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Plus Size Heels

Large size women's shoes in up to US size 16

Plus Size Heels

Plus Size Heels is a catch all website that allows you to browse large size women's shoes in up to size 16 from many stores at once.

This includes big stores like Long Tall Sally, and Nordstrom, as well as some of the harder to find shops online that offer really unique shoes.

With a mission to bring the "OMG this is awesome" joy back into shopping for plus size heels, we've simplified the hunt for heels, wedges, boots, and sandals by adding cool features like a cute chatbot to help you find shoes in your size, a blog to share some wisdom, a variety of hidden Easter Eggs on the site and even more.

It's so easy to find what you want on Plus Size Heels; you're just a click away from getting started.

Visit the Plus Size Heels website

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