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Custom, bespoke, tailored and fitted are just some of the words that describe the made to measure suiting that A Suit That Fits Ireland creates. Equally, if not moreseo, varied is that of the female physique – big, small, tall, thin, curvy, statuesque and more. When we say made to measure, we mean it – no matter what measurements a client presents to us with. That is why we pride ourselves on the made to measure aspect that we offer to all clients regardless of their body shape and size, we guarantee you a handmade suit that fits.

Unlike the high street, bespoke tailoring comprises of garments that are made to fit the individual. Whereas the high street can offer a multitude of attire choices for women, often one finds themselves adjusting their outfit to fit their style and/or physique properly. An example of this is common with dresses whereby a belt is worn to accentuate the waist. When you come for a consultation at A Suit That Fits Ireland, your measurements are taken and these are the sole measurements that are tailors work with while your bespoke garments are hand made.

Bodies of all shapes and sizes should be no barrier to owning fashionable and comfortable clothing that you enjoy to wear. Indeed that is what we offer, something that is made to your exact specifications. With a fitted skirt for example, how many pleats would you like? Would you prefer a high or normal waist? Button-wise would you like two, three or more and in what colour? No detail is forgotten in the pursuit for your perfect fitted attire. Our womenswear range offers a varied selection of suits (jackets and trousers), shirts, waistcoats, skirts and overcoats. All of these are made for you safe in the knowledge that they will fit you perfectly and look exactly how you want them to look with your design input forming the blueprint for your garment.

As mentioned in our menswear blog, A Suit That Fits Ireland does not use the traditional sizing and labels of ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’ – our only label is a ‘custom’ extending so far as to a personalised hand stitched label sewed into your clothing if you so wish. For the tall woman who longs for a pair of tailored trousers that accommodate for her leg length to the curvier woman who desires a bespoke shirt that is comfortable and stylish, A Suit That Fits Ireland is your first port of call.

Specialising in the bespoke tailoring of both menswear and womenswear; A Suit That Fits Ireland is your first port of call for made to measure formal attire. With studios in Dublin, Cork and Belfast, our team of Irish tailors and stylists will guide you through the entire custom design process from start to finish. Contact us by clicking here to discuss your needs and ideas and book in for a free initial hour-long consultation.

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