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I decided to write this post after I made a Facebook group named Tall Girl Issues. The response of liking the pictures I post has been great in the week and a half the page has been going. Goes to show you that you are not alone in being tall AND beautiful!

I've had the privilege of traveling the word and meeting a whole gang of people from all walks of life, and the consistent questions I receive are "How tall are you" and "Do you like being THAT tall." My response to them is honestly dependent on my attitude at the moment. Lol. I get so baffled at when people ask me if I like it. Why wouldn't I like being tall? Why wouldn't I like being me? Its not like I was 5'5 yesterday and woke up 6'4 this morning then decided that its not for me! I love my long arms, legs and especially my sz 14 feet. (ok sometimes I don't like them when I go shopping but you get the point LOL) Its who I am and I proud of that. I have never felt insure about my height which I am sure is rare for most tall girls (especially the young ones growing up) but it's kind of worked in my favor along with my amazing personality.

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