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Tall Style Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to AUS size 14

tALL Style evolved from my shopping frustration of not being able to find the right length clothes that fit. By today's standard 178cm (5'10") is really not that tALL.

Not fitting the "standard" height factor is no longer a problem now tALL Style is here.

Being tALL is fantastic and now you can look fantastic too with our range of clothing.

The introduction of footwear was my eldest daughter's suggestion who had difficulty buying shoes, particularly fashionable shoes in her size of 11.

This was something I hadn't considered, which is surprising since my shoe size is a 10 and I was only able to purchase shoes from two brand names. With my limited choice, liking a style was not relevant. If it fit, I would buy it and learn to like it.

In such a short time our footwear, ranging from size 10 and over has become the most popular offering and the website is now dedicated to shoes.

Browse the tALL Style website and forget about the frustration and compromise of retail outlets.


Visit the Tall Style Shoes website