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Powerlifter Melissa Kyllo-Garrett is 6'2" and one of the strongest women in the World

Melissa's Stats

Birthdate: November 14, 1978
Location: Nashville, TN

When did you start powerlifting

December 2003 - first meet

Federations: NASA, AAU, APA, APF

Best competition lifts

570 Squat, 360 Bench Press, 470 Deadlift, 1400 Total

Biggest inspirations

"Well #1, I would have to give props to Wade Johnson, my coach and mentor. He keeps my head on right and pushes me to my goals and beyond. Thanks to everyone in the morning crew, great laughs while helping each other succeed."

General stuff

"Freshly upgraded (mentally) I finally got my head on right, I'm training for huge pr's. In years past I was only going through the motions. I hadn't begun to realize my potential, let alone tap into it. Outside of lifting I enjoy rehabbing houses (mine is over 100 yrs old), white water rafting and spending time         with friends. I'm a girly girl who switches personalities when it's time to lift. I'm also looking to land some great sponsors. Special thanks to Brandon Jenkins DC, best chiropractor a woman of power could ask for."

Melissa about herself

"My personality is very diverse. I am what I think is a great blend of a tomboy meets girly girl with a side of jockette and a extra helping of suzzy homemaker. I did grow up on a farm, I know how to bait a hook, and don't mind getting dirty. I have my own power tools and know how to use         a level and a stud finder. I wear skirts most days to work, and routinely get pedicures. Something's wrong if you see me and my toes aren't polished. I am a competitive powerlifter but still have female curves. And I know how to cook and I do own a sewing machine. That is me in a nutshell."

Melissa adds (exclusively for tallwomen.org)

"Part of my goal in the sport - aside from heavy lifting - is to be the best role model for other (tall) women and girls.

Joerg says

Melissa may be one of the strongest women in the World but she's still a very feminine lady as you can see below. She's been spending hundreds of hours on becoming one of the best in her sport. Melissa is very much on the way to achieving her aim. What she needs now is sponsors who help her focus even more. Powerlifting is a time consuming sport... and so on and so on...