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Long Tall Venus

Being tall myself, I have found clothing in department stores are aimed more at plus size or petite women. Finding stylish and affordable clothing for tall women that is longer in length but not in size has been a little more of a challenge to find. You would have to buy a larger size to get that extra length needed. Pants are a great example of this and so is long sleeved shirts/tops which are never quite long enough in length but especially not long enough in the arm length. So it's really exciting for find clothing that fits you so you don't look like a sack.

We produce clothing under our own Long Tall Venus label which are all made in Australia with quality fabrics. We also stock clothing from other brands that are made here and overseas including our highly fashionable and great fitting premium denim jeans from LTB.

There are now a few more choices of clothing for tall women which is great as we are always looking for different styles for different occassions. There are some fantastic places now with shoes in larger sizes which can then finish your outfit.

We will be adding new products where possible so keep coming back to see what's new. Please let us know any suggestions for clothing that have been a challenge to find and we will do our best to see if we can help. We are based in Brisbane, Australia.

Fashion should be fun for all shapes and sizes and I'm happy to see more out there for us tallies!

Have a great day Sharon :)

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