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After 9 Shoes

They have women's shoes in up to NZ size 14 (which is a US size 14).

After years of embarrassing and traumatic experiences in shopping for and searching for stylish shoes that would fit my size 12 feet, I had resigned to the fact of only being able to wear shoes that my nana would wear.

That was until my daughter's feet grew to a size 11 at the age of 10. Not in a million years did I want her to experience the looks I had received from shoe store assistants as they proceeded to search their stockrooms only to return empty handed or with the most dreadful shoes ever made (hence the reason they were hidden in the back). Being a mother of three girls and two boys who are all likely to be tall and have long feet, I decided to do something about it by launching a women's online shoe store specializing in only larger sizes 10 to 14.

Now my daughters along with so many other women who have larger than life feet will have a great choice in stylish shoes.

Our goal is to do our best to provide the most fashionable and best-priced shoes on the market.

We welcome all feedback and enquiries including special requests. We are always eager to find what our customers are looking for and if it's not in our range, we will do our best to find it.

We are a home based business located at 80 Royal Road, Massey, Auckland, New Zealand. If you want to pick up stock from our office or view our merchandise in person, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

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