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March 24, 2014



Shoes / Footwear (International)
Click here for the USA Section

Barefoot Tess Fashionably Large Shoes.com Samanta Shoes Retail Banner

Here's an International selection of stores that sell shoes in large sizes (which are therefore suitable) for tall women. Most of them have a selection of shoes in up to at least a (US) size 12. I'm always adding new stores to the list.

Please use The Forum to comment on your experience with shops / retailers listed below. Perhaps we can set up some sort of "satisfaction ratings" there... Thanks to Liz for the suggestion!

If you feel you're still not tall enough check out the Sexy and Fetish Shoes / High Heels sections at the end of each country's listing (if there are companies that sell that kind of shoes in the respective countries!)

Please check the USA Section as well. Companies with the symbol ship worldwide.

Argentina | Australia | Austria | Belgium | Brazil  | Canada | Croatia | Czech Republic | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Italy | Latvia | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Poland | Republic of Ireland | Russia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom | USA

Australia (Back top)

Argentina (Back top)

  • Sell internationally El Resero - high quality custom-made footwear from Argentina

Austria (Back top)

Belgium (Back top)

Brazil (Back top)

Canada (Back top)

Croatia (Back top)

  • XL Shoes - "We sell large size women's shoes (French size 40 - 45)."

Czech Republic (Back top)

  • Maxam - custom-made shoes (Czech)

Denmark (Back top)

  • Sell internationally Miaman.com - shoes in up to Euro size 44. Visit the English language version of the website here. They ship within the European Union for only 4 Euros and to the United States for 6 Dollars.
  • Perfect Sko - "have an OK selection. They have been sitting on what is almost a monopoly and their staff are not always friendly or service minded."
  • Skowolter (Danish)

Finland (Back top)

France (Back top)

Germany (Back top)

Greece (Back top)

  • NEW Extralarge - women's shoes in European size 42-46.
  • Big Shoes - have women's shoes in European sizes 42-46.

Italy (Back top)

Sexy and Fetish Shoes / High Heels

  • Italian Heels - shoes (mainly with heels) up to a European size 46.

Latvia (Back top)

  • Apavi40+ - women's shoes in Euro sizes 40 - 46. They don't have an online store but worth checking out if you're in the area (Riga). Thank you to Zaiga for the suggestion.

Mexico (Back top)

Netherlands (Back top)

Schuhe Grossartig

New Zealand (Back top)

  • After9Shoes - specialize in providing shoes for women in sizes 10+. Like their Page on Facebook.
  • Willow Shoes - "Women's Shoes Size 10+". They have four stores around New Zealand: Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch and they are also on Facebook.

Free Shipping on any order over $300!

Norway (Back top)

  • Store Sko - as suggested by Barbara (Norwegian)

Poland (Back top)

  • Andypola - sell shoes in extra large sizes

Republic of Ireland (Back top)

Russia (Back top)

  • JC Shoes - women's shoes in up to Euro size 44

Spain (Back top)

  • Sonia Diaz Footwear - shoes in up to Euro size 46. According to Denise who recommends the website "They run really small. You will probably need to order two sizes larger."
  • Sexypola - sell sexy shoes and high heels in up to Euro size 49
  • Andypola - sell shoes in extra large sizes
  • XLPlanet.com - sell shoes in up to European size 45. Thanks to 5'11" Claudia for the suggestion.
  • Sell internationally Karmensita - A Spanish company that "... have for many years supplied Spanish shoes for the world market and during that time we have many times being asked for "extra" (small or large) sizes which were not being produced by the factories..."
  • Beimi Shoes

Sweden (Back top)

  • Jerns - have some choice in bigger shoes and are recommended by 6'8" Caroline (Swedish)
  • Great Shoes - in up to a European size 45 (Swedish)
  • King Size Skor (Swedish)

Switzerland (Back top)

Sexy and Fetish Shoes / High Heels

United Kingdom (Back top)

USA (Back top)

  • I have created a dedicated "Shoes Section USA" - plenty of choice for the Tall Goddess



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