sandals and pumps! Why should I miss out on all the great fashions because God made me tall? It's not something I can change.

I wore heels occasionally in the past (even though I LOVE them like most women do). I felt like I couldn't do it that often because people would talk about me.

I was called names like giraffe. People would say "WOW you got taller!" and I would say in an apologetic voice, "it's the shoes". I would go against my desire to wear the cutest shoes because they all came with 4" heels on them.

I won't deny myself any longer. I'm a 21 year old, soon-to-be college graduate. I live in New York City. I need to make the most of my life and not let something like my height and shoes wear me down.

Pray for me ladies that I don't fall back into insecurity. I do NOT want to wear flip flops all summer. Thanks for reading :)

6'1" Demi wrote (April 12th 2011)

I'm a tall black girl that's 6'1" and I remember when I was younger, I thought all I was good for was basketball and volleyball because of my height. But I've always known deep down I wasn't an athlete even though I was good at sports. But I'm proud that I broke out of my shell and became me! I found it funny that kids and even adults were intimidated by me because of my height. In high school, I used to be best friends with a group of girls that were my height and taller. People joked around and called us the Skyscrapers! Growing up, I didn't date much. When guys used to laugh me off as a date, I used to laugh at them because I knew they wished they were my height. I love being tall! Tall women are rare and we should love how special we are. I have some big feet, too. (size 12)... But the icing on the cake for me is that my fiancee is 6'6"! I can actually look up at him and wear heels when I'm with him so I have best of both worlds. If I had the power to adjust my height, I wouldn't change a thing!

6'5" Jaq wrote (April 11th 2011)

I am a 36 year old woman from Canada and have been taller than average since being in high school. Being taller than most never really bothered me as I have always had to live with it and that is exactly what I did. I married a man ten inches shorter than me. He never went on about my height, it never came into the equation. We do our best to ignore any reaction to our height difference. My advice - rise above it all!!

6'1" Sarah wrote (April 6th 2011)

Hi, I am 42 and still struggle with my height: Istarted to get alot of male attention as soon as i left school (short men and tall men) but I ended up marrying a guy who is 5'7". We have 3 kids. 2 boys both over 6' and a daughter who's not really that tall. I still get the stupid comments about my height and it is hurtful but I also get some really nice comments. I do wear high heels but do feel uncomfortable as you know you're going to get somebody saying something but life is short and there are a lot worse things than being tall. We need to just develop a thick skin and get on enjoying life. You can go out there and eat that extra mars bar because you know it's not going to show up on us tall girls. It is only people that don't know you that pass rude comments so I'm coming to believe that does it really matter what they say or think it's taken me a long time to think like this and it's great to hear so many positive views from younger girls. After all being tall is not an illness and who made the rule that your partner has to be taller. It's better to be loved by someone than nobody!

6'0" Nevana wrote (April 5th 2011)

I've felt like an alien for my whole life... now I am almost 19 and I am planing to become a model. I am tired of being depressed because of comments from average idiots. I don't care anymore about boys and their comments either. They feel inferior, it is a fact. I am happy for who I am and we all should be proud of being above average. Average people are mostly trying to be more noticeable and they are jealous because we are noticable by nature. The most inportant relationship is the one that you have with yourself, don't forget that! Giant kiss for all you beautiful giant girls,and lets be proud of ourselves together... thanks for support, love you ;)

6'2" Susan wrote (March 19th 2011)

Hello, youz Guys :-)

In response to Deborah's comment, there are always going to be insecure idiots out there. My approach would be to confront the idiot, and make a comment about his looks. I realize sometimes it may not be worth the effort. Bottom line: don't let some dufus get to you.

Take care

6'1 1/2" Deborah wrote (March 19th 2011)

Thanks Taylor, so I am not alone then X

This site is a must for tall women, its inspirational and already I am learning to embrace my height. Didn't even know this site existed until two days ago, we need to spread the word.

Deborah X

Joerg says: Thanks, Deborah!

6'2" Noelia wrote (March 18th 2011)

I am a Hispanic woman who had a great great grandfather that was German. I am 6 foot 2 and have been this tall since I was 14. I absolutely love my height as an older woman. I had problems as a young woman because of constant criticism, and I believe that this was caused by jealous individuals that couldn't grow... I am proud to be me and I would not ever change anything... Any women that want to be my friend - give me a hollar on Facebook... maybe we can start a Tall Woman's profile.

Joerg says: There is a Tallwomen.org Facebook Group, Noelia. I have sent you an invitation.

5'10" Taylor wrote (March 18th 2011)

Hi, Deborah! Yes, that happened to me once too... it was very discouraging... so I hear u.

6'2" April wrote (March 18th 2011)

Hey Ladies, rest assured! At 32 years old I stand 6'2". I've been married for almost 10 years now to a wonderful man that is only 5'6". He's loving every moment of me. LOL! It's the legs girls! We've got it so flaunt it.

Joerg says: I am happy to hear it!

6'1 1/2" Deborah wrote (March 17th 2011)

Hi, everyone!

Thank heavens I've just come accross this site as I am in urgent need of confidence.

I'm 46 and for some reason have started to feel insecure about my height again for the first time in years and it's getting me down a little.

I know I look good in my clothes and I have long hair and I always make so much effort to look good and be feminine, because I feel you're noticed more and you can't hide even on an off day!

I was out shopping today and I lip read a young lad saying that he thought I was a 'bloke' to his girlfriend, probably because I am tall, but there's no way I could pass for a bloke and this has really knocked my confidence.

All my hard work trying to give myself confidence has gone out the window and I feel like curling up and hibernating.

Has anyone else ever had this? I would appreciate any comments.

5'10" Alisha wrote (March 14th 2011)

Hey, dis is Alisha from India where the average height for a girl is 5'3"... and I am 5'10"' and I just lovvvvve itttt. Trust me... I get mannnyyyyy compliments for being tall and for having a petite model like frame too... so it's juz amazing how wearing shorts at beaches makes heads turn... long legs are definitely a turn on... and I feel ddddamn superior wen I walk in crowd towering over them. People r sooooo jealous and I'm frequently asked for tips for increasing height ;) Long arms, lond mid rifff... long legs... amazingly graceful n beautiful... soo hats off to all the tall gals sitting out there... enjoy ur height n feeeel superior.. ;)))))

6'3" Ana wrote (March 10th 2011)

I'm Ana, I'm from Romania and I'm the tallest girl in my university. I love to be tall and I couldn't imagine me being smaller. Only one problem... I can't find clothes and shoes... I don't have tall girl friends... and my best friend is only 5'2" but I love her... I'd love to find other "tall friends". Lots of kisses girls :* :* :* :*

Best regards,

5'11" Elianne wrote (March 10th 2011)

Embrace your height ladies, were a rare breed. Flaunt it, wear heels, Don't let anyone get you down. If only they knew the advantages of being tall! ;)

5'11" Claire wrote (March 5th 2011)

Hi, everyone! I've just found this site and I love the positive messages it sends to us tall women.

I've always felt awkward with my height as I have no tall friends and as such spend most of my time in pumps!

I too have trouble dating guys who are shorter than me or even my height. I can't help but feel so much more confident with a guy of 6ft3 on my arm (but as I've found 6ft or 6ft6 - they all have the ability to be a total idiot. LOL)

Newly single and having had enough of guys for now I just went out and got myself some 4" heels to rock out in for my birthday next week. I love the shoes and I love how I feel in them and how lovely they are so what the hell! I'm going to step out as a fresh 26 year old with a positive outlook on my height. I had to smile when I was trying the shoes on as a random lady said "I'd love to be as tall as you". Haha!

If a guy cant see my height as a positive I wouldn't want to be with him anyway, it's not like its phase that im going to grow out of!!!

6'2" Arizona wrote (March 3rd 2011)

I think this site is awesome. I'm 18 and I've been 6'2" since I was about 15, I think. I have struggled to find affordable clothes that don't make me look like I accidentally shrunk my clothes in the dryer and it's nice to find a website with so many links! I'm a poor college kid now and it's great to be able to find clothes I can afford that fit. I love that so many tall women have found this and post such great things to each other, it's hard to find tall women even at a school with 16,000 students! I love being tall even if I'm taller than all of my friends (including my boyfriend of 3 years) and most of family (except my dad and uncle). Thanks for being tall and beautiful!

6'3" Jheri wrote (March 3rd 2011)

When I was a teen I started to cut off the bottoms of old tshirts in bands and wear them around my hips falling just under where a too short tshirt ended. Some of them worked out well and I got complements about how good the layering was. I still do it and see that you can buy hip-tees these days. I haven't tried them, but those of you who want to wear some cute tops or tees that are too short may find they work. If you don't want to make your own, try this place: http://www.shophip-t.com.

6'2" Tess wrote (February 28th 2011)

Let me just say, I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I'm Tess and I'm 15 years old and 6 foot 2! Haha. I absolutely LOVE being tall but sometimes the stares, finger-pointing and quiet whispers get to me, like "WOW she's so tall..." and sometimes people come right up to me and let me know their thoughts on my height. An example conversation: "Wow! You're so tall!" Me: "Really!? I had no idea!" Haha! And another thing is my relatives! I never hear the end of it with them! Haha. I'm taller than all my uncles, my 18 year old brother, and my grandpa. But some advice? Rock the height, love yourself, and don't listen to what people say, they're just jealous.

6'1" Becky wrote (February 22nd 2011)

I have loved looking through this website, seeing women my height and taller... my confidence has always been low all the time growing up from being tall and skinny, shapeless and having to wear mens clothes and shoes... But now I'm 22 I found a man just as tall as me, and starting to get shape (better late than never) and I'm starting to love my height, even going the extra step to look for my first pair of high heels. WOOOP :OD... I now get my shorter friends telling me that they would love to be 6'1" and have a size 8/10 figure, the look of a model :D So my confidence is now improving... be tall and proud ladies :D

5'11" Shai wrote (February 21st 2011)

I totally agree with Kara! Don't discount a man just because he is a little shorter then you. My DH is also 5'6". He LOVES that I am tall and encourages me to wear heals. He's so proud of me. If people stare, he just says it's because they are jealous and wish they had a gorgeous tall woman on their arm, too. We wouldn't want someone discounting us just because we are tall. :-)

5'11" Rosemary wrote (February 20th 2011)

I love being tall. Though I don't wear heels cos I don't wanna be taller than my hubby.

6'2" Sam wrote (February 19th 2011)

I always had a very hard time dealing with my height but I went to a small school and grew up with everyone that went there so they knew me for me not my height. Toward the end of my high school experience I came to terms with my height and started rockin my heals, wearing what I wanted and I started getting more attention from guys. I even had two boyfriends during my senior year and that was saying something for a girl who had never had an official boyfriend before. The second boyfriend and I ended up staying together for almost 3 years but ended up breaking up recently. During the past four months all of my insecurities are creeping up again especially about my height! I am now 20 years old and work a lot but thats about it, I own my own home and I feel like I have more to do than go out to the clubs like most of my friends but when I bring myself to go out once in a while I get extremely nervous about what every one will think about how tall I am next to my 5foot 3 friends and all those comments like "you're super cool but I would never date u because you're just too tall" come rushing back. It upsets me because I feel like I have got past this before so why can't I now!? Reading many of the other comments helps and I'm very excited to have found this site. Any advice is appreciated.

Joerg says: It takes a real man, a confident man to appreciate a real woman. These guys are out there... but they're just more difficult to find. Taking it easy when it comes to dating is never a bad idea if you ask me.

6'4" Alexandria wrote (February 19th 2011)

Hi everyone! I was on here a few weeks ago but I can't help but comment again. I'm now 6'4" and 16. I think I'm the tallest girl in my entire State!!! This site has given me the confidence I need in life. Before I was very self-conscious about my height but not so much. I hated it when people came up to me to talk about my height but lately I've gotten nothing but nice comments. I think it's due to my newly found confidence! To whoever made this site your helping out tall girls across the country. Thanks again!!! :)

Joerg says: Well, I am very happy to hear it. That's the best compliment I could ask for. The person who made this site is a 5'8" male who has loads of tall lady friends from all over the World. And I feel blessed because they keep me on my toes. It's an honour to look out for you Ladies. Feel free to read the "My View" and "About / Contact" sections.

5'10" Amy wrote (February 19th 2011)

Joerg, I love your website, and its general message, but I don't agree with your advice that being 5'10" is 'perfect'. By making that statement, you seem to be implying that being over 5'10" is somehow problematic, or less desirable than being 5'10". Also, I think it sends the wrong message to tell girls that they can wear heels and nevertheless find men that are taller than they. People need to understand that that very assumption is precisely what's problematic. Women and girls need to reject the societal assumption that they should seek out men who are taller (not to mention wealthier, more intelligent and more successful). So, Allyna needs to be encouraged to stop premising her self-esteem upon her ability to find taller guys.

Joerg says: I didn't mean it like that, Amy. 5'10" is perfect as is 6'10"... It's what you make of it. All of your ladies are perfect in your own way.

5'10" Allyna wrote (February 19th 2011)

Hey, I'm 5'10" and I hate being tall. I'm in 9th grade and I love the look of heels but I'm scared that guys won't like the fact that I'm tall. There's a lot of tall guys at my school but what if they don't like girls the same height as them??? And I'm on the phone with my dad right now and I just asked "Do u think I'm to tall for heels?" and he said "Yeah, u would tower over the boys and you're already tall enough" So I don't know what to do. I love heels but I feel uncomfortable towering over people. Please help me - I really need it... What should I do? XOXO Allyna :]

Joerg says: Well, you have probably read most of the quotes on here. I don't think you're particularly tall. Strangely enough girls who are "just about tall" always seem to have the biggest problems with their height. 5'10" is perfect. There are a lot of taller men out there and even if you wear heels they would be taller than you. Go for it. And keep in mind that the new Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki is 5'11" and almost always wears heels.

5'11" Alandra wrote (February 18th 2011)

I have always been roaming the internet trying to look for some website or blog that would tell me "it's okay to be tall" or "wear those heels" and I feel like I've found it here. Just by reading your posts I feel so much better about myself. Thanks for that.

5'11" Colleen wrote (February 18th 2011)

All you tall ladies out there, I have one word for you, posture! Please, please, please, own your height and love it! There is nothing that makes me sadder than to see a beautiful, tall girl shrinking down into herself... it's not healthy honnies! Last time I checked there was no height reduction surgery, so you might as well get used to being tall. When I was in high school I would have given anything to be that petite little girl with the tall boyfriend who could pick her up like a doll... but let me tell you, once you get out there in the world you'll find who and what you need in life, and if that's a tall guy with lumberjack muscles to swing you over his shoulder with, then hey, you'll get him girl! And he'll love how confident you are. I'm 19, and in a phase of my life where guys are the last thing from my mind, I'm developing myself and my individuality, which includes my height. So when I walk down the street, people just see me, heels clacking and shoulders held back, confidence in my own independence and femininity... no fears (or guys) attached.

P.S.: I always wanted size 6 feet too, but imagine trying to balance on those things. LOL! I'm a Reflexologist, and have learned to love feet of all shapes and sizes... they represent our story, our past, and hold us up through the worst of times, in peep-toes no doubt!
Love always, Colleen

6'1" Amy wrote (February 17th 2011)

I am so happy to see these recent enthusiastic comments! This is wonderful. We have to love ourselves, support one another, and develop a healthy outlook towards the world... and I am really happy to see so many fellow tall women doing this :-) Also, I just ordered jeans as a result of one of the tips I found on this website; and they're terrific!

6'2" Jennifer wrote (February 17th 2011)

Joerg, thanks for your feedback and this website. This whole thing has really changed me and you are a lifesaver. I come to this website every day and I believe that I can do better with how I treat myself. I look at all the tall women here and realize that we can all love our height, no matter what. So thank you a lot and keep up the good work with this website. xoxo.

Joerg says: You are welcome. That's exactly why I and the website are here, Jennifer.

6'2" Megan wrote (February 17th 2011)

Hello everyone! It seems to me that there have been negative feelings towards being tall. Face it ladies, you aren't getting an shorter! So it's best to just accept who YOU are and forget the comments others say. They are probably just jealous. As an 18 year old I have realized many things. If a boy is secure enough in himself, he will want to date you. I'm currently dating a guy who is 5'8" and the height difference doesn't affect me whatsoever. When people say they are jealous of your height, they mean it. I have had countless people come up to me and say you are so lucky, and you know what? I am lucky. I'm thin, young, beautiful, and tall. I wouldn't change anything, it's made me who I am today. Besides, I just received an offer to model :) I'm going off to college next year, and honestly I can not wait to meet all of the tall, beautiful men waiting at college. Comment if you wish :)

6'3" Brittany wrote (February 16th 2011)

Hello everyone. I'm Brittany and I am 6'3". I'm 19 years old and I am happy that I found this page. I recently went to the doctor's office for a check up and before the nurse told me my height I told her that I was uncomfortable with my height. She took my height and told me I was 5'11" but wrote 6'3" on the paper. I thought she was mistaken and thought nothing of it. Then when I got home I checked my height and she was right. I was 6'3". She lied to spare my feelings. I finally came to realize that "duh"... LOL. Most girls want to be tall or they want to be something that height is required to do. LOL. Models are worshipped and are very tall. How can we not like to be in the same range as models? LOVE YOUR HEIGHT LADIES!!!!

6'3" Jheri wrote (February 16th 2011)

The recent comments point to people getting over some of the really silly cultural notions that suggest men must be taller than women and other things that are superior. I bought those myths when I was young and started to realize I could and should be proud of who I am when I was about 20. Most teens are naturally insecure, I know I was, and maybe going through that is normal for most of us. If we get through it and come out stronger it may even be a good thing.

At some point you learn that there are differences in people that are much more important than little things like height. Caring, curiosity, humor and so many other things that we tend to lump into personality. It is fine to have physical preferences in someone else you are romantic about, but in my mind the deeper traits of who as person is, rather than what they look like, trumps everything.

You begin to realize that while you get attention from strangers, your friends just don't care about your height. When it comes to dating some may not be comfortable with dating someone who is shorter, but for me that would exclude well over 99% of the male population and that would make it much harder to find someone with the traits I feel are very important. If a guy is uncomfortable with my height I am relieved - I have quickly eliminated another guy who is too shallow. There is no reason for me to waste my time on them.

I've become very proud of my height and that helps me work to stay in shape so I am looking my best to make myself even more proud. Little kids really love it and that frequently makes my day.

A huge bonus is people will remember you and take you more seriously. This is often very difficult for women in a male dominated society and it has come in very handy for me in my work. The down side is if you do a bad job they will also remember that, but it is great if you are up to whatever you are doing.

6'2" Jennifer wrote (February 15th 2011)

Jessica: thanks you for your comment, you really made me feel a whole lot better about my height. You see I'm homeschooled because I got bullied about my height. And about the Enrique Iglesias thing: I got front row concert tickets and V.I.P. passes to meet him in L.A. and I will meet him this month but I'm second guessing myself because I think he will run away from me and ask me how tall I am so I'm scared! I'm actually thinking of giving my tickets and my V.I.P. passes away for someone else to keep and use them but yet again I really do want to meet him and this is probably going to be my only chance. So Jessica thanks a lot because whenever I read your comment it makes me feel a lot better so maybe I should print it out and take it with me everywhere I go so I will be happy. LOL. And Amy thank you too for what you said. I hope what you said is true and I give you great luck with your life as well as for Jessica. And thank God for this website because I would have been dead by now without it!

Joerg says: Well, just go for it and see what happens. This is a great chance for you to meet a person you admire. Nothing wrong with being a little starstruck. And I am pretty sure he will not make your height a topic. At least not in a negative way. And, please... don't ever consider hurting yourself in any way or form. No matter how badly you're feeling things will improve at some stage. Just stay positive!

6'1" Amy wrote (February 15th 2011)

I keep posting (apologies) because I really want to make sure that the right message is getting out to teenage girls; again, I remember what it was like to be young and struggling to accept myself!

The really important thing to remember is that the negative feedback you are (or feel you are) receiving with regard to your height is stemming from a lot of societal nonsense, like (1) oppressive, sexist gender roles that state that a woman must be smaller than a man (not to mention less intelligent and successful); (2) a generally lazy, conformist society in which people don't allow themselves to really think through what it means to be beautiful.

In order to *really* be able to accept yourself, you have to get your head round both of these issues. First, you need to learn to reject the suggestion that women should be dominated by men (physically, mentally and emotionally). This is stupid and offensive - start reading some feminist literature so you can learn to reject such attitudes and appreciate yourself.

Secondly, you need to realize that negative attitutes towards female height is just a small part of ridiculous social attitudes towards anyone who is mildly 'different'. This includes people of different races, sexual orientations, lifestyles, disabilities, etc. What I mean to say is: it's not enough to just say "I'm tall and I'm beautiful." You need to learn to love and appreciate all of those individuals who are different from what's "normal". In so doing, you'll open up your mind and learn to see the world in a much more rewarding way.

I had to go through this process as a teenager to come to love and respect my height. And in so doing, I developed an entirely different outlook on the world. I grew spiritually as a result of this process, and encourage you to get started today. You will be a better, healthier, happier person in so many ways!

5'10" Nanci wrote (February 14th 2011)

Hi everyone. I'm Nanci, 18 years old from the Philippines. My height is 5'10" though there are those 6'+ tall girls in here. I am from a place where 90% of people are shorter than me. My heart always breaks when I walk alone on streets hearing those comments against my height. When I walk alone in malls, schools, public places, I always have my earphones plugged + heavy music so that I can ignore those hurtful comments. I've been struggling to accept my height since I was 13 and until now I still wish I am of normal height. I was like crying when I stumbled on this page where it feels like home. I am glad that those who are married are proud of their height.

Joerg says: Well, you're the first woman from the Philippines I've heard from, Nanci. I'm glad you've found us and I hope you can take something positive from this website. I believe you probably can.

6'0" Sandra wrote (February 14th 2011)

I am 29 years old, and to all of you younger girls who hate being tall, trust me, you will love your height when you are older! Even my husband really likes tall girls. It gives you an advantage your whole life. If you are athletic, height is ALWAYS an advantage! Be strong and confident and don't worry what others think! If you have no problem with your height, no one else will. If you hate it, and slouch like crazy "trying" to be shorter, everyone will read that vibe from you and treat you as an awkward person. I am also the mother of 4 beautiful little girls, and with each pregnancy I gained a little weigh, and then lost it. Well, with each weight gain, hardly anyone knew because I am so tall the weight had more room to "hide"! Also, all of the pregnancies and deliveries were so much easier on me than my shorter friends because again, my torso is so long and so there was more room for the baby. It is great to have long lines and a long torso. My husband is 6'2" but I am either taller or the same height as most men. Before I got married, I dated guys who were shorter than I, but you know what, they didn't care, because I didn't care! I know it can be awkward when you are younger and you don't realize there are other tall people out there, but don't worry, there are and you will discover this as you experience life. SO hold your head up high and be happy being tall, and love yourself and have some confidence!

6'1" Amy wrote (February 14th 2011)

This is Amy again, giving a response to both Jessica and Jennifer.

Jessica, I think you have given Jennifer some great advice. You're really wise for your years! It took me until I was about 16 to realize that I should be celebrating my height, rather than feeling saddened and ashamed by it.

I'm 28 years old now, and I can report to you Jennifer that things get way, way better after high school! If you can match your height with a positive, confident attitude, you'll wow people throughout your professional and social lives.

Since I developed an attitude like Jessica's, people constantly tell me lovely things about how they admire my height and sense of strength. Plus, on a sillier note, I've found that my height works wonders when used to show off short skirts and elegant dresses!

Seriously, seriously, it gets way better after high school. And you *don't* have to wait around for a man who is taller than you. I am engaged to a wonderful man who is shorter than me and loves my height. (And there are tons of great guys out there that will adore your height as well! Don't be afraid to seek them out in the future.) Great things await you, so don't be discouraged (and don't spend too much time fretting over reports from women who hate their height; seek out positive, healthy messages from people like Jessica and me!).

6'2 1/2" Jessica wrote (February 14th 2011)

This is directed at Jennifer :) Hey, high-five! I'm 14 and taller than even YOU!!! XD

I can't believe you're homeschooled JUST because of you being embarrassed of your height - there MUST be another reason... Because you really shouldn't be embarrassed. I am taller than everyone at my school (including teachers) by at least a head, and you know what? I doesn't bother me. You can't change yourself - so why be embarrassed about it? Try and be happier with yourself as you are, and accept your height. Worrying about it is such a waste of time ;) And you have a friend. All teen girls our age, who are lucky enough to be tall. Think about - you could be a dwarf or morbidally obese - so you're not that unlucky really. :) (About Enrique Iglesias - without being harsh, lets face it, you'll never meet him! You'll get married to some gorgeous 6'5" guy, I bet. I stop bothering with celebrity crushes when I look up their height!). Be proud of yourself!!!!

Oh, and here is a good 'tall come-back' that I've used on several occasions and which I thought I'd share... Comment: Do you play netball / basketball / volleyball? Reply: Do you play miniature golf?

6'1" Amy wrote (February 14th 2011)

Dear all, I am delighted to learn that a space like this exists, in which tall women are able to talk about their height-related experiences and get some community support.

I was also thrilled to see that many women and girls shared some very proud, positive feedback about their experiences - and I understand completely that others wanted to vent some of their frustrations.

That said, I'm afraid I found some of these more negative comments a bit dismaying. To those of you who have strong negative feelings about your height... you should focus on putting things into their appropriate perspective. Your "problem", you say, is that you're an exceptionally tall woman. Other people in this world are coping with far more significant problems: like poverty, war, and devasting social discrimination due to issues like disability or sexual orientation.

With this in mind, it's hard for me to understand why so many women are harboring such negative feelings about their height. Yes, I struggled with my height as a teenager, but then I *grew up* and realized that it's not a problem.

It's part of the amazing, beautiful diversity of the human experience, and I'm delighted to be tall for this very reason. No, you cannot change your height - but you can change your attitude!! Do this not only for yourself, but for tall teenage girls who look at this site, seeking the inspiration that they need and deserve.

6'2" Jennifer wrote (February 13th 2011)

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I am exactly 6 foot 2 inches tall in height and guess what!? I'm only 15! And guess what else!? I'm only 15! I don't even know why I am tall. I am a full blooded Mexican. I mean I thought Mexicans were supposed to be like 4 feet tall. What the freak is wrong with me? I am also the tallest in my whole family. They are all short so I think I'm adopted or something. My mom is like 5'3" and my dad is around 5'7". I have an older sister who is 5'6". I feel like a huge giant next to them plus everyone else like my aunts or cousins are like under 5 feet! So what gives??? Why am I so tall!! And yes, I am embarrassed about my height so I am homeschooled. Plus my celebrity crunch Enrique Iglesias is shorter than me (he is 6'1 1/2"). I just get bad luck don't I? So if I meet him I'm definitely going to dwarf and scare him with my height! So any advice??? Help me please. I need a friend!

5'10 1/2" Sherry wrote (February 13th 2011)

I always hated my height but now I just except it I am a very feminine woman and I want to wear those very high high heels but I am just to self-conscious when I look at talk show host Wendy Williams wearing heels and the many comments that people think she is a man really makes me not want to wear them, When I was 12 years old I wore this one piece green snowsuit to school and one of my classmates made a comment "Well look who's coming its the jolly green giant". I can laugh now but at the time I never wore that snowsuit again. I can't do nothing about my height but I always wanted to be between 5'4" - 5'6" just to wear those sexy high heels.

6'2" Tawni wrote (February 12th 2011)

I just stumbled upon this site and it made me feel so much better. I have a hard time coping with my height since I'm still in high school. I absolutely love high heels too and have so many of them, but I NEVER wear them.

5'11" Kate wrote (February 10th 2011)

Hi everyone! I am a Junior High student. I have always been put down because of my height. When I was 10 you could put me in a room with 6th graders and I would not look any different from them. The older I have got has showed me how fun it can be to be tall. When my friends can't reach anything I can get it for them. For all the girls who think it is bad to date some one who is shorter than you it really don't matter. Just because you are taller than the guy don't mean that you can't date him. Look, just be you and don't worry about not fittin' in becasue you will one day and you will be happy. When I am in school I don't try to fit in - I stand out. Now I am no goth kid but it's just the way I act. I sing going down the hall. I will say random stuff at the oddest times and I love who I am so I am not afraid to have people look at me and call me weird. I am used to it now. I am not afraid to have someone look up at me... I do it for fun. I will stand right next to someone to show them how tall I am. And if you want to wear your heels go ahead. I don't wear them but if they make you feel good... Who cares if you are taller than most people. I am the tallest kind in my grade so flaunt your height and love who are!!!! TALL GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!

5'11" Jackie wrote (February 9th 2011)

Hello tall beautiful ladies,

I am writing to say that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings, and its so nice to know there are tall women everywhere! For the younger girls, take my advice and start to enjoy life. Instead of focusing on your height try things to accentuate the positives about yourself - we all have them... just dig deep.

I am a 40 year old, 5'11" latin woman with curves and for years I struggled with my height and now I have come to terms with it. I'm tall and I need to enjoy my life and flaunt what I have! More importantly, I have a beautiful daughter who is very tall for her age and I'm her role model.

Embrace your beauty, you are unique, love yourself more than anyone else can love you, and stand tall, be proud and have maintain posture. Life is too short to waste on something we honestly can't change. ROCK THOSE HEELS!

5'10" Kara wrote (February 9th 2011)

I love reading everyone's comments on this site! I have to say that I have been the same height since I was a freshman in high school, but I was always one of the tallest in class. I modeled at a young age and really embraced my height... but I would NEVER consider a shorter man. That was a 'rule'. Fast forward to my early 30s when I ran into a guy I knew from junior high - he's 5'6". I made it clear right up front that we could just be friends because he was simply too short. He had other ideas and there was serious chemistry. I fell madly in love with him (even though I fought it tooth and nail). He however, had no problem with the height difference. It was me who was uncomfortable with the attention it draws and I struggled with it but, I'll have to say that as many people who notice it, there are more who pay no attention to it whatsoever. I realized it's ME who is ridiculously sensitive to it and if the fact that he is 4 inches shorter than me is the ONLY thing I can find wrong with this man, I'm a lucky girl. It makes me look back to my twenties and I think of ALL the great men I ruled out because they were an inch or two shorter and now look where I'm at. God has a sense of humor, people. Don't disregard a man who's shorter than you and secure enough to be proud to be with a taller woman. I'm so thankful he came into my life and made me realize not to be so vain about outward appearance... and that good things can come in small packages ;-)

Joerg says: Can't disagree with that! Yahoo! Grinning Smiley

5'11 1/2" Crystal wrote (February 8th 2011)

My grandmother was six feet tall when she passed away at the age of 92. To this day I remember that when anyone asked her how tall she was she would say "I am five foot twelve" just to trip them up. Maybe she was embarrassed by her height, maybe she had learned with age to accept it as I have come to. I have just turned 34 and other than the typical complaints of finding cute clothes and shoes, I can finally say I love being tall. And, yes, I wear heals all the time. For the teenage girls on here, please know that the jokes and teasing will soon turn into friends constantly saying "I wish I were tall like you". I get it all the time but oddly enough no longer reply "No you don't, it's awful!" Please don't waste this precious time in your life worrying about what others think or hiding behind sneakers and sweats! You are in the best time of your life to enjoy being girly and that is all you need. High school boys are immature and will be kicking themselves for not being your date when you show up to the prom looking tall and gorgeous in a sleek dress and a great pair of heels!

5'11" Kate wrote (February 6th 2011)

I am a Junior student and I have always been tall. I have had a thousand people make fun of me because oh my height but I like to be tall. I am the tallest girl in 7th and 8th grade but the worst thing is that I am the tallest kid in 7th. Taller than the guys and the girls. People think I am really weird because I don't want to date wich makes them think I am that much weirder. I mean really, I am only in the 7th grade and I don't want to date. For the people who try to break you down - don't let them. You are who you are so dont change and just be you.

But I sometimes think it will be fun to be in high school so I won't be the tallest girl anymore.

5'10" Jenny wrote (February 6th 2011)

Tall women rock! I used to never wear heels and now I wear them all the time. I'm getting to the point where I don't care if they're more then 3 inches. It helps that my bf is 6'4", but you should never be ashamed of who you are. Every woman should be able to wear high heels, feel empowered, and sexy no matter your height! Even if you're lacking the confidence give yourself that confidence. Tell yourself "I'm beautiful and it doesn't matter what others think". Soon you'll begin to feel that way too!

6'2" Rachael wrote (February 3rd 2011)

I am not a girlie girl. I have a rep at school that I'm a jock, which is true, I beat people up, or I'll kick someone's ass if they say something to me. I have never beat someone up nor do I plan to. Just because I hate the color pink and I wear sweats to school does not make me a dike or manish as my lovely class mates like to put it. I would like to have a boyfriend but I know that will never happen in high school. They think of me as one of the guys. What do I need to do to change that? I'm confused. I have my softball coach to go to. She, in my opinion, is the only person that truely gets me. She is a lot like me and has my back. She told me that I have to do me and not care what other people think of me. I love her for that but I can't stand the constent opiniontive BS that people talk about. I wear a dress to school for basketball and everyone informed me that I was wearing a dress. It is just very annoying.

6'3 1/2" Alexandria wrote (January 28th 2011)

I'm a very tall girl and I'm still in high school. Yea, it sucks big time when all your short friends have boyfriends and guys all over them. I'm just the opposite. I'm the awkward tall ugly duckling. Though some days are rough I know it will get better when I go off to college and all the guys are TALL!!! Haha... however it's very hard to find jeans that fit my waist and my long legs nicely. This site gives me confidence and let's me know I'm not the only one. Btw, I can't wait til college when I can wear heels and still be shorter than the guys ;)

5'11 1/2" Leah wrote (January 27th 2011)

Hi, I love being tall, and my husband loves me being tall too :) I'm taller than he is (by about an inch) and it doesn't worry him at all. I even wear heels when we go out - no problem. I think he likes the fact that people are looking at me. It's a compliment to him.

The only problem I still have is finding jeans to fit and shirts and jackets with long enough sleeves. Sizes just seem to get fatter, not taller, when you go up, and I'm just TALL, not chubby. The internet and postal order makes things easier, but it is still hard. I shop around - a LOT, and often find the more expensive shops are the only ones selling options that fit properly. Which sucks, but there it is.

To younger women (I'm 40) I's just like to say: love your height. Other, shorter women secretly wish they could be taller (but they'll never admit it), so they could stand out from the crowd and wow the guys. You already do! Stand tall, and be proud of the beautiful person you are. And trust me: there are heaps of guys of all heights, shapes and sizes who love the fact you're tall too!

5'10" Linda wrote (January 27th 2011)

FOR ALL YOU GIRLS WHO DON'T LIKE YOUR HEIGHT: If a friend or family member came to you and was complaining about their height, what would you say to them????? I guarantee you would say that they are beautiful just the way they are and to stop feeling sorry for themselves! So take your own advice! You will NEVER be able to change your height so you better come to grips with it or you will be miserable! This would be such a boring world if there were no differences right? Make the best of what you have. You only have ONE shot at this life!

5'10" Kelsie wrote (January 27th 2011)

I had always struggled with my height when I was younger and I still do to this day. I always had been called names just as "Godzilla" and "Sasquatch". I still get called those names, but I try to let it roll off of me like water on a duck's back. I have accepted my height. I have heels that are four or five inches high. I just stand tall and strut my nearly six foot figure. My boyfriend loves my height, espcially considering he's 6'4".

Rae-Rae: You can always order longer pants off the internet and a size 12 is not that big, Marliyn Monroe was a size 12. Also, tall guys love tall girls - how are they going to kiss a girl who is 5'4" of they're 5'5"? Plus, a lot of models are your height as well.

I really love this website and have added it to my favorites!

5'10 1/2" Lana wrote (January 26th 2011)

Being tall myself, I know all about the insecurities that come with the height. I'm the tallest girl in the family (I got my height from my Dad), and always wanted to be a bit shorter, even just a few inches shorter. I really only started growing around my mid-teens, so I've been tall for a few years. Throughout, I was so insecure about being taller then guys, people commenting about my height (gosh - no need to state the obvious, right?), standing out in the crowd, not wearing heels and so forth. But, being tall is being beautiful. Tomorrow, for my job interview I'm going to rock my hot black pumps 'cause I can ! Walk tall ladies !

6'1 1/2" Bridget wrote (January 21st 2011)

I just stumbled upon this site and I am absolutely amazed! I am the tallest woman I know. My brother is 6'6", so I don't always feel so tall. But my mom is 5'6", so standing next to her I feel like a giant. I love my height. And while I haven't found the right guy yet (I have yet to meet a guy my age who's my height or taller), I don't mind. I'm embracing it & loving it! Except when I'm shopping for jeans! :) If you're tall: flaunt it! Wear heels, wear skirts/dresses - show off those long beautiful legs! Tall = beautiful!

5'10" Elle wrote (January 20th 2011)

I'm from the UK and to be honest hate my height. I do model for an agency, but I would definetly give that up for the chance to be 5'7", as I know others my height would. Harsh words but true, and I know some ladies on here are 6foot and over, but you have to understand is that no way do I have the confidence to pull this height off. I'm dreading at the moment a prom fayre that has been arranged at school, which I'm taking part to model in, JUST because I have to wear heels. The other girls are all smaller than me, and the thought of towering over them and everyone seeing me like that makes me want to cry. Reading these gives me so much inspiration so thank you for that. I can only hope one day I can wear heels and not be so self conscious :)

6'0" Stefanie wrote (January 20th 2011)

Hi, my name is Stefanie! I am 6'0" and I am learning to love my height everyday. I occasionally wear heels, when the situation calls for it. I may start wearing them everyday so I can work on my confidence. Sometimes I dont feel as confident in them because people like to stare, and that bothers me sometimes. I get all the usual rude comments (how tall are you/are your parents tall/do you play basketball) + my co-workers like to try to use me for their personal ladder. o_O I am so glad I stumbled upon this site, I have to memorize/use many of the great comebacks listed here for those people who feel the need to comment on my height.

6'2" Rosemond wrote (January 19th 2011)

Being tall used to be my biggest problem cos the short guyz look at you and laugh when u bypass dem.... But then thnx 2 my senior brothers I ain't bothered about that anymore... Plus, hey, I started wearing heels since my mum says it makes you look good... everyone looks at me on heels though... BE PROUD TO BE TALLLL

5'11" Camille wrote (January 16th 2011)

I really enjoy my height. No ifs, ands or buts about it. For some reason I have the hardest time finding shoes that are comfy and still look sexy. I want a heel but I don't want to overdo it. Just a small heel with style. Any suggestions?

5'10" Rada wrote (January 15th 2011)

Over the years I learned to LOVE my height. Height is sexy. Yes, I too was always the tallest girl in class and was made fun of, but honestly I never cared. I laughed along with them. Guys are very attracted to tall girls and it's inevitable that we stand out! in a good way.. Although i would ever date a guy that's shorter than 6'0", it still doesn't make me upset that I'm tall and can't find a decent tall man because a lot of them are short. Height in a man attracts me as well and I want my man to love my height and love me. He also shouldn't mind if I wear 4 inch heels (because I don't own a pair less than that). Be proud and stand tall :))

6'0" Ashley wrote (January 14th 2011)

Girls, I too was like most of you going through school. I was always the tallest girl and not to mention a bit chunky. I used to cry in grade school when the boys would point and laugh because I was too tall and my legs were too long. It just got to be a self esteem popper growing up through the years. I was born in '83 so while growing up I basically was forced to be a tomboy because you couldn't find girl's jeans that were long enough. When I got into highschool I finally got my first boyfriend who was 6'3". What a relief. We broke up my Senior year, needless to say I was not asked to the prom because most of the boys called me "amazon, sasquatch, etc" That didn't bother me so much anymore, I just laughed with them. At that time you would not catch me in a pair of high heels because I did not want to stand out.

One of my very best friends is 6'1" and I was thankful that she was one inch taller because that took the focus off of me FOR A MINUTE. We were called "Twin Towers". Nice, eh? LOL. Anyways, once you get out of highschool you will realize that all the boys that picked on you have now grown to realize that long legs are the best thing on the world and would do anything to take you out, NOW. This was the redemption of my self esteem balloon. It seems that tall girls are always popular with the 5'9" and under men... what the heck is up with that? LOL. To make my novel short, my 6'1" friend and I loveeee being tall. We wear 4-5" high heels when we go out places and people stop and stare when we enter a room... this sort of attention is not the typical "omg she is soo freakishly tall" this is more less, look at those legs, WOW. So girls give it some time, you too will be shopping in the high heel department in no time. Tall girls rock!! :) Ashley

5'10 1/2" Taylor wrote (January 14th 2011)

You should embrace your height. I have wasted so much time crying about how tall I am and im sick of it. Tall women are beautiful and if anyone makes fun of you it's because they're jealous.

6'2" Susan wrote (January 13th 2011)

In reference to Mary and Julie's comment. I think everyone has good days and bad days. However, if someone asked me if I want to change my height? Definately, no, my height is part of what made me who I am. Just like my hair being red makes me different. I went through a lot of teasing, but, I think most children do for one thing or another.
Take good care - Susan

6'1 1/2" Mary wrote (January 13th 2011)

I have always been tall and big even when I was a baby. Like Julie said it is a love hate realationship when it comes to height. I am one of those girls who dislike the attention, but I like to talk about my height socially, as well as having a 5'1" friend which makes giving her a hug akwardly funny. I love this site - it has really made my day to know that you are not alone. :P thanks

6'1 1/2" Julie wrote (January 11th 2011)

I'm tall. It's a love hate thing. I just hate how all the tall guys have the shortest girlfriends! But hey! Tall people = less likely to die in floods.

6'0 1/4" Alanna wrote (January 11th 2011)

EVERYONE says "Wow you are tall!!!" so I decided to start saying.... "Really??? I never knew. I just thought everyone else was super short... thanks for clearing that up!!!" Everyone gets a good laugh out of it :) But being really tall AND a plus sized teen age girl... you get teased A LOT but don't let their words hurt you... if you are like me... you are big and beautiful... embrace it :)

5'11" Jennifer wrote (January 7th 2011)

I love my height. I am thirty two and am really starting to enjoy being as tall as I am. Although sometimes I feel on the spot, I just think this is the way I am. Nothing I can do about it and it's all good. I've really been enjoying the fact that some of the clothing lines really are givin us tall girls a break. I actually find pants on occasion that go all the way down. That is like the coolest thing in the world. And shoes are starting to look more like shoes and not boats. I still have problems with sleeves but hey, pants and shoes are half the battle. It does help us weed out potential bad dates, less men to go through. And accessing things in high spots is pretty convenient. Still not liking cars, the truck factor is way easier on the in and out of things. But all in all yeah, it's cool. And standing tall has made me feel healthier not like I'm rubbing it in or anything. It has taken me this long, and I hope this helps others to do it faster. Just think, girls are getting taller all the time, soon we'll be the average :)

6'1" Michelle wrote (January 6th 2011)

I've always been the tallest girl in my grade, and in my school. I never bothered with heels, thinking that they'd make me even taller and stick out more. I need to gain confidence! It's hard. But I know we can do it. Go tall women!

6'0 1/2" Amanda wrote (January 5th 2011)

I absolutely hate not wearing heels because most of them are really cute. I don't like feeling taller than all the boys in my school and getting teased if I do date someone shorter.

6'2 1/2" Kylie wrote (January 4th 2011)

You just have to have confidence and work the long legs! :) ... the hardest part for me is finding pants, but I have found a few places... oh, and once you get to college there are tall men:) no worries!... don't feel self-conscious about your height. Men like a girl who is confident.

5'11" Eli wrote (January 3rd 2011)

Jasmin, you are absolutely right! Modeling offers does help. LOL. I get it all the time. I get people asking if I already am a model.

5'10" Jasmin wrote (January 3rd 2011)

I have trouble because I live in Korea and I'm American. The guys here aren't necessarily the tallest... luckily, my brother is 6'5" though, and he's given me hope that not everyone can be as short as the guys here. Don't worry girls, it's hard to have low self-esteem with all the modeling offers :)

5'11" Eli wrote (January 3rd 2011)

Same as Shelby: I don't go a day without hearing "Wow! Are you really that tall? Do you play basketball?" I personally have tried and failed, so I stuck with what I'm best at and that is softball. I'm meant to use my strength and long legs to run those bases and score a home run. Been tall my whole life and I've finally learned to embrace it as a gift. I hated being the tallest in relationships, around my friends, and that I wasn't able to wear heels. I've grown up and realized that it is something beautiful and that no matter how tall I am I a still a human being. Ladies, learn to love your height, flaunt it and keep your head up. :)

5'10" Shelby wrote (January 2nd 2011)

Hey, so I hate the stereotype of tall girls. When meeting someone new they automatically look at me and say "wow, you're really tall, do you play basketball?" ... I have heard it forever and I don't have anything against basketball but I just can't play! I'm not a huge fan of constant running up and down a stuffy court. I play softball and love every bit of it. Another thing is that I hate how friggin short guys are in my school. Yeah, I know they still have a lot of growing to do but geez, I can't even get a date w/o being 3-4 inches taller than him. It really bugs me. I want to be the short one in the relationship - that's all I ask! Id rather not have to lean down to kiss my boyfriend. Goodnight. Thank you very much... :/ And people always say I'm lucky to be tall, no one bothers me. Well, that's such a lie. People don't see that it's not just the short girl that get jokes thrown around about them. I've had every demeaning name thrown towards my height and it really hurts. Not everyone likes to be called "Godzilla", you know, it's just not right.

5'10" Taylor wrote (January 2nd 2011)

I was shopping the other day and I noticed something about the mannequins they had dressed up in the windows of the clothing stores. I did not see one mannequin that was short. They were all tall and some they put high high heels on to make them look even taller.

Rae-Rae: Lots of men like tall women, you just have to be patient and wait for them to grow up, at your age the boys are still feeling very insecure about themselves, but many men once they grow up love tall women, but just like any women you have to present yourself well with other attributes, like kindness, self confidence, I also think that when your tall its really good to do something that is physical like swiming, gymnastics or dance, something that will help u become comfortable with your body type. Then spend some time in the next few years developing your own personal style. Never wear pants that are too short if possible. There are many sites on here that sell pants with longer legs. I have also found that western stores also sometimes have the longer leg. Another thing you can do is wear boots with jeans if the leg is tight and no one will know they are too short (covering the bottom with those loose knitted leggings also works and they are not very expensive).

6'1" Rae-Rae wrote (January 1st 2011)

Hi im 6'1" and don't really like it! I'm almost the tallest person in my entire school!!! (With the exception of a guy who's 6'2"). Air travel is a pain in the butt!!!! But I took a trip to Amsterdam and guess what??? I didn't feel tall for once!!!! It was great!!!! I'm 13 and have a hard time coping with it but I get by. I feel fat at a humongous size 12!!!! And I wish they made pants long enough!!! Dang midgets!!! Anyway... shoes too!!!! Size 12! THANK YOU PAYLESS!!!! Haha! This site helps my struggling self-esteem a lot. Another thing - guys apparently do not like tall girls!!!! I'm trying to learn to like being tall. The posts on here help!! Thank you all for the inspirational stories!!!

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