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Empress Boots

They have large size women's boots in up to AUS size 12.

At Empress Boots, we live, eat and breathe boots.

Let's make that beautiful boots. Handcrafted, finest quality, all leather boots. Richly textured boots in gorgeous colours with stunning details. Boots that transcend fashion moments and have both timeless style and a modern soul. Boots that hug your leg the minute you put them on and become softer and more 'you' the older they get. Yes, they do get better with age! All you need to do is treat them with a little kindness and they will love you back tenfold.
Every boot in our exclusive range showcases true craftsmanship and unique character. We've found artisans from countries such as Italy, Spain and Mexico who use traditional methods to lovingly handcraft our boots. Made from rich supple leathers and finest materials our boots will stand (and walk and run) the test of time and seasonality.

If you think that you won't be able to fit into our boots, we've got you covered. They come in a large range of sizes - from 35 to 45 - and wider calf fittings. And if we don't have your size or fit, we'll do everything we can to have them made for you. Our boots are not just things of beauty but also a joy to wear.
To bring you divine boots you’ll love wearing every day: this is our passion at Empress Boots.

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