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Gargantuan Gear

Our name says it all, tall & big equipment, gear, and clothing for men and women who are larger than the average size person next door. If you have ever struggled to find clothing, equipment, and gear for your outdoor activity, Gargantuan Gear may be able to help you. 

We are committed to putting together the world’s largest equipment, gear, and clothing assortment for tall and big men and women everywhere. This may take a little time as many popular brands do not make extended sizes or do not make them well and those that do, often do not make the inventory or the sizes to fit you.

Gargantuan Gear is based in Edgewood, New Mexico just east of Albuquerque and our warehouse is nestled behind the Sandia Mountains. Sandia Crest is one of our Gargantuan symbols and we use it on our home page. 

Founded by six foot seven John R. Romero, Gargantuan Gear’s mission is to become the premier on-line equipment, gear, and clothing retailer for tall and big men and women. This will be accomplished by offering a fresh, unique selection of innovative products, competitive prices, and a wealth of resources available to help with specific needs for tall and big at the click of a mouse. Gargantuan Gear will strive to exceed all customer expectations and be a positive resource for our tall and big customers. This will not happen overnight, so thanks in advance for your patience!

Although G-gear is working with many brand names to find and create tall and big product assortments, we are also creating our own line of products. G-gear is a private label brand for creating equipment, gear, and clothing in taller and larger sizes. It’s the brand that’s all about the fit. Wider shoulders, longer sleeves, longer inseams, and an overall improved fit for active tall and big men and women.

We need your help with our brand and ask that you visit our G-gear Advisor page and become an active advisor to our business and private label brand. You can earn discounts, free gear, and more importantly have a voice in what we make and what we buy for resale. Check back from time to time as we will be adding new products each month. Look for us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and visit our G-blog where you can read more about the items we sell, why they are a good fit, and how you can join the most beautiful, strong, kind, and intelligent group of people in the world today—that’s our definition of Gargantuan J. Whether you are planning a trip to climb on a glacier, or white water raft, or hike to the top of a mountain peak, enjoy the beautiful places in the world and don’t stop thinking big!

See you outside,
Your friends at Gargantuan Gear

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