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Zofie Shoes

Large size women's shoes in up to US size 13.

Elegantly Designed with the intention of putting some wisdom in your steps.  

As an avid fashion enthusiast and wanna-be fashion designer, I have always dreamt of one day launching a fashion line. Well that day has finally arrived. I have designed a small collection of classic and elegant shoes specifically targeted for the large size women’s shoe market. Being a size 11 myself, I have closely watched the larger size shoe market expand over the last few years. However, there is a huge void in the marketplace when it comes to the modern basics in large sizes. Finding a quality pair of stylish pumps with a mid-heel in a larger size is still near impossible. I am hoping to fill some of this void in the marketplace with my new designer shoe label - Zofie.

The name ‘Zofie’ means “wisdom” in many languages. In my family, it has an even greater meaning - it is my mother Zofia’s nickname. The line is named after my “wise” mother who was the inspiration for my love of beautiful design. As a talented seamstress, my mother taught me the importance of quality materials and expert fabrication. This supreme attention to detail is represented in each pair of Zofie shoes. But more than her unique skill, my mother was known for her love, kindness and generosity - a value Zofie is dedicated to through its "Good Steps" campaign. The "Good Steps" campaign is designed to reward Zofie fans who take steps to instill generosity and kindness in their own lives. Visit our "Good Steps" page to learn more.

Zofie Shoes is the result of me taking some "Good Steps" of my own. Stepping into a new industry and a career in fashion has been a lifelong passion and I hope to inspire others to follow their hearts whether it be instilling more kindness into your own life or just taking steps to live your best life. 

Looking forward to many good steps together!

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