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Custom Boots

Check out our Hand Tooled boots! and Leather Hats! Welcome to Custom-Boots.NET

Have you ever seen a pair of boots you liked but you wished ...

  • they were taller? (or shorter?)
  • they were a slightly different color?
  • or the heel was higher or lower?
  • or they had a nice stitch design?
  • or they had a zipper?

Well, if that's the case, you've found the website of your dreams!

In fact, here at Custom-Boots.NET, we can build you the 'boots of your dreams!" A pair of boots just the way you'd like them!

Think of yourself as the boot designer ... Simply imagine the pair of boots you'd like, tell us exactly what they should look like and which features you would like, and we will build you 'the boots of your dreams!"

Let's get started... Just click on our Boots link here or above, to see the styles we offer! (Take note of the 'Style Number" you'd like!)

Visit their eBay store

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