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March 24, 2014



Tall Teens and Kids

Hello, girls (or young ladies respectively)!

On these pages you may have to read about dangerous people you might meet online. This website, as well as many others, is going to try and warn you about the dangers of being online. But I'd like to go one step further and that's why this website is going to be there for you and support you if required. I know we're not yet talking "height" but this topic is one I find extremely important. So, do me, your parents, friends and yourself a favour, Love ... be careful and wary! We don't want you to become a "missing child", do we? :-)

For a database of very dangerous people go to www.familywatchdog.us - and don't forget to tell your parents about it. They might want to check it out too! UPDATE There is another website that you and / or your parents might want to take a look at: http://www.sexualoffenders.com

In the aftermath of the murder of ten year old Holly and Jessica who were abducted and killed in Soham, UK, the BBC Children's Website has come up with a few tips for staying safe. Click here to read these tips and remember - no matter where you are, it's good to remain safe! More advice from the BBC Website.

Most of you have probably heard about Natalee Holloway's disappearance in May of 2005. Natalee's mum Beth Holloway has created a website called Safe Travels Foundation which I highly recommend. Check it out and tell your parents about it - especially if you intend to travel abroad!

Some advice from Tall Ladies who are no longer Teens

Claire Rosemary Jane - children's book author from the UK who herself is 5'11" has a lot of experience when it comes to young people and I am very grateful to her for writing a few words of advice especially for this section of the Website for Tall Women. Read what Claire has to say.

Barbara Worton, the author of TOO TALL ALICE (Alice is eight years old, and "...four inches taller than any of the other girls in my class...") believes self-esteem is the greatest gift in life. "Self-esteem," Barbara says, "is the certainty right down to your DNA that you are just perfect as you are and have the right to be accepted, respected, and live a happy and successful life." And that message comes through loud and clear in TOO TALL ALICE.

Lorie Ann has teamed up with me in order to improve the "Tall Teens & Kids" Project. She was a Ballerina until her height (she's 6ft) caught up with her. Lorie Ann has since become a successful writer and she's co-founded Readergirlz, an online book community celebrating gutsy girls in life & literature. Make sure to read the Readergirlz April 2007 Manifesta and check out Lorie Ann's myspace.com profile!

6'4" Holli Jennings who is Miss Tall International 2009 has written a "Letter to My 16 Year Old Self" which comes highly recommended... and not only by me!

"You like being tall???"

Lizzie is 5'11", pretty and proud to be tall. She asked me if I wanted to put her picture on the website and I thought "Why not?"

What does "tall" mean in the context of this website? Well, if you're grown up you'll be considered tall if you're 5'10" or over. If you're - say - 12 and 5'8" - you'll be considered tall. It's usually relative... if you feel you're too tall you've come to the right place. If you're still not fully grown and would like to know how tall you are going to get you can try http://www.kidsgrowth.com/hc/height.cfm - I don't know how reliable this is but it's an interesting approach.

A somewhat more scientific approach to predicting a child's height comes from the University of Saskatchewan's College of Kinesiology

This is interesting: The Tall Club International offer TCI Students Scholarships of up to $1000 each to tall students who are under 21 years of age and attending their first year of college in the following Fall. The recipients must also meet the TCI height requirement minimums of 5'10" for women and 6'2" for men..

Jeans in long inseams for women available at Buckle.com

A few more thoughts from Joerg

Fact One:

There are loads of tall (or extremely tall) women and teenagers like 6'11" Marvadene or 6'5" Emma out there who know what you are going through. Some girls may even be able to lend you an open ear or support of sorts. You decide what is going to happen here, alright? Fill out the form below and tell me what you're missing here (and, no, it's not all about meeting boys!) ;-)

Fact Two:

In a lot of cases all tall young women lack is confidence. If you have enough confidence you'll find how exciting being tall can be. I came across a very useful website today after discussing the confidence / shyness factor with some young UK friends of mine. Thanks to Sacha and Jo for reminding me of the confidence factor!

You could also tell me if you find anything on this website that you find unsuitable for you or other girls your age (or even younger) - I promise to look into it and even take down the features / links concerned.

What you can / should / shouldn't do:

Perhaps you want to tell your own story. Feel free to get in touch with me and tell us how you're feeling, what you feel you're lacking (in regard to support from parents, teachers, friends etc.) and what you think is great about you. Or what is it that you don't like about yourself? I bet you'll find later that being a kid / teen was half as bad as you then thought. :-)

Just do us a favour - whatever is going on in your life right now: Don't become another Morgan Musson (she committed suicide because she was bullied) - that's what this website is supposed to stop - you becoming desperate, alright? If you think you're an "ugly duckling" now see how many tall women have managed to become celebrities (most of them because of their height - not inspite of it!)

Recommended: 6'7" Dafydd Jones from the UK got bullied badly when he was a teenager. That's why he decided to set up a website in order to help others. Great job, Dafydd!

Of course there are bad things that could happen to a tall girl. Read what my friend Tiffany had to go through instead of a enjoying a great Prom Night. This is a very sad story but Tiffany has come out of it stronger than ever before. She is modelling these days and has also found herself a cute boyfriend now and - as far as I know - the two are now happily engaged!

Finally: Don't forget to read the quotes from other tall women / girls who have visited this website. Maybe you will find a few positive words that could reassure you there. In any case:

Have fun, stand tall and be good to yourself. There are plenty of short girls who would kill to be you. You rule! - "says Joerg"

If you still don't like being tall or even hate it - don't despair. I know that it's not easy being a teenager (I've been there myself a long time ago). Talk to people you trust. Don't give in to stupid comments from class"mates" or even teachers. Being a teacher doesn't always qualify a person for being a good human being (I've found that out too - years ago). Get rid of "friends" who have a negative attitude towards you because they aren't your friends. Make sure you feel good and do whatever it takes to assure that you feel good. You still rule!

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