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Katie Long Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to UK size 12.

Since the age of 14 when I grew my size 8 ½ tootsies, I've always struggled to get really nice shoes.  You know that feeling when you go into the shop, admire all the gorgeous shoes and then ask for about 10 pairs of shoes in an 8 and they come out with 1 pair!!! Of course often they give you a 41 for a size 8 (which for those of us with big feet is really annoying when we want a 42 for an 8).  Then, because you can just about squeeze into them, you buy them, wear them once and then they get relegated to the back of the wardrobe ready for the annual charity clear out 12 months down the line!
Of course, I have loads of girlfriends who are experts at buying the most luscious shoes which look fab on their nice size 5 & 6 feet! So, I decided to stop feeling jealous and do something about it. And so in Feb 2008 I started my quest for lovely Large Size Ladies Shoes!

Sourcing has been fun,frustrating, irritating and sometimes just plain disappointing! There are so many amazing companies producing fabulous shoes but often only up to size 41, not willing to invest in the larger lasts (moulds) to produce the bigger sizes. I really believe this will gradually change as more and more young people are growing up taller and with larger feet. For now I've found a few good suppliers I hope to work with and hopefully develop with as my website grows.

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