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Carobella Boutique

Luxurious shoe boutique specialising in large shoe sizes for women


About Carobella‚ô°

Carobella is a luxurious brand specialising in larger sized shoes for woman.

The brand and the concept was designed and created by myself, Caroline Stillman. Standing at 6ft4 with no heels on i can understand any girls struggle to find shoes.

I studied footwear design at The London College of Fashion and De Montfort University and my endless love for fashion and the skills and knowledge I have learned whilst at university are just the beginning of my pursuit towards a career in the industry.

My aim is to combine my current experience and fashion education background to help me run my own luxury fashion brand.

I believe that every girl deserves to have the experience of wearing a beautiul pair of shoes no matter how big or small their feet are and i hope that Carobella Boutique can bring that experience and confidence to woman all over the world.

Caroline Xxx

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