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These Pieces Are Perfect For The Gym

By Teresa Newsome

Tall folk unite in collective joy, because Long Tall Sally's Taller & Stronger Collection is here, and it's so much more than pretty clothes. I mean, yes, the clothes are pretty great, and actually made for real, live, tall people, but the collection is also the first fitness line specifically designed for women 5'8'' and taller. For example, did you know 63 percent of tall women slouch and 76 percent experience backache? Right. Tragic. That's why Long Tall Sally's Taller & Stronger Collection comes with exercises and gym hacks to strengthen the back and core, stretch the back, and improve posture. It also has clean eating tips, and real inspo from actual tall athletes. It's chalk full of resources on tall living. Scratch that - tall thriving.

In Long Tall Sally world, tall starts at 5'8" and that means their clothes aren't just cherry picked from a different collection and made with a few inches tacked on here and there. They take tall women into account from conception to completion, meaning things that are often problematic, like rise, length, pocket placement, and waist all work together to give you a worry-free fit. No more tugging and pulling, especially when you're trying to do yoga or get a run in. And of course, the line is bursting with a variety of looks, so don't think I'm implying you have to be a gym rat to enjoy them.

Even though the collection is about so much more than the clothes, I know you totally want to see them, so consider this one wish I can grant.

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