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A Story About Two Fashionistas Combining Closets

We all know Tess, a twenty-something girl who loves shoes but had a hard time finding her size because it was slightly above average. However, Tess decided to take matters into her own hands and design her own shoe line, working with her favorite designer brands and developing a range that would fit larger size feet.

Sally is a tall girl. Throughout her early years she had a hard time shopping and trying on clothing. Every knee-length dress Sally tried on resembled a long shirt and Sally had had enough! She could not go on wearing clothing too small for her the rest of her life, and there were hundreds of other women going through the same struggle, and so Long Tall Sally was born. A specialist clothing line made especially for women 5'9" and over.

Tess and Sally recently crossed paths. They had plenty to chat about considering their life struggles finding clothing and shoes that actually fit. So as well as becoming best friends they joined forces to create the ultimate one-stop fashion destination for tall girls everywhere!


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