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Well, it's still pretty much a secret (that's why I'm not naming any names)

We are excited that you're here and we're sure you'll agree your search to find gorgeous, hand crafted shoes, that are on point with todays styles, has finally ended.

Our fantastic range of footwear is designed exclusively for women who leave a larger footprint. We have designed a collection that is certain to keep you on trend and our shoes are always made from 100% genuine leathers, suedes, satins and quality materials for long-lasting comfort.

Better still, each of our designs are manufactured in a US Women's Sizes 11-14 and can be shipped nearly anywhere in the world!

We know large shoes!

We really know how difficult it is to find quality, stylish footwear in larger sizes.

Start any conversation about shoes with our founder and you'll quickly realize that she's serious about her shoes. "it's tough to love shoe shopping when no one makes your size and when they do, the quality is usually just awful" she says before adding, "but I need to find the perfect pair". Standing nearly 6' tall and wearing a size 13 shoe, she's had had a lifetime of challenges finding shoes. "I always envied the girls who could just pop into the store and walk out with the perfect pair" but regardless she still loves shoes and the drive to find the perfect pair of quality shoes is exactly what made our company a reality.

We offer women serious style at a sensible price!

On our website you'll find an amazing selection of quality, hand-made shoes designed to complement any outfit. Unlike most manufacturers who design for "sample size" (Size 6 or 7) and simply elongate the shoe for larger sizes, we begin all of our designs with larger feet in mind. We engineer all of our platforms, heels and toe boxes for maximum comfort and stability while constantly striving to maintain the sleek and stylish appearance you want.

Whether you're seeking shoes for work, a special occasion or just casual time with friends, you're sure to find the perfect pair on our website (going live on September 17th).

"Love Shoe Shopping Again!"