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Bells Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to UK size 16 (realistically the range mostly covers shoes in up to UK size 9)

About Bells Shoes

Edward Bell first opened his Buxton shop's door in 1890. In 1960 Keith Martin acquired the business at the age of 21, expanding it's high-street presence and developing the brand's reputation as a premium retailer of quality footwear. In 2003 Keith's son Edward joined the business, bringing in 7 years experience from River Island and Debenhams. The father and son team launched Bells Shoes' first online store in 2007, all run from a small room above our Buxton store. The online business grew rapidly as our brand recognition increased and as the company expanded into retail on Ebay and the Amazon marketplace.

Today, Bells Shoes is based in a purpose built office and warehouse, employing over 50 staff who are dedicated to serving tens of thousands of customers world-wide. Our store in Buxton continues to serve the local community, with the wider family business spanning a larger area with the inclusion of 3 Clarks franchise stores as well as an additional independent store in Leek, Staffordshire.

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