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When I was young and very naive I began working with a manager. He has been taking advantage of me for a long time and I was not aware of it. He has accused me of breaching a contract and his lawsuit is geared to take 50% of all of my past and future earnings. Problem is he never gave me the money I made in the first place, but instead gave me a couple of hundred dollars a month to live. I am owed thousands and I have accepted that I may never recover it but just want to stop the hemorrhaging of any more of my money, including threats and harassment, hence my need for counsel.

I think the same person who is suing me is also stalking me and trying to ruin my life. A woman was hired to contact my partner to come meet her in a hotel room. With some prodding, she confessed to being hired to ruin my relationship and more.

My partner and I are both actors and are just trying to live our dreams and make careers doing what we love. He certainly doesn't deserve this harassment.

You guys are my last hope. Someone is out to sabotage both my personal relationship and my career and I need to retain lawyers both in Florida and California to defend myself but I simply do not have the funds. Please don't let this guy ruin my life.

Any dollar amount will be greatly appreciated, please help me continue to live my dreams.

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