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Tailormade Jeanswear

Tailormade Jeanswear opened for business in 2003. Texan owned and managed, we operate in the global market using talent from around the world. Each of our multicultural team has unique skills in producing premium quality denim jeans. With over 150 combined years experience we help people all around the world find a solution to poor fitting jeans.

Our aim is to help our many clients look good and feel good by giving them the fit and comfort they want in great fitting custom made jeans. Our organization consists of design to wet processing under one roof. Specializing in premium quality custom denim jeans and chinos.

About You

Most of our clients share the same story: They have a hard time finding jeans that fit the way they like or need in retail shops. When you hit the web looking for great fitting jeans, you find us and a solution to your jeans problems forever.

Your jeans problem

You may be short, tall, big, or small, or you may have unique or special needs in the way you need or want your jeans to fit. Perhaps you are well endowed in the hips with a small waist. You may even use a wheelchair or may wish to hide your colostomy bag with high waist jeans.

No matter what your jeans problems are that is what our business is about. Helping you solve your jeans problems forever. We make very unique jeans for very unique people. It?s about your body shape, your fit preference, your size, and your needs.

You can choose from one of the many styles in our Womens Shop or Mens Shopor you can send us your favorite pair of jeans no matter how old or worn for us to clone styling and fit TJ's Clone a Jean

Shortly we will be setting up forwarding offices in New York and London where our TJ's Clone a Jean clients wishing to send us their favorite pair of jeans can do so at local shipping rates.

If you have questions please e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com. Request TJ's electronic fabric chart e-mail info(at)tailormade-jeanswear.com

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