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Colleen has a few great ideas - so you are about to get colleen-i-fied!

For more info visit her website www.6footsix.com

Colleen stands something over six foot six and has some thoughts about the problems tall people face.

She loves cooking, but not the pain that comes with bending down to a three foot high counter.  When she asked for suggestions people told her to install taller countertops. Neat, but tough if you live in an apartment or are on a budget.

Colleen has been using her colleenified countertop to bring her work surface up to an ergonomically proper height.  You can see this in the before and after photos and the video.  You should also check out the outtakes on her colleenify blog.

Most of you will not have exactly the same ideal countertop height as she does, so the countertop can be custom made to suit anyone from about 5'9" to 7'0".

Find a friend and measure yourself and check out the product page.  Please answer the survey because we would like to know what you think!

These can be made in a variety of heights and widths. Someone who is 6'1" reports it has greatly improved his back pain doing kitchen work and the same will probably be true for any tall woman who comes here.

These are beautifully made by hand of solid maple in Kentucky and can be made to a variety of lengths and widths.  They have rubberized inserts on the feet so they won't mar your real countertop and, if you are tall enough, you can store things under yours.

If you buy one be sure to mention the word colleenified!