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Soleful Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to AUS size 13

A revolution in fashion is required
Women come in all shapes and sizes
There is no mould for a woman
Soleful Shoes advocates for an inclusive fashion community

Childhood friends, Pradhima Shyamsunder and Kuppal Palaniappan, have always struggled to find shoes that fit. With Pradhima being a 4ft 11inch petite-footed size 5 and Kuppal being a 5ft 10inch larger-footed Australian size 11, shoe shopping has always been a difficult exercise.  They have experienced first-hand the issue that shoe stores in Australia don't cater for women outside the 'norm'. The sad consequence is that women resort to buying shoes in the children's or men's shoe store, overseas or custom-made.  How unfair!

Determined to solve the issue, Pradhima and Kuppal have partnered to start Soleful Shoes, to make a difference to us forgotten women. They believe women are perfect just the way they are and should have shoes to match no matter the size.

Visit the Soleful Shoes website

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