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What About Us

What About Us is an international clothing brand designed for women taller than 5'9", aiming at offering a standard quality collection. Women taller than average not only have longer arms and legs – their entire body proportions require clothes specifically fit for their body measurements.

What About Us's concept is to help all women who feel proud of there high and wish to enhance it. ​

What About Us wish to remind to the society that all these women are women among other women, not extra-terrestrials.

Nikki is a fashion designer based in Paris. She created the brand What About Us in order to spread on the international market a trendy fashion clothing line fit for tall women.

More than a simple section in a shop, the brand aims at offering several ranges of clothes fit for tall size: jeans and trousers, leggings, shirts and gowns, pullovers and sweatshirts, dresses and skirts, jackets and coats.

Today, What About Us open their doors and welcome you in their world, in your fashion.

Visit the What About Us website

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