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Tall in Black

Tall women's clothing, i.e. jeans and pants with up to 38 inch inseams

About Tall in Black

'Tall in Black create edgy, youthful clothes inspired by rock music and iconic, strong women'

Self-expression through clothes should not be the privilege of those close to average height. Tall people too often settle for whatever clothes they manage to find that are simply long enough.

We deserve better. We deserve to have a choice, to express our personal style. That is why Tall in Black exists.

The Principles
  • Animal-friendly. No animal materials. All products suitable for vegans.
  • Best materials, tried and tested with time
  • Minimum waste during all business operations. We only print the minimum. We also participate in a recycling programme for any fabric and thread scraps we are unable to use.
  • Product testing. We test our prototypes thoroughly to make sure the materials and the details are comfortable and durable.
  • No sweatshop labour. All sewing is done in our little workshop in England.
  • And finally, because of all the thought and time that goes into making our products, we encourage you to take care of them. This is more ecological than the fast fashion trend where clothes are purchased cheap and discarded fast. We do often package our garments in some bubble wrap. This is because faux leather should not be folded tightly, and bubble wrap cushions the material safely. Tight folds could result in stubborn creases. We recommend keeping this bubble wrap and using it as cushioning when storing your garment at home.

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