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Cruel Girl

Tall women's pants with up to 36 inch inseams.

There's a favorite part in every girl that makes her feel confident. It could be the curves in her hips, her piercing eyes, or the flip of her hair... Or something much deeper, such as the strength of her will, her lighthearted attitude or her witty intelligence. 

Each Cruel Girl collection lives to highlight your confidence. Our "cruel" design recipe mixes a mean combination of sassy, sexy, independent and authentic qualities. We work hard to design jeans and shirts to complement each favored feature of your body and mind. We do this by utilizing new fits, finishes and custom trims to create jeans that are contemporary and fashionable, yet completely functional to meet the demands of an active lifestyle. Whether riding a horse or out on the town, our jeans and shirts live to make you comfortable in any situation, while still appearing piercingly fashionable. 

A Cruel Girl knows who she is, where she came from and is determined to get where she is going. There's no denying her competitive nature, whether it be in the arena or on the battlegrounds of fashion. So arm yourself. Cruel Girl denim possesses an independent spirit and a confidence that can't be crushed.

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