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Heavenly Footwear

Large size women's shoes in up to UK size 12

Heavenly Footwear was created to cater for ladies like me who have trailed the country looking for a pair of shoes or boots and come home empty handed – not because you didn't find the right colour, the right style but because you couldn't find the right size! Most shops just don't cater for ladies who have large feet, who require wide fitting shoes or for women with small feet.

Help is at hand, Heavenly Footwear provides a personal service where you can come and try lots of shoes, sandals or boots in your size in a relaxed, friendly setting or buy that perfect pair of shoes online. With suppliers from Spain, Germany, America & England, you're sure to find something to suit. We're here to provide shoes for women with large feet, small shoes for women and wide fitting ladies shoes.

Please feel free to browse our shop or why don't you book an appointment today and see for yourself.

Mary x

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