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Dear customers and friends,

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer! My summer is unfortunately not going so well...

I recently suffered a couple of very serious fractures (I broke my ankle and leg), which has left me immobile and in physical therapy for the rest of the summer.

As many of you know, I am extremely hands-on with my business - I want everyone to be completely satisfied with their QFD shopping experience - but because of my injury, I cannot provide the level of service that you all deserve.

So to help speed up my recovery, I will be temporarily scaling back the QFD catalog to only a few key styles. Beginning July 17, the only styles available on our site will be:

  • Statement
  • Ultimate Paradise Allure
  • Amiss
  • Enchanted Love Empress
  • Escapade
  • Envy
  • Ultimate Paradise maxi Exquisite
  • Embrace

I will also be working on a new collection to launch in late Fall or Spring 2016.

You can click the link below to shop all of our styles until July 17. Thank you for your understanding as I recuperate.

Qristyl Frazier

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