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My good friend Lindsay writes

Some know her as Princess Diana of Themyscira or Diana Prince, but to me, she will always be Wonder Woman. Naturally, I fell in love with this DC Comics Amazonian princess when I was 6'7″ and only 12 years old. I used to tie my invisible lasso of truth around my cat, Midnight and bring her to me (it was probably the Pounce moist treats that convinced her to come, though, the treats were like catnip to her).

Why Wonder Woman Inspires Me

Ages 11-15 were probably the roughest years of my social life, I had outgrown all of the women in my family by age 9 and all of the men in my family by age 10. Being 6'7″ at the age of 12 made me stick out like a sore thumb in my public Jr. high school (full of thousands of kids). I wasn't just made fun of by my classmates, the entire school would look at me funny, say disrespectful things in passing and barely speak to me, including teachers.

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