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Stand Tall

Tall women's pants with up to 37 inch inseams (longer if required)

About Stand Tall

I started in the fashion industry as a model and lived in Paris, Milan, Zurich for some time. Then returned home to continued modeling in the United States. I traveled many places and had a great time walking the runways.

Now, I live in Los Angeles, California and have been developing this clothing line for 6 years and it’s time to show the world that being tall is a wonderful gift from God. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always feel that way growing up. There were days I wished people didn’t ask “How Tall Are You?”

Stand Tall clothing fits women 5’9” and taller. The rise and inseams are just for women who are tall. I tested and adjusted different fits just for our body type. As we grow, you will find classic and trendy pieces along with videos on up to date social events, interviews with influential tall women and tutorials on how to style classic items so you can feel comfortable putting your own looks together.

I was born in San Francisco California and all my life I have been buying clothes and adjusting them right after I purchase them from a clothing store. When I was in high school, I tailored them myself, which cut down on the cost of a professional doing the job.

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