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Tall Glass of Water

Tall Glass of Water is a Made in England premium clothing brand for women with long legs (UK size 8 – 16 / length 36 - 38 inches). The collection is inspired by tall, elegant, confident women, and most recently we have had some great attention from social media.

To maintain an exclusive feel and quality, our new range of Trousers and Jumpsuits are produced in small quantities of 36 inches and 38 inches, with a focus on quality fabric and colour options, which are not readily available for those of us with longer legs.

Our garment fabrics are 100% woven in England and Italy.

We believe Tall Glass of Water will add a lovely splash of colour and range to your wardrobe. Kindly see our website or follow us on Instagram @tallglassofwater_duncene to keep up to date with new pieces to our range. 

Visit the Tall Glass of Water website