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Mac's Shoes 

Women's shoes in up to EURO Size 45. Damenschuhe in bis zu Euro Größe 45.

Big feet are not your fault! They just grow.

Who has not squeezed their feet into smaller shoes, determined to have that special pair, but unable to find the correct size!? And who among us has not paid the price?! The short-lived pleasure followed by the discomfort and the blisters?

To find beautiful ladies shoes in large sizes is not easy.  Although there is a small choice available, these shoes are soon sold out, they are not always fashionable and all too often of poor quality.

I was formerly size 42 myself but, according to a podiatrist into whose hands I fell after a sports injury, had worn shoes all my life which had been too small. He made me wear inlays and bigger (ugly) shoes – and my feet indeed started growing again – until reaching my current size 43-44. Until then I had often been lucky to find nice shoes (mainly abroad) - but now I was really desperate; whenever I could find shoes in larger sizes, I bought them. In the end I had a collection of many shoes, but they were not really fashionable, did not match my wardrobe and soon ended up in charity shops.

And that is when I faced  my own decision-time; what now? For some time I planned to sell shoes in bigger sizes myself. Now was the time!  – And that is why my web shop went finally online.

At the moment I offer mainly ballerinas, but the choice is extended with the autumn / winter collection when high and low boots, masculine styles and pumps with a heel complement the ballerinas; for the summer I offer a selection of sandals and other sunny styles.

Good quality is important to me – the shoe should not only fit well but will last you for a long time. My aim is to offer a selection of colourful and inspiring ballerinas and moccasins year round and to complement them with styles according to the season.

Why shouldn’t a big foot happily be dressed in lilac ballerinas or baby blue moccasins!

Happy shopping!
Renate Mackay

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