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Chiyo Clothing, LLC Fundraiser

Hey guys. Thanks for visiting this page! Paul and I are excited to have you aboard the Chiyo Clothing Line campaign - first, let us introduce ourselves!

Paul Gorvin is an established musician and actor, he relocated to Los Angeles from England eight years ago. Being both a composer and artist, Paul has carried his talents from creating music like Memoirs by Headroom into designing symbols and simple accents for Chiyo Clothing. Chiyo Clothing is customized and constructed inch by inch for the longer frame. Being 6'6" tall as a man that performs for a living, having trouble finding shirts, shorts and pants that are comfortable in length is frustrating.

My name is Lindsay Kay Hayward and I am the Guiness World Record holder: the Tallest Actress in a Leading Role, standing at 6'8 1/4" barefoot. I definitely know. Shopping as a tall person.. The struggle is real! It's tricky finding clothes that are well-made and fit properly. Being a tall couple, finding good-quality clothing that makes us feel comfortable in our own skin is rare which is why started Chiyo Clothing.

Anyone over 5'10" knows the feeling of walking into a store and seeing a piece of clothing that you love.. Until you try it on. The sleeves are too short, maybe the front of the shirt rides your chest or the width makes you look like a tent because for some reason, they added 6" around instead of in length.. It's embarassing.

With Chiyo Clothing, Paul and I plan to add 6" of fabric to each shirt, measuring from the breast to the hip and a minimum of 3" measuring from the underarm to the wrist. Clothing is a way for mankind to socially communicate who we individually are, it's an expression of self. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Our goal is to raise at least $20,000 so we can proceed in setting a standard in fashion for taller people and people who just like longer clothes. We already have a manufactuerer, logo, website domain and a few prototypes, we just need the capital to purchase the fabric, pay for production and set up the website.

Fabric costs $9/shirt (because they are longer than average)
Labor costs $7/shirt (the flat rate for a minimum order of $2,500)
Website: ChiyoClothing.com $6,000 (hiring a website designer and hosting)
Hats: $2500 (minimum order of 175 pieces, all domestic, American-made)

Statistics show that people are getting taller, which is why we want to expand a children's line in the future. We are also looking for investors. If you are interested, please contact us!

Visit the GoFundMe page