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FatPhRocks is the UK's only TALL PLUS SIZE specialist. We make in small quantities so you get a very exclusive dress. Retailer of WINGZ Arm Coverage too.

Fat with a PH or without Rocks! We make tall plus size clothing only and specialise in Tall Dresses. Tall plus size from conception - not just sized up!

Our tall dresses range in length from 60" to 63". If you are not tall plus sized, but plus sized then most of our dresses can be taken up by a tailor expensively. Each style of our tall dresses are made in limited numbers of 30-70 pieces only, this is dependant on fabric available.

This ensures that your tall plus size FatPhRocks dress is exclusive. We keep our prices as low as we can by having few overheads, many high street retailers and boutiques would be charging three or four times as much per tall dress as we do due to the amount of good quality fabric used in our tall dresses.

If you have any queries or would like custom designs, our minimum order is 20 pieces per tall plus size design, this does not have to be tall or plus size but we do have the experience needed for great proportioned tall dresses and tall plus size dresses.

Thank you for visiting our little site, we hope you enjoy the social side of FatPhRocks and receive many compliments in our Tall Plus Size Dresses. X

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