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Happy Birthday, Helen Pappas! Helen is not just a very successful entrepreneur but also a really nice lady. And Helen happens to be 6'3".

When founder Helen Pappas was growing up, shopping for clothes was a frustrating process. She always strived to be fashionable and continuously looked for clothes that fit both her tall frame and her own style. At 6'3" she quickly realized that despite the noted 'tall lines' of popular brands, pants were still never long enough, arm lengths were too short and long dresses were an impossible find. Constantly exasperated at the lack of fit, quality, style and in supposed 'tall clothes', she would often travel to various seamstresses to custom make pieces that were missing from her wardrobe. It was both an exhausting and costly process for her.Helen decided to pursue opening a tall clothing boutique while attending an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. She realized that she could take the continual challenges of shopping as a tall woman and create a business that would solve this problem through providing fit, quality, design and selection. Her goal became to carry pieces that are versatile, that give you the option to dress them up, or dress them down, and work within a variety of styles and wardrobes.

With the incredible support and backing of her family, she created Talltique, an online and retail store that offers versatile and chic clothes for the tall woman and became its resident stylist. The first year found her spending hundreds of hours on research; flying all over the country to find vendors and products, and hosting fashion shows to promote Talltique. Her parents by her side and both Grandmas cheering her on, she began expanding her company and adding products and promotions. Today you can find developing upcoming merchandise created exclusively by Talltique and working with clients to provide a customized shopping experience in our Bethesda, MD showroom. Client service is her mission and Talltique is built on a dedication to providing quality and style for the tall woman.

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