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How's the weather up there?

Good? Cool. Come down here and join me in gawking at this gorgeous new fashion line for tall women.

Two retailers famous for making clothes to fit people over 5'8″, Taller Than Your Average and Long Tall Sally, have joined forces to create a range that flatters the leggier ladies among us. The collection isn't launching until September 25, but you'll need all that time to come to terms with how cool some of the pieces are. I'm really into this silky lingerie-inspired dress (Judy Greer's character in 13 Going On 30 was so wrong when she said the slip dress belongs in 1997), and because my fascination with women who look good in menswear will never die, I'm also drooling over the sexy (and long!) suit jacket. Just promise me that if you buy it, you'll wear it the right way. Without a shirt underneath...

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