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Belle Grande

Tall women's pants and jeans with up to 39 inch inseams.

How long is the inside leg of your trousers?

It depends on the type of trousers and size. You can find the length of each trousers on its own product page, under the ‘Additional Information’ bar. Mostly the trousers we produce have an inside leg between 36" to 39" (91,4cm-99,1cm).

How long are your sleeves?

Our sleeves are long. Very long. It depends on the type of garment and size. You can find the length of each item on it own product page, under the ‘Additional Information’ bar. Our sleeves length range from 28" to 29.9" (71cm-76cm).

More about Belle Grande

As a 6ft 2.5 tall designer, I know the challenges that every tall woman is faced with once they walk into a clothing store.

I have spent many years searching for the perfect outfit, the perfect white shirt or the perfect dress or the perfect shoes as I love to wear high heels and eclectic clothes. I believe that the right fabric plus the right fit makes an outfit stand out and as such the search for the perfect tall collection started and the birth of Belle Grande.

At Belle Grande, we are on a mission to create the perfect Tall Collection for the tall woman. We believe that tall women are unique and as such our Tall Collection is designed to showcase that uniqueness.

All Belle Grande Tall collection are designed in England and 100% manufactured in Italy.

Every fabric used for our Tall collection are specifically designed and manufactured for our collection and as such we do not produce in massive quantities. Once it’s gone! It’s gone!

Our clothes are designed for Tall women seeking a different and unique look made to a very high standard that cannot be found anywhere else.

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