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Sole Searching Footwear

They have large size women's shoes in up to AUS size 14.

Sole Searching was founded in 2008 with a simple objective: To create beautiful shoes for women  in larger sizes.

WHY? Because we believe every woman should own beautiful shoes regardless of her shoe size!

Inspired by my ongoing frustrations of finding quality shoes in size 11 locally in Australia and armed with a desire to produce beautiful shoes in large sizes, Sole Searching Footwear was born in 2008. 

Elegance, quality & comfort is not about size. When it comes to shoes, anyone with larger feet can tell you how upsetting it is when searching for fashionable shoes to fit. The frustrating fact is that most women's shoes are cut no larger than size 10 and under, which means millions of women are virtually ignored by the shoe industry.

No one understands this better than Sole Searching, a unique online store dedicated to providing larger sized quality footwear in fashionable designs. ​For women who wear a shoe sizes 10 to 14, that worry about not finding fashionable shoes to fit, Sole Searching by Jacqueline.D is the label that creates footwear in larger sizes. All shoes are designed by Jacqueline with a focus on high quality and fashionable designs, empowering you to feel beautiful regardless of your shoe size!   ​

​Whether your in need of stiletto heels, winter boots or comfy flats, the search is over! We supply beautiful handmade shoes in larger sizes, right at your fingertips. You may now step out in confidence!

Our vision is not to be just another shoe brand, but to hold a niche in the footwear industry by creating luxurious leather footwear of exceptional quality in the hard to find larger sizes. 

Jacqueline D. Founder 

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