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22 year old Babita is supposedly 7'3" tall and lives in India


5'11" model Katie Green talking about the "Say No to Size Zero" campaign


6'3" Arianne Cohen talking about "The Tall Book"


Short film about female basketball players (in Russian). Might be of interest to some. Thanks, Bat.


6'4" Olympienne Candace Parker on CBS News' Eye-To-Eye


6'2" Comedienne Hailey Boyle "picks up a guy" in this Kleenex ad.


6'4" Becky Thomas on the Today Show (Wednesday, April 9th 2008


Here's the video that goes with the "famous" Karlsberg ad.


Tallwomen.org got a mention on Watch Me! News (Japan). Sadly I don't understand a word...


My 6'8" Swedish friend Caroline H. appeared in a (Swedish) video report a while ago. Try finding clothes that fit when you're 6'8"...


From what I could gather the girl in this TV report is now 17 years old and 6'10". Her name is Malee Duangdee and she is from Thailand. Like De-Fen Yao and Sandy Allen she's (been) suffering from acromegaly - an illness which causes giant growth. I hope we can find more about her. Maybe we can help her...


6'9" Suzy Gyarfash on a talk-show (not sure which language - Hungarian? Or so I've been told...)


6'9 Connie Waikle talking about her height


Tall girl kissing a very short guy (picture on the Pictures page)


Tall Asian girl kissing short Asian guy



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