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Tall women look gorgeous!  Most people look at them and wish they had their height and their gorgeous long legs that seem to go on forever. But most people don’t understand the degree of difficulty these ladies experience in finding jeans and pants long enough to cover their ankles.

Tall ladies spend endless hours trudging through shops putting pants up against them before even bothering to hit the changing rooms. In fact, tall women often don’t shop for jeans or pants, they have given up because of the endless disappointment they face in trying to find things that fit.

These tall gorgeous “goddesses” take to having their clothing made by a local dressmaker or alternatively import their clothes from overseas, either way, creating a huge hole in lifestyle budgets!

Tall women know that finding jeans long enough is very frustrating. That is why XtraLength has introduced ‘Suesi’ Jeans with inner leg lengths of 35″ to 39″! For the very TALL Lady.

XtraLength is Perth’s only clothing retailer that specifically caters for the unique needs of gorgeously tall ladies, offering pants and the ‘Suesi’ jeans range for tall ladies who want to stand tall and feel confident.

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