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Large size women's shoes in up to UK size 12.

Is it a source of constant frustration that when you are shopping for shoes, you can't find what you want? Shoesissima has been created as an exclusive, on-line shoe store for women with UK shoe sizes 8-12 (Eur 42-46; US 10-14). We know that you want the season’s key looks and we don’t see why you should be deprived of them just because you don’t fit a “standard” shoe size.

The on-line store Shoesissima, has been established in London by a group of professionals with years of experience in designing and developing footwear. We have created an exclusive collection called London to give you what you want. Starting by identifying the trends of the season from catwalk and at the shoe fairs in Italy - toe shapes, heel shapes and height, colours and materials, we then put the brief in the hands of our footwear designer who has worked for some of the biggest brands. Most importantly, we invest to create a collection of high quality, contemporary shoes that anyone, regardless of shoe size, would be proud to wear. We don't compromise in delivering the level of fashionability, quality and service that is at the heart of London. Our shoes may not be for everyone, but if you are a discerning, trend-conscious shopper, then they will be for you!

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