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Since there is a new version of the Content Management System (CMS) this website is running on I've been trying out some updating options. I have created a couple of subdomains, new databases and installed the new CMS on the webserver. I'm not quite sure what went wrong, but suddenly was back to a version in mid-December. Thankfully there are daily updates of the database available. Even though it took me a while I got back up and running (last modification date was January 3rd 2022). 

Of course I'm a little wary now as far as the upgrade to the new CMS is concerned. I also don't like the default template. You can check it out here: 

Right now I'm contemplating a different approach. It would be terrible to lose content / data because of the upgrade. 

Do you have any suggestions or comments? You can do that below. 

Update: I managed to import the original database. The big problem: It is now larger than 1 Gigabyte which is somewhat too large. I will try and optimise it.